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Results of the week. "Golden hands - to whatever touches, all smithereens!"

Theater one actor

Kadyrov made an entry on Instagram, in which he cursed Joseph Stalin for the deportation of the Chechen people. The record, which has already managed to make a lot of noise, looks like this:

“Our ancestors faced inhuman tests, but showed miracles of perseverance and courage. After the horrors of the deportation, they found the strength to live and build on their native land. Joseph Stalin led the Chechen and other peoples to the edge of the abyss. Be he damned forever! ”

Results of the week. "Golden hands - to whatever touches, all smithereens!"

Apparently, the authority of the head of the Chechen Republic applies not only to secular activities, but also to activities of a religious and even occult nature. Well, in fact ... the very phrase “the head of Chechnya cursed” already looks like part of the name of the Hollywood horror. Tomorrow, Ramzan Akhmatovich can continue the outpouring of his anger by sewing a mustache with a rag doll with stars of the Generalissimo and piercing it with needles? .. Somehow all this is theatrical for a person invested with power ...

Comments from our readers:

I think, history he knows, they began to forget about him, he didn’t shine for a long time, and came forward with this provocation, and at the same time he saddled a wave of universal spat of the Soviet past. Well, of course, it was flattering to the Chechens to hear, and then, look ahead, against the background of cutting handouts from the Kadyrov Kremlin, the local elders would put them in forks.

In vain Kadyrov is so about Stalin!
First, if the USSR, under the leadership of Stalin had not won the Second World War, there would have been no Chechnya today.
Secondly, Kadyrov’s statement says that he doesn’t know the history well and acts as a Chechen nationalist.
In Russia and under Nicholas II during WWI, and under Stalin during WWII - unlike in other countries of the world - the unreliable ethnic population was never deported to the rear of the country, but destroyed on the ground in camps.

The same thing happened with the Germans. They were also deported from the border areas of the USSR with the enemy to the rear of the country. The Germans were also unhappy.

It is wrong for Kadyrov to speculate on a nationalist plane in the historical rehabilitation of the Chechen people. It turns out that in vain the Chechens were rehabilitated after the war. Against their background, as well as against the background of the Crimean Tatars, and Soviet Germans also require rehabilitation, but after all, the Soviet Volksdeutsche — and this is proved — served in the SS forces.

"Unreliable ethnic population ..." bent cool, not?

What the hell, "forget", if he did not know this ever!
If his dad had said that, it would have been a POSITION with which one could agree or challenge. And if it is said by someone who, on his own skin, has not experienced it, then it looks like a muffled breach from the gateway: "Here I am, listen to me, everyone who has a good ear - I am and I can be woof-woof-woof !!! "
If this is “for our own people”, then figs with it, and if a division begins to form under this slogan, then an adequate response is needed, and this is the case of the competent authorities ...

Horses are not satisfied?

“Glory” Bilzho, as it turned out, does not give rest to another leader of the “dissenting front” Mr. Nevzorov. On “Echo of Moscow”, this, if one may say so, the figure gave out an infinitely cynical material called “The Heavy Zoya”, in which he also presented himself as such a specialist, ascended “over the fight of liberals and patriots”.

And what can I say ... A person has a crisis of attention, there is already no hippo-satisfaction; does not insert, as they say ... So I decided to verbally convey on the subject as a follower of Bilzho. "Well, since they started talking about Bilzho, they will start talking about me." And it was not wrong. They say. Although between the terms "speak" and "mother" there is a definite difference. If she arranges the author of the Echo text about Zoya Kosmodemyanskoy, then it is quite possible to paraphrase his own gem: “It’s only the savages and terrorists who can slander the history of feats committed during the Great Patriotic War by the guerrillas.”

Comments from our readers:

A man, or a man, or ... Here Nevzorov, he is "either", so that before that he was not a normal man. Just now he is experiencing a break from his name, has ceased to sound from the screens and he does not have a product that will again bring him to the general public. The absence of media fame and, accordingly, the “need” amount of money, was highlighted in front of the philistine by that “little bastard”, which Nevzorov had always been. Now, in order to draw attention to himself, he shits in relation to Russia, its people and national heroes. Only now, if people remember Zoya for 75 years, then Nevzorov for the people has already died, and they will forget about it the very next day after news about death An abomination, in one word.

Another offended by the power: doing horses, gained a horse mind. Here, even to comment, refute, argue there is no desire, no need. Traitors of Russia were and still will be. But, thank God, the Lord is defending us from them and does not allow such bastards to stick out further "Echo" or similar to "Ehu" an abominable studio, watering the mud of Russia and its citizens, the people.

DO NOT offend horses !!! One of the most intelligent and loyal animals.

I read a lot, almost all the comments. I don’t understand many commentators, read Nevzorov’s biography: "... Mother maternal - General MGB Georgy Vladimirovich Nevzorov - headed 1946 — 1955 for years The NKVD Directorate for Combating the Banditry of“ Forest Brothers ”in the Lithuanian SSR ..." Chubais came from the family of a colonel is a political worker (the father was the head of the department of Scientific Communism), Gaidar is the son of Rear Admiral a political worker ... and even our Prime Minister Medvedev is the son of a professor who taught scientific communism. Guys, communists, I have a question for you: in your party who brought up? If real Leninists glorified Pavlik Morozov, then why scold Nevzorov? He is a product of communist education, he is a real Leninist.

