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Results of the week. "And I ask you to stay"

Trump entered

Donald Trump took office as president of the United States. He was sworn in by US Supreme Court chairman John Roberts. The entry of 45 US President was accompanied by unprecedented riots and street protests.

First, the “Russian hackers” hacked the salute in Washington, issuing instead of the USA - USR. Then the “Russian hackers” decided to “hack” Trump's speech, writing in the text that he would not engage in dialogue with those who constantly ask for something from the United States without giving in return. Then, completely brazen “Russian hackers” removed from the official website of the White House a section on the rights of homosexuals and other LGBT people. What happened afterwards was scary to imagine ... “Russian hackers” after the inauguration ceremony included a waltz for Trump and his wife, in which there were the same seven notes as in the hymn of the Russian Federation ... Can you imagine ... And "before ", and" re "... God Save America ...

Comments from our readers:

And how many hours in the zomboyaschik spent on
1. Elections will protest.
2. Trump will not be allowed to become president.
3. He will be killed before the inauguration.
4. He will be killed during the inauguration.
And all this was shown with a clever look, puffing up the cheeks of various presidents of research institutes (usually named after themselves). Well, Trump is president.

Trump's opening speech is reassuring.
I would like to hear something like this from Putin - when the state should serve the people, and not a handful of crooks and thieves in power. And then we recently all about the May decrees of the king rubbed,
Not a word about the Russians and justice.

The main thing is that Trump did not have to evacuate to Rostov urgently. And then there was already a precedent with the president of a near country.

Something in the way ...

Zakharchenko said that the unification of the DPR and the LPR in current realities is impossible:
“Igor Plotnitsky and I signed the Minsk agreements. Under these agreements are our two signatures as heads of state. At present, any association will require a change in the Minsk format, which we are not ready to accept. ”

We would, they said, united, he says, but that’s just the Minsk agreements, you understand, they don’t allow it. They allow Kiev to invite the NATO military contingent to its territory, bombard houses, schools, hospitals and buses, block the Donbass, and integrate the DPR and LPR in no way ... What kind of agreements are these that seem to be and there seems to be no, which, interfering with one, do not forbid anything to others ...

Comments from our readers:

Well, who of the specific voluntarily gave his principality?

Where does so much poison come from?
Is the main thing is whether or not the Lugansk and Donetsk republics will unite. The main thing is that people are not bowed to the Nazis, and defend with weapons in the hands of his honor and dignity, the right to a decent life. Yes, Russia helps. It would be a big meanness to throw these people at the mercy of the fascists. Their dedication in this struggle deserves at least respect.

German Titov
Not a supporter of carpentry. As they say, in "alien hands - it will be thicker." Try to "steer" in a similar situation. Maybe you will succeed ...

Putin groped the seam of the European Parliament

It became known that one of the pillars of the European Union, which had generated “democratic” integration processes around it, had pretty badly broken before the eyes of all “progressive humanity”.

What pillar are we talking about? And we are talking about a long-term political coalition in the European Parliament, which in fact determined the European legislative fashion, regardless of whether this mode protects the interests of the majority of Europeans or not.

The coalition of “socialists” and “populists” in the European Parliament collapsed after more than 12 years of its existence. The socialists did not want to take the power of the party with a higher rating like that. They say: is it our rating why small? - Because Putin “hacked” our activity in Europe and thus set it up before the Europeans. After some time, it turned out that “Putin had hacked” the election of a new head of the European Parliament, “electing” his friend to the post of a friend. The head of the EP became Tayani as the ex-representative of the Italian government of Berlusconi. Of course, there were no salutes with RU instead of the EU, but now the European Parliament is still whispering about whether Strasbourg will become a remote district center of the Bryansk region ...

Comments from our readers:

Tatar 174
Ah, yes, Putin, ah, well done !!! How he masterfully handles all affairs around the world! He appointed the president in the USA and now in Europe the order is established! Well, so it turns out, and even without some irony ... They themselves acknowledge!

Demian Churakov
Russia rules the world! And this is despite the fact that it is "torn to shreds" and a "gas station". Absolutely confused our partners.

The European Democrats inflamed themselves with the Russian threat in such a way that they now see the Kremlin’s hand in everything. Soon they will start to be thrown out of the windows with shouts: "Russians are coming."


This is interesting ... The main event of the so-called Gaidar Forum, judging by the reaction of the blogosphere, was the participation in it of the biker "Surgeon" (Alexander Zaldostanova).

Results of the week. "And I ask you to stay"

No, well, the forum, as always, is powerful ... Yasin, Kudrin and in general the whole color of the HSE. Surgeon Zaldostanov in this list only added power to, apparently, to divert attention from those speeches that were predominantly made at the forum about the Russian economy. The name of the forum, as they say, delivers. To call a forum with economic claims in honor of a man who left horns and hooves from the economy of a huge state - apparently such a joke. So we got together - laughed, parted from the original ... By the way, how many more do you need to create and hold forums so that those who conduct them start working not on beautiful speeches, but on economics?

Comments from our readers:

But it is just incomprehensible to me - why are they suddenly so excited by the participation in this walker Zaldostanov? In my opinion, he is just as “an economist” as all the other participants, even though they are with Harvard and other HSE diplomas. A tongue-tied, true, but in terms of their development is quite consistent with them. But unlike them, Zaldostanov can at least control the bike, and these can do nothing at all.

And I’m a forum of traitors to the interests of Russian citizens, I remember other speeches. The retirement age in Russia needs to be raised, but in such a way that the citizens would not understand that we bent them again. Pensions to pensioners should be reduced and the resources released should be sent to education and training, that is, to take away from the poor and give money to the poor. The Russian economy needs foreign investment, that is, wealthy foreigners should be the owners of the Russian economy. The head of Sberbank says: I will dismiss 28 thousand employees in 17 year, and this despite the fact that the company is successful and highly profitable. No words =. Homeless with garbage will become clients of Sberbank?

To some of the members of the forum, the question of migrant workers may be indifferent, but personally to me (working in the construction industry) is relevant. Wild construction brigades from Moldova and Central Asia, and the last time from Ukraine, with their price dumping, just pissed off. And it would be okay if the housing became better in terms of quality or cheaper in price ... Well, the money earned is converted into currency and transferred by migrant workers home, on average, every migrant of bucks using 200 - 300 sends, so count how much money is spent on taxes they are paid according to the gray scheme) and how much capital flows abroad ...

Tragedy in Bishkek

Boeing 747, a cargo destination owned by the Turkish airline, crashed Monday morning on a Hong Kong-Bishkek flight. According to the Kyrgyz Emergencies Ministry, the disaster occurred near Bishkek (the capital of the republic) near the dacha village near Manas airport, causing 15 residential buildings to be destroyed and a fire in two houses, which caused 37 to die among the residents of the village along with three crew members.

