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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Between Christmas and Baptism ... chilly

Greetings to you, my friends and girlfriends! Greetings after the regular holidays and before the coming Baptism. Here's a month ... But for cockroaches - expanse. If it were not for the weather. And so ... lepota! Eat, drink and do nothing. You can not even look at the crumbs. Straight from the goodies to tear off the pieces.

We sat with the Tarakanushka and decided to flee from Kiev. Why? We have the right. Everyone is resting, celebrating, and what are we? In short, we decided to become a time tourist. Well, go on a trip. In Russia did not dare to go. Well, you, with your weather. I don’t want to become an ice “monument” somewhere in Moscow or St. Petersburg. I'm not talking about Siberia or something like that. There, probably, the “monuments” stand right at the airports or railway stations. On the airfield or apron. You leave so, all of a tourist and once ... Monument.

In Europe, too, somehow not really allowed. With visa-free - you know. We do not get this very visa-free. Yes, and talk about it became a move. What, to the mokitsy, bezviz, when the hryvnia leaps and bounds in the direction of leveling the course with the ruble? Today there is already one to two exchange rates in exchange ... And it’s scary to write about any euro and dollars.

No, it is, of course, understandable. No one thought it would be different. Salary paid in UAH. And the amount of the minimum salary was raised. So they “adjust” this salary to the optimal for Ukraine 100 dollars. And then - formal logic. Minimal Wager - 3200. Hence, the hryvnia to the dollar should be one in thirty-two. That wanders "maiden" to this line.

You can, of course, go somewhere in Turkey. Just something you do not want to participate in some of the next terrorist attack. Unstable there with them. Why change their "veterans of the ATO" with grenades and machine guns in Turkish? From one terrible reality to go for their money to another?

In short, we decided to relax in our area. On the famous Ukrainian resorts. We decided and went to the "small Lviv". Well, who else is Stanislav. Not understood? Not Stanislav in Polish. Not ... That's it. Stanislau in German ... Not again? Here are the people. In general, we went to Ivano-Frankivsk. Or, as is customary in locals today, simply Frankivsk. Without Ivan.

And the names of this city are so many just because for 350 for over a few years stories under whom he just did not live. They founded the Poles. In 1662, the castellan, and then the crown hetman Andrzej Potocki tried. And named Stanislav in honor of his father.

Further more. After a hundred years, Stanislav withdrew from the Poles to the Germans. Became Stanislau. From 1772 to the Hapsburg Empire, from 1804 to the Austrian Empire, and from 1867 to Austria-Hungary ...

Well, then it all happened again. Austria-Hungary fell apart. The Poles hurry up and again took Stanislav himself in May 1919. But, not long music played. Started World War II. For Stanislav, it began on September 17, 1939, when the city was taken by the Red Army. The city became Ukrainian.

From the end of June 1941, the city is again German. Stanislau ... Three whole years. Three years of occupation, which completely changed the ethnic composition of the inhabitants. In 1944, the Red Army returned everything to its original version. Ukrainian and that's it.

In the 1962 year, in the year of its 300 anniversary, the city received a new name - Ivano-Frankivsk. In honor of the great Ukrainian writer. And while it has not yet been recognized as pro-Russian (Ivan Franko), the city proudly bears that name today.

Why am I writing this? So that you, dear readers, have a concept of the roots of the inhabitants. About the mentality and lifestyle of these people. About what "world" for them is their own. Russian or not Russian. And the name "small Lviv" city is deservedly so. Beautiful city ... was.

By the way, I want to express my attitude to one nasty business, which has already been discussed a lot in our country and in Poland. As far as I know, your media this ugly news mentioned and forgotten. Just from the Lviv region and concerns the monuments. Not those that we did not dare to turn into. But real. The real victims of the war. To the people who were killed by the most brutal, beasts will forgive me, of them no one kills so. In 1944, in the village of Guta Penyatskaya, who at that time was in Poland, "our lads" from the SS division "Galicia" together with the UPA troops staged a massacre. They killed almost everyone who lived there. Almost 1000 people.