Political Commander, political officer, psychologist or educator?

The newspaper "Izvestia" reports that on the combat and auxiliary units (including submarines) of the Russian Navy there will again be deputy commanders for work with personnel (the lock on the radar).

But far from all servicemen (both current and retired) took this news with a positive. Many, under the term of deputy commander for radar (or BP), imagined a sort of political pattern in an overcoat and with a revolver in a wooden holster, which in the mess-room on scarlet cloth will unfold the clipping from Pravda or in the modern version scroll on the tablet the latest issue of Vesti Nedeli with Dmitry Kiselyov ... The rest reacted to the news more calmly ...

Comments from our readers:

Quote: Bath
“Doubtful position due to the lack of official ideology”
It's not about ideology. The military has one ideology - to defend the Motherland. And to provide a favorable psychological climate in the military team, to resolve conflicting or difficult life situations in the team someone must.

I completely agree! And it does not matter what he is called, this officer: commissioner, political instructor, deputy commander, pom. radar, deputy. on BP or something else, the main thing is that he was literate in all respects a professional. And we have an ideology - to protect our MOTHERLAND!

I believe that at the moment a deputy for work with personnel is needed. But someone has to explain to the staff, how the liberast differs from the pederast, Memorial from Pamyati, democracy from "universal human values."

In general, it was precisely for this that the political leaders were intended in the Soviet Army. If they were engaged in what they were supposed to, and not in organizing the leisure of commanders and extracting a deficit in the military administration, then in 1991, at an all-army officer meeting, they would have retained a single army, and perhaps the Union.

Petrol tank

The newspaper Kommersant, citing unnamed sources, reports that Russia will cut oil supplies to Belarus in the first quarter of the year that has begun by 0,5 million tons. Instead of the planned 4,5 million tons, Minsk will be sent around 4-x.

But what are you for such fiends - oil for But father regretted ?! Half a million there, half a million here, but a person must somehow spin in order for the salmon to spawn more actively in the Belarusian seas. The president wanted to fuck, oil and gasoline to sell, so no, you know, just turn off the valve. Is the Belarusian salmon really stuffed, or did we zazhralis? ..

Comments from our readers:

Again, father, stepfather for his - wants to cash in, selling gas and oil to Geyrop and Dill, bought cheaply supposedly "for himself"!

But father will finish playing and ... it is necessary to prepare one more plot for a house near Rostov ...

Think: why else would Belarus join this CU? In my opinion, it is natural that they are trying to get the most out of this cooperation.

What Russia gets in return and whether it is equivalent to what it gives is a separate question. Sick question, I would say. This relationship does not look healthy.

Well, the Russian Federation is pursuing a multi-vector policy, establishing relations, for example, with Israel and Iran. There is nothing wrong with that.
This is different. The Old Man, selling fuels and lubricants to Kiev, unwittingly supports the actions of Svidomo in the Donbas. And of course smuggling. Kazakhstan of the Russian Federation regarding the smuggling with the PRC was harshly stopped (up to the Russian border guards on our borders with the Kyrgyz and Chinese), when the vehicle was created. And in Minsk this is almost a legal source of income - our villagers suffer from this, while Westerners are cashing in with Old Man. This must be stopped and rigidly, even until it is detached from the EAEU. He is offered 130 gas, Kiev for 180, west under 200; and he wants to 80 - "arrogance, second happiness" is called. And despite the fact that without the Russian Federation, Minsk simply will not survive - Ukraine shows this. Modest need to be the Old Man, and not a bully nose.

Association from May Hart

A year has passed since the agreement on the association of Ukraine with the European Union was fully earned, and a free trade zone opened. Analysts and experts took up calculators to sum up the first results and calculate the benefit from this tempting contract for Ukrainians.

How disappointed? It can not be ... And this is after the overthrow of the hated Yanukovych and the receipt of a dozen loans under Ukrainian property right down to the ground, the depths and the income of future generations? This is not true! On the contrary, everyone is happy about such progress in the Square - the Ukrainian media rightly say: “there has been an increase in mortality due to joy for throwing off the shackles and striving for a European future.”

Comments from our readers:

For that fought for it and ran. They do not know how to read. When they signed the Filkina, they gave a penny - they took the ruble away, they just fooled like suckers. Well, let them otduvuyutsya. Although someone has heated his hands well.

One of you
Back in 2013, when Yanukovych, as a poor girl for marriage, decided which of the two suitors to give preference, familiar from Ukraine as a naive child, foaming at the mouth, wrote me all the future benefits and dividends that the EU would give them.

I did not persuade him then, but simply advised him to pay attention to the economic situation in Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic States, which, after joining the EU, did not receive any benefits and dividends, but only ruined many sectors of their economy and now live on subsidies from the center, t . Brussels.

Then he answered me that everything would be different with Ukraine. At the end of 2014, he told me that he was wrong and blindly believed local politicians and the media, and at the beginning of 2015, he moved, temporarily, to work in Russia, because his company was closed due to unprofitability and the lack of markets for products. Now decides with his family about moving to permanent residence in Russia. By the way, he comes from Western Ukraine. This is the association with the EU.

