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NATO at our borders: should we be afraid?

In Poland, the US military is officially honored on Saturday. Tank the brigade arrived on Thursday. These are three and a half thousand military and two and a half thousand units of armored vehicles. Several ceremonies will be held in the Republic with the participation of the country's top leadership.

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  1. Alex_Rarog
    Alex_Rarog 14 January 2017 15: 54
    Che fear them ?! they have that blood is not red ?! drove them all with a piss rag and we will drive!
    1. madjik
      madjik 14 January 2017 23: 09
      are you still going to speak out with the Nazi Life? I’ll bury you with amers, you change the avatar
      1. Iskander Sh
        Iskander Sh 14 January 2017 23: 40
        Lal. How awesome you are.
      2. Alex_Rarog
        Alex_Rarog 15 January 2017 10: 05
        Leyba is not Nazi ... but Old Slavonic. Learn the story respected!
    2. stas
      stas 15 January 2017 01: 32
      They’re sprinkled like bandits on TV shows.
      Last attempts smoked.
      Finite a la comedy, and was also the president of the United States.
    3. PSih2097
      PSih2097 15 January 2017 17: 48
      Quote: Alex_Rarog
      Che fear them ?! they have that blood is not red ?! drove them all with a piss rag and we will drive!

      You’ll personally chase or call someone else ... ... That's when you personally come across and defeat at least one Bendera in Donbas (and the US marines are not these scumbags, but a very competent and equipped enemy) - then you will speak. Minus (Ignore)
  2. BOB044
    BOB044 14 January 2017 16: 13
    We can stand up for ourselves. They’re not worth it, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers have proved this more than once. Napoleon, Hitler, the Entente, the Crimean War, the Tatars - the Mongols. They turned their whole neck. We don’t need their territories, but they don’t climb to us. Cheaper it will cost.
  3. Stinger
    Stinger 14 January 2017 16: 34
    Let us be afraid. Coward, he is always afraid. Look at the Poles. They will soon be afraid of themselves.
  4. x.andvlad
    x.andvlad 14 January 2017 17: 04
    To be afraid? In no case. But to keep them in mind is necessary. There will be no second 41st. stop
    You need to behave carefully, calmly and confidently. And let them shake and hurt.
  5. vetor
    vetor 14 January 2017 17: 19
    Poland by population is one of the largest in Europe.
    Sprats in their repertoire in the role of pugs.
  6. Brigadier
    Brigadier 14 January 2017 18: 11
    Why are we afraid of them? If they attack, then the Polish Sea will be in place of Poland ...
  7. valent45
    valent45 14 January 2017 18: 39
    There is no need to be afraid, but care must be taken with all this.
  8. Comrade Glebov
    Comrade Glebov 14 January 2017 19: 17
    Fortunately, as long as there is a vigorous bomb, it makes no sense to be afraid. But you need to take it as seriously as possible. You never know what muck the bastards will judge.
    APASUS 14 January 2017 19: 48
    The Poles surrendered their country to the Americans and presented it as another victory over the Russians.
  10. WU 37
    WU 37 14 January 2017 20: 09
    I read the comments and everyone writes one thing: do not be afraid, etc. That's not the point! From outside the ocean, they once again try to make a big game to their advantage with OTHERS. It is clear that Western countries in the event of conflict will rake in full, but those who started this provocation will again pretend that they have nothing to do with it, or they will blame Russia! And our children will perish !!!
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 15 January 2017 16: 54
      Quote: WU 37
      I read the comments and everyone writes one thing: do not be afraid, etc. That's not the point! For the umpteenth time, they seek to make a big game in their favor from outside the ocean.