The first five hundred "lucky". They just burned alive in the church. Here is such a luck. But then ... Next cut the living people with saws. Chopped with axes. Smashed the heads of babies on door jambs. All in the true Ukrainian spirit of "Galicia".

In Soviet times, a memorial was erected in memory of this tragedy in the village. On two large granite slabs the names of all the dead civilians were immortalized. And this memorial was blasted by the descendants of those "bad people." It turns out that this scum had children. And they became the same as their grandfathers and great-grandfathers ... They blew it up, and in order for everyone to know who did it, they also painted the fragments with the colors of the Ukrainian flag and the SS division "Galychyna".

And these nonhumans live among us. Perhaps we see them every day. Hello. We are even friends ... Only this is not the Ukrainian people. This is precisely nonhumans. Interestingly, the Poles will vote for our entry into the EU now? In any form. And how will they relate to our migrant workers?

Today it has become very noticeable attitude of ordinary Ukrainians and the authorities to what is happening in Ukraine. Noticeable in the details. But these little things give a completely clear picture of our life.

Remember the speeches of our politicians? About the causes of the war in the Donbas. Remember the question about Russian? All our ministers, deputies, political analysts and other near-power people shout together about the invented problem of language. No one oppresses Russian and Russian. Well, and other nonsense. So, I came across one document. This is an indication of the head of the Donetsk administration about the state language. I will not even translate. You already understand everything.

And there is another document. Without seals and other attributes of power. A document that reflects the attitude of ordinary people to the ATO and in general to life today. This announcement on the site work in Kharkov. Not a director or deputy. An ordinary worker. Pay attention to someone at work do not want to take. Who is the employer on the same level. Criminal and "veteran ATO". These are the surprises of our daily life.

Now, probably, it is worth writing about the Ukrainian frosts. I already wrote in past notes that this year we began to understand the fascists near Moscow in 1941. They began to understand when they were talking about "General Frost" from that side. Yes, frost is scary. This year, this “general” has already taken the lives of more than 4 dozens of Ukrainians.

The press often “mocks” your Gazprom, which talks about the possibility of freezing of life support systems and so on. It seems that "well, yes, we froze last year and this will also be ..." So, on January 12, according to the head of the emergency medical care department of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Tatyana Timoshenko, in houses, there are already frozen Ukrainian 10. On the streets -27, in houses + 10! They managed to bring the rest to the hospitals and they died there already ... But there are still 753 people hospitalized. Frostbitten, but rescued by doctors.

And there is still a terrible disease called ... the flu. Almost 8% of the population of Ukraine has already had this infection. And 18 people are buried. Perhaps it is time to start the day with a call familiar with the anthem of Ukraine. More precisely, with the first line-question. "Right, not dead?". Remember one time, the social call "Call Your Parents" was popular. Today in Ukraine it is necessary to show it every 5-10 minutes. So that by the end of winter the numbers do not increase to catastrophic.

Something today I get gloomy to write. We must pass on your wiles against us. There will be more fun. And to set the mood, I’ll remember a case that was a long time ago.

Have you been to the zoo for a long time? Well, if a long time, then get ready to go again. Once among cockroaches, the most popular bird in the zoo was ... a crow. Not because they were not on the streets. Not even because the ravens are smart and do not eat cockroaches. Just one cunning cockroach hung a note on the cell. "Cheese from the crows do not lure!". Literacy, woodlouse his mother ... But they laughed for a long time. Both adults and children.

Likewise, today we laugh at your Rain channel. Remember, it was closed in Chernomorsk? Well shut down and shut down. Especially in Chernomorsk ... But not. This is only the beginning of the story. For Russians, it is not clear what is wrong with this “Rain” of you. Well, you do not understand our current logic. I will explain. Just do not miss the thought. Do not understand then.