Everything is expected, everything is predictable.
I liked the Christmas joke:
"With the coming of you! - said the rake"

Association with the EU is a rake for the people of any country. But since the Ukrainians wanted to attack - this is not a simple, but a special, European rake. True, the head from it no less painful. And the head hurts, because those who have yet survived do not know how they will survive tomorrow. Here she is "Tse Europe!"

The happiness of the Baltic

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her readiness to protect the Baltic countries in the event of aggression by the Russian Federation.

Redeployed american Tanks and American, Canadian, British and German troops arriving in Poland and the Baltic states - this is the real dream of every Baltic state. The NATO soldier poured into a flowerbed - read, marked the territory for protection against the Russian aggressor - the enemy will not pass. He grabbed the local Jadwig by the buttocks, galloped forged boots on the hood and roof of the taxi - made it clear that he would protect him seriously and for a long time. The Baltics are crying with happiness.

Comments from our readers:

Every woman who has come to politics begins to wrung out Margaret Thatcher or Indira Gandhi, but in the end they even fall short of the Cicciolins ...

We must return to the sending of the question of the Russian attack on the Baltic States. And then ask yourself: do we need it? The answer comes right there - no, don't. Let them sit quietly and do not bark, then they will forget about everyone in general, while they themselves will quietly die of their own independence. But just in oblivion, the whole thing is this - I really do not want this either by the Baltic non-gamers themselves, or by the gentlemen from NATO, who receive quite good incomes from this hysteria.

Russia has no interests in the Baltic countries. I studied these republics in sufficient detail. My responsibilities for work and service, in addition to creating new enterprises, included the equipment of all civil and military airfields and airports. We have done our job. The republics were prosperous, with a wide network of educational institutions. And now Russia does not need them. Let them bend and lose their population.
Chamberlain's head, but Briand's head too. So they said in our time. I have the honor.

Hello, Kiev, New Year ...

The armed forces of Ukraine confirmed the seizure of territories in the area of ​​the settlement of Debaltseve. We remind that earlier such information was distributed by the so-called Ukrainian volunteers. The positions of the Ukrainian troops occupied Svetlodar arc, relocating there several of its units and military equipment.

From the moment of the beginning of the new year, the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine continued what it was doing in the past, before last and after last year. The phrase “Minsk agreements” during this time managed to turn into a short joke. That's just funny in this joke really nothing. Every day Donbas lived through is blood, carried away human lives, destruction, tears of women and children.

Trump priyde - order put it? Oh well...

Comments from our readers:

What is the reaction? From whom? The OSCE has a priority - European security. For them, the violation will be considered as the approach of the front line to Europe, i.e. offset to the west. As long as the front line moves east, they do not consider this a violation.

The gray devils of the “strongest army in the world” occupied the gray zone, and the joys are full of pants from the saucepan fighters. Well, knock them out once again from there and the business of something ... Dill utilization program goes strictly according to the schedule prescribed by their sponsors.

Black Colonel
In fact, there is a program for the disposal of the Russian world by the hands of the Russians themselves. After all, whatever one may say, these are the same Russians, only stupefied. Unfortunately.

Ilya Zhmerinets

The next "scientific achievement" was noted by representatives of the main military department of Ukraine. Ukrainian media published data on the activities of the country's Defense Ministry, which led to the ministry's decision to edit Wikipedia, or rather, in several of its articles from the Ukrainian segment. We are talking about an article telling about the epic hero Ilya of Murom.

For the first time such statements from Ukraine? Of course not. They are parading around Red Square since the spring of 2014. Who is in the pans, who is on the "barefoot" head ... Predict the attack of the Russian Federation, then from Sivash, then from space from about the same moment. History and literature (including epic) have been rewritten for a long time.

As they say in RuNet, after Ilya Muromets, Ukrainian specialists simply by definition have to admit that Winnie the Pooh’s homeland is Vinnitsa and Crocodile Genes are Genichesk ... the Defense Ministry and the SBU are already correcting Wikipedia and the downloaded copy of the British.

Comments from our readers:

Yes, yes, that's how it was
Ilya was exactly Muromchenko
It was from ukrov and mare
(Stable Lviv native)
Dobrynya was from Lutsk
Himself in bloomers and with a mustache
Osdelets wore fashion ...
(And blue-yellow horse. Mostly)
And then everything is clear
Popovichenko was Alyosha
He was a noble Cossack
(Of the Cossacks was the horse)
Was Yadvigoyu forest
And not Yagoy was called stupidly
Old woman with torn broom
(From Kiev there was a stupa)
Koschey Bessmertenko over gold
In the bushes of Poltava something withers
Khokhlov on the move covers the mat
(A horse here doesn't smell like that)
And then everything is like in a scary fairy tale.
Epic all the Ukrainians crowd
On generalovskoy pointer
With a bad headache ...

So ..... Geletei Ilovaisky promised a parade of victory in the "Ukrainian" Sevastopol to hold.
This utyrok went even further. Lord, do they ever have the enlightenment of the remnants of the mind come? BUT? Well, ches word, like small children ...

They have already held one parade ..... August 24 2014 of the year in Donetsk.

There may be serious consequences.

