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In TOSER "Komsomolsk" will create the production of airborne systems of military equipment

The Industrial Technologies association, which develops on-board systems for aircraft and military equipment, plans to create a new production facility in the Komsomolsk TOSED (a territory of advanced socio-economic development) in the Khabarovsk Territory.

Governor Vyacheslav Shport on this occasion held a working meeting with representatives of the holding.

“The specialists of Industrial Technologies have worked out a plan to create a new production oriented towards the needs of KnAAZ and the Komsomol branch of CJSC GSS. The project provides for the construction of new production facilities. At the first stage we are talking about the manufacture of onboard cable networks, distribution and communication devices, pipelines. At the second stage - the creation of machining production. The launch of the first stage is possible within two years from the moment the company received the status of a resident of TASED Komsomolsk ”, - says the release of the government of the region.

The governor supported the project. On Wednesday, the representatives of the holding company went to Komsomolsk-on-Amur, where they will visit the aviation enterprises of the city.
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Vitaly Bezrukikh / RG

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  1. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 19 January 2017 14: 12
    When will our widescreen displays begin to be installed? Or are we not producing these?
    1. pafegosoff
      pafegosoff 20 January 2017 00: 17
      And why the widescreen? Failure one, the testimony will be on the other.
      Generations are changing ... Do they pass tests from minus 60 to plus 70? Vibration, electromagnetic interference and other factors that could disable them? Now, probably still in many devices industrial chips based on ancient processors are used. And not only the element base fails ...
  2. 210ox
    210ox 19 January 2017 14: 33
    Is this a "Superjet" cockpit? And about large-format displays ... We and ordinary ones have recently begun to do it. On imported equipment and on components from Asia .. Unfortunately.
    1. KVIRTU
      KVIRTU 21 January 2017 14: 45
      Airbus A380
  3. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 19 January 2017 16: 04
    The display is not a secret technology. Generations are changed every two years and, quite well, you can buy a line for the production of the past or the generation before last. And the progress of AMOLED displays is huge, the thickness of new TVs is like 4-6mm glass.