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Naval Navigator's Day

Naval Navigator's Day

January 25th at the Naval navy Russia celebrates the day of the navigator. In 2017, the navigational service in the navy has a kind of anniversary - 320 years since the first appearance of the titles “navigator” and “substurman” in Russia. The first navigational (navigational) school was founded in 1701 - January 25 in a new style. It was this event that became the reason for choosing the holiday date for the navigator of the Russian Navy.

Interestingly, earlier “navigator day” had a different date for the celebrations, if statements about the celebrations of this date are relevant at all. More precisely, not even one date, but two at once. We are talking about the days of the spring and autumn equinoxes. These are astronomical dates of the beginning of the corresponding seasons, in which it is quite easy to determine the position of the cardinal points by the location of the star in the sky, or rather by the points of its rising and setting.

Naval Navigator’s Day began to celebrate January 25 from 1997 on the basis of a decree signed by then-President Boris Yeltsin on July 15 on July 1996.

Since Peter the Great, the navigator service has undergone fundamental changes not only in terms of the methods used to accomplish the tasks set, but also in terms of the use of technical equipment and various types of equipment. Six years ago (in 2011), navigators (first of all future, talking about cadets) of the Navy received the Regel complex simulator.

It is used to prepare for the service of the watch navigator. It is a powerful computer system, which makes it possible to model the elements of a ship’s navigation in all weather and climatic conditions. The “Regel” simulator allows cadets to prepare for the navigational service, studying, in particular, the specifics of the passage of various straits, exits from ports taking into account navigation features. Using such a simulator, today it is possible to prepare the navigator calculations of several warships and support vessels.

On warships installed modern information and navigation plan. This is primarily about ECDIS (ECDIS) "Marker", "Segment" and "Alaska" in their various modifications. Electronic cartographic navigation information systems make it possible to combine information from a system electronic map with data on the ship’s location obtained from ship sensors.

In addition to the aforementioned equipment, warships of various fleets and flotillas of the Russian Navy are equipped with the latest meteorological complexes "Character-K". The complexes are designed to perform meteorological and hydrological measurements, including measurements of such environmental parameters as wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and humidity, excessive hydrostatic pressure, height of cloud base, sea water temperature, meteorological visibility range.

The newest equipment installed on modern ships of the Russian Navy includes GKU-5 gyro-detectors, Kama integrated small-sized navigation and stabilization systems, and Kvitok receiving indicators.

The personnel of the navigator calculations of the warships of the Navy of the Russian Federation are constantly improving their skills in the framework of military exercises and maneuvers. Special tasks are facing the navigators of warships belonging to the grouping of the Russian Navy off the coast of Syria.

Today, the naval navigator is a military specialist who ensures the accurate and safe navigation of ships of the fleet, who is responsible for the unmistakable route and timely arrival of the ship (both surface and underwater) in a given area.

To date, the naval navigational service comprises more than 2,5 thousands of specialists, almost a third of whom are officers. More 30 service representatives have academic rank.

From the statement of the Chief Navigator of the Navy of the Russian Federation, Rear Admiral Edward Luik:
The training of naval navigators today takes into account the peculiarities of the rapid development of domestic shipbuilding and receiving surface ships and submarines of new generations in the Navy, equipped with new weapons and modern navigation equipment. The ships of the Russian Navy are faced with more complex tasks related to the actions within interspecific and heterogeneous groups, which requires high professional and practical training from the navigational fleet services. Navigation support for performing tasks at sea is even more important, since the Russian Navy operates in many areas of the oceans and often in little-studied.

"Military Review" congratulates servicemen and veterans of the navigator service of the Russian Navy on the holiday!
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  1. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 25 January 2017 06: 30
    Smooth water, and seven feet under the keel, brothers, with a holiday! Itself passed.
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    Alceers 25 January 2017 06: 53
    Happy holiday to us!
  3. Kapitanleutnant
    Kapitanleutnant 25 January 2017 06: 59
    Happy navigator !!! And also with the day you were founded, the Marine Corps (VVMU named after Frunze), with the 316th anniversary !!!!
  4. Masya masya
    Masya masya 25 January 2017 07: 08

    Happy Holidays! love
  5. Serg65
    Serg65 25 January 2017 07: 53
    The newest equipment installed on modern ships of the Russian Navy includes GKU-5 gyro-detectors, Kama integrated small-sized navigation and stabilization systems, and Kvitok receiving indicators.

    laughing July 1987, the area of ​​the turning milestone near Chersonesos (Sevastopol), board of the Setun CS. On the captain's bridge, in addition to the helmsman in the chair, the watch of tractor drivers. captain Nikolai Vasilyevich Perun (an old sea wolf, covered in shells) and navigator - trainee with a fluff over his upper lip. On the right of the captain, at the bulkhead, there was a space navigation station, wild for those times (a Finnish-built cable-layer), a station 1,2-1,3 meters high, the top cover is very convenient for placing a mug with hot. aromatic coffee, which Nikolai Vasilievich often used. Cap forced the trainee to plot a course for Poti, to which the young astronomer replied ... Comrade. we have a captain. she will draw everything in no time! Cap what .... son, are you a pervert? You will be clever in the "frying pan" with a girl in your arms, and now take sextan and forward with your chest to the embrasure, you have half an hour bully
    laughing Happy holiday to you. The compass! drinks soldier
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    Happy holiday, stargazers! Curvimeter to help you. Although no, this is not about you. In! Protractor in your hand and seven feet under the keel!
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  8. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 25 January 2017 09: 59
    Dear colleagues, dear navigators of the fleet!
    With the holiday of us, God forbid that life courses always run out of danger, and the discrepancy in achieving the goals was minimal!
    Clear sky, the sun and stars, so that you can always accurately determine your true place ...
    Happy holiday, GOOD LUCK! drinks