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Obama's political convulsions happen in Kosovo

Relations between Serbia and the authorities of the so-called Republic of Kosovo have escalated. President Nikolic even threatened to bring troops into Kosovo and Metohia: "If they start killing the Serbs, then we will enter the army." Nikolic himself will go to war, he is "not the first time."

Recall, January 14 Kosovo Albanians did not miss the passenger train from Belgrade to Kosovska-Mitrovica. They didn’t like the name of the train: “Kosovo is Serbia”.

According to media reports, the train with the same name launched "Serbian Railways". The train to Kosovsk-Mitrovica should have finally connected the capital of Serbia by rail with the self-proclaimed republic. It was kind of a reconciliation gesture imposed on the parties by the European Union. For the first time from the Kosovo conflict at the end of the last century, the railway route connected two cities, now located on opposite sides of the border. However, the Serbs issued the composition in the colors of the Serbian flag, and the inscription “Kosovo is Serbia” was given in as many as twenty-one languages, including Albanian. Albanians really did not like it.

The Kosovo ruler, Hashim Tachi, immediately accused the Serbs of the alleged seizure of a part of the “republic” territories. In his opinion, Serbia decided to use the annexation of the Crimea to Russia as a model. According to Taci, the Belgrade train served as a provocation instrument for the Kosovars: a pretext was created for the intervention of Serbia and the subsequent annexation of the northern territories of Kosovo.

“Serbia’s intention was to use this train, donated by Russia, primarily to cut off the northern part of Kosovo and then attach it to Serbia. This is the Crimean model ", - quotes the policy

Tachi wrote on a Facebook page that “Kosovo respects the freedom of movement of people and goods,” but at the same time “entering the train from Serbia with nationalist inscriptions that contradict the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kosovo is completely unacceptable.”

The president of the “republic” also said that they included “officials from Serbia who did not have permission to enter Kosovo”. Thachi further called for preventing the train from moving.

The media noted that Kosovo-Albanian special forces forces had been brought to the Kosovo border with Serbia.

Kosovo Prime Minister Mustafa contacted the United States and the EU in order to "express concern." According to him, which leads «Medusa», the train stop was the right decision: “... they wouldn’t be allowed to enter the territory of the sovereign republic of Kosovo”.

The train sent from Belgrade on Saturday morning, the Serbs had to return: it was impossible to endanger the passengers.

Serbian Prime Minister Alexander Vučic on January 14 ordered to stop the train near the border with a partially recognized republic, explaining his decision by attempting to mine the Kosovo ethnic Albanians. According to Vucic, the Kosovo government was determined to arrest the driver and passengers. So the Kosovo authorities hoped to "provoke a conflict in the territory that we consider ours."

Having stood a couple of hours in the Serbian border town of Raska, the squad returned to Belgrade.

The next day, January 15, Prime Minister Vucic said that stopping the train helped to avoid collisions that would lead to "casualties on both sides." According to him, it was possible to save peace in Kosovo “thanks to the desire and wisdom of Serbia”.

Threats of Albanians about "not allowed to enter" shook the Serbian establishment. President Nikolic made it clear that the train incident and threats from Kosovo Albanians are convulsions of the outgoing Obama administration. He made this statement after the Security Council meeting.

“Although we tried not to show it, yesterday we were on the verge of a collision,” the president quotes TASS.

Tomislav Nikolic also threatened that Serbia would not allow a single Albanian to pass through its territory (they cross the country in thousands on buses on their way to the EU countries).

The president warned that the next Albanian provocation will end badly: “We don’t want clashes, but we will have to do not what we want, but how we should.”

He also said that neither the European Union nor NATO could provide a sensible answer to the relevant appeals from Belgrade regarding the incident.

“If there is no freedom of movement, what European civilization can we talk about, what can we talk about in general with Pristina and the EU?” The agency quoted the Serbian leader.

Later, deepening the political quarrel, Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa criticized Belgrade’s attempt to send this train to Kosovska Mitrovica, calling such a strategy irresponsible.

In turn, the Serbian president threatened to send troops into Kosovo and Metohija if the Serbs living there were in danger. “If they start killing the Serbs, we will enter the army. And not only the army, we all go. I’ll go first, I’m not the first to go, ”Tomislav Nikolic quotes "Russian newspaper".

What threatens the region with such a rapid development of events? Elena Guskova, the head of the Center for the Study of the Modern Balkan Crisis at the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, spoke about this to Rossiyskaya Gazeta

“I don’t remember other such harsh statements as what Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic did when he threatened to send troops to Kosovo if Albanians continued to threaten the Serb population living there,” she said. - The Serbian leadership signed an agreement with Pristina in 2013, the current Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and Prime Minister Alexander Vucic, and the current head of the Serbian Foreign Ministry Ivica Dacic participated in this procedure. According to this document, a border was drawn between Serbia and Kosovo, border crossings were established, and Kosovo customs seals were introduced. The parameters of Pristina’s presence in the international arena as an entity independent from Serbia were determined. After all this, Kosovo began to feel like an independent state. Moreover, the Serbs did everything to support this feeling in Albanians. For several years now, Kosovo and the European Union have been waiting for Serbia to recognize the independence of the region, allow Pristina to become a member of the UN. ”

“In such a situation,” added Guskova, “the first train on which was written“ Kosovo is Serbia, ”with cars painted in the colors of the Serbian flag, with officials whom the Kosovo Albanians controlling the border do not want to let in Kosovo, caused discontent with the Albanians. After all, earlier Serbia did everything to make Albanians in Kosovo feel independent, sign all agreements. For the sake of fairness, I note that Pristina does not fulfill the agreement on granting rights to unite the Serb communities in Kosovo, delaying the negotiations. ”

“In Serbia, revanchist sentiments are strong, which now, of course, will intensify against the background of sharp statements by Tomislav Nikolic,” writes "Life" publicist Cyril Benedict. - Paradoxically, these sentiments coexist with the desire of the majority of Serbs to join the EU, that is, to receive European salaries and pensions. However, it is absolutely clear that “there’s no way to eat a fish and not to climb into a pond”: either European integration without Kosovo, or Greater Serbia and farewell to the dreams of a paradise in Brussels.

“There is no agreement at the level of political leadership: while President Nikolic threatened Pristina with war, Prime Minister Alexander Vucic ran to complain to Femdirke Mogherini’s Mommy (EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs), the author notes. “Mogherini commended Vucic’s desire to coordinate all the steps of Belgrade with Brussels, and even thanked him for“ taking the lead in these difficult times. ”

The failed train is an episode of Nikolic's preparation for the presidential elections, said Vadim Trukhachev, senior teacher of the department of foreign regional studies and foreign policy of the RSUH.

"Nikolic is preparing for presidential elections in Serbia, scheduled for spring," said the expert. "Free Press". - Protection of tribesmen in Kosovo (and Bosnia) has always been one of the cornerstones of his program, which is why he sent the corresponding train there ... In fact, today Serbia has no opportunity to send troops there: the West will not allow. The EU firmly makes it clear that it’s time for the Serbs to recognize Kosovo. Another thing is that in the north of the region there are still four communities inhabited predominantly by the Serbs. And if an aggravation occurs in them, caused by the Albanians' desire to cut them out, options are possible. ”

In the end, we add, the Serbian authorities decided to teach the mind ... the United States.

At a meeting with US Ambassador Kyle Scott, President Nikolic said that the United States had created a lot of problems in the Balkans and expressed the hope that the new American administration would not behave this way. “I understand that you unconditionally support something that you have directly influenced the creation of; You have created many problems by implementing your will, and I hope that with the advent of the new administration this attitude will stop, ”Nikolic said. TASS.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke on the aggravation of the situation.

“Unfortunately,” the agency quotes him, “the Balkans more than once became the source of very serious conflicts. I am convinced that, although, as is known, история teaches that she does not teach anything, this time everyone understands the need to prevent violent confrontation, although tensions are growing there. ”

According to the minister, “these irritants” are largely “created by the policy of those who impose so-called European values ​​on all Balkan peoples in new, modern post-Christian packaging”.

Recall that at the end of the last century, the confrontation between Serbs and Albanian separatists from the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army led to the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO forces. Later, in the spring of 2004, Kosovo Albanians staged mass pogroms, which resulted in the resettlement of Serbs from the province and the destruction of many cultural monuments. In February, 2008 Kosovo Albanians in Pristina declared unilaterally independence from Serbia.

22 July 2010 The United Nations International Court of Justice recognized the legality of the decision of the Kosovo authorities to declare independence of the province from Serbia. However, not all states participating in the UN recognized the self-proclaimed republic. The list of those who did not recognize it includes Serbia, Russia, China, Iran, Syria and other states. From 193 countries represented in the United Nations, its recognize for today 110. Meanwhile, in order to get a seat in the UN, a state must have the support of two-thirds of the United Nations Member States (129 of 193), and also secure the approval of the UN Security Council. This implies the absence of the veto of any of the permanent members of the Security Council.

Hence it is clear that the problem of the self-proclaimed territorial entity of Kosovo is practically insoluble.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. 501Legion
    501Legion 19 January 2017 06: 54
    What are the balance of power in the region there. and what is the army of the Serbs? I think it’s a political provocation
    1. Evdokim
      Evdokim 19 January 2017 10: 37
      If the EU breaks, if the states remove the base from Kosovo, and there is money for the war, then maybe the Serbs will go to storm Pristina, and if too much. Most likely, the election campaign is a provocation. hi bully
    2. max702
      max702 19 January 2017 11: 59
      Serbs are far from brothers as many here believe, alas, these are "Europeans" with all their inherent duplicity and hypocrisy .. There is such a company in Russia "Velesstroy" (Rosneft) Serbo-Croatian-Russian, and there the nationalism of Serbs and Croats is elevated to absolute! Relationships as a white master and slaves .. And this manifests itself about everything, from the terms of payment to the distribution of job responsibilities .. Don't believe me? Read the reviews of the employees of this office on specialized sites .. You will learn a lot of interesting things about Serbs ..
      1. Diana Ilyina
        Diana Ilyina 19 January 2017 12: 35
        max702 Today, 11:59 ↑ New
        Serbs are far from being brothers, as many people here believe, alas, they are "Europeans" with all their inherent duplicity and hypocrisy ..
        Or maybe you should not judge all the Serbian people, by the management of one company ?! Rich and powerful, they are in Russia, in Serbia, in the EU, in the USA, they are oiled in one world!
        1. Isograph
          Isograph 19 January 2017 18: 14
          Diana, well done, they said right.
        2. max702
          max702 20 January 2017 17: 40
          Quote: Diana Ilyina
          Or maybe you should not judge all the Serbian people, by the management of one company ?! Rich and powerful, they are in Russia, in Serbia, in the EU, in the USA, they are oiled in one world!

          That's just the point when you work together with by no means with The rich and the powerful then you will understand what kind of people they are .. Once again, read the reviews about the Velesstroy joint venture there are simple people and not some big business and politicians, but they behave ... Like real ceevropeans ...
      2. Kibalchish
        Kibalchish 20 January 2017 10: 34
        You know, after the events of 1999, I would be in the place of the Serbs, i.e. Russian, too, I would not consider brothers ...
  2. couch but smart general
    couch but smart general 19 January 2017 07: 07
    and these recent events are not enough? stupid or what?
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 19 January 2017 07: 31
    to use this train donated by Russia

    And here the hand of Moscow is visible. This is now fashionable hand phenomenon, the demand is huge.
    1. Cat
      Cat 19 January 2017 18: 45
      Yeah, more hackers to remember! And go0! good
  4. Altona
    Altona 19 January 2017 07: 47
    Josip Broz Tito at one time encouraged the Albanian settlement of Kosovo, hoping to drag Albania into the SFRY. But I wanted the best, it turned out as always. The Albanians bred and squeezed the indigenous population. A lesson to the Serbs, us and everyone else.
    1. lukewarm
      lukewarm 19 January 2017 12: 20
      Since the parties to the conflict draw parallels with Crimea, then here too a parallel, albeit implicit
      Quote: Altona
      Josip Broz Tito at one time encouraged the settlement of Kosovo by Albanians, hoping to drag Albania into the SFRY

      Myktyta corn snout just presented Crimea to its small homeland
    2. Mikado
      Mikado 19 January 2017 12: 23
      started before Tito. During WWII, Albanian formations squeezed Serbs out of the region. By the 60s, there were already more than 2/3 of Albanians.
      From Wiki: "In the SFRY, Kosovo constantly had the status of an undeveloped region and received subsidies and soft loans from the federal center. Since the 1970s, Kosovo has become the main recipient of these loans among the regions of Yugoslavia." That is, "lived happily ever after," for free.
      In general, a bunch of analogies can be made when the Muslim population squeezes the indigenous due to higher fertility and lack of interest in cultural integration. Moreover, in the event of war they always begin to slaughter Christians.
  5. Dimont
    Dimont 19 January 2017 08: 19
    In this example, the double standards of our Western partners are visible. The Kosovo separatists were recognized as a separate territorial entity in the territory of Serbia, but they don’t want to recognize the Donetsk separatists
  6. antivirus
    antivirus 19 January 2017 08: 44
    Tomislav Nikolic also threatened that Serbia would not allow a single Albanian to pass through its territory (they cross the country in thousands on buses on their way to the EU countries).
    If you miss, then agree.
    There is no answer: "How many years before the full recognition of the state? There is - how many died !!
  7. Volksib
    Volksib 19 January 2017 09: 08
    Through the efforts of our Foreign Ministry, during the bombing of Yugoslavia, the NATO ground operation was disrupted. Now the fashionable trend is to hide behind Russia. Russia, first of all, should be guided by common sense. That was the acute issue of the pipe from Qatar to Europe, and the loss of the "national property" of the European market, ISIS needed to be destroyed ... And just because of the great-power ambitions to intervene now is simply stupid. There is zero gratitude and the memory of the rescued is very short. Belgrade under Milosevic was offered the S-300, to which he refused. We all know the result. For Warsaw in WWII killed 300000 Soviet soldiers and that who is yapping the most .... Bulgaria was saved from the Turks and what ... The Baltic states were made a showcase of the achievements of the socialist economy and where are the thanks ....? Russia, citizens of Russia, the economy and the welfare of citizens of their country is the main the focus of both domestic and foreign policy should be at least
  8. Jackking
    Jackking 19 January 2017 09: 22
    And what is Kosovo? I do not know such a state. I know that this is a piece of Serbia, which, with the help of gay Europe and SGA, was squeezed out by a gang of Albanian drug dealers and bandits, who, along with the bastard Hachim Tachi, had to be outweighed back in the 90s ...
    1. Siberian
      Siberian 19 January 2017 17: 47
      Yes, and now it will work out in time. Better late than never. Well, in fact - not globes to remake.
  9. izya top
    izya top 19 January 2017 09: 37
    Kosovo Prime Minister Mustafa contacts US and EU to “voice concerns”
    one sneak around negative and since the world now resembles a kindergarten, it is possible that they will beat somewhere in a dark corner
  10. Baursak
    Baursak 19 January 2017 13: 43
    It’s time for Serbia to finally decide. Why suddenly such performances and air shakes? Serbia already lies firmly under the EU. The Hague tribunal consistently knocked out the real Sebastian patriots - Radko Mladic, Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic. A simple and naive question - how did they get to The Hague? The answer is simple to disgrace - the Serbian leadership caught and handed over them, and considerable amounts were assigned by the Serbian government for their capture.
    The current president of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic from the same corrupt Serbian politicians. In 2008, he resigned from his post as deputy chairman of the Serbian Radical Party due to disagreements with party members over the issue of voting in the Assembly of the EU with the Assembly. Nikolic is a categorical supporter of the association with the EU.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  11. libivs
    libivs 19 January 2017 14: 43
    Eh ... Serbs are really fraternal people and Serbia is the same Russia, only a small one. Even our political systems are similar. Therefore, Serbia is unlikely in the near future to get something sensible. Nikolic is a Serbian Putin, for the West a bad "cop", Vucic is a Serbian Medvedev, "freedom is better than non-freedom" and so on. And both countries are striving to fit into the West on their own terms, just like our sweet couple. The West, in turn, similarly rested in its own interests, and it will not offer XNUMX% any serious deals on Kosovo (similarly to Ukraine). Thus, the shaking of the air and rosy dreams will not lead to absolutely any result.
  12. Vyacheslav Kononov
    Vyacheslav Kononov 19 January 2017 15: 57
    This is all arranged by Tito. He launched 200 thousand Albanians into Yugoslavia. I saw them in Soviet times. The gypsies are real. The Yugoslavs themselves did not consider them to be people. And they bred and became the dominant nation in Kosovo. Muslims. This is what awaits all of Europe in 30-40 years.
    1. Siberian
      Siberian 19 January 2017 17: 50
      Well, Kiaitszhe somehow cope with their quantity. Yes, and the Albanians have a small homeland, with a ragged hug waiting for their potential citizens
      1. g1washntwn
        g1washntwn 20 January 2017 09: 19
        The Siberian, the Chinese, therefore, cope because they do not give separate territories and do not agree with the claims of neoplasms. Kosovo is the same Northern Cyprus, the situation is 1 in 1. We settled, began to squeeze out the Serbs, began to receive stars, weralled to help us NATO, it came to save democracy, the country is fragmented.
        1. Siberian
          Siberian 20 January 2017 18: 45
          Well, that's how everything needs to be rewound: they are fleeing from Kosovo to Germany in large numbers - let them flee, everyone will not come back equally. There is no work, there’s nothing to live on (according to their own information). The NATO base should become super-profitable. Everything will slowly go down. All the same, 92 countries do not recognize any Kosovo state. Is KFOR still protecting Serbs there in Kosovo?
          1. g1washntwn
            g1washntwn 20 January 2017 20: 19
            The able-bodied and educated ones flee, the old people remain, passives and bandits who do not need to look for work. Is it worth the wait when the Nazis flee from Ukraine in search of work in the EU? No.
            KFOR is not engaged in protecting the Serbs, but in analyzing the barricades that the Serbian communities are building for self-defense, that is, doing the opposite.
            1. Siberian
              Siberian 21 January 2017 18: 44
              I think there is still an analogy. The Nazis (VNA Ukraine) are not going to work to cut their nenka. Not a single state will take for themselves their content (count. The content of the country). With Kosovo, the same. Someone there is shepherds. pastoralists. builders? Who contains them and at what expense?
  13. Babalaykin
    Babalaykin 21 January 2017 09: 04

    They have been fighting for Kosovo for centuries; there are no prospects for resolving the conflict.