This week reported a rocket attack on the airfield Mezza in the south-west of the Syrian capital, inflicted by the Israeli Air Force aircraft. Several rockets exploded several dozen meters from the runway of the airfield, a fire broke out. Fire brigades were pulled to the scene to cope with the effects of an air attack. The Syrian authorities made a statement saying that Israel could have serious consequences in connection with an act of aggression against a sovereign state.

According to the latest data, Israeli aviation launched missile strikes on the Syrian airfield without entering the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic. Moreover, attacks on the Mezze are far from the first Israeli military aggression against Syria. Earlier, Israel repeatedly bombarded the positions of the Syrian army, indicating that the Syrian army and Assad personally are responsible for the fact that militants from various terrorist groups fire from Syrian territory.

Comments from our readers:

So far, the Syrian government has blamed Israel for the attack, Israel has not commented, no more information. At least, on our resources so write.

But Israel, too, did not seem to have refuted it, so there is reason to believe this message is credible. Then the commissions, committees, etc. are examined. Now everyone can only make statements.

Not the first and not the last time. Apparently, there was something in the warehouse at this base intended for Hezbollah. Israel has long made it a rule to destroy Hezbollah’s warehouses, convoys and units, which manage to get progressive weapon or there is a risk of its receipt.

On truck crane and truck

From Israel receives information about the terrorist act in Jerusalem. According to media reports, the truck crane at full speed crashed into a group of people who were on the sidewalk. As a result of the incident, at least 4 people died, 15 were injured and of varying degrees of severity. Four victims are in serious condition.

The terrorist act was carried out in the area of ​​the pedestrian route "Tayelet", near the parking lot. At that moment there was a group of military personnel. It is among the military noted the greatest number of victims. Among the dead - three women and one man.

Another terrorist act, with the use of a truck, occurred in Egypt. A truck rammed the gate of a police station in the province of North Sinai. Then militants ran into the police station and began to throw grenades at the main police building. A fire broke out in the building. According to others, the car was mined, and the terrorist driving the truck committed a self-detonation.

The victims of the attack were at least 10 people, 22 were injured of varying degrees of severity.

The Sinai Peninsula, we note, is considered the den of militants close to the "IG" (prohibited in the Russian Federation).

Egyptian intelligence agencies recently spread a message that, in 2016, terrorists from groups operating in the Sinai Peninsula committed an 34 terrorist attack outside the province of North Sinai in 66. It is also indicated that there are fewer terrorist attacks on 2015 than in XNUMX. Such information was presented as a major success in the fight against terrorism in Egypt.

Comments from our readers:

Here you go. And yesterday I was talking to a friend in Israel about security. He assured that they have everything at the highest level, and you can safely come. So much for the result!

It is impossible to guarantee 100% security even in a country like Israel, where the security services are among the best in the world. Relatives of the victims my condolences. It is impossible to approve the killing of innocent people, even if these peaceful people are citizens of a country that often neglects the same universal rules.

Is that now, every day on the attack? It is time to press ISIS (banned in Russia).

Hey. As long as there is no understanding in the heads of the rulers that terrorism cannot be tamed for use in their selfish purposes, the dodavilka will not work. Yesterday in Turkey, today in Egypt ... "Hu from next"? It seems to me.

Did not go to the radio contact

A military incident occurred in the Strait of Hormuz. It is said that four boats of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps tried to get close to the US destroyer Mahan. Representatives of the US Navy headquarters claim that when the distance was about half a mile (sea), the destroyer "was forced to open fire."

Clarifies that the fire was warning. The order on shooting was given by the commander of the American warship to the crew after “they failed to establish radio contact with the boats of Iran”.

From the report: “They (the KSIR boats) did not respond to the demands to slow down and not to approach the destroyer“ Mahan ”.

Americans probably forgot about the concept of territorial waters. Washington has become impudent so much that it allows itself not to reckon with the fact that water can be alien. Iranian, for example.

Why is there to be surprised when the probable US Secretary of State Mr. Tillerson even today threatens Beijing, intending to “block” the Chinese in the South China Sea?

With such maritime provocations, the Americans will definitely arrange a third world war in the coming years. Or at least a major military clash. "Hegemon" literally "lured the coast."

Comments from our readers:

Let them get used exceptional. It is necessary to press them everywhere and everywhere, so that they know that the killers are unwanted guests everywhere.

Quote: newbie. “Let them get used exceptional. It is necessary to press them everywhere and everywhere, so that they know that the murderers are unwanted guests everywhere. ”
“Despite numerous attempts by“ Sharp-witted ”, the crew of the Turkish seiner did not make radio contact with Russian sailors and did not respond to special visual signals of the light semaphore and signal missiles, the Defense Ministry emphasized. “When the Turkish seiner approached the Russian patrol ship at a distance of about 600 meters, small arms were used to prevent the collision of the ships, while the Turkish ship was moving at a guaranteed non-hit distance.”

We are in the Black Sea at home, and the mattresses in the Strait of Hormuz are unwanted guests. If Iranian boats came out to them, then this most likely means that the mattresses approached the Iranian territorial waters. I think it was a deliberate provocation.

Ukrainians are perplexed, Chinese trade

In Ukraine, commented on the information that appeared in the Thai media about Bangkok's readiness to break cooperation with Kiev under the contract for the supply of tanks "Oplot". Recall that the Thai press, referring to the General Staff of the armed forces of the country, said that preference could be given to Chinese tanks VT4.

