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No money, no reservation

Not so long ago, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Thailand made Ukraine the last "Thai" warning, stating that if all contract Tanks Oplot will not be delivered by the Ukrainian manufacturer, then official Bangkok will be forced to revise the agreement and refuse to cooperate in the military-technical sphere with Kiev. At least that’s how, referring to representatives of the general staff of the country, the Thai press reported. In Ukraine, this news caused a big stir, and the stir was not connected with the fact that Kharkov tank builders could not fulfill their contractual obligations, but with the fact that such statements allegedly constitute an impudent lie and an attempt to blacken the Ukrainian “competitive” defense industry.

In the Ukrainian media, there were comments by representatives of the Kharkov plant named after Malyshev, who said that "information warfare is being waged by competitors against them." It was announced that the information war are materials in the press of Thailand, namely in one of the largest editions of the kingdom - “Bangkok Post”. At the same time, the leadership of the Ukrainian plant did not say who became the “customer of the information strike” in Ukraine in the Bangkok press. Chinese competitors? Or is it all again in the "Russian hackers"? ..

In general, the information impact on themselves was declared, after which they promised that, albeit with a delay, they would close the contract to Thailand - until the autumn of 2017.

Against this background, information emerged from the press service of the Ukrainian state concern Ukroboronprom in fact about the next “zrade”, which is indirectly related to the supply of Ukrainian equipment abroad. "Zrada" is that, reporting on deliveries (completed, current and future) to foreign customers, Ukraine itself does not receive new military equipment. More precisely, he gets it, but by no means in the volumes that are usually loudly announced by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Poroshenko against the background of freshly painted Soviet-made armored vehicles. Read more ...

"Ukrooboronprom" with pompousness said that while the country is under the "information blow" of the Thai press and competitors in the production of armored vehicles, Kharkov manufacturers are doing their job. In particular, it was reported that GP Morozov’s Kharkiv Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering transferred five BTR-4Ms to the Marine Corps of Indonesia.

No money, no reservation

It was stated that the Indonesian side "highly appreciated the capabilities of the Ukrainian armored vehicles", in particular, its high amphibious properties.

It is added that the delivery of armored vehicles to Indonesia took place "after the delivery of the head party of armored vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine". That is, in this case, everything is presented as if the equipment abroad is not just supplied, but also comes after the coverage of domestic needs.

And it is here that the above mentioned "Zrada" is found. Exactly the same office - "Ukroboronprom" - through the mouth of its own press service on its official website reports that the Ministry of Defense, it turns out, does not have "pennies" to equip the Ukrainian armed forces with a sufficient number of armored vehicles. How not? Well, just what they themselves said - "sent to Indonesia after their shipments ..."

It turns out that everything is not quite so, but rather not at all.

Of material:
The Ukrainian military do not receive modern Oplot tanks, Dozor-B armored vehicles and other new equipment due to underfunding. Due to the lack of state funds, Ukroboronprom will have to send the majority of the staff of the Lviv armored plant on unpaid leave. Today, the capabilities of Ukrboronprom are several times higher than the capabilities of the state budget of Ukraine. So, we fulfilled the state defense order for 100%, that is, we gave the army everything that it ordered. But let's be honest: our GOZ is several times less than the amount of funds provided for by the development program of the Ukrainian defense industry complex. In simple terms, the state is capable of covering only minimal needs, without investment in production, without investment in technology.

Further, the management of Ukroboronprom finally stands on the “evil” path, allowing itself in a terrible way, namely: a comparison of the defense budget of Russia with the budget of Ukraine ...

From the statement:
For comparison - the defense budget of Russia is almost 50 billion dollars, it is the most consolidated budget of Ukraine.

Attention is drawn to the fact that such a statement is being made by the PUBLIC concern of a country whose authorities constantly declare that “Russia is waging war against Ukraine.” And it “leads” in such a way that if Russia has a defense budget comparable to the Ukrainian consolidated budget, ukrovoyaki in leaky berets and with Soviet-made machine guns digested by “volunteers” and jumping transformer mortars surprisingly “hold back the Russian hordes”, still managing to This move in the "gray" zones ... The answer from Kiev is: "Tse patriots!" "Ukroboronprom" is not so positive with respect to "Ukrainian patriotism."

