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10 years since the death of the hero Antimaydana

10 years since the death of the hero Antimaydana

This person can rightfully be called a hero. The hero of resistance to the "Orange Maidan". Even to that, the first Maidan, which turned out to be just a rehearsal, only the forerunner of more serious events. Many say that if Yevgeny Kushnarev were alive at the moment, all the newest Ukrainian история would go the other wayand there could be no bloody war that took the lives of thousands of people.

But ten years ago, 17 on January 2007, Yevgeny Kushnarev died from injuries received the previous day. In this death - a lot of unclear. It would seem that an accident that occurred during a hunt. This happens sometimes. Fateful coincidence. But the family does not believe so far. And even Viktor Yanukovych, the loser of the resistance to both the first and second “Maidan,” then said: “Still, they killed him».

Yevgeny Kushnarev was considered the most pro-Russian politician in Ukraine in 2000. He was the most violent opponent of the first "Maidan". It is worth recalling that then, in 2004, the presidential election took place in Ukraine. The votes were divided almost equally between the two Viktor Yanukovych and Yushchenko. But still, during the second round, Yanukovych won by a small margin.

Then The West has done everything possible to unleash another "velvet revolution" in the country. The experience of organizing such "non-violent coups" was already in September-October 2000, the United States and its allies strongly supported the corrupt opposition in Yugoslavia and provoked the so-called "bulldozer revolution." As a result, those who bombed the country were able to push through their protege and overthrow the legitimate President of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, who resisted the bombings and Western recipes for his country.

In Georgia, in 2003, the second such coup took place - as a result, the old Soviet nomenklatura Eduard Shevardnadze was removed from power (who put a lot of effort into the collapse of the USSR, but still did not become “his own person” for the West). The so-called “Rose Revolution” brought to power the ambitious and energetic opponent of Russia, Mikhail Saakashvili, who even received presidential wages from Washington.

In this way, maidan 2004 of the year in Ukraine became the third in a row "color revolution"implemented for the change of power to a more pro-Western. Having accused the authorities of “electoral fraud”, Yushchenko’s supporters, speaking under orange flags, demanded the organization of a “third round”. Never in the history of the presidential election has this been close. In the course of this illegal “tour” organized under the influence of a skillfully guided crowd, they managed to push Viktor Yushchenko to the presidency.

While votes are strongly divided by territoriality. In the western regions of Ukraine - about 90% of voters voted for Yushchenko, in the southern and eastern - the same 90% for Yanukovych. In fact, the West, with its majority, pressed the voters of the central regions to give up their initial choice, which ensured Yushchenko’s victory in the course of the unconstitutional “third round”. What methods are used by the carriers of the Bandera ideology - we see today. Then, however, it manifested itself in a weakened form, but still bore fruit.

During the years of Yushchenko’s rule, the “Orange” were actively working in the eastern regions, which is why many of them turned out to be those who also contracted the “Bandera virus”. It was one of the factors that prevented after the second Maidan to organize a powerful resistance in the South-East of Ukraine.

But back in the 2004 year. One of those who fiercely resisted the creeping orange coup was the then governor of the Kharkiv region, Yevgeny Kushnarev. The locals appreciated him as a good business executive. He had authority not only in the Kharkiv region, but throughout the South-East.

When Viktor Yanukovych lost the fight for the first time, he still didn’t have an unequivocal relationship as a weak and cowardly person. After all, “orange” technologies are powerful, and it’s extremely difficult to resist. But nevertheless, even then, the hesitancy was visible to him personally, and the forces behind him. You can talk about the betrayal of ex-President Leonid Kuchma, who did not use his authority to prevent a coup. One thing is clear: few people decided to openly challenge the "orange".

So, the most decisive, most consistent opponent of the Maidan in those days was Yevgeny Petrovich Kushnarev.

Speaking at the All-Ukrainian Congress of Deputies of all levels, which passed 28 on November 2004 of the year in Severodonetsk, Kushnarev sharply criticized the Maidan, described it as a coup d’état and said: “I want to remind hot heads under orange banners: from Kharkov to Kiev - 480 kilometers, and to the border with Russia - 40". He added: "We understand that the East has the most serious difference from Galicia. We do not impose our way of life on Galicia, but we will never allow Galicia to teach us how to live.».

