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SIG Sauer P320 - New Pistol for American Army

The Pentagon has selected SIG Sauer P320 pistols for the US Army, which will replace Beretta M9 pistols, according to

SIG Sauer P320 - New Pistol for American Army
SIG Sauer P320 automatic pistol

The Swiss association Lüke & Ortmeier Gruppe (owner of the German company SIG Sauer) won a tender announced by the Pentagon for such eminent companies as Glock, FN America and Beretta USA. The new pistol will be delivered in 9x19 Parabellum caliber. At the same time, the manufacturer notes that the SIG Sauer P320 is modular weapons, and can be easily converted for firing .357SIG and .40SGW cartridges.

Under the terms of the tender, the Pentagon will sign a contract with SIG Sauer for the supply of 280 thousand pistols to the troops in the amount of $ 580 million. That is, the price of a single gun with a set of accessories and warranty service will be about $ 2000 (civilian modification costs about $ 450).

The previous “pistol” competition, held in 1985 g, won Beretta with its M9, a modification of the Italian pistol Beretta 92F. Second place was then taken by SIG Sauer with the P226 model.

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  1. himRa
    himRa 20 January 2017 16: 58
    Judging by the stated data, and even that I won against the Beretta is already a good trunk!
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 20 January 2017 17: 12
      Sauer is handsome! Great design and excellent performance characteristics!
      1. corporal
        corporal 20 January 2017 19: 22
        Quote: xetai9977
        wonderful performance characteristics!

        Something of these very performance characteristics I did not see. Why are they better than Beretta?
        A shock USM is generally PPC.
        1. acrshooter
          acrshooter 21 January 2017 07: 13
          Can we read English?
          In this article ( all open information about the competition ...
          1. corporal
            corporal 21 January 2017 10: 48
            Quote: acrshooter
            Can we read English?

            1. acrshooter
              acrshooter 22 January 2017 00: 28
              Bad. For "how many languages ​​you know - how many times you are a man" ...
              In a nutshell, the warriors wanted a completely ambidextrous gun with adjustable arrow, body kit, quick-detachable silencer, with exclusive modifications not available to civilians, without reference to caliber.
              By striking ability: penetration of 14 inches (355,6 mm) into the ballistic gel on the dist. 50m
              Accuracy and accuracy - 90% of hits at a distance of 50 meters in a circle of Ø 4 inches (101,6 mm).
              Reliability - 2000+ shots before the delay, 10000+ before the breakdown, service life 35000+.
              Sincerely, Arthur
    2. Orionvit
      Orionvit 20 January 2017 19: 47
      Back in the 80s, when the states held a tender to replace the Colt1911, In addition to Beretta
      The second place was then taken by SIG Sauer with the model P226
      Beretta then drastically reduced the price of her 92F, and the price was decisive. I do not know. Maybe the Austrians changed their pricing policy during the crisis, maybe a new "modular design" like that of Glock played a decisive role, or most likely the good old Western tradition of cutting the military budget. I wonder how much the states will count the rearmament of the army with "new" personal small arms? It seems that they have nothing to do there.
  2. Holoy
    Holoy 20 January 2017 17: 00
    Great choice! But the Beretta M9 also served them well ....
  3. Xroft
    Xroft 20 January 2017 17: 05
    and when will ours get a normal gun?
    1. fa2998
      fa2998 20 January 2017 17: 27
      So you can follow the path of the USA. There, the arms industry is already developed (a huge domestic and foreign market) so attract foreign companies. They choose not from what is, but choose the BEST weapon that is in the world. Already 2 pistols are put into service with the army of foreign manufacturers. Production is mainly in the USA, they only buy a license. And somehow they are not jarred in patriotic agony. If Colt or Smith-Wesson lost, this is their problem! hi
      1. 23424636
        23424636 20 January 2017 18: 30
        no need to compare Western production and domestic and tenders temniks are not always the best at the finish line Yes, Russia bought licenses for the best weapons in Europe and the States, but the topic of pistols in the 20th century was resolved by the domestic design school either independently or even by borrowing. the weakness of the Russian soul for "gifts" is unacceptable
  4. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 20 January 2017 17: 28
    I understand that this is a former parabellum which at one time pretty well established itself?
  5. Disorder
    Disorder 20 January 2017 17: 32
    And why can’t they create their own pistol?
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 20 January 2017 18: 00
      Quote: Trouble
      And why can’t they create their own pistol?