In the Ukrainian segment of social networks is even less positive in this regard. Patriots, they say, patriots, but where, Pyotr Alekseevich, those means of military aid, which were reported to the fanfare? We are talking about getting Kiev 110 millions of dollars in military aid over the past three years. First-aid kits, camouflage, snacks and medical equipment with bandages and iodine are all great, and where is the “armor”? Well, they say, the West seems to be worn with a ban on the supply of lethal weapons, but where did the funds from the pretty bloated Ukrainian military budget — the budget of “one of the strongest armies of the continent” go? Where, they say, "Strongholds" and "Dozory-B"? ..

And here "Ukroboronprom" has to make adjustments to their own materials. Against the background of everything described above, a statement by the concern’s leadership appears, explaining to citizens “why it’s better to sell weapons abroad.” "Clarification" it looks like this:
Each tank sold for export is a few tanks for our army at the expense of taxpayers in other countries. This simple axiom to remember everything. Export allows us to scale production, invest in new machines, train people, raise their expertise. Criticize Only the ignorant and outspoken enemy of Ukrainian independence.

The question arises: how many new machines have appeared at the Ukrainian defense enterprises in the time that has passed since the day of the "peremoga" on the Maidan? How many times has production been "scaled" since then?

So, what he wants to say with his contradictory wording “Ukroboronprom”: he would be happy to supply equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the state budget does not allow to conclude contracts with manufacturers. Orders are not enough, and the potential of the factories is hoo ... Such that Thailand can be supplied with “Strongholds” in no way in the required quantity and on time. At the same time, in order to allow the state budget to make purchases “for oneself”, armored vehicles are sold abroad ...

It is in such a closed circle that they exist: for oneself - there is no money, and for foreign customers there are no opportunities. As a result, all hope is again on the volunteers with their wunderwallers to resist the "terrible Russian aggression" ... Well, also for loans from the "partners", then to drink cocktails with umbrellas in the same Thailand against the background of further "scaling production" .. .
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  1. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 27 January 2017 06: 40
    There is no money, but you hold on! Have a good mood laughing
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 27 January 2017 10: 56
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      There is no money, but you hold on! Have a good mood laughing

      And then another zrada is writhing ........ Trump seemed to want to conduct an audit on the funds allocated to help the junters for reforms and evaluate the effectiveness of their development. For two days now, in Kuev they have been thinking how to explain the fact that the reforms have not been carried out since accountant lost money)))
      1. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 27 January 2017 12: 15
        Quote: Nyrobsky
        And then another zrada is writhing ........ Trump seemed to want to conduct an audit on the funds allocated to help the junters for reforms and evaluate the effectiveness of their development.

        The American "furniture maker" came to the White House. laughing
    2. Evdokim
      Evdokim 27 January 2017 11: 58
      "For comparison, the defense budget of Russia is almost $ 50 billion; it is the largest consolidated budget of Ukraine.. "The budget of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for 2016 is 55 billion UAH., At a rate of 27 UAH for 1 dollar it turns out 2,03 billion American money. Based on this, one can only be surprised at the optimism of a quiet and Kiev politician waging a desperate war with the aggressor. The war is always It was expensive pleasure, so to speak, but she simply could not afford it. ”I must forget about new tanks and other equipment, I know how old hell is for hell, and I’ll have to do all kinds of homemade things. hi
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 27 January 2017 07: 16
    Brains download - ukrokakly can! And not only to some Thailand ... bully
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 January 2017 07: 32
    Each tank sold for export is a few tanks for our army at the expense of taxpayers of other countries.

    A logical question arises: what kind of tanks are you and for what do you make if the cost of one export is equal to the cost more yours?
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 27 January 2017 09: 12
      Quote: rotmistr60
      what kind of tanks are you and what are you doing for yourself?

      Manure, the latest modifications.
  4. Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 27 January 2017 07: 38
    Good news. In this way, only a rusty rifleman will remain with horses, and even without cartridges.
    1. wandlitz
      wandlitz 27 January 2017 09: 13
      So the sprats from the old Soviet arsenals throw them both barrels and BP
  5. brom
    brom 27 January 2017 08: 45
    It was stated that the Indonesian side "highly appreciated the capabilities of the Ukrainian armored vehicles", in particular, its high amphibious properties.

