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January 21 - Day of the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Today in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation marks the Day of the engineering troops. The date in the calendar of military holidays of the new Russia appeared on the basis of presidential decree No. 1370 of 18 September 1996. Engineering troops - one of the oldest formations in the country's army, because they lead their history since the time of Peter. The decree of Peter I on the establishment of the “Pushkar School” in Moscow is considered to be the document that laid the foundation for engineering military formations in Russia. A year after the creation of the school, its graduates held positions in the mine divisions of the then army.

The engineering forces of the Russian Armed Forces today perform numerous tasks both on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

January 21 - Day of the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Last year, the engineering troops carried out demining dozens of Syrian settlements, freed from terrorists. Demining was carried out in El-Karjatayne, Palmyra (Tadmor), Aleppo, in the vicinity of Damascus. Unfortunately, the work of Russian sappers in Palmyra was crossed out by the capture of this ancient city by militants of the ISIL terrorist group in December (banned in the Russian Federation). However, you can be quite sure that with the joint efforts of the Syrian army, the militia and the Russian Aerospace Forces, the city will eventually be freed from terrorists - forever. The operation to free Palmyra started in the middle of the week.

Since December 3, a large-scale operation has been conducted to detect and neutralize explosive devices left behind by militants in Aleppo. To date, according to the press service of the Ministry of Defense, Russian military engineering troops have cleared more than 2000 hectares of territory, more than 700 km of roads, to 3,3 buildings and structures. In total, over the 26 of thousands of mines and other explosive devices were cleared in the largest city of the SAR.

Every year, the military personnel of the engineering troops receive new and modernized equipment, participate in large-scale exercises, improving their skills and mastery. Among the equipment entering the engineering troops are: PIRK mobile engineering and repair complexes, modernized PP-2005M pontoon parks, wheeled road machines (CMM), military VMLK-1 mobile sawing complexes, a military automobile crane with a load of 32 and X-XNHMXNXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXNXX mobile axes, a crane for military use, 55729 automobile tons of XC-XNXXXNXXX, and 7 mobile crane sawmills crane crane KMV-10В and others.

Troops are equipped with robotic technology, including MRTC-R "Uran-6".

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports that in the current year the engineering troops will be replenished. They will include additional engineering engineer regiments, as well as an engineering camouflage regiment.

"Military Review" congratulates servicemen and veterans of engineering troops on the holiday!
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  1. Atlant-1164
    Atlant-1164 21 January 2017 10: 07
    go nuts .. and I didn’t know that there is such a holiday .. Happy me. in \ h 44605 the engineer-sapper regiment. The commander of the engineer troops was Major General Maximov.
    1. Liberoid-
      Liberoid- 21 January 2017 10: 18
      Well, on holidays you guys! Your work is not noticeable and difficult, but so many lives save ... Thank you! hi
      1. Prapor-527
        Prapor-527 21 January 2017 11: 49
        Quote: Liberoid
        Your work is not visible

        What does "invisible" mean? Happy Holidays!
        1. Igor V
          Igor V 21 January 2017 13: 41
          "... creators of military equipment ..." are sung in the song. And I once did USMs and TMMs shown in the video, so I also have a relationship. repeat
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 21 January 2017 17: 06
            Happy holiday to all those involved in the Engineering Troops of the Russian Federation!

            Happy MAPPER - people of extraordinary courage and knowledgewho have no "right" to make a mistake! hi love