      I will return once again to criticizing Kaloshnikov, not because I don’t like the machine itself - I don’t like managery!
      It is clear that the development of a new barrel is a year, two, three, and so much more to fine-tune, run-in, full shelling. So, in the best case, the barrel is obtained in 5-7 years. And the army is full of problems with weapons, so for investing money and brains. Now remote-controlled systems came in, we don’t produce weapons for such machines, in principle, but Kalashnikov goes a completely different way. He stupidly purchases non-core assets and we already see boats and UAVs under this brand ... another mega corporation is growing, clumsy and bureaucratic.
      Who will produce machine guns, sniper weapons, machine guns ???
      Honestly, I am very sorry for our famous brands, but there seems to be no other way to bankrupt them. And work on an open tender
  6. tracer
    tracer 20 January 2017 18: 10
    The new system of the striker striking mechanism ... This is the secret of putting into service. Well, modularity is rather a minus. Light weight is also a plus. There are no extra switches on the frame. I have a striker on the Smith and Wesson MP 9. Great just ... like it. When will the Koloshmatovites finish their pistol with a striker ....? Ergonomically it is very well made ..
    1. Oldenburg
      Oldenburg 20 January 2017 18: 43
      The perfected system with a short stroke of the barrel, and the trigger mechanism, fit well, and the automatic fire switch is not for beginners. For our guys, modularity is not suitable, it soon turns out that this or that is lost. We need a monolith .I think that buying a new gun instead of a beret because of its uncomfortable grip, pampering.
  7. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 20 January 2017 19: 01
    In the Army, a gun is a stupid thing, and even a dangerous one.
    Not one combat mission with a pistol can not be completed and at the same time a constant problem with safety and storage.
    Another thing is for professionals from the police and the National Guard, as a last resort for intelligence (to shoot yourself).
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 20 January 2017 19: 56
      Do you think these ruffles are completely dumb? times they take pistols with them request
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. CooL_SnipeR
        CooL_SnipeR 21 January 2017 04: 28
        Where are the shadows? the figures are simply superimposed on the picture ... also amstrongs to me
        1. AlexMark
          AlexMark 11 February 2018 22: 08
          But not from airsoft fields this photo? wink
    2. mr.redpartizan
      mr.redpartizan 21 January 2017 01: 02
      The gun is the weapon of last chance, therefore they have not given up on it yet. But there is one caveat - the weapon should be compact and penetrate bulletproof bulletproof vest at a distance of up to 100 m. It is worth taking a look at small-caliber cartridges, similar to the Belgian 5,7x28 mm. We obviously wouldn’t be disturbed by an ammunition of 5,5-6,5 mm caliber with a muzzle energy of 500-600 J, equipped with a pointed bullet with a tungsten carbide core. The use of a small-caliber bullet with a high initial speed would increase the muzzle energy while maintaining the recoil momentum at the cartridge level of 9x19 mm PAIR.
      1. acrshooter
        acrshooter 21 January 2017 08: 24
        Quote: mr.redpartizan
        But there is one caveat - the weapon should be compact and penetrate bulletproof bulletproof vest at a distance of up to 100 m.

        Often I read interviews in which commandos (including one of the instructors of the FSB FSN) mentioned that the gun was rarely used beyond 20 meters (with an aiming range of 50 m). More often closer, for example, in indoor conditions, i.e. actually point blank.

        Quote: mr.redpartizan
        It is worth taking a look at small-caliber cartridges, similar to the Belgian 5,7x28 mm. We obviously wouldn’t be disturbed by an ammunition of 5,5-6,5 mm caliber with a muzzle energy of 500-600 J, equipped with a pointed bullet with a tungsten carbide core.

        6.5 × 25mm CBJ fit?
        In fact, the 9 × 19mm Para sleeve was extended and squeezed to a smaller caliber, into which a 2-gram bullet of 4mm tungsten carbide with an asymmetric head (spoon tip) in a plastic tray (+ 0,5g) was crammed into it.
        730m / s and 533J from a 120mm long barrel.
        900 m / s and 810 J from a 300 mm barrel, at a distance of 300 m it pierces CRISAT (6 mm of titanium and 20 layers of Kevlar).
        When replacing the barrel can be used in any weapon under 9 × 19mm Para.
        8 types of ammunition, including 2 with "sub-calibers", 2 training, 1 with a destructible bullet.

        There are a couple of nuances - development is still at the prototype stage, the price of ammunition and politics (Swedish development).
        Sincerely, Arthur
        1. mr.redpartizan
          mr.redpartizan 21 January 2017 09: 49
          For our developers, it will not be a particular problem to create a powerful small-caliber pistol cartridge based on a 9x19 or 9x21 mm cartridge case. For example, it would be possible to re-crimp a pistol sleeve for a bullet of a 5,45 mm 7N24 cartridge with a WC core. With an initial flight speed of 650 m / s, the bullet energy would be about 800 J with a recoil impulse at the level of the domestic cartridge 9x19 mm PBP (7N31). Yes, the cartridge would have turned out to be very "hot" due to the high pressure in the bore (under 300 MPa), but the resource of an automatic barrel of a similar caliber is about 10-15 thousand rounds, which is quite acceptable for the army.
          1. acrshooter
            acrshooter 21 January 2017 23: 01
            It will not be, only there is no sense in this, because There will still be no 1,5-fold improvement in performance compared to 9 × 19mm Para.
  8. mr.redpartizan
    mr.redpartizan 21 January 2017 00: 22
    When will ours already replace the outdated PM and PY curve with something worthy? Is it really so difficult to create a high-quality combat pistol chambered for 9x19 mm or 9x21 mm cartridges? Now the pistol "Udav" is being developed, which is a development of "Gyurza", but it has few chances of launching into mass production. "Gyurza" is a good barrel, but it also has drawbacks: low quality of surface treatment, inconvenient automatic safety lock on the handle, insufficiently modern design.
  9. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 21 January 2017 06: 09
    Purely subjective - Berrett was recognizable and elegant design. And these plastic stampings are all alike. Also, when submitting such news, there should be more complete information, such as the characteristics of the described weapon, as well as product data of other companies participating in the competition, summarized in a table with photos.
  10. Sergey Gorn
    Sergey Gorn 21 January 2017 14: 41
    As for the victory in the competition of a Swiss company, this is too loose an interpretation. In the USA, a subsidiary (branch) SIG SAUER Ltd has long existed, which independently develops and manufactures small arms.
  11. parkello
    parkello 22 January 2017 07: 53
    I don’t know, I’m not impressed by him even once. I do not respect guns without smoke. Another doll written from Glock 17. the only gun of a gunless type that I somehow liked was Lebedev. but just do my favorite pistols CHZ-75 and Walter P-38. I wouldn’t trade for anything ...
  12. Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 22 January 2017 08: 14
    Wow! Here at the Pentagon they’re sawing a budget! Pistol for 2000 bucks a piece! Where to our Serdyukov and Vasiliev before them!