So, the Russian TV channel? Russian! So, from the country of the aggressor. Does it broadcast in Russian? In Russian! So, the representative of the "Russian world". Is it allowed in Russia? Allowed. This means that the channel is subject to some special service. Most likely, the FSB! Criticizes and fakes against the government and Putin personally? So, exactly FSB rush. Only they can criticize the authorities. Sobchak involved there? Participates! And who originally worked Putin? So, under whose control is this channel personally? Is there any advertising on the channel? There is. Whose products advertise? Russian! So who does the channel work for? On the state of the aggressor!

Well? Have your eyes opened? On your "Rain". And then you spit on him. And it looks like it goes. What a deep conspiracy. "Cheese at a crow not to entice!" at the level of a hybrid war! But we are not fooled. We closed nafig this hidden distributor of the Russian idea. Everything. Let him spread it. The only remark on Chernomorsk. It is immediately evident that the patriotic organization unites people with disabilities. If they were just veterans, they would shower the office of the repeater with grenades and “Molotov cocktails” and that’s all. The issue is resolved. Quickly and radically.

And further. 9 some obscure "wiped out of the ATO" decide for all that they watch. Something is wrong here. But what is for normal Svidomo is not clear. That takes this "Rain", for example, the issue with the Crimea. In principle, all right shows. And about hunger, and about the cold, and about the lack of work and tourists. On the poor Crimean Tatars again. But what a bastard. The administrative border with the Crimea calls the border between Ukraine and Russia. Separ? Separ! Yes, and journalists in the Crimea illegally sends.

We somehow, Cockroaches, it is clear why this happens. Do you think politics? Not. Everything is much simpler. Remember the past Russian "star" with a well-known name too? Well, the one that Saakashvili pursued as a lieutenant governor? And now what to do with it? Where to go? And if Sobchak decides to move to Ukraine? Vooot ... Foresight and calculation of our power structures! By the way, we have delegated metropolitan functions to your Rain. He's like a car in Moscow. 77 region! In the sense of 77, the banned Russian channel!

We still have to see. Vyshivanok about some channel "Food" said. There, the Russians are very aggressive in preparing this very food. It is necessary to close urgently. There’s nothing to annoy Ukrainians with your products ... It’s better to start the channel “Products from straw”. Teaching We are the leaders in the supply of these products in the EU!

And more about the wiles. Crimeans got a pill from power. From the spring draft will serve not only in the Crimea, but also in other regions of Russia. For two years, "lumped" contract in the Crimea and now forward ... In this, in Yakutia and Moscow region ... Our peremoga. Only one thing is not clear. Why no riots in the Crimea? Why do boys wait with pleasure for this very Yakutia and other scary places? To me, the Crimean cockroaches write that it’s the turn of the military commissariats to ... serve in the Arctic. Brrr ...

True, the mind does not understand Russia. For some reason, I remembered a holiday in Chechnya, when the same decision was made in respect of Chechen boys. Does it work like a reward? Or how recognition? And why do not we celebrate our call to the ATO?

Although you might think. Remember our Nadia? Well, the hero-agent of your Kremlin? Savchenko? The Prosecutor General’s Office opened a case about the very fight where she was captured. In the Kharkov garrison a pre-trial investigation began. Imagine, the negligent attitude of the commander of the military unit B0624 (the “Aidar” assault battalion) has resulted in the death of military personnel and the capture of 16! Yes, and military equipment in Happiness captured. Here Nadia with her performances rattled the hornet's nest. Lived, did not know anything about such losses. Well, one or two wounded per day and all. And then it turns out. Who to believe? Hey, riverman ATO, what about conscience? Maybe about Ilovaisk with Debaltsevo can already? Or about Yasinovatuyu? Also there were not two who cut their finger on a can of canned food there ...

Ugh on you all. Here on a dichlofos such a life? Here I am with my immunity to all dirt. Or are you great and terrible? Why all this? Blood, dirt, devastation? What for? Why cockroaches in Ukraine live better than people?

Okay. At us the season of sales proceeds. Another commodity is the Black Sea Shipping Company. Fly, cheaper. Total 83,168 million hryvnia! But once we got 400 ships from the USSR! Here is a whopper. Ate, ate ... and ate. Sold, paid for the debts. Once we had an economy with 33% of the economy of the USSR. Today 8,2% of the economy "in tatters torn" Russia.

