Military Review

Russian sappers continue to mine Aleppo

In the catacombs under the ancient building in Aleppo, Russian sappers defused a bookmark left by the retreating militants. The power of the explosive device was three hundred kilograms in TNT equivalent.


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  1. 210ox
    210ox 24 January 2017 11: 05
    Honor and praise to our guys! One question is that the Syrians have no specialists left?
    1. INTA_VEGA
      INTA_VEGA 24 January 2017 13: 32
      Our specialists will be better than them. And in the plot, sappers work with special object mining, this is not a roadside land mine.
      We provide international assistance to people, so that sappers honor and praise, Syrians - to study, study and study.
      CAT BAIYUN 24 January 2017 22: 26
      After so many years of tension, I think they don’t have much left. And if not before? Minesweepers (engineering troops) to maintain the business is not cheap. And ours and traditions and experience and technology .... Yes, and train the region as it should! So it’s only for the benefit ... Both of them and us.
  2. KOMA
    KOMA 24 January 2017 15: 30
    Uranus handsome!