Kharkiv State Enterprise "Malyshev Plant", reportedly, "with bewilderment" took the news from Thailand. According to the press service of the Ukrainian plant, "the contract for the supply of Ukrainian tanks" Oplot "is carried out on schedule."

Ukrainian "bewilderment" is inappropriate. Ukraine simply does not fulfill the contract. Contract for the supply to Thailand of Oplot tanks with a total value of 250 million dollars was imprisoned back in the 2011 year, and the deadline for implementation was the 2014 year. Until now, the Ukrainians have put the Thais ... just 20 machines. Recall now 2017 year.

Comments from our readers:

Svidomye, as always, in his repertoire: they themselves disrupt the execution of the contract and "perplexed." It is good that (following the example of the owners of the land) do not "express concern."

Just one question. Barrel for a gun on this "Stronghold" where they take? In Russia, they buy or remove old Soviet tanks. If the Soviet tanks, it is not a "Oplot", and "Metallubruht."

What is there to understand something? Prepay sawed a long time ago, that drive a monkey by the nose. Thais threw you, smile.

Unconstitutional "impeachment"

The Venezuelan Parliament made a statement, from which it follows that the country's President Nicolas Maduro allegedly resigned. The report says that the majority of Venezuelan parliamentarians found Maduro "not performing their duties properly." Parliament accused the president of negligence and violation of presidential duty.

The statement about the removal of the president of Venezuela from his duties indirectly hints that this kind of idea was thrown to parliamentarians by those who are not aware of Venezuelan legislation at all. The fact is that the parliament has no opportunity to suspend the president and declare impeachment to him. The law of the country spelled out the procedure for the possible removal from office of the head of state. But on the basis of this procedure, a nationwide referendum must be held, and consisting of three stages.

Where does the wind come from? The fact is that the Venezuelan parliament has an opposition majority, which is trying by all means, including illegal ones, is trying to overthrow Nicolas Maduro.

However, the Supreme Court of Venezuela recognized the decision of parliamentarians as legally null and void, stating that parliamentarians do not have the authority to remove the president from power without a plebiscite.

Comments from our readers:

If Maduro does not engage in a tight economy, the inhabitants of the country themselves will throw him out into the cold without any help! Chavez, having come to power, began to do something, also heaping up mistakes, but he did, and he had charisma, and Maduro looks very faded against the background of frantic Hugo, and he still doesn’t do a damn ...

Only on the eve of the salary of workers raised.

The salary was doubled, and inflation was several hundred percent. Doliberalnichayut! There is no hard dictatorship.

So the people reached the “handle”, which is surprising ... I am afraid that Maduro will not hold back, he does not have the strength and charisma that his predecessor had ...

To remember

Recently, the Japanese authorities recalled their ambassador from the Republic of Korea and the Consul General from the South Korean city of Busan. This was at a specially convened press conference in Tokyo, said the Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of the country Yoshihide Suga. The reason for the diplomatic demarche was the installation in front of the Consulate General of Japan in Busan, a monument to "women for consolation". So called Korean women who during the Second World War were forcibly forced to work in the brothels of the Japanese army.

The painful political question of “women for consolation” has long been the focus of relations between the two countries. In 2011, in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul, columnist G. Granovsky reminds, they installed a sculpture similar to the one that appeared today in Busan.

By the end of 2015, Japan and Korea agreed to cooperate on sexual slavery during the Second World War. Japan then acknowledged its “deep responsibility” for the problem of “women for comfort”. In August 2016, the Japanese government even allocated 1 billion yen (about $ 8,5 million at the current rate) to the South Korean "Reconciliation and Healing Foundation." This organization helps surviving women who are victims of sexual violence during the Japanese occupation.

As we see, Japan’s recognition of responsibility for past actions did not alleviate the problem.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
"... the Japanese did not repent of their war crimes ..."
Totally agree.
Japan honors its war criminals.
The Chinese, Koreans have not forgotten and are not going to forget the mass genocide of their peoples, and we should do the same so that the Japanese government does not even think of making any claims to us.
The German government has already become impudent in this regard - they are beginning to lecture us, how we should behave ... We have lived! The country-winner in the Second World War ...
It must always be remembered ...

The more economically and, consequently, militarily, Russia weakens, the greater will be our complaints.
The return of sea areas in the Bering Sea of ​​the United States, in the Barents Sea of ​​Norway, the large islands in the Khabarovsk region to China, the lease of large areas in the Trans-Baikal Territory and in the Far East to China for a considerable period is only flowers.
With such a policy that is now carried out by the oligarchic government, there will be berries. Unfortunately, there is a very negative trend.

Ah, these kind, smiling Japanese people, with a smile will cut your throat, you should turn your back.

It is necessary to be friends with the Japanese as with the neighbors in the earthbound dormitory ... The contact points with them are a million, starting with the lands and ending with the factories for the processing of solid waste. It is necessary to negotiate with them and offer options that will suit us. For example, let Japan remove the US military bases from its territory ... These are the very people who are ready to do something in the name of something, and not wait for the profits from the transit pipes, like certain former comrades. Foreign policy makes the economy. And when she "sleeps" and convinces us that a tit is thicker in "private hands", by holding privatization auctions, you can blame everything on ... the Japanese. Their sun rises first ...