            Engineering troops. Minesweepers. Posted Aug 29 2015 year

            Engineer-engineer troops are special troops designed for the engineering support of military operations.
        2. Atlant-1164
          Atlant-1164 21 January 2017 16: 54
          I saw the trigger and the TMM .. for about 25 years, time fell over .. there isn’t enough BAT-2 to complete the picture.) Shiroky Lan polygons .. Tarutino. oh how it was yesterday. (
          1. Paranoid50
            Paranoid50 22 January 2017 01: 17
            Happy holiday !!! And thanks, Engineers !!! Sometimes, only BATs from the OITR rescued (the Kola Peninsula), paved the way to the unit after drifts, turned the snow for days. Yes, damn it, you do a lot of useful things. In the literal sense - without you as without hands. Once again - happy holiday! hi drinks
  2. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 21 January 2017 10: 12
    Well, with a holiday kolegi.
    1. Liberoid-
      Liberoid- 21 January 2017 10: 19
      Aron sapper? Well, sincere congratulations ... There, in Israel, this is your main military specialty! drinks
    2. Reserve buildbat
      Reserve buildbat 21 January 2017 10: 42
      Aron, happy holiday) drinks
      1. Liberoid-
        Liberoid- 21 January 2017 12: 58
        Aron (judging by the pros) The main site sapper ..?)))) Everyone caved in ... Well done!
        1. commbatant
          commbatant 22 January 2017 14: 05
          Quote: Liberoid
          Aron (judging by the pros) The main site sapper ..?)))) Everyone caved in ... Well done!

          You didn’t know, dear, that the homeland of the engineering troops is Israel, otherwise Karbyshev, Karbyshev ...
  3. Million
    Million 21 January 2017 10: 13
    1. Atlant-1164
      Atlant-1164 21 January 2017 10: 25
      I’ll go to the sanctuary of Bacchus .. that’s in the refrigerator. I have a reason for this. !!)
      1. Liberoid-
        Liberoid- 21 January 2017 12: 34
        Quote: Atlant-1164
        пойду -ка к святилищу Бахуса..что в холодильнике. имею на это основание.!!)

        Happy Yan ..! You have every right ... drinks
        1. Atlant-1164
          Atlant-1164 21 January 2017 12: 50
          thank.. drinks Great weekend to everyone.!!)
  4. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 21 January 2017 10: 23
    It’s good that they entered the sapper day, that’s right.
    The eternal laborers of the Army, the real Bees with a capital letter, should have their own holiday.

    Happy Holiday to you, military engineers.
    Thank you for everything.
    And the chief sapper in my life is the Military Salute.
    Happy Holiday.
    1. family tree
      family tree 21 January 2017 14: 53
      Hooray, Lexey! Us xnumx years old smile although little ishosh recourse
      Can you tell about the Chief sapper? And I am in advance, for the story drinks drinks drinks
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 22 January 2017 02: 45
        Quote: perepilka
        Hooray, Lexey! Us xnumx years old smile although little ishosh recourse
        Can you tell about the Chief sapper? And I am in advance, for the story drinks drinks drinks

        In a personal, Volodya ...)))
        Too personal ...
  5. MPK105
    MPK105 21 January 2017 10: 31
    Nephews — with the Feast — without you in a modern war — NOW.
  6. Amurets
    Amurets 21 January 2017 10: 35
    Happy holiday troops that can do anything! And erect and destroy. I wish to build more and destroy less.
    Happy Holiday Military Engineers!
  7. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 21 January 2017 10: 36
    I'll go cover the table myself, but pump it up)) Holiday!
    All colleagues with a holiday! Clean dear to us! drinks
  8. Old warrior
    Old warrior 21 January 2017 10: 38
    Happy Holidays, dear comrades! "... We change the landscape manually ..." (c) wink
  9. sub307
    sub307 21 January 2017 10: 41
    Congratulations to colleagues in the "military engineering workshop" on the holiday!
  10. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 21 January 2017 10: 43
    Happy Holidays, everyone who today celebrates even being in reserve their professional holiday drinks soldier !!!! Health to you all hi drinks !!!.
  11. moskowit
    moskowit 21 January 2017 11: 00
    Happy Holiday! Health to all! Veterans especially! But acting skill and caution, success in combat and political!

    "... The first written document, which describes in sufficient detail and directively not only engineering measures to support the battle, but also the organization, tasks and duties of purely engineering units is the" Charter of military, cannon and other matters relating to military science. " was the voivode boyar Onisim Mikhailov.This document was published at the beginning of the 17th century and was the main, but rather the only document regulating the military activities and organization of the Russian army until the publication of the military regulations of Peter I.