Boeing 747-400, which belonged to the Turkish AST, flew flight No. XXUMX Hong Kong — Bishkek — Istanbul and collapsed into a holiday village, which was “dacha” only on paper. Several dozen families lived on a permanent basis in the village, many of whom rented housing from one owner. The owner did business, renting houses a few dozen meters from the airport runway. The funds were demanded by small ones, and therefore, in the absence of other opportunities to find acceptable housing for themselves, they willingly agreed, in awe of the fact that huge liners were literally rushing over their tops. Now there is no “dacha” village ... But there are questions.

Comments from our readers:

In Soviet times, ordinary people were given plots near airports, and people should not be there. Condolences to the loved ones.

I read the news
NEVER in Soviet times, building plots were distributed near airports!
Here in the post-Soviet was, and squatting were. A case in point is the outskirts of Pulkovo Highway, where they began to build fashionable cottages. Built to the first fallen aircraft. Unfortunately, airplanes sometimes fall due to various reasons.

People do not stop any risk. And economic conditions have nothing to do with it.
My friend, the pilot, told me.
On their airfield, on the one hand, the lanes of the village, residential buildings and all that jazz. At a decent removal of course. And on the other side of the strip is a holiday village, vegetable gardens and other garbage.

So the people always had to go around the takeoff, a kilometer there, a kilometer back.
And the people were snooping through the takeoff.

And once, in the summer, they had night flights. Somewhere around the clock in the 22-23, the MiG-31 sits down, the pilot "parked", got out of the plane and went to sharpen while the aircraft was being serviced.
And here the technician resorts, all shakes "There a head! There a head!"

What head? They go to the plane, really, a head hangs on the landing gear. Women's With long hair. Soon the body was found on the strip.

Aunt decided to shorten the path to the country through the strip. The pilot, of course, could not see it, but she seemed to be blinded by the landing lights of the aircraft and could not assess where to go.
It was in the distant Soviet times. When the economic component is not thought.
As you know, in the world there are 2 endless things. This is the universe and human stupidity. Here she moves people.

Check it out

On forums of various kinds on the other side of the ocean, they are enthusiastically discussing another Ukrainian invention. The photo posted on the web captures how the APU fighters seem to be “shooting” from something resembling a “sniper rifle”. True, pretty creepy sizes. If you look closely, you begin to understand that the progenitor is ZSU-23.

One of the tips to create a superfunctional "zbroi" for Ukrainian specialists. Attention! Top secret!

Take any Soviet weapons. Further, in the nearest store you buy ... - although why buy in a store, when you can “squeeze out” practically any summer resident - a few meters of wire, masking tape, a hammer, nails (preferably bigger, it will look more impressive), a welding machine and a quarter flasks of vodka. Without confusing where to hammer, and what to fill in - you start the process ... You don’t touch the welding machine - you don’t know how to use it ... If there is a box with some kind of optics (you can also use the eyepiece for repairing watches) , arrived from "volunteers" - by all means use and her. To test the miracle of a zoo, you first announce on Facebook that you need a man in camouflage with a shoulder implant that does not experience discomfort with the words "fracture of the clavicle" and "multiple spinal injuries in a collision with a concrete wall." Further, it’s like a thumbnail: a patent, a conveyor assembly of one and a half units, publications in the media, world-wide fame, an order from an armory party from prankers from Thailand ...

Comments from our readers:

Gloomy Ukrainian genius, he is the most Svidomo in the world!

The photo is very clearly visible wire (presumably), which the machine is attached to the boxes. If in boxes to pour, for example, sand, then the fighter will not suffer. True, the mobility of the product can be forgotten.

In general - meaningless nonsense. Characteristics of the barrel and ammunition will not allow the product to be considered sniper even theoretically. Although, if you really want to, you can take a sniper out of MT-12. The main thing is that there are more sandboxes and thicker wire ...

If you leave the technical component and allow the possibility of an aimed shot from a ukrovundervafli without a lethal shooter, then the possibility of maneuver with such a bandura is not clear, exactly like a niche of such weapons. Sniper performance is hardly better than the 12 mm rifle, the power for shooting at people is excessive, the armored equipment is insufficient, the unmasking factors are an order of magnitude higher, to quickly change position is unrealistic. The Russian handicraft on this topic looks better, at least in terms of its weight and dimensions, and how it seems that the possibility of shooting without a rifle is realized, although I don’t see the same niche in the troops, even if you kill me.

Hundreds of T-90s are being upgraded.

All reportedly Tanks T-90s, which are in service with the Russian army, are subject to modernization to the level of T-90M "Breakthrough-3". Unlike their predecessor (classic T-90), T-90M tanks will increase their weight by 3,5 tons, reaching 50 tons. It is assumed that 400 combat vehicles of the T-90 type are to be reconstructed to the level of T-90M.

This information came on the background of the fact that hundreds of American tanks and infantry fighting vehicles are being transferred to the eastern borders of NATO - to Poland and the Baltic states. The main question is whether such a large-scale modernization of the T-90 was planned based on the letter of the defense budget earlier? If so, then we can say for sure - in a timely manner. And if out of plan ...

Comments from our readers:

Now we are free
FINALLY! In the run-up to bring state tests "Almaty" and the mass launch of this new platform into production, bringing to the standard "M" all the "devotees" who have proven themselves well in Syria, VERY RIGHT STEP. This is a kind of analogy of bringing the BTR-80 to the level of the BTR-82A / AM (of which there are already almost a thousand and a half) on the threshold of the adoption of the “Boomerang”. A competent "chess" approach to the rotation and improvement of armaments in our army (so that there are no "holes": the old is already outdated and the new has to wait).

Finally, they got rid of the unprecedented world curtains. By the way, where are the Afganit's radars?

In fact, two T-90 - serial T-90 (UZTM) and T-90 Black Eagle (Omsk KB TM) were developed. “Black Eagle” did not go into the series, but they say that for “Armata” the Black Eagle’s developments were used. The Black Eagle has a sevenkat chassis (the main visual difference) and Almaty has, too! Tower "Black Eagle" of another design. I don’t want to write more, I don’t like long posts. Online a lot of information.

Paper "Tirex"

The Ukrainian National Industrial Portal has published a patent for the Tireks tank, which, according to the developers, is a competitor to the Russian Armata.

For some time already some kind of “scientific association of the Azov regiment throws in the press a small version of the“ competitor of Almaty ”. Apparently, a box with pencils bought once with this “scientific association” will not end, and therefore it is necessary to bump into the creative process of drawing. If there are enough pencils for another month or two, then we can see the upgraded version of Tirex.

Comments from our readers:

They also wrote on the fence))) women went to check - they did not find))).