      Judging by the number of equipment and soldiers, they are not even enough for the crews, this suggests that they want to fight to the last Estonian, Ukrainian, Pole. And the supplied second-hand equipment from Iraq in sand color
  11. Aleksey_K
    Aleksey_K 14 January 2017 20: 28
    Yes, everything is simple, America and NATO need to send troops into Ukraine, but now they can’t do it directly, there is no reason and Ukraine is not a NATO member. But, they can do this very simply:
    A significant part of Poland now belongs to Ukraine before 1939. Since Ukraine supported the declaration of the fallacy of the Molotov-Ribentrop Pact, and it was concluded that because of this, Germany attacked Poland, and then the USSR chopped off a significant part of Poland, which moved to Ukraine, Poland will simply demand Ukraine to give these lands .
    The following are several scenarios:
    1. Ukraine voluntarily gives these lands to Poland. In this case, the people of Ukraine, who find themselves in Poland, begin civil disobedience and a civil war begins. To suppress the popular rebellion, American troops are needed here. They pacify rebellion, the sea of ​​corpses and refugees in the direction of Russia. It should be noted that these refugees will be nationalists and Russophobes. Russia has economic and national problems. American and NATO bases are few, but approaching Russia.
    2. Ukraine does not give its land to Poland. Poland declares war on Ukraine and enters its troops, and America enters its troops into Ukraine. Ukraine will not be able to resist the joint onslaught, perhaps NATO will also take part in this, as in Yugoslavia and Libya. The territory of Ukraine will be occupied and, bypassing NATO rules, NATO and America bases will be formed in Ukraine, missile units will be deployed, and nuclear and non-nuclear missiles will be even closer to Russia. Ukraine will become the territory under the control of America and America will have full access to the Black Sea and introduce its fleet for a future war with Russia.
    3. This option begins, as in paragraph 2, but Ukraine asks for help from Russia. And here are also a few options:
    3.1. Russia does not help Ukraine - this is completely the 2-th option;
    3.2. Russia a little later brings troops into Ukraine and the third world war begins with America and NATO;
    3.3. Russia, prior to the request of Ukraine, proactively introduces its troops into Ukraine. And it confronts America and NATO with the fact that they are committing aggression against Russia and warns that Russia's response will be crushing.
    Definitely, the introduction of American troops into Poland and the Baltic states is needed to start a war with Russia, because the entry of American and NATO troops into Ukraine for Russia is a threat of war in the near future.
    1. teder
      teder 14 January 2017 20: 34
      Quote: Алексей_К
      then Poland will simply demand Ukraine to give these lands.

      Alexey, is it that simple to take and present? belay
    2. EDDI 76
      EDDI 76 14 January 2017 22: 46
      you fanned the passion, I do not want to endure ukrov in Russia
  12. Ivan Tucha
    Ivan Tucha 14 January 2017 20: 34
    2.5 thousand units armored vehicles is a serious application .. do not pay attention to this.
  13. Flinky
    Flinky 14 January 2017 21: 19
    It’s not necessary to be afraid, but it’s worth considering.
  14. Strength
    Strength 14 January 2017 21: 44
    A war between countries possessing nuclear weapons can only be nuclear, another war is impossible. Therefore, even if the West draws all its forces to the borders of Russia to a single tank, a soldier, an airplane, they still don’t need to be afraid. They need more missile defense. So to procrastinate this topic is already tired.
    1. mr.redpartizan
      mr.redpartizan 15 January 2017 13: 38
      Everything is correct. We are safe as long as our ICBMs are capable of reaching targets in enemy territory. Missile defense and MRBM are a serious threat, and meat and equipment can be easily destroyed by a massive strike with missiles and bombs with nuclear warheads. A full salvo of one "Baton" 949A against targets on land - and there is no more Germany or Poland. "Granite" with a 500 kt thermonuclear warhead is capable of hitting a ground target, orienting itself only with the help of an INS, but with such a charge power, even a miss in a kilometer will not save the enemy.
  15. EDDI 76
    EDDI 76 14 January 2017 22: 43
    I finally do not care for NATO, because they themselves piss
  16. Sergey Voronezhsky
    Sergey Voronezhsky 14 January 2017 22: 48
    And with Poland and America to end deep relations. To smack the Poles first. Well, sooner or later, you still have to deal with ami.
  17. rpek32
    rpek32 15 January 2017 00: 31
    whether to be afraid

    we don’t have an army that the author asks such questions? lol
  18. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 15 January 2017 09: 23
    All this hysteria and fuss for pumping budget money out of nervous Europeans for military spending for American arms sellers. Business and nothing personal. A well-fed West will not fight, does not want, and cannot, because there is nobody.
  19. behemot
    behemot 15 January 2017 09: 32
    3500 manpower
    2500 armored vehicles
    35/25 = 1,4 people per 1 armored vehicles. As it does not fit. Or 1 tank 3 spare?
  20. Leonid Har
    Leonid Har 15 January 2017 10: 45
    No. Do not be afraid. Strength and spirit is not enough.
  21. Ilja2016
    Ilja2016 15 January 2017 12: 33
    It is not necessary to be afraid of these scum, but the powder must be kept dry.
  22. commbatant
    commbatant 16 January 2017 22: 52
    And here, meanwhile, in the former LVO there are only VDD and a couple of small and medium business units.