Clear or sober?

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson noted a very unexpected step. Earlier, the head of the British Foreign Ministry, who constantly criticized Russia, speaking at a meeting with US congressmen, suddenly declared that their position on “demonizing Russia is fundamentally wrong”. Boris Johnson noted that it was time to move from attempts to “isolate Russia” to a strategy of “engagement and attention (vigilance).”

Mr. Johnson made his statement a few hours after it became known that the American congressmen were once again discussing the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions. This time, sanctions in the United States are not called personal or even sectoral, but “comprehensive.”

Not otherwise, Mr. Johnson quit drinking. Previously, he loved to boast about the harmful habit of pumping in the morning whiskey following the example of his idol - Churchill. When he was the mayor of a large city, the aforementioned Johnson even drunkenly wrote newspaper articles. Not always, but to encourage the muse with a glass or another to him.

But now, after sobering up, the minister suddenly saw that the world was heading for a third world war. He also saw demons pushing the planet to a catastrophe. He saw them not in Russia, but in the United States of America ...

If Johnson will not drink another week, he will find demons in London.

Comments from our readers:

Has he been cut off the communication channel with Mars for non-payment?

On Europe found cold. Arctic cyclone GDP sent to remind the Europeans, who heats them. True, their memory is rather short - in the spring they will start singing in a new way.

Major Yurik
I think Russian hackers went into the head of this clown and, not finding a brain there, left a note! Here is the text he voiced!

President is new, the threat is old

Donald Trump is ready to continue Obama's “crusade”: future Secretary of State Mr. Tillerson is going to include Russia on the list of priority threats to the United States. The alleged US foreign affairs minister accuses Moscow of ignoring American interests and demands that she be brought to justice. Meanwhile, Mr. Obama, who collects things in preparation for leaving the White House, said that Russia has no chance of equalizing world influence with the United States.

Democrat B.H. Obama seems to be counting on republican continuity of power. Parties are different - the line is one. His unshakable confidence, as well as Mr. Tillerson’s fervent speech, which mentions Russia's “threat,” speak of Trump’s finished line.

The new president, strange as it may sound for his other fans from Russia, will continue the old line in relation to Moscow. The bitter outcome for Mr. Obama may be a partial repeal of Trump decrees relating to the reform of US medical programs; As for foreign policy, Trump, no matter how he tried to follow his pre-election speeches, does not pursue this policy all alone. If his candidate for state secretary does not show a sufficient degree of Russophobia, he simply will not become state secretary.

Comments from our readers:

The potatoes are still in the garden, and they are already pouring oil into the pan for frying !!! It can be seen, a lot of energy - nowhere to go !!! Come to Kerch - to finish the bridge !!!!! Extra hands are not a hindrance !!!!!

34 region
... We are accused of ignoring the interests of the United States. In both! Everyone should work only for the benefit of the United States ?! Well, the EU seems to be working for the good of the United States. But only the EU States framed well. Sanctions against Russia are beating on the EU. Help in the overthrow of the Arab "dictators" turned into waves of refugees. Turkey, which had been walking on its hind legs for many years, almost got a coup d'état. And in connection with all the events, the question arises: is it worth it so hard to try to build partnerships? After all, according to the US version, the best partner is dead. And in vain, probably, oh, in vain, Putin is so actively selling off state assets to Western partners. Such activity is more like a surrender than resistance. And the more we donate, the more we will be despised. How much we have given, but no one wants to reckon with our interests.

Well, in that it is necessary to build relationships, there is nothing bad. Just the relationship should be equal and taking into account mutual interest, and not like a master and a slave. The fact that the state is wasting good things is, of course, little good, because it is dictated by the government’s desire to minutely gouge holes in the budget, not thinking that there will be nothing to sell tomorrow, but the holes will remain and until it starts to pour in funds in the real economy and increase the taxable base, little will change. However, name those state assets in which the state has lost a controlling stake over the past 10 years? Yes, strictly speaking, no one has canceled nationalization either. Lenin forgave the West all the debts of Russia, and only EBN fit into their repayment.

* “Golden Hands - no matter what, all smithereens!” - a phrase from the movie “Days of the Turbins

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  1. Olgovich
    Olgovich 15 January 2017 06: 58
    Tatyana: In Russia and under Nicholas II during WWI, and under Stalin during WWII - unlike other countries in the world - unreliable ethnic population never deported to the rear of the country, and destroyed in the camps.

    How can SUCH write ?! belay The mind is incomprehensible! request
    1. Architects
      Architects 15 January 2017 07: 47
      She correctly somewhat confused who took away and who "utilized" the population of the front-line (and not only) territories. Liberalism of memory or vision in her
      1. Arberes
        Arberes 15 January 2017 10: 29
        Good day to all, my friends! hi The reign of our next "partner" is coming to an end, and I simply cannot ignore this topic and not sum up some of the results of his reign. For his state, he may have done something, but in many countries he is so ... l that ... well, in general, read and laugh.
        Yes, people with fine mental organization are better not to read THIS!

        Farewell, smelling bad.

        He only has a week left! He ruled for eight long years!
        But he managed to spoil so that there is no power to catch his breath!
        Ah, golden was the time! He spoiled rarely and not evil,
        And here in the last six months, as if the valve had failed.