Draw a picture and Honduras will be able, let them try to make a real one. They just need technology, steel and alloys. In this case, before the battle, the details of the tank should be cut from the supplied kit, bend along dotted lines and glue with PVA glue. It is PVA, since when applying glue of the type of Moment, the crew’s actions become unpredictable ... The patent registered by impotent companies in the field of tank building sounds funny. Judging by the figure, the tank has fewer components than the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

And what exactly was patented in Tirex? The fact that it consists of a body with a tower on which a weapon is installed? Or the brand of armor used and the "unique" technology of its smelting? Or the fact that it is tracked? Or purely Ukrainian "know-how" - the engine from the washing machine? So it is not clear, for which, and most importantly, to whom money will be unfastened. And, of course, the most pressing question for Ukraine: "... where is the money, Zin?"

So what about Debalcevo?

Alarming information comes from the Donbas again. In the Ukrainian segment of social networks, information is published that the APU came very close to the village of Debaltseve, which has been shelled for several days in a row with various types of weapons.

Everything is as usual. The Ukrainian side is moving to the east through “volunteer” lips. Colonel Basurin continues, bending the fingers and toes of the militia, to count the number of Ukrainian shelling. The people's militia declares that all the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are repulsed. The OSCE mission "sees here, does not see there." Poroshenko calls on the Russian journalist in Davos to withdraw troops. There is no loss ...

Comments from our readers:

SRC P-15
As I understand it, by "third force" this "volunteer" implies an OSCE mission? Same with their tacit consent, the APU squeezes the territory near the Donbass!

Lesson in Germany: The teacher asks which is the largest city in the world. Hans says: Stalingrad. Teacher: What makes you think of it? Hans: Grandfather told me that they walked along one street for two hundred days, but they never reached the end. So, before Debaltseva dill still need to reach ...

Lord of the Sith
Complete nonsense! They did not succeed in moving forward in December, so now they are attacking on the Internet and taking positions.

Militants will not be good

14 January in Syria was vilely killed by retired General Ahmad Gadban, who did not participate in hostilities, but represented the government side in the negotiations in the area of ​​Vadi Barad. He was shot with a sniper rifle, when, with a repair brigade, he emerged from a structure destroyed by militants. This can be considered as revenge for successful negotiations, during which one part of the terrorists agreed to an amnesty and subsequent integration into society, and the other to export to Idlib on the buses provided for this.

Meanwhile, the offensive in Syria continues. The Chief of the General Staff of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Sergey Rudskoy, made a statement in which it was reported that the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Turkish Air Force were conducting a joint operation against ISIL terrorists (prohibited in Russia) for the first time in the north of Aleppo Province. We are talking about operations against the militants who control the village of El-Bab.

It is also reported that SAR government forces launched a counteroffensive in the area of ​​the city of Deir-ez-Zor.

There are also reports of the beginning of a counter-offensive by Syrian troops in the Palmyra area. Earlier, air strikes were inflicted on igilovtsev positions in the area of ​​this city, which made it possible to destroy several dozen terrorists and their armored vehicles in the area of ​​the T-4 airbase. According to Syrian sources, the Syrian Republican Guard, 11-I mechanized division, as well as Hezbollah troops participate in the attack. Ground force attacks are focused on the positions of ISIS terrorists in the area of ​​oil and gas fields.

Syria meets the sixth anniversary of the “Arab Spring” in ruins. Of course, the Western media distort the causes of the conflict in this country. For example, the “oppositionists” who killed hundreds of thousands of people are still called by many Western politicians and experts “fighters for democracy”.

Comments from our readers:

It is necessary to talk with non-humans in the language of force, alas, they do not understand the other.

So these nonhumans are being taken to Idlib ... What, then, will the nuclear weapons be used for all of them at once?

Now we are free
Deir-ez-Zor is at the moment much more important than Palmyra, as it is completely enclosed by the DAISH enclave, which is supplied only by air. A year ago, the enclave was already experiencing a similar crisis and was able to hold its position.
It is noteworthy that Daesh strikes on the basis of seemingly elementary military logic, cutting heavily stretched communications and dismembering defense precisely in those places where the SAA did not have time to gain a foothold or there is a "liquid" morality militia. A typical example is a section of the "long sleeve of Palmyra", from which, fortunately, almost all Assad's soldiers were pulled out. Now, seeing that the SAA is competently gradually and thoughtfully moving forward without unnecessary triumphant reports (the victory at Aleppo has already shown and proved a lot), they began to put pressure wherever they can - in Deir ez-Zor, knowing about the limited resources of its defenders. In any case, the defenders have nowhere to retreat and a loss in this battle means an imminent and terrible death for his defenders, as well as the terrible fate of the civilian population. It is this factor that holds back and strengthens the morale of the enclaves. But now, more than ever, Deir ez-Zor needs help! This is currently the only Achilles heel of Assad on the front of the SAA and Daesh. Daesh will try to sing his “swan song” - to level out Assad’s victory over the SSA near Aleppo to the maximum. If possible, our videoconferencing should be used Aviationcarrying cluster munitions and thermal bars of the advancing frenzied militants of Daesh. The enclave must be held at ANY PRICE! If Daesh breaks off the remaining teeth there too, then his end will be much faster!
And if Aleppo is Syrian Stalingrad, then Deir ez-Zor is the Syrian Kursk Bulge. The importance of winning / keeping the enclave, I think, after such historical There is no need to explain analogies ...

Above water and under water

Senior British military are sounding the alarm about the unprecedented activity of Russians at sea. Nothing like this has happened since the Cold War. The commander of the British told about the Russians on water and under water fleet Admiral Sir Philip Jones.

The message of the head of the Royal Navy came at the very moment when British warships were again forced to become puzzled by the "escort" of the Russian "Admiral Kuznetsov" in the UK area when he returned from Syria. As reported by the publication of "sea sources", in fact, London is worried not because of "Kuznetsova", but because of the submarine fleet. Surface fleet inspires them much less anxiety. Another thing is the “sharp increase” in Russian underwater activity in the waters north of Scotland. This is what the British really care about.

Last October, the passage of Russian ships off the British coast, led by the Admiral Kuznetsov, caused quite a stir in London. The press has raised a wave of speculation on the topic of the new cold war: others have added that the Russians will almost land on the shore. In any case news about Kuznetsov, it has become “top-end”: it was discussed by major media, television and bloggers.

The ships of the British Navy, including the destroyers Type 45 "Duncan" and "Dragon", as well as the frigate "Richmond", were engaged in "escorting" the Russian aircraft-carrying squadron. Journalists, meanwhile, were scribbling articles that “as many as TEN heavily armed Russian ships” would do something a few miles off the British coast. True, the valiant English military leaders reassured the people, saying that they would not give the Russians "any chance."

Apparently, having heard these terrible statements, the Russians decided not to storm Buckingham Palace.