I, by the way, hurry up. Ran to our sailors. There was an idiotic question. Why is shipping a shipping company called? What, maybe, is the Black Sea river or lake shipping company? Tautology is obtained. Thanks to the sailors. Enlightened. It turns out that everything is simple. Sailors are superstitious. And if you just called the Black Sea Shipping Company, you would get an emergency! That's because ... Live and learn.

And finally, about a riddle that the Ukrainian border guards made to the Ukrainians. Those that serve on the border of Ukraine and the Crimea. Imagine, January 10 on the border with the Crimea was detained for an unknown reason, a Ukrainian. Never. Well, the man changed his last name to get to the peninsula. So what? For what was delayed? Now "all progressive humanity" is trying to solve this rebus-crossword puzzle. Probably, this is still the intrigues of the Kremlin. Angry border guards restrict the freedom of Ukrainian citizens ...

And in the end I will return to the beginning of the article. I already wrote poems to you. But the photos quite a while not pleased. Therefore, I will place a small exclusive photo report about my impressions of Ivano-Frankivsk. Take a look. Admire the winter happiness of the Ukrainian resorts and one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities.

By the way, here are some who said that I was not a real cockroach. Sent. That I sit either in Russia or in the Donbas, and I sprinkle it all. I decided that it was necessary to issue a confirmation somehow that I am where I am. I know that there are ways to verify the uniqueness of my photogroups. And as soon as I have smoked, I promise to make the night views of Kiev.

And I have things to do. As usual, in the mornings there is an inspection inspection of the kitchen and a report on the work done before the Tarakanushka. You happiness and good days. Health and good friends. Orthodox with baptism! How to climb into the hole, I can not imagine. I'm in the bath. Moreover, such as I, have long been telling everyone that in Baptism all the water is holy ... Even warm. See you next time!

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  1. Every
    Every 20 January 2017 18: 57
    The cockroach, as always, is on top. Although there is not much news, the New Year holidays seem to have an effect. Well, this is nothing, after the "inspection" of Ukrainians in the Rostov region, they will raise such a high that mom does not grieve.
    1. MPK105
      MPK105 20 January 2017 19: 36
      It may very well be categorically ours didn’t say anything, I liked what they saw, if winked We will find out soon ...
      1. Every
        Every 20 January 2017 22: 45
        So they already started, there is already an article on VO:

        And soon they will be procrastinating on all Ukrainian TV channels
  2. raid14
    raid14 20 January 2017 19: 42
    An article in style, after reading, burn!
    It began for health, and then complete nonsense, "horses, people mixed up in a heap", the author obviously shouldn't have sat down to write an article after the New Year holidays, written from a terrible Budun.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 20 January 2017 21: 20

      Who are you?