        His deeds, the stalagmites, have long dotted the whole world.
        Indeed, for him, without exception, the whole world is like a personal toilet.
        The Negro was relieved with rapture to the sound of his soul strings,
        And he spoiled it with love himself spineless Ban Ki-moon!

        All about .... and destroy everything - to see, such is his destiny!
        There is no place on earth where this guy would not crouch.
        Both in the East and in Europe heaped such heaps.
        And in the Jewish settlements he emptied his gut!

        And how much shit did we spit in us? Go, and he ate half a ton ?!
        About ten years we will hiccup his fecal lawlessness!
        But it all ends once, and peace awaits him from business!
        Smelly, ugly peacemaker, all Exceptions and such!

        I apologize in advance for such creativity! But in eight years, so much has accumulated that it is simply impossible not to throw out!
      2. martin-159
        martin-159 15 January 2017 10: 58
        Remind me of what the Japanese did to the United States after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
        1. Cat
          Cat 15 January 2017 12: 31
          In the United States, even Americans with a quarter of Japanese blood were understood as "Japanese"! tongue
          1. martin-159
            martin-159 16 January 2017 18: 44
            That's it!
  2. cap
    cap 15 January 2017 07: 40
    The week has turned out just to hold on. At the international level, there is less and less political politeness, and more and more populism. Statements of everyone about everything, regardless of the rules that are usually characteristic of people who consider themselves cultural. The authors managed to show this in the collection of the past week. Thanks to them as always. The coming week prepares a lot of unexpected in the international plan. The outgoing administration in the States, with all its might, punches the sides of the new "Captain America", extending sanctions to everything that it can reach. We just have to be patient to see and hear. Well, and discuss on our favorite site. hi
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 15 January 2017 08: 33
      Quote: cap
      The upcoming week is preparing a lot of unexpected internationally.

      Yeah. So in the "most-most" it seems like they are preparing the newly elected fate of Kennedy, t.s. "surprise for Trump":
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 January 2017 08: 11
    They have been walking in Red Square parades since the spring of 2014. Someone in the pots, some on the barefoot ... П

    When the head is where they eat, it is not surprising to hear about the parade on Red Square and about tens of thousands of destroyed "Russian aggressors". But even if he removes the pan, this will not add to his mind. Clinic.
    1. Tambov Wolf
      Tambov Wolf 15 January 2017 10: 38
      "Ukrainian inspectors will determine the scale of notifiable military activity in the Rostov region from January 16 to 19," Sergei Ryzhkov, head of the Russian National Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction, said on Monday.
      nt = news & utm_medium = read_more & utm_source = copylink
      We ourselves give reasons for such things. Soon the Kremlin will be invited to check the leadership of the country. as they want. And we are so good and fluffy. We allow everything to create in our country, to anyone. Full impression of the work of our "authorities" on foreign intelligence. And they laughed at Stalin when they were imprisoned for this. Well, yes, the new HSP.
  4. engineering
    engineering 15 January 2017 08: 19
    The next "scientific achievement" was noted by representatives of the main military department of Ukraine. Ukrainian media published data on the activities of the country's Defense Ministry, which led to the ministry's decision to edit Wikipedia, or rather, in several of its articles from the Ukrainian segment. We are talking about an article telling about the epic hero Ilya of Murom.

    Anatoly Stepanovich Ivanov "Eternal Call", Lakhnovsky's monologue.

    “In this century we cannot win. The current generation of people in Russia is too fanatical. To frenzy. Wars usually weakened any people, because, in addition to the physical extermination of a significant part of the people, they uprooted its spiritual roots, trampled and destroyed the most basic foundations of its morality. Burning books, destroying historical monuments, setting up stables in museums and temples ... Hitler also pursues the same goal. But he is too numerous, perhaps, this damned Soviet people of yours ... Or he is some special and incomprehensible ... And as a result of the war he does not weaken, but becomes stronger, his fanaticism and faith in victory do not decrease, but increase. Hitler cannot understand this, and if he understood, he would somehow try to get out of the war. So, he is doomed, and his empire, his thousand-year Reich, on the eve of the collapse ... So, we need to act in a different way. Remember, of course, your Lenin once said: we will go the other way. I read somewhere or heard in a movie ... Well, a good phrase. So we will go another way. We will tear out these spiritual roots of Bolshevism, vulgarize and destroy the main foundations of popular morality. In this way we will shake generation after generation, weaken this Leninist fanaticism. We will take on people from childhood, youth, we will always make the main bet on young people, we will begin to corrupt, corrupt, and corrupt it! - Lakhnovsky's wrinkled eyelids quickly and often twitched, his eyes went round, they splashed, fierce fire flashed, he began to speak louder and louder, and at the end he literally cried out: “Yes, to corrupt!” Corrupt! We will make cynics, vulgarities, cosmopolitans of them!
    Now it’s hard to imagine all this ... to you. Because your head is not filled with what, say, with me. You didn’t think about the future. The war will end - everything will somehow settle down, settle down. And we will throw everything that we have, with what we have ... all the gold, all the material power to fool and fool people! The human brain, the consciousness of people is capable of change. Having sowed chaos there, we discreetly replace their values ​​with false ones and force them to believe in these false values! How do you ask? How?!
    We will educate them! We will do them as much as necessary! And then, hereafter ... from all sides - outside and inside - we will begin to decompose ... now, of course, monolithic, as your people like to repeat
    1. engineering
      engineering 15 January 2017 08: 20
      rulers, societies. We, like worms, will corrode this monolith, perforate it. Be silent! Roared Lakhnovsky, hearing not a voice, but the creak of a chair under Polyipov. - And listen! Together, we will bring down all your historical authorities of your philosophers, scientists, writers, artists - all spiritual and moral idols that the people whom they once worshiped were proud of, to the primitive.
      And when there will be many such people who care about it, things will be done quickly. We will interpret the whole history of Russia, the history of the people as spiritless, as a kingdom of continuous obscurantism and reaction. Gradually, step by step, we will erase the historical memory of all people. And with a people deprived of such a memory, you can do anything. A people that has ceased to be proud of the past, has forgotten the past, will not understand the present either. He will become indifferent to everything, numb and eventually turn into a herd of ... cattle. What is required! What is required! ”
      Earlier in the 80s, while reading the novel “Eternal Call”, I did not even pay attention to this monologue and it didn’t stay in my memory, I stumbled upon a forum by accident. What is happening now, Ukraine has already happened, they sold their historical identity for lace trousers. And they are working hard on Russia, replacing historical facts and distorting the history of the state, deliberately lowering its historical role at the world level, for example, in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 Yes, you can give a lot of examples of how Russophobic propaganda works with xenophobia.
      1. Barkun
        Barkun 16 January 2017 09: 58
        Here is Kochetov's novel "What do you want?" And although all and sundry swear at him, for me personally this book has become a bomb. In the 60s, write this with a stack of foresight!
  5. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 15 January 2017 08: 38
    Is the Belarusian salmon still with a darling, or are we snickering? ..
    Somewhere the horses dance to the beat
    Reluctantly and smoothly.
    It's all wrong along the road
    And in the end - even more so.
    And neither the church nor the tavern -
    Nothing is holy!
    No guys it's not like that
    It's not like that guys! If they began to hate you, then you did a lot of good for him. Do it well a hundred times, and do it badly once, you are bad. Just once again convinced. Russia has no friends except the Army and the Navy. 08.08.08, "Our Crimea". Where is this "friend"? But, in my understanding, a friend is not the one who tries to break up the fight, but the one who, with a blow of his fist, enters the fight for you. And for me, "salmon with a smell". Not so many fishermen in Belarus, plow the vastness of the World Ocean, as Mr. Lukashenko is trying to tell us, in order to catch so much salmon ... it's not like that, Guys ... When lions fight, you don't pay attention to dog bites. But the time will surely come when these wounds will also have to be licked.
    1. Cat
      Cat 15 January 2017 12: 36
      To the grief of mongrels that sometimes lions trample them during a fight between themselves. And we must admit the fact, even unnoticed.
  6. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 15 January 2017 09: 08
    A difficult week has stood out. But Kadyrov really went too far ....... maybe it's time to stop it ???? At the highest level ???
  7. martin-159
    martin-159 15 January 2017 10: 52
    Circus of one clown.
  8. aszzz888
    aszzz888 15 January 2017 10: 59
    Ukrainian "perplexity" is inappropriate.

    The Ukrokakly thought that everyone was happy with them, but business is business. How can you not remember the famous phrase from the movie "12 chairs" about money and chairs! laughing
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 15 January 2017 12: 44
      Quote: aszzz888
      Ukrokakly thought that they were all welcome

      And here is what normal Ukrainians think, who know how to think with their own heads. Woman says what she thinks, but as says you need to hear yourself. I received a lot of pleasure only from the presentation style.
    OLD FART 15 January 2017 14: 19
    The first week after NG ... it’s hard to digest the news ... And yet part of the members of the forum reacts ...)))))) Well, as usual Obama craps, Bandera people simultaneously shoot at villages in the Donbass .. (the parallels are obvious ..) We will avenge and crush the devils! Or are we not Russian ..?

  10. sds87
    sds87 15 January 2017 19: 42
    Quote: STARPER
    We will avenge and crush the devils! Or are we not Russian ..?

    Who should avenge and whom should they crush? And why do you mean that Russians should deal with such acts? The new year has long passed and brains should have weathered in the cold from alcohol fumes. But no - some drunken stupor is still in full swing. To some devils they see, and to different old-timers - the liberoids are continuous. You can laugh from your comment thread. Delirium tremens on the face.
    1. Cat man null
      Cat man null 15 January 2017 19: 46
      Quote: sds87
      The new year has long passed and the brains should have weathered in the cold from alcohol fumes ...

      - ts-sssss !!!
      - this is MIKHAN belay
      - he is always the same, no matter what year it is - New, or even last laughing
    2. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 15 January 2017 19: 50
      Quote: sds87
      Delirium tremens on the face.

      Does Vitalik have delirium tremens? sad And I thought what he called ... request
  11. Baloo
    Baloo 15 January 2017 20: 46
    According to recent reports, Israeli aircraft launched missile strikes on the Syrian airfield without entering the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic

    But what about the S-400? Did they feel the air defense again? So they are preparing the elimination of Assad.
  12. Ragoz
    Ragoz 17 January 2017 01: 03
    All of those listed in this article can be characterized by the term Lavrov "morons"