For these words, he will then be accused of "separatism." In August 2005, Kushnarev was arrested by the Orange government and spent several days in prison. He stayed steadfastly, went on a hunger strike in defense of his violated rights, despite health problems. Then the Orangeists had not yet shown their fascist essence and, under the influence of public opinion, were forced to release the prisoner to freedom. In prison, the politician began to create a book called "Red Horse". This book became a manifesto against the Maidan. Shortly before his tragic death, Evgeny Petrovich was working on another book, also of anti-orange content: “Elections and Pitchforks”. After his death, this book was published.

Then, in 2004, Kushnarev, who stood at the origins of the “Party of Regions”, supported the candidate for presidency of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Then, due to disagreements with him, he created his own party, New Democracy. Perhaps, if it were not for his death, then it was he who would have turned out to be a presidential candidate in the 2010 election of the year. He had chances to win - most likely, he would be supported by those who were forced to vote for Yanukovych as the lesser evil. And then he, being a man of courage and decisiveness, would be able to resist the second Maidan. But history does not have a subjunctive mood - and we see Ukraine covered by orange-brown neo-fascism.

On the day of the tenth anniversary of the death of Yevgeny Kushnarev, those from Kharkiv came to his grave, who have the courage to honor the memory of real heroes. Not those about the dubious "glory" of which they shout in the squares of pravoseki, but those who consistently advocated peace and friendship between our peoples.

The criminal case on the death of Yevgeny Petrovich was closed under Yushchenko. But the son of the late governor of the Kharkiv region, Andrei Kushnarev, stated: “... The current leadership of the country could well take a political decision and resume the case, to give the family and society the answer: what happened on that day?»

But the answer from this government is not to be expected. Moreover, during the years that have passed since the victory of the second Maidan, quite a few political and public figures died under very strange circumstances — someone allegedly “suicide”, and someone was shot right at the threshold of his own house ... In modern Ukraine this is considered the norm.

Anatoly Shary about Yevgeny Kushnarev

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  1. Amurets
    Amurets 18 January 2017 06: 23
    He had a chance to win - most likely, he would have been supported by those who were forced to vote for Yanukovych as a lesser evil. And then he, being a bold and decisive person, would be able to resist the second Maidan. But history does not have a subjunctive mood - and we see Ukraine, engulfed in orange-brown neo-fascism.

    Eternal memory to Evgeny Petrovich Kushnarev. The blame for his death lies specifically with Western and pro-Western politicians. The betrayal of national interests for the sake of the West has unfortunately become the norm among national "leaders." The article provides examples of how this was done, and the irreconcilable opponents of the West were removed in different ways. There are many such examples. One of those who interfered and tried to resist the West was Kushnarev. E. P.
    1. potroshenko
      potroshenko 18 January 2017 17: 42
      Quote: Amurets
      The blame for his death lies specifically with Western and pro-Western politicians.

      Dear, you would first ask a question. The blame for his death lies entirely with the Yanukovosch team, which got rid of a worthy competitor in the pro-Russian part of the population.
      1. Scum
        Scum 19 January 2017 11: 59
        And who removed Vyacheslav Chornovil? According to your theory, Putin personally.
        1. potroshenko
          potroshenko 19 January 2017 16: 16
          Quote: BAG
          And who removed Vyacheslav Chornovil? According to your theory, Putin personally.