    Three types of engineering divisions were defined in Mikhailov’s Charter: chantsekops (sappers), horocopes (miners), and pontoons; their place in the organizational structure - as part of artillery; strength - for a siege army of 60-80 thousand people to have four shantsekop warrants (four sapper squads), horocop warrant, pontoner warrant. The total number of engineering units was determined by 1800 people (3% of the total army).

    Written documents from which the activities of the engineering troops in the Russian army were practically not preserved until the time of Peter I, but that they existed and were widely used, there is no doubt. Indeed, even during the assault on Kazan in 1552, Russian miners, having made four undermines, blew up the walls of the Kremlin in several places, which predetermined the success of the assault ... "(taken from Y. Veremeyev's site" Anatomy of the Army ")
  12. sasha.28blaga
    sasha.28blaga 21 January 2017 11: 36
    military unit 517 UNR 461 OVSR, just a construction battalion, happy holiday!
  13. family tree
    family tree 21 January 2017 11: 56
    "... Engineers really need the essence of an attack or defense, what is the place and should have those who did not only understand the fortification thoroughly and have already served in that, but to be courageous, but this rank is even more endangered than others."
    Peter the Great
    January 10, 1701 (according to the old style).

    Happy Engineering Sapper! Well, so that the glasses rang when they met! drinks drinks drinks
  14. Liberoid-
    Liberoid- 21 January 2017 12: 03
    Cool song .. Once again with the holiday men! drinks

    Take care of yourself guys .. and God bless you!
  15. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 21 January 2017 12: 54
    Happy Holidays !!!
  16. Maugli
    Maugli 21 January 2017 13: 12
    Happy holiday !!! They do a great, common business !!!
  17. pts-m
    pts-m 21 January 2017 13: 14
    Thank you for the congratulations from the Military Review! And also, congratulations to all former colleagues in military unit 68428.
  18. Altona
    Altona 21 January 2017 16: 26
    Happy holiday of military engineers. People who can overcome any obstacles. drinks
  19. Buffet
    Buffet 21 January 2017 19: 02
    HAPPY ME! Well, all involved in the engineering troops.
  20. Sergey F
    Sergey F 21 January 2017 19: 16
    I am pleased to join the already expressed congratulations!
    Guys, health to you, endurance and patience!
    Your military work is not comparable with the work of cabinet workers!
  21. Al. Peresvet
    Al. Peresvet 21 January 2017 19: 48
    Happy holiday! God bless you.
  22. sasha.28blaga
    sasha.28blaga 21 January 2017 19: 51
    let me say it cool.
  23. sasha.28blaga
    sasha.28blaga 21 January 2017 19: 55
    who wanted, but didn’t want to, rest. STROYBAT WALKS TODAY.
  24. sasha.28blaga
    sasha.28blaga 21 January 2017 20: 22
    Of course, men, everyone can speak differently, but I served in the construction battalion, and I sit and walk. WITH GREAT HOLIDAY.
    1. sasha.28blaga
      sasha.28blaga 21 January 2017 20: 34
      Today I walk for STROYBAT. And hto, Chevo wanted, on top Scythe.
  25. sasha.28blaga
    sasha.28blaga 21 January 2017 20: 38
    Not, I wanted to say for the foreman, for GENESA DIMA, chocolate DIMA.
  26. kolmakov79
    kolmakov79 21 January 2017 21: 05
    All military engineers a happy holiday! In / h 14152 hello.
  27. wandlitz
    wandlitz 21 January 2017 21: 34
    Friends are sappers! Happy holiday! Happy engineering troops. Regards sapper
    OISB 78 of the Red Banner Sivash MSD 1976year,
    302 SME 9 TD 1 Guards T.TA.GSVG 1976-1978 g,
    Alapaevsky OISB UrVO 1979g
    3 th ITB 28 PHS UrVO 1987year
  28. Engineer engineer
    Engineer engineer 22 January 2017 01: 07
    Minesweepers, road builders, positioners - happy holiday!
    military unit 30778. Every summer, the entire regiment went to mine. Remained only for internal service. 1969-1971