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In 2017, more than 100 capital facilities will be built in the Arctic

According to RIA News, the Russian Ministry of Defense plans to build more 100 capital military infrastructure facilities in the Arctic this year. "More than 100 capital construction facilities located in the Russian Arctic will be put into operation by the end of 2017 of the year," reports the department of information and mass communications of the defense ministry.

The facilities are being built on the arctic military bases of the Russian armed forces located on Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya, Sredniy Island, Cape Schmidt, Wrangel Islands and Kotelniy.

On the island of Alexandra Land (Franz Josef Land), construction of more than 30 technical facilities and administrative-residential, warehouse, economic and park areas, the Nagurskoye airfield is being completed. The main building being constructed is the administrative complex “The Arctic Trefoil” - the only capital construction object in the world that is being built at the 80 degree of northern latitude. In the village of Rogachevo (Novaya Zemlya archipelago) the construction of technical positions and social infrastructure, the airfield. By the end of the year, at Cape Schmidt (Chukotka), it is planned to commission more than 30 military and social infrastructure facilities. The same object is provided for delivery on Wrangel Island (Chukotka District). Several facilities should be commissioned on Sredny Island (Severnaya Zemlya Archipelago).

In 2017, more than 100 capital facilities will be built in the Arctic

Materials and equipment used in the construction of arctic bases come from the mainland, they are able to withstand extreme cold. To date, more than 200 units of equipment and almost a thousand builders are involved in all facilities.

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  1. 210ox
    210ox 26 January 2017 10: 03
    On the map of the USSR, the Arctic territories were designated as the territory of the country .. And now this is our territory and we will protect it as we want.
    1. cniza
      cniza 26 January 2017 10: 11
      We discussed this news yesterday.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 26 January 2017 10: 36
      I wonder if Tajik wipers will appear there? winked
  2. vkl.47
    vkl.47 26 January 2017 10: 04
    Not sour construction. The photo reminded the movie "something"
    1. 210ox
      210ox 26 January 2017 10: 07
      This is the "Arctic Shamrock" So to say border guard. And not only.
      Quote: vkl.47
      Not sour construction. The photo reminded the movie "something"
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 26 January 2017 10: 43
        Quote: 210ox
        This is the "Arctic Shamrock" So to say border guard. And not only.

        Good tidings. Still to restore and update on Kola. yes
  3. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 26 January 2017 10: 26
    And no one answered for the fact that he destroyed there in the fierce years of "perestroika" For the fact that platoon and company sent us into oblivion! They will call me to go again. There is a hope that the experience of our work on a potential enemy will not remain forgotten. The weapons have changed, but the Pentagon's tactics have remained the same.
  4. mamuka
    mamuka 26 January 2017 10: 29
    "At the moment, more than 200 units of equipment and almost a thousand builders are involved in all objects" - isn't it enough for the declared volumes?
  5. Rokossovsky
    Rokossovsky 26 January 2017 11: 03
    There are very big doubts about Father Wrangel and M. Schmidt ...
    In Anadyr, 2 Mi-8 remained, which carry no more than 3-4 tons of cargo at a time for two, based on the assumption that there are no passengers.
    There was a Mi-26, but for some reason it was driven to Khabarovsk for the winter, at least until March.
    In mid-January, there were no 2 (!!!) months of flights with the import of goods and people to both sites! For various reasons, but mainly due to the gouging of the military!
    Those who have been to those places know that the winter months are the real w # pa! Snowstorms, snowstorms and strong winds! They will fly extremely rarely, if at all!
    I can assume that before the opening of navigation and the arrival of a cargo ship, the situation at the facilities is unlikely to change. That is, it is until the summer!
    And then ... Well, if the hard workers plow in 3 shifts, then maybe something will work out and the MO plan will be fulfilled.
    Although I believe this with difficulty ...
  6. MPK105
    MPK105 26 January 2017 11: 19
    Let them build! Very soon, the division will begin, and, according to rumors, countries that have not seen it in the Arctic are pretending to be there. Not only America, all sorts of Canada, fellow
  7. dsm100
    dsm100 26 January 2017 14: 55
    Not really. At first they broke everything, abandoned it. better late than never.
  8. PCF
    PCF 26 January 2017 21: 48
    Why such strange forms of buildings? It would be more logical to place and connect geodesic domes with arched transitions - their shape is more streamlined, the wind load is much lower than that of these boxes. The surface area ideally refers to the internal volume, and most importantly - the larger the dome, the stronger.
    Along the way, it is also possible to break in the inhabited lunar program; conditions are very specific, especially on a polar night.
  9. RoTTor
    RoTTor 26 January 2017 22: 21
    90% of the military infrastructure in the North is idiotic and criminally destroyed, destroyed, and stolen from the beginning of the 90s.
    That. that created great work. then. quiet heroism ...
    What is it for those who created it to see stupid annihilation?
    And no one is punished !!!
    She even planted with a complete one of the direct winnings. even a stool with a pack. And the complete confiscation of the property of all involved + forced labor to recreate ...
    And then the people will not understand!