          These are your fantasies. There is a version that removed the Dnepropetrovsk.
          1. Scum
            Scum 13 February 2017 14: 18
            Is that shoo, julya?
      2. Looking for
        Looking for 20 January 2017 17: 23
        Listen. Fellow citizen. Your political orientation is visible from two lines. It's amazing how you do not blame Yanukovych for the CIVIL WAR !!!! in the Donbass and the deaths of thousands of civilians.
  2. antivirus
    antivirus 18 January 2017 07: 48
    Ukriya and Ukraine should be with a max weak state, personal life, maybe rich. and state construction after Avakov, Poroshenko and "Kolotushka" is primitive. give the horses a mark and subordinate them to the Kremlin, in everything. To pump loot past theirs oligarchs for the development of the Vologda and Penza regions. Ukrainians have already delayed the development of these areas. Let them pay. Georgia has the same recipe. In the USSR, they were allegedly mercilessly exploited. "The colonies must know their place in the world.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 18 January 2017 08: 07
    I understood that there would be no unity between Russians, Little Russians, Belarusians, they would devour one by one .. Eternal memory to him ...
  4. mik6403
    mik6403 18 January 2017 08: 28
    Reading such articles about the sweeping of pro-Russian-minded politicians throughout the neighboring (and not only) foreign countries, I always ask myself a question. And we have that there are no special services to help them (including protection), or the employees of these special services are so helpless and hand-handed ?????
  5. Fagelov
    Fagelov 18 January 2017 08: 30
    With Evgeny Petrovich Kushnaryov met several times in June 2006 in Feodosia. Residents of Feodosia and Crimeans drove the Americans. In Theodosia seaport unloaded containers with equipment, weapons and equipment. What exactly is in the containers was not known. Kushnarev and the group of Crimean deputies did not get through the territory of the seaport and were convinced that the nature of the cargo was far from peaceful. I was struck by the charisma of Yevgeny Petrovich, the special confidence in his actions. Navy Coast Guard personnel obeyed his orders and requirements. They retreated and we got the opportunity to go to the containers, inspect them. The press officer, as far as I remember, the captain, assured that the containers were sealed. Inspection showed that they were opened, part of the cargo was moved to warehouses. Kushnaryov was very indignant at all of this, giving tough assessments. It is a pity that he is not there. This would be a worthy leader in Ukraine. I do not believe in the accident of his death. Especially now, when Ukraine is running to NATO and geyevropu. Eternal memory to Yevgeny Petrovich Kushnarev.
  6. beeper
    beeper 18 January 2017 08: 51
    Then, in 2007, the integral and pragmatic "anti-Maidanist" Evgeny Kushnaryov was a powerful competitor to the obvious "tyukhtiya" - the "short-lived" victim of the "lame" "red horse" and the "orange revolution", allegedly a "pro-Russian" prime minister-"professional" in the South-East. And no one had any doubts that, on the vast (more than half of all voters in Ukraine!) Electoral field, which is housed by "regionals", the militant and charismatic tribune-Kharkov governor has more real chances to become the next candidate than the tongue-tied "ambivalent panda" to the presidency of Ukraine, with a very good chance of being elected!
    This ran counter to those who suddenly "cut through" (before that, who had conducted his presidential election "race" -2004, was neither shaky nor shaky, as if reluctantly, as if doubting, “but do I need this,” unlike his rival, not he abhorred any "PR", even with a beating on the highway, his secret police, a kamazist kolkhoz worker who turned up, and a completely swanky promotion of botox "superfatal dioxin poisoning", with the involvement of vultures from an imported "clinic", cosmetic ...?) "presidential ambitions of the VFYa and his "family". Moreover, the case was clearly moving towards the impeachment of Washington’s “third-year” protege, the “Trypillian” mediocrity, who by that time had managed to disappoint even “her nation” and managed to beat the “glechiks” with all the adhered “godfathers” and “beloved friends” .. ...
    If Yevgeny Kushnaryov had not received a vile fatal wound from "his friends" - as if hunters (who also remained unpunished, "got off with fright"?), Then after the unconstitutional Yushchenko "April Fool's Decree" 2007 about VAYU as the "President of the Maidan ", if you follow the letter of the Constitution of Ukraine and the political will of his opponents, one could forget forever ... but the decapitated" regionals "and bourgeois" communists ", even having a numerical advantage in the VR and the current prime minister," regional "of the WFY, in once again capitulated to the militant national margines ...
    IMHO The elimination of such a political figure as Yevgeny Kushnarev was beneficial to both "bashful" opportunists - "regionals", and "orange Maidan people" with their overseas curators ...
    But that hypothetical, consolidating Western and Eastern Ukraine, President-2004, in which the decline and, now inevitable, disintegration of Ukraine (within the borders of the former Ukrainian SSR) could not take place, I consider the late Minister of Transport and Communications Georgy Kirpa! It is not without reason that Georgy Kirpa was urgently, before all other likely candidates (for the repeated, not the "third-year", all-Ukrainian presidential elections of 2004!), Eliminated by the criminals of the ameromarionet "orange revolution" ... this is my personal opinion, possibly erroneous. hi
    1. avt
      avt 18 January 2017 11: 49
      Quote: pishchak
      The elimination of such a political figure as Yevgeny Kushnarev was beneficial to both "bashful" opportunists, "regionals", and "orange Maidan people" with their overseas curators ...