Comments from our readers:

izya top
“Admiral Sir Philip Jones, commander of the British fleet, told about Russians on and under water ...”
So go out the window and calm down.

Whether still will be, let the lord flies away the flies from his officers.

As they have not guessed yet, that when we pass, we mine them the whole channel!

So this is why the climate in Europe has changed! It is not the Gulf Stream that lowered the speed of the current, but Russian submarines, whose number has increased. The boat’s propellers prevent the Gulf Stream from moving. Another cunning Russian, it is necessary to urgently increase the purchase of gas from Russia and build the "Nord Stream - 2".

Three-way attack plan

Stephen Cohen, an American historian and political analyst, made a comment on American TV, which was given a headline on the Internet: "The United States was preparing to launch a large-scale strike on Russia." “For the first time in my life, starting from 1960, I consider the possibility of a war between Russia and the United States to be very real,” said this American professor who received the status of pariah in American “world media” about the presidency of Barack Obama.

“Recently, plans of senior US officials who were associated with the direct unleashing of hostilities with Russia became known,” said Stephen Cohen. “At the initial stage, such countries were to be Ukraine, Turkey, and Middle Eastern monarchies, which the USA actively armed and prepared. Great importance in this initial strike was attached and attached to the terrorist groups “IG” and “Al-Qaeda” (both are prohibited in Russia) ”. It turns out that Russia was planning to attack from three directions: from the Ukrainian, from the Caucasus (from Turkey), and from the Central Asian, for which the IG was to create a Wahhabi bridgehead in Syria.

However, today, the alleged attacks from two directions by Moscow are reflected (Turkish direction) or frozen (Ukrainian direction).

Cohen himself relies on Mr. Trump: the new president must begin a "policy of detente in relations with Russia."

Cohen, we add, simply a dreamer. Trump, judging by his statements, is inclined towards a nuclear arms race rather than detente. The discharge he is ready take from Russia - that's right. In exchange for Moscow’s reduction of nuclear arsenals, it would give Russia a slight relief in the sanctions, nothing more. It is highly doubtful that the United States, which found the “Crimean” reason for stuffing Europe with Obama at Obama, with Trump, would suddenly stop preying on trusting Balts and Poles. Let's not forget that Donald is a billionaire businessman. And he will remain a businessman as president.

Comments from our readers:

One of you
The information looks plausible, although other options cannot be ruled out, such as:
- civil wars in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, as well as a coup in Egypt and Ukraine and a failed coup in Turkey, were conceived with the aim of creating troubled territories along the borders of the EU in order to weaken it;
- Civil wars in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, as well as a coup in Egypt and Ukraine and a failed coup in Turkey, were conceived with the aim of creating troubled and dangerous territories in order to hinder China’s plans to implement the so-called. Silk Road in the direction of the EU.
However, it is possible that it was originally intended to organize these wars and coups with the aim of their action in the same direction with respect to the EU, China and Russia.

It is quite realistic. Thanks to everyone who wears shoulder straps, and those who can not show them, for our safety.

If the infa is partially true, then there is nothing to rejoice. They will not stop, there will be attempts and further. We must be ready for all variants of the development of events.

Chinese water front: Rex and Crazy Dog signed up for naval strategists

Two people, two likely figures from the Trump administration, clearly expressed themselves in China. Future Secretary of Defense James Mattis, nicknamed Crazy Dog, believes that the world order is under great threat. One of the main dangers is Beijing’s actions in the South China Sea. Proposed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson went even further, stating publicly that it was necessary to push the Chinese from artificial islands to the sea.

American warships could block China’s access, but such a strategy will provoke a crisis and military clash, foreign experts say. If Barack Obama maintained a neutral position on Chinese claims of "sovereignty", then Tillerson and his boss Trump will probably take a much more militant position on China in the South China Sea. But the very statements about this can provoke even greater tension. Comrade Xi said last year that none of the foreign countries should expect China to suffer infringements of sovereignty and security, as well as interests related to "development."

Presumably, we add that neither Tillerson nor Trump will do anything “tense”. The future secretary of state must approve Republican senators for approval of his candidacy, nothing more. In the senatorial environment there are militant "hawks", whose career is built on the approval and generous financing of their candidacies by the military-industrial complex (McCain alone is worth something), and therefore everything associated with the likely "containment" and "military deployment" is welcomed . Trying to force the Chinese in the sea, “block” them there - the right way to a military confrontation. Is Washington planning a world war?

Comments from our readers:

Iranians tried to "block", got "hands up", now it's the turn of the Chinese?

Iskander Sh
In South Asia, the US has many allies, and many have a grudge against China: Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. Also, the USA has a lot of its bases there, and the US fleet far surpasses the Chinese. So, if the US wants to aggravate, then China will have a hard time.

Russia has been torn to shreds. Now China have gathered to tear. Something tells me: if the point had not broken!

I declare the whole world a nuclear-free zone

Xi Jinping said that the world's nuclear weapons should be banned and destroyed. The planet should be nuclear-free. Probably, the theses of the Chairman of the People's Republic of China on a nuclear-free world are connected with the recent statements of the elected US President D. Trump about the need for the American government to "significantly strengthen and increase its nuclear potential."

Xi Jinping is absolutely right: the world has approached the dangerous line of a new arms race. If it is not prevented, the planet may plunge into the nightmare of a nuclear winter. Or nuclear autumn, this is someone to whom the "post-apocalyptic" hypothesis is more to your taste. And the speeches of the Chinese leader are addressed to the Americans - they are the ones who “heighten tensions” trying to pretend to be the hegemon, the ruler of the world. But Trump is unlikely to hear the Chinese - the megalomania of the Republican billionaire’s grandeur will be cleaner than that of the Obama jury brewer.

By the way, Barack Obama at his final press conference could not resist and gave a click to the nuclear demagogue Trump, suddenly stating the need for the United States to build constructive relations with Russia. “I think it’s in the interests of America and the world,” he said, “that we have constructive relations with Russia.”

True, Obama's foreign policy speaks more about the ability to build destructive relationships. The "reset" button - and that did not manage to make.

Comments from our readers:

If everyone gives up nuclear weapons, China will automatically become the military power No. XXUMX, since they will be able to put the army under 1 million under the gun (in the case of general mobilization). No one will have a chance against such a horde.

So all these are veiled dreams of world domination. In short, these proposals are in the same firebox, where recent US initiatives to reduce nuclear weapons are.

I agree. We have something to do with 140 millions of the entire population, without a bomb, a rocket or a grenade against them. Some Chinese trample their infantry, ammunition is not enough to shoot them.

All this is purely political window dressing. He himself is well aware that now and in the coming years no one will do this. But "talk" is necessary. This is all and always did, and we are no exception. We also proposed general nuclear disarmament and, unlike the Chinese leader, even set a time frame. For what? To talk about us (only talk) as peacekeepers.

Female experts

Statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a joint press conference with Moldovan counterpart Igor Dodon in the Kremlin were the main topic of a briefing at the White House under US President Barack Obama. Recall that, answering one of the journalists' questions about the alleged presence of “compromising materials on Trump” in Russia, Vladimir Putin said that this is complete nonsense, and that those who spread statements that Trump in Moscow had allegedly met with prostitutes (“women reduced social responsibility "), themselves worse than prostitutes.

The press secretary of the White House had to comment on a lot of questions from journalists about Vladimir Putin’s statement. Josh Ernest, after listening to one of the questions, said: "He (Putin) chose an interesting metaphor." Further, when Ernest was asked to specify what the statements in the Western press were based on about the alleged incriminating evidence of the Russian Federation on the elected president of the United States, the spokesman for the Obama administration, thinking, said: “This is a matter of intelligence. Employees of our intelligence services are patriots of their country. And they are real experts in this field. ”

This is the area in which the "experts" of the American intelligence services? In dealing with "women of reduced social responsibility"? So who would doubt! How many drunken scandals and debauches with prostitutes agents of the Secret Service alone have staged around the world! Obviously, the defiant behavior of agents is considered patriotic in the USA.

Comments from our readers:

The most interesting thing is that they themselves are substituted: he called those who deal with this compromising prostitutes, and they immediately: "How dare you call us that!"

Banishing liberoids
Josh Ernest, like Obama, belongs to the group of muzzles with "reduced social activity." In other words, political sales entities.

Putin lowered US intelligence to nowhere else. A metaphor about women for a long time to be a meme on the Internet.

Ready to settle Euro-association

The Kremlin has completed the first talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Igor Dodon who recently took over the presidency in Moldova. Among the priority themes of the talks were topics on resolving the conflict in Transnistria and the trade and economic partnership of Moldova and the Russian Federation.

During the meeting, Igor Dodon touched on the issues of the agreement on Euro-Association. According to him, he believes that this agreement has dealt a serious blow to the Moldovan economy before taking the presidency, and now. It may be canceled: “I do not exclude that after the next parliamentary elections this will be a position - and I will support this position - the parliamentary majority, that is, the Socialist Party, I hope that they will get a parliamentary majority, that this agreement will be canceled.”

A little bit more, and Comrade. Dodon would recognize the Russian Crimea. But no, I could not. Not that “position”.

When asked by journalists whether Dodon is ready to recognize Crimea as Russian, he replied that not a single politician from Moldova is ready to make such recognition today for objective reasons: because of the Transnistrian issue.

Comments from our readers:

Well, now I wouldn’t be in Gvidon in Brussels ...

Vasily Krylov
I completely agree with you, especially since the example of Greece has not yet been forgotten. Sincerely.

Some kind of he slippery, this Dodon. It seems to be both “ours” (let them trade) and “yours” (I have a conflict with Transnistria). Recognize Transnistria, and go trade.

About a non-drinking king

Putin is a former Soviet “KGB agent”, and now a “non-drinking king” and a “brutal nationalist” who made a fortune of 40 billion evergreen tugriks who surrounded his own fellow oligarch friends and oil industry workers. Under Putin, Russia plunged into the abyss of economic chaos, the reputation of Russian banks was at the bottom, despite a European “star” named Elvira Nabiullina, and “pro-Moscow officials” squeeze property from Crimean businessmen on the sly. This bleak picture was painted by major American and European media.

Selected passages of the Western press are devoted to the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina.

Here is one passage. Society in Russia does not want to trust banks. This is evidenced by the international study of the consulting firm Ernst & Young. Less than a third of Russians trust banks completely. In Germany, for comparison, at least 56% of citizens trust their banks.

But another passage. Recently, the British magazine “The Banker” gave Elvira Nabiullina the title of the best head of the central bank in Europe.

Only in Europe? Not enough to be!

Recall that in September 2015, experts of Euromoney magazine recognized Elvira Nabiullina as the best central banker of the year (attention!) in the world. She was awarded the title “The Central Bank Governor of the Year” with the wording “for the opposition to the economic storm that had rained Russia”.

A month before the international award, Mrs. Nabiullina was personally praised by Putin. “The central bank is doing a lot to strengthen the national currency, in any case, so that it feels stable, so that our financial system as a whole feels stable. I see how persistently you follow this path, ”the Russian leader said.

Strangely, we add that the West, which has one opinion with Putin on Nabiullina, does not praise Putin for his financial successes. Double standards?

Comments from our readers:

SRC P-15
The closer the 2018 year, the greater the excitement in the Western media! Unable to physically break our president, the West wants to drown him in the feces of his “free” press.

Nabiullina needs a premium to write out - five hundred rubles ...

Everything is very simple. I would like to fill the moshna, and be the people beloved. So that this dear people, if necessary, fought so that the supreme may not repeat the fate of Milosevic.
And in the Crimea, there was a chance to show what the renewed Russian land could become, as an example for all of Russia. But the thieves' gang and bureaucratic leeches stick to it.

That's when Putin takes up domestic politics, and he will have successes comparable to international ones, then he can be trusted. Yes, earlier in one divorce from his wife he would have been kicked out of the party! So we are waiting for the resignation of the liberals in the government and the new development of Russia.

Old warrior
With regard to Nabiullina, everything is clear: if the enemies praise her, it means that she deserved it from them ...

* "And I will ask you to stay" - a phrase from the movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring"

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  1. svp67
    svp67 22 January 2017 06: 20
    So what about Debalcevo?
    It is tense there, but along the entire contact line. since for some "puppies" this is the same "game"
    1. Cat
      Cat 22 January 2017 08: 46
      It's scary that game! The lives of children, women and old people for the "ukromandanuta neo Ukrainians" are dirt on their boots! What is heroism in blindly shelling houses, schools, hospitals from mortars and cannons. According to an acquaintance from the DPR, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have recently been shooting at dogs with rifles, why should they want to increase their ego! His neighbor had a cat that was sitting on the roof of a barn killed ...? This is already sacred.
      More emotions!
      I have the honor of Kotische!
      1. Artyom
        Artyom 22 January 2017 09: 35
        to the author of the first cartoon - "What to do" Nikolai Chernyshevsky wrote!
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 22 January 2017 09: 47
          Putin - formerly Soviet “KGB agent”

          Why in the past? In Ukraine, they think differently: laughing
          1. Lelek
            Lelek 22 January 2017 19: 09
            Quote: СРЦ П-15
            In Ukraine, they think differently:

            The \ "on the ruin now relish opus KhokhloSMI about the Ukrainian origin of Trump's son-in-law. Not enough of them are Platonenko, Makedonenko, Batychuk, so tomorrow Donya-Odessa will appear in the registry. bully
        2. iouris
          iouris 22 January 2017 12: 49
          "What to do? Sore questions of our movement ”- the work of V. I. Lenin (N. Lenin), Printed for the first time in 1902. The title of the book repeats the title of the novel "What to do?" Nikolay Chernyshevsky. Lenin put forward the theory that the ordinary working class is not able to conduct a revolution with social-democratic goals, and pursues only the goal of "bread and butter." He justified this by the fact that the proletariat has no class consciousness. ("Class political consciousness can be brought to the worker only from the outside (Lenin italics - Approx.), That is, from the outside of the economic struggle, from outside the sphere of workers' relations with the owners"). Lenin showed that “to distract the working class from the general political struggle against tsarism and limit its tasks only to an economic struggle with the masters and the government.
          Lenin writes that "... to" serve "the mass movement, people are needed who are specially dedicated to the whole of Social-Democratic activity, and ... such people must with patience and perseverance develop professional revolutionaries from themselves." He developed the concept of the organization of revolutionaries as the vanguard of the working class, which should carry out the socialist revolution, introduce and support the dictatorship of the proletariat in his interests and teach the masses communism.
        3. svp67
          svp67 22 January 2017 15: 01
          Quote: Artyom
          "What to do" Nikolai Chernyshevsky wrote!

          This is "what to do" for you, but "what to do" Vladimir Lenin wrote to Trump personally, and even left his autograph, and wrote "to Donald from Volodya, to guide him to action ..."
          1. gladcu2
            gladcu2 22 January 2017 17: 18

            And here is what Trump should do.

            Max Weber noted in due time.

            If anyone does not know, let me remind you. Max Weber, this is an opponent or colleague to K. Marx. Professor of Political Economy at the University of Berlin in the late 19th and early XNUMXth century. It is believed that Max Weber is somewhat more liberal than Karl Marx. Also a philosopher, but his philosophical views are not systemic. K. Marx remained better known in history, since he actually created philosophy by science, creating a system.

            So here. M. Weber was invited by the US government to make an assessment of the economic situation. He was invited by P. D. Roosevelt. M. Weber responded with the high bureaucratization of the US economy. Or a synonym, a high level of administrative pressure by the state on the management of private property. But essentially planning.
            If you remember, D. Roosevelt brought the United States out of the depression caused by speculation and on the stock exchange. These speculations were not limited by laws, which allowed a huge country to collapse.

            So, that way, back to a planned economy with maximum state supervision and management. Step to the side, jump up, shooting on the spot.
            To socialism forward and with the song.
            1. Lelek
              Lelek 22 January 2017 18: 48
              Quote: gladcu2
              And here is what Trump should do.

              What to do to Trump in terms of relations with Russia suggests Henry Kissinger (commenting on the above is unnecessary):
        4. andj61
          andj61 22 January 2017 19: 11
          Quote: Artyom
          to the author of the first cartoon - "What to do" Nikolai Chernyshevsky wrote!

          That's right, Chernyshevsky! But also with V.I. Lenin has such work, written in late 1901 - early 1902 ... request
          1. BAI
            BAI 23 January 2017 11: 39
            "Lenin got up, threw up his hands

            What to do with the fools! "
  2. Olgovich
    Olgovich 22 January 2017 06: 56
    waltz, in which there were the same seven notes as in the anthem of the Russian Federation ... Imagine ... And "before" and "re" ... God bless America..

    So long ago they "hacker": the anthem of America is a 100% copy of an old Russian folk song "Khasbulat daring"
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 22 January 2017 10: 05
      Less than a third of Russians trust banks completely.

      Thanks to the authors for the "results"! Only one thing surprises me: too few visitors began to comment on this section. It is a pity, this suggests that after the change on the VO site, many left it or simply stopped leaving their comments.
      And the other two-thirds, banks are generally not interesting due to the fact that they simply do not have extra money to put them in these banks. The use of cards does not count. Their presence does not mean that the client has investments in any bank.
      1. Alena Frolovna
        Alena Frolovna 22 January 2017 13: 22
        First «Russian hackers» hacked a salute in Washington, giving out instead of USA - USR. Then «Russian hackers» decided to “hack” Trump’s speech by writing in the text the words that he will not conduct dialogs with those who constantly ask for something from the USA, without giving in return. Further insolent completely «Russian hackers» removed from the White House official website a section on the rights of pederasts and other LGBT people. What happened then is scary to imagine ... «Russian hackers» after the inauguration ceremony, they turned on a waltz for Trump and his wife, in which there were the same seven notes as in the anthem of the Russian Federation ... Imagine ... And "before" and "re" ... God bless America .. ...

        The most experienced Russian hackers, according to the United States!

      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 22 January 2017 17: 27
        SRC P-15

        If you are innovations in VO, you mean the absence of minuses. Thank God that some commentators left VO.

        In my opinion, the results of the week have not been interesting for a long time.

        As it was read everything in style, "everything is gone", "we are offended again", "no one loves us", "there are many of them, but we are alone."

        For example, this review is somewhat better, departing from previous stereotypes. There was a clear organization.
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 22 January 2017 18: 28
          Quote: gladcu2
          If you are innovations in VO, you mean the absence of minuses. Thank God that some commentators left VO.

          This is your opinion, and I do not agree with him. The lack of cons only added the "cons" of the VO. Previously, if a person disagrees with you, then he puts a minus to his opponent. Now we are deprived of this, and not everyone wants to express their disagreement with a response, but the other is simply either lazy, or considers it beneath his dignity to respond to rudeness and stupidity.
          Quote: gladcu2
          In my opinion, the results of the week have not been interesting for a long time.

          And in my opinion, "Itogi" used to be more interesting, partly due to the fact that they were discussed by a greater number of visitors. The more visitors, the more opinions, the more opinions, the more interesting the discussion.
          Quote: gladcu2
          As it was read everything in style, "everything is gone", "we are offended again", "no one loves us", "there are many of them, but we are alone."

          Well, of course, living in Canada, you have a completely different opinion about us and you probably do not have the problems that we have. All our charm is that we speak truthfully about them, and do not invent fables, as you do. One of your Russophobia is worth it!
          Quote: gladcu2
          For example, this review is somewhat better, departing from previous stereotypes. There was a clear organization.

          Tell me, which previous stereotypes did not suit you? The fact that we openly blame the West for all our troubles? But did not the West put its hands to all our adversities? Has not the west been from time immemorial a war on us? The West has one big problem: you have a trouble with memory, and Russia all the time has to, at the cost of millions of the lives of its citizens, refresh this memory.
          I see a clear organization on this site only in that the visitor is constantly under pressure from censorship: removal of comments, warnings and bans. - Here you can see a clear organization.
          1. gladcu2
            gladcu2 23 January 2017 05: 13
            At the expense of Canada and Russia, this is subjective. Everyone has the same problem, the future is not bright. Capitalism, it is capitalism in Africa.
  3. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 22 January 2017 07: 28
    Russia needs to live according to the proverb - "Hope for Trump, but don't screw yourself up!" Trump is a man for America, but for Russia he is just the 45th president, you should not consider him "a friend of Russia" - for he is a politician and financier, he needs a strong America by the method of softening-up-economic loosening-competitors - the EU, China and Russia. Draw your own conclusions.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 January 2017 07: 40
    I would like to hear something like this from Putin - when the state should serve the people, not a bunch of crooks and thieves in power

    You can hear a lot, but you may not be able to see the embodiment of words in deeds. It's too early to set Trump as an example to our president.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 22 January 2017 17: 36

      It's not too early to put Trump as an example of GDP.

      Trump has not yet become president, and with his statements opened the opportunity to speak the truth, which was suppressed by all kinds of prohibitions, such as racist statements, accusations of intolerance to homosexuality.

      Now everyone says that the tragedy - the destruction of the Twin Towers is the action of some lobby in the USA. The United States began to recognize its destructive foreign policy. Recognize the need to abandon liberal politics. Yes, and a lot of things.
  5. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 22 January 2017 08: 08
    What can I say about the weather on Sakhalin ... that is, in the world? According to the proverb: The country (world) needs heroes, and the aunts give birth to anything ... and as prahtika shows, in front of the whole planet, oddly enough, is the so-called "free" world. I don’t know how to evaluate this paradox, rightly so ... and I don’t want to know ...
  6. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 22 January 2017 08: 32
    ... it turned out that "Putin hacked" and the election of the new head of the European Parliament, "electing" his friend as a friend. Tayani became the head of the EP as an ex-representative of the Italian government of Berlusconi.
    So that's it. And then in social networks "discussion", to issue or not to Russians a foreign passport. Russia will soon be everywhere at this rate, maybe even during my lifetime. What you really want. THANKS to the authors for the review. There is something to read, there is something to smile at.
  7. ML-334
    ML-334 22 January 2017 08: 40
    At one time, Belarus couldn’t join Russia, they couldn’t agree on who will command, and the DPR with the LPR and all the pohren to the people.
  8. Alex Marx
    Alex Marx 22 January 2017 09: 15
    Poroshenko provokes peace in war. And everyone is silent.
    1. Liberoid-
      Liberoid- 22 January 2017 09: 46
      Quote: Alex.Marx
      Poroshenko provokes peace in war. And everyone is silent.

      And the psheks that do ..? I can finish playing ...
  9. Alex Marx
    Alex Marx 22 January 2017 09: 19
    No matter how hard they tried, they didn’t find anything at President Vladimir Putin. But bad luck, Poroshenko has billions in offshore factories, richer in the war ... In the end, Trump is a billionaire. Now in power ... And everyone is silent, as if it should be ...?
  10. Lelek
    Lelek 22 January 2017 09: 20
    "... ah, there will be a ball in the royal castle. If only with one eye to look there, dear godmother ..." (Cinderella)
    In our world, everything is cyclical, so the episode with Cinderella repeated itself, however, instead of a fabulous dirty trick, there was ex-president of Georgia 2, ex-governor of Odessa state, ex-"friend" of President Trump, well, in general, "ex" of everything, why he touched with his dirty hands. And now the inauguration, and after it - the ball. A wretched, wrinkled person is watching this holiday from behind the bushes far from the Capitol (closer to the "security" did not let the dirty trick).
    1. Alexei-
      Alexei- 22 January 2017 14: 54

      so it’s kind of symPtO))))
  11. Alex Marx
    Alex Marx 22 January 2017 09: 23
    Quote: Expelling Liberoids
    Russia needs to live according to the proverb - "Hope for Trump, but don't screw yourself up!" Trump is a man for America, but for Russia he is just the 45th president, you should not consider him "a friend of Russia" - for he is a politician and financier, he needs a strong America by the method of softening-up-economic loosening-competitors - the EU, China and Russia. Draw your own conclusions.

    This is good that the President was a pragmatist, a person from real business ... It was correctly said that Obama's only advantage as President of America was the color of his skin ...
  12. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 22 January 2017 09: 29
    Especially the rifle pleased))) Inexhaustible fountain of weapons of thought. Immediately the butt to the tank barrel was welded and ran to the position)))
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. Liberoid-
    Liberoid- 22 January 2017 09: 35
    Week "funny stood out" ... Obamych sorry, let him down again!
    1. rasputin17
      rasputin17 22 January 2017 10: 02
      Quote: Liberoid
      Week "funny stood out" ... Obamych sorry, let him down again!

      He is not used to it! He appeared in the light!
  15. izya top
    izya top 22 January 2017 10: 21
    First, the “Russian hackers” cracked a salute in Washington, giving out USR instead of USA.
    if hacked by RUSSIAN hackers, there would be absolutely different three letters repeat
    another Ukrainian invention
    well, thunder-2, apparently, the company of the soldiers will carry the target without a miss, and there’s no need to spend money on fuel fellow
    The Ukrainian National Industrial Portal has published a patent for the Tireks tank, which, according to the developers, is a competitor to the Russian Armata.
    so "armata" is also Ukrainian

    Rex Tillerson went even further, saying publicly that the Chinese needed to be pushed out of the artificial islands into the sea.
    not afraid, the Chinese are pushing North America somewhere to Antarctica?
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 22 January 2017 13: 32
      First, the “Russian hackers” cracked a salute in Washington, giving out USR instead of USA.

  16. Tektor
    Tektor 22 January 2017 11: 41
    About Nabiulina in vain, plant a thought on the tree. She has a very simple task, to make sure that the range of the ruble’s circulation increases and displaces the circulation of the dollar. Simply put, that the ruble was a full-fledged means of payment and a means of accumulation! Well, the less niches there are in the economy where the dollar goes, the better Nabiulina does her job. That's all. From myself, I can say that the ruble completely killed the desire to get involved with the currency: I keep everything in rubles ...
    1. tihiy
      tihiy 22 January 2017 15: 48
      Quote: Tektor
      About Nabiulina in vain, plant a thought on the tree. She has a very simple task, to make sure that the range of the ruble’s circulation increases and displaces the circulation of the dollar. Simply put, that the ruble was a full-fledged means of payment and a means of accumulation! Well, the less niches there are in the economy where the dollar goes, the better Nabiulina does her job. That's all. From myself, I can say that the ruble completely killed the desire to get involved with the currency: I keep everything in rubles ...

      It would be something to keep!
      Most ordinary people have winds in their pockets, with such bankers and leaders in general
    2. Cro-Magnon
      Cro-Magnon 23 January 2017 19: 30
      Are you seriously!?? December 14 didn’t add much .... The main task of the Nabiulins and previous chapters of the Central Bank is to rob stars of currency speculation, not to resist the withdrawal of domestic capital from the country, and a ban on ruble sovereign investment in the Russian economy! Everything is according to Brethenwood and the Washington Consensus ... buy better in rubles flour, sugar, cereals, salt, matches and kirosin ...
      1. Cat man null
        Cat man null 23 January 2017 19: 43
        Quote: Cro-Magnon
        The main task of the Nabiulins and previous chapters of the Central Bank is to rob the stars with the help of currency speculation

        - Gold reserves on 01.01.2016 $ 368 399 million
        - Gold reserves on 01.01.2017 $ 377 741 million
        - robbery, you say? Some strange "robbery" request

        Quote: Cro-Magnon
        non-resistance to the withdrawal of domestic capital from the country

        - How many laundry banks did the Central Bank close in the 2016 year?

        Quote: Cro-Magnon
        ban on ruble sovereign investment in the Russian economy

        - what nonsense?
        - show the document, with a "ban"
        - The Industrial Development Fund, obviously, is not aware of this - there are loans and investments namely ruble

        Quote: Cro-Magnon
        Everything according to Brethenwood and the Washington Consensus.

        - oh! And you, of course, well know what it is laughing
        - maybe explain to me, not far? what
  17. neoshef
    neoshef 22 January 2017 12: 20
    The mess in the world is growing, work for VV Putin is no end.
  18. izya top
    izya top 22 January 2017 13: 52
    don't bother me anymore - I'm patsstal wassat petro-collector of lands and digger of the seas:
    President Petro Poroshenko criticized the idea of ​​some politicians calling for abandonment of Donbass. He stated this at a solemn meeting on the occasion of the Unification Day at the Taras Shevchenko National Museum.
    "How sad it is to talk about this on the Day of Unity, but we have political forces that, in a carefully veiled form, offer us to abandon Donbass ... I want to address these politicians a question: gentlemen, did you collect these territories in order to scatter them?" - said the president.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 22 January 2017 18: 24
      Quote: izya top
      petro-collector of lands and digger of the seas:

      But the retinue of the hetman does not lag behind in erudition and frowning eyebrows:
  19. Liberoid-
    Liberoid- 22 January 2017 15: 06
    Everything is still ... "War to the last Ukrainian ..."!
  20. Andrew3000
    Andrew3000 22 January 2017 15: 50
    A correspondent at RUSSIA 24 said the following:
    At the inauguration of Donald Trump was in a white shirt and red tie ....
  21. yuriy55
    yuriy55 22 January 2017 18: 06
    I’m becoming more and more convinced that they won’t even get paid ... But, the phrase:
    I would like to hear something like this from Putin - when the state should serve the people, and not a handful of crooks and thieves in power. And then we recently all about the May decrees of the king rubbed,
    Not a word about the Russians and justice.

    - He says that sprouts of knowledge of the truth are being poked behind verbal idle talk ... I like the results of the week and the persons appearing there ... belay Just, excuse me, do they have anything to do with my country, with my life? request And, already, the comments leading away from the desire to answer some questions ... It seems that it should be so, it was not in vain that everything came down to a glorious statement:
  22. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 22 January 2017 18: 47
    ..Maria Zakharova already in December 2016 admitted: “Western diplomats threatened me - Russians, it will hurt you! This is a direct quote from the very people whom we have always considered civilized. For the past 25 years, we believed that they are our teachers in terms of building democracy and instilling different freedoms for us. (Emphasis mine) .... But a little over a year ago, we began to directly receive threats and intimidation from them. It happened during the negotiations! ”Http://
  23. timgan777
    timgan777 22 January 2017 23: 22
    Quote: Tektor
    About Nabiulina in vain, plant a thought on the tree. She has a very simple task, to make sure that the range of the ruble’s circulation increases and displaces the circulation of the dollar. Simply put, that the ruble was a full-fledged means of payment and a means of accumulation! Well, the less niches there are in the economy where the dollar goes, the better Nabiulina does her job. That's all. From myself, I can say that the ruble completely killed the desire to get involved with the currency: I keep everything in rubles ...

    Yeah, especially after they want to limit cash circulation in rubles
  24. Lumumba
    Lumumba 23 January 2017 06: 32
    Yeah. Naebullina is the greatest banker in our galaxy, and her boots are trampled German Gref The universe.
  25. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 23 January 2017 08: 54
    I will not talk about foreign policy, I watched the EP congress, back one chatter about winning the elections, 53% did not come to the polls at all, about 35% voted for other parties, that's the results, they won only at the expense of the administrative resource, the army, the power structures, state employees, agriculture, it is clear how they were asked to vote without fail, if you look directly at a complete failure and everyone understands this. In the field of economics, I will give only one figure according to Russian statistics, 19 million citizens of Russia live below the poverty line, according to other data this figure ranges from 23 to 35 million citizens, here is the achievement of power in the person of two LAWYERS. Look at the government there, such polished dyashki are simply lovely, and this despite the fact that there is a crisis in the country, they should have faces - WASTE and BLUE CIRCLES under their eyes, how the authorities worked during the Great Patriotic War, even a normal understandable program for overcoming the crisis cannot be created can. The power during the reign of the EBNts DECREASED from 4 to 6 million citizens of Russia, WE lost more domestic product than during the Great Patriotic War (33% of GDP) and now these fosterlings of the Gaidar-Chubaso-Kudrinsky nest are again molding a new development plan for us economy (kudrinsky). LENIN has a work, the April Theses, where the phrase "the upper classes cannot, the lower classes" do not want to, so we are approaching this situation. How many years have reforms been taking place and there is no sense, an ordinary citizen lives worse and worse, so Lee Kuan Yew has turned this into candy in 30 years, despite the fact that they have meager resources, and WE, having almost 40% of the world's reserves, have more than 20 million CITIZENS BEYOND POVERTY, the united party should think about how to think about it, and TWO LAWYERS FROM THE POWER, the law on the role of the individual in history has not yet been canceled. The time of boltology, stupidity, thieving and non-professionalism is leaving, people are waiting for actions, but they are not yet visible, if you are playing with jurisprudence, you are PLAYING.
  26. BAI
    BAI 23 January 2017 11: 29
    "What to do?" Chernyshevsky wrote, not Lenin. If you want to continue to show off your erudition - "Who is to blame?" written by Herzen.
    1. andj61
      andj61 23 January 2017 12: 31
      Quote: BAI
      "What to do?" Chernyshevsky wrote, not Lenin. If you want to continue to show off your erudition - "Who is to blame?" written by Herzen.

      Lenin, too, wrote a work with exactly the same name!
      "What to do? Sore questions of our movement ”is a work of V. I. Lenin, written in late 1901 - early 1902. Printed for the first time in 1902. Translated into many languages. The title of the book repeats the title of the novel "What to do?"