      Get out from here.
  3. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 20 January 2017 19: 47
    Oh cockroach, cockroach, cockroach you are ours ... soon the most important news will be the existence of your country ....
  4. izya top
    izya top 20 January 2017 19: 52
    and also ukrotatupedy bought tickets for the trump for the holiday, and half of them wrapped request probably facebook control did not pass what or at the trump they were afraid that the cutlery would disappear
  5. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov 20 January 2017 20: 21
    Cockroach, you just said: "Call your parents every 5 minutes" to find out if they are alive, so you yourself would write more often, but when there are no articles for a long time, thoughts come: has it become one more inmate in Ukraine, or for one grave ...
    1. Volga Cossack
      Volga Cossack 22 January 2017 08: 41
      Right ! Show your cockroach more often, but it’s exciting on the Soul! Thank you for the article - we are waiting as always!
  6. moskowit
    moskowit 20 January 2017 21: 07
    The historical facts are true and very scary. And the worst thing. These "lads" are quite capable of crimes against humanity! For what? Where does such hatred for everyone come from? Do they not understand that they will cause a backlash!
  7. Portuguese boat
    Portuguese boat 20 January 2017 21: 37
    So in Yakutia there is no anti-terrorist operation and in general everything is exactly there. My friend worked for a long time in Yakutia, he speaks well of Yakuts, most of them are decent honest guys, although of course there are scumbags, not without it, but there are relatively few of them, there are more normal ones. And as for the nonhumans, so all your APU are nothumans, including the SBU, the pravosekov with the Svoboda and UNA-UNSO ...
    1. KVIRTU
      KVIRTU 21 January 2017 16: 49
      Yakutia Yakutia, and the autumn call with us - 1500 people. All. For 2 million population of Crimea. To get into the army you have to really try.
  8. lecturer
    lecturer 20 January 2017 21: 41
    A man comes to visit a friend. Looks - small, fluffy scurrying around the apartment ... sort of like hamsters. In huge quantities.
    The guest:
    - And what is it that your hamsters roam around the house?
    Master, grimly:
    - These are not hamsters. These are cockroaches. It's cold here, so they walk in fur coats ...
  9. kolobok63
    kolobok63 20 January 2017 23: 41
    Well done Cockroach! Go on, bored without you! hi
  10. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 21 January 2017 06: 23
    Ehh .. I wish you that this year, everything will begin to change for the better for you.
  11. Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 21 January 2017 11: 45
    Only this is not the Ukrainian people. This is not human

    Do not try to skip responsibility. We all know that it was the Ukrainians who ripped open the stomachs of Polish girls, smashed the heads of Polish children against a tree, hammered Polish old men with hoes, and sawed Polish prisoners with a saw. It is for you that the Hitlerite henchmen of Galicia and the Ukrainian dwellers who burned Khatyn are national heroes and examples.
  12. veps75
    veps75 21 January 2017 12: 24
    And hereafter ... Next they cut living people with saws. They chopped with axes. The heads of the babies were smashed against the doorposts. Everything is in the true Ukrainian spirit of “Galicia”.

    Nightmare. Are these people?
    Worse than the medieval Inquisition.
  13. AB
    AB 21 January 2017 12: 58
    Excellent as always! Thanks, Cockroach.
  14. gray_angel
    gray_angel 21 January 2017 18: 28
    Quote: iza top
    probably facebook control did not pass
    test said said lol
  15. serega61
    serega61 23 January 2017 10: 50
    The photos are normal, it can only be seen that the snow is not removed, even in the center.
    1. domokl
      domokl 24 January 2017 05: 56
      wink In my city, no one would pay attention to such snow. Is it snow? so, sketched a little bit ... Snow, this is when even pedestrians "skid" ... fellow
  16. jonht
    jonht 24 January 2017 06: 43
    Thank you, as always interesting and informative, the truth is all about sad ...
  17. Redfox3k
    Redfox3k 25 January 2017 00: 11
    Cockroach, thank you for being there! True, your notes from time to time are getting sadder and sadder ...
  18. oreh72
    oreh72 25 January 2017 19: 24
    Quote: moskowit
    The historical facts are true and very scary. And the worst thing. These "lads" are quite capable of crimes against humanity! For what? Where does such hatred for everyone come from? Do they not understand that they will cause a backlash!

    1871 Otto Von Bismarck.
    “There is nothing more vile and disgusting than that
    called "Ukrainians"! This rabble raised by Poles from the most
    the vile scum of the Russian people (killers, careerists, creeping before
    power of the intelligentsia), ready for power and a profitable place to kill their own
    father and mother! These geeks are ready to tear their fellow tribesmen, and not even for the sake of
    benefits, and for the sake of satisfying their base instincts, for them there is no
    nothing sacred, betrayal is the norm of life for them, they are wretched by the mind,
    spiteful, envious, cunning with a special cunning. These villains have absorbed everything
    the worst and most vile from Russians, Poles, and Austrians, for good qualities
    there was no room left in their soul. Most of all they hate their benefactors, those
    who have done good to them and are ready to grovel in every way before the powers that be. ”
    150 years have passed ... Nothing has changed ...
  19. Berber
    Berber 26 January 2017 09: 30
    Of course all this is sad. Thanks to Tarkanku.