    Well, you can’t do this in the morning and without preparation. I almost fell off the chair. Ukrainian bats can swim only in one case - this is when a spotter sits on the armor from above and with the help of a wrench on the right or left makes it clear to the driver where to steer. For the face of this miracle of technology is always completely under water right up to the upper hatches, which cannot be opened for voice correction when demonstrating the "high amphibious qualities" of this shushpanzer. Video swimming this miracle of technology in bulk on the internet.
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 27 January 2017 10: 25
      "high amphibious qualities"
      This meant moving along the seabed secretly and invisibly. laughing
      1. venik
        venik 28 January 2017 13: 54
        Quote: Balu
        This meant moving along the seabed secretly and invisibly.

        This meant not just drowning, but just that, ALWAYS swimming and NEVER drowning (ice hole for example)!
  6. demiurg
    demiurg 27 January 2017 08: 50
    Enough of the already enough. Look how bad your neighbor is and rejoice.
    1. Colonel
      Colonel 27 January 2017 18: 24
      Come on. If harvesters riveted ...
  7. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 27 January 2017 08: 56
    Each tank sold for export is a few tanks for our army at the expense of taxpayers from other countries.

    The question is almost like a test for a manager.
    Which is better - first export 1 of the 2 tanks built abroad, and then build 3 more with the money you earned, or immediately give 2 “to the front”? The statement proposes an answer at the first-grader level - it is better to sell, then the country will have 4.
    Or maybe they’ll sell everything at once, then let the country have 6? And how to fight?
    Some important elements fall out of the proposed logic, such as: the need of the army at the moment in accordance with short-term and long-term risk of losses (correctable plans for active databases and planned repairs and write-offs). In short, war is war, and the "lunch" is scheduled ...
  8. krops777
    krops777 27 January 2017 09: 09
    Each tank sold for export is a few tanks for our army at the expense of taxpayers of other countries.

    Wow, how much is this miracle of a child prodigy, and why developed countries cannot afford it. bully
  9. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 27 January 2017 12: 11
    It was stated that the Indonesian side "highly appreciated the capabilities of the Ukrainian armored vehicles", in particular, its high amphibious properties.

    Oh yeah...
    According to Ridzwan Rahmat, in the Indonesia reconsiders further acquisition of BTR-4 APCs after early trials publication by Jane's Defense Weekly, Indonesia’s Marine Corps conducted the first phase of testing the Ukrainian armored personnel carrier BTR-4M, but after that it revises the possibility of continuing purchases. This publication was informed by a source in the ILC.
    The revision of the plans began after receiving reports on the progress of the first phase of the tests, which indicated various problematic issues. So, the bending of the nose of the APC into water was observed at full speed. This was especially noticeable during the landing exercises that took place in December, the source said.

    This is an armored personnel carrier for the marine corps. Intended, among other things, for going ashore on its own after a ramp to the sea. Or Ukrainian designers offer to land only in calm?
    1. mikael
      mikael 27 January 2017 14: 21
      Phanera does not sink until it swells
    CYBERNINJA 27 January 2017 12: 51
    Thais still can not understand why in ZIP-can openers? This is for such a case, when it locks all the locks, the crew will be able, with the help of the "opener" to cut through the "armor" out wassat
  11. mikael
    mikael 27 January 2017 14: 20
    head had to give money to the potters
  12. vdovinab
    vdovinab 28 January 2017 15: 10
    <to raise their expertise> why raise, let it hang! sad
  13. Incvizitor
    Incvizitor 29 January 2017 00: 56
    Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, inspecting the Il-112V aircraft at the Voronezh VASO plant, said that Russia was ready to accept Ukrainian aircraft designers and provide them with work.
    “We, of course, are happy and are waiting for the move of Ukrainian aircraft designers and aircraft manufacturers to Russia,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

    According to him, they now have no prospects for work in Kiev and in general in Ukraine.

    “We expect our colleagues, we are ready to provide them with the most necessary, all necessary work, prospects, wages, so that the ideology of aircraft construction that was once brought up by Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov as a single inseparable part of the general school of aircraft industry of the Soviet Union” - RIA Novosti quotes Rogozin.
  14. tracer
    tracer 29 January 2017 00: 59
    In the center of KIEV the procession with the images of Medvedev, Putin and Trump. Old posters with Bandera will be thrown with stones and Molotov cocktails to shout "Panda Hat" ...