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Get on or not get on - that is the question!

At his first press conference held in the status of an elected US president, Donald Trump spoke about the proposed foreign policy, including relations with Russia. Trump does not believe that there may be some kind of “reset”, but he expects to “get along” with Putin. However, he may not get along with the owner of the Kremlin. It remains only to tell fortunes in the coffee grounds.

Get on or not get on - that is the question!

We decided to split the main foreign policy topics of the first D. Trump press conference in New York into three points. For the convenience of reading.

Item 1. "If Putin likes me ..."

This item is “hacker”. At the beginning of the press conference, Mr. Trump promised to create protection against hackers: to organize a certain team, which will include the "best minds".

In one room, the “six greatest hacker minds” will gather, and they will be able to build a perfect defense. Trump did not fail to advertise his native Republican Party, while simultaneously ridiculing the Democrats: in his words, the servers of the Democratic Party were “completely open” to attack, and members of the Republican apparