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Captain Pompeo became the new director of the CIA

The candidacy of Michael Pompeo for the post of head of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, previously proposed by Donald Trump, was approved by the US Senate.

Captain Pompeo became the new director of the CIA

Michael (Mike) Pompeo graduated from West Point Academy, at the end of 80's - beginning of 90's he served in the Army, retired with the rank of captain. Recently served as congressman from the state of Kansas. It was approved by 66 by senators votes against 32's. And among those who voted for Pompeo there were not only Republican senators, but also representatives of the US Democratic Party.

Pompeo during the so-called preliminary interview underwent a real flurry of questions. The senators, in particular, were interested in his attitude to the surveillance of American citizens. Officially, all this was presented as if representatives of the upper house of the US Congress were afraid that Pompeo would increase surveillance by the CIA. And Pompeo "solemnly promised" that the enhancement of surveillance will not happen, than the senators seemed to be satisfied and voted for Pompeo.

A separate topic before the appointment of Pompeo were questions on his attitude towards Russian policy. Then another candidate for the post of director of the CIA presented the “right” (in the senators' sense) attitude, saying that the Russian Federation “is invading and occupying Ukraine”, and also “threatens Europe and does not make any special efforts to combat IS *” (a terrorist group banned in Russia).

It became known and about the decision to approve Rex Tillerson as the main contender for the post of head of the US State Department. This decision was made by the Senate Committee. Now he is expected to vote the entire chamber. For approval, Tillerson needs to dial the 51 senatorial voice from 100. The Republicans in the Senate 52 chair.
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  1. Titsen
    Titsen 24 January 2017 06: 29
    Another ADVENTOR of Russia in the chair of the head Tsereushnik - we are waiting for the escalation of the race to find out secrets and false disclosures!
    1. cniza
      cniza 24 January 2017 08: 12
      Talking and doing are two different things, we will see.
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 24 January 2017 09: 57
        Quote: cniza
        Talking and doing are two different things, we will see.

        Trump to key posts pushes people with business experience, which means pragmatists to some extent. In any case, it will not be worse than it was under Clinton, Bush and Obama. And rightly so, we'll see. stop
  2. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 24 January 2017 06: 49
    If he does not continue to frighten everyone with Russia, then very soon we will see "the last day of Pompeo" laughing Again or a lady with low social. responsibility will appear, or the briefcase will be lost.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 January 2017 06: 49
    To be honest, I’ll personally be approved by the director of the CIA. Special services under any presidents are engaged in their work solving specific problems. And in the United States, subversive work in sovereign states to overthrow regimes and power is added to this. Therefore, no matter who occupies this chair, the methods and forms of work remain the same for hundreds of years with the addition of new technologies.
  4. Altona
    Altona 24 January 2017 07: 48
    One hundred years ago I was a captain, I worked as a deputy all the way, and here you go, my friend, to manage the CIA, to save the world, so to speak. recourse
    1. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch 24 January 2017 08: 01
      And no matter who steers there, the system has been self-regulating over decades.
      Wow, Trump stirred up this gadyushnik (not only the CIA), the scene from "Aliens 2" is recalled when they climbed to the lower level. It becomes more and more interesting to live like that.
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 24 January 2017 10: 09
        Quote: iliitch
        Wow and trumped up this viper

        Yeah. The other day, he visited the CIA headquarters (which indescribably angered the outgoing director) and spoke out unequivocally about the media. Oh, and he will make a rustle here, crush the Faberge to everyone who spat on him. By the way, Sean Spicer has been appointed to the position of "psaki", so now we will troll.
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 24 January 2017 08: 23
    This is some kind of theater. Guys want jobs. Roughly speaking, they are given a condition. Do you believe in God (like, is Russia an enemy?)? Yes, men say. Come in!
    1. INTA_VEGA
      INTA_VEGA 24 January 2017 12: 14
      All life is a theater. It is a normal check for adequacy and loyalty. Is it different in our government?
  6. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 24 January 2017 08: 37
    The director of the CIA presented the “correct” (in the sense of senators) attitude, saying that the Russian Federation “carries out the invasion and occupation of Ukraine”, as well as “threatens Europe and does not make much effort to fight IS *” (a terrorist group banned in Russia).

    The main mantra is uttered - and, lo and behold! repeat
  7. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 24 January 2017 09: 03
    Biography from the site (style retained).

    "Congressman Mike Pompeo was elected four times from the 4th District. As a teenager, he enrolled at the United States Military Academy at West Point. In 1986 he graduated from West Point best in class and then served as an officer patrolling the Iron Curtain until fall of the Berlin Wall He also served with the 2nd Squadron of the 7th Cavalry Regiment in the 4th Infantry Division.

    After graduation, Mike graduated from Harvard Law School as editor of the Harvard Law Review. Mike later returned to his mother’s homeland in South Central Kansas and founded Thayer Aerospace, where he worked as CEO for over ten years, supplying parts for commercial and military aircraft. He then became president of Sentry International, a petroleum equipment manufacturing, distribution and service company.

    Mike is a member of two main committees: energy and trade, which oversee energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications, and the intelligence committee, which oversees America’s intelligence gathering efforts. Earlier in 2014, he was also appointed to the Committee to Investigate the Tragic Events in Benghazi, Libya.

    In Congress, Mike focused on private enterprise freedoms and protecting our personal constitutional rights. Mike was at the center of discussions regarding financial responsibility and reducing regulatory pressure, especially with regard to agricultural production, as well as reducing the tax burden on entrepreneurs and small businesses.

    Mike and his wife Susan have been active leaders in the community and both participate in many activities in support of Susan's alma mater, Wichita State University. "
  8. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 24 January 2017 11: 32
    What can I say? Radish horseradish is not sweeter. The whole algorithm of further relations, as before, will be determined by two derivatives - action and reaction.
  9. alexleony
    alexleony 24 January 2017 11: 56
    How will Rex bark now? In the wind or against?
  10. razved
    razved 24 January 2017 22: 46
    They have such a chip - to put the intelligence chief of a person who has nothing to do with this intelligence.