      "Regionals" in the first place. Still Gepu with Dopa should be checked for participation in the elimination.
      1. beeper
        beeper 18 January 2017 19: 00
        Well, did they actually kill "their" lords of the same party, "on occasion"?
        Yevgeny Kushnarev was an intelligent, persistent, and quite independent politician (which is extremely rare in the "ukropolitikum" request smile ) capable of generating and proposing constructive ideas. I do not at all consider his death to be accidental, so twice "hit the spot", and even in the twilight, is it necessary to try very hard, even shooting at close range?
        Evgeny Petrovich Kushnaryov left good memory in himself, in the hearts of adequate fellow citizens, forever! hi
  7. EvgNik
    EvgNik 18 January 2017 09: 42
    Colleagues, I completely agree with you. And the monument to him should be the complete destruction of Nazism in Ukraine.
  8. Vadim loop
    Vadim loop 18 January 2017 11: 51
    Different people have different views.
    Evgeni Kushnarev was a supporter of the alliance with Russia.
    Poroshenko, Kolomoisky and other Yaroshi advocates integration with the West (more precisely with the United States).
    Everyone has their own aspirations or interests.

    But, here's who is right, history decides, it dot the "i".

    But in the end it turns out that
    - With an alliance with Russia, Ukraine is developing rapidly, and Russia is joining new territories to Ukraine.
    - With independence, Ukraine is holding on at the very least.
    - With an alliance with Western countries (Poland, Germany, the USA, etc.) it is rapidly collapsing.
    This is the bottom line.

    Well, at least be torn, engineers from the USA and France do not go to build Dnieper hydroelectric plants with factories and schools, money does not flow like a river, orders for Ukrainian goods do not fall, cooperation with Ukrainian enterprises is not interesting.
    Well, it so happened that the Europeans and the Americans benefit from a weak, corrupt, dying out, torn Ukraine, and even better, a kind of "cordon sanitaire" waging a constant war with Russia.
    There is nothing personal here. This is business and competition.

    Therefore, while the Ukrainians themselves do not realize this, whether they like it or not, but this is a fact, and there is no getting around it.
    Until then, Ukraine will experience difficulties.
  9. Dekabrist
    Dekabrist 18 January 2017 14: 18
    Yes, the loss of Kushnarev, without a doubt, caused irreparable harm. He clearly broke into a leader and interfered with many, primarily in the Party of Regions. Even Yulia Tymoshenko voiced this: “I want to ask why one of the brightest politicians Yevgeny Kushnarev, who began to form his own party, began to take the best representatives of industrialists and entrepreneurs from the Party of Regions, why he was unlucky and it was he who was accidentally hit twice on a hunt ? ", - said the Premier.
    “Think about what Ukraine can expect! I don’t want everything when such a system and form of government. I stand eye to eye with an extremely dangerous group, I know that my words sink into the souls of those who lead Yanukovych to power like a puppet, which will then be used well, "Tymoshenko said.

    She also asked who would invest in the country, where the Chechetovs, Azarovs and Kivalovs would lead.
    How long Ukraine would have looked different now if he had been alive can be discussed for a long time.
    But I do not understand the logical constructions of the author.
    "Professor" Yanukovych sits somewhere in Rostov or Rublevka. Why not ask? Interview a person who knows 100 percent of what happened. What is the problem?
    Well, the last phrase about the norms of modern Ukraine is superfluous. To look at a straw in someone else's eye without noticing a log in its own is a thankless task.
  10. avaks111
    avaks111 18 January 2017 16: 37
    It’s just that someone crossed the road for business, that's why they removed it. Not at all because the revolutionary was a fiery and true patriot of Ukraine. No need to idealize, no better than the rest of the PR-camarilla!
    1. beeper
      beeper 18 January 2017 18: 32
      So in Ukraine, power is the most successful business, often family! winked
      They are all powerful businessmen, that "zhovtoblakytnye", that "gray-brownish" and "white-blue", that "communal-red" bourgeois .... this is only "the first million", no one knows how, "quietly gathered (like the confession of a fugitive ex- Prime Minister, with might and main, verbally, sneezing his colleagues-"papednikov" and, being in power, recommended that the poor ukro-citizens should plant cabbage under their windows and not grumble?), and then, already in power, even the "first billionaire" is easy ... just for a year of post-Maidan premiership, no?
      Yes, I regretted then that Kushnarev was not with us in April 2007 (somehow too timely, in light of the subsequent political events, this "case on the hunt" was such a painful wound and a long, long road to medical aid ... ?), everything could not be as sad as it happened with the domination of the "regionals" -committers, the future "uncontested European integrator" - the Mazeppist Janus and his camarilla - the "family" of situational hangers-on and sensitive-nosed ones stuck ...
      Although, I do not think that the late Evgeny Petrovich was so "pro-Russian" in terms of the totality of what he wrote and said, IMHO. He was a bold and pragmatic statesman (what about a "super-cautious (reaching" egg faints "?)" And stupid "self-destructor", "quick-footed Leopold" -WFYa, you cannot say at all!), With good chances to become the most adequate president of Ukraine and under him , it is quite possible that the situation, now torn by civil strife, the ex-Ukrainian SSR would not have been so sad, and it would have become an active member of the Customs Union and the EurAsEC, with him there was no talk of an ameromarionet mega-destructive "Euroassociation"?
      Peace be upon Evgeny Petrovich
      1. Dekabrist
        Dekabrist 18 January 2017 19: 08
        Tell me, where in the former USSR in a different way? Where is the power of a different nature? Limitrophs do not consider.
        1. beeper
          beeper 18 January 2017 19: 24
          Your question already has the answer, no wink ? The tendency, however ... sad and harmful for public affairs, and the rather big vulnerability of the vladykos themselves ... "Sasha the dentist" and so on ... they are innumerable ....
          Best regards hi
  11. samarin1969
    samarin1969 18 January 2017 22: 15
    Of all the "goblin reserve" of Ukrainian politicians, Kushnaryov stood out for his bright appearance, clarity of actions and thoughts, he proposed a program for the development and unification of Ukraine. How famously he talked with the inhabitants of the dwarf "Maidan" in Kharkov. I am far from the illusion that someone in power can appear with "clean hands and a conscience." But in comparison with other faces of all parties and views, Yevgeny Petrovich was a man whom many in Crimea wanted to see as the leader of Ukraine. His ridiculous, strange death had great consequences. The hucksters from the Party of Regions did not have a single unifying leader. Gangster faces from both banks of the Dnieper are still "shy" of public policy and speak a little better than Klitschko.
  12. VadimSt
    VadimSt 19 January 2017 08: 23
    For Yanukovych, Kushnarev was more dangerous than Yushchenko! Yushchenko could not "take away" from Yanukovych the sympathy of the population of the South-East of Ukraine, but Kushnarev could, and this process began to gain momentum immediately after the 2004 elections.
    1. Fagelov
      Fagelov 2 July 2017 13: 02
      Kushnaryov was most dangerous for the overseas owners of urkaina. I am absolutely sure that he was removed from the political arena with the help of "workers of the Ukrainian power steering and the Security Service of Ukraine. At one time, these same" experts "killed Captain 1st Rank Logunov, an officer of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. Urkain is entangled in a viscous web of the CIA and other US intelligence agencies. And this is not my painful suspicion, it is a fact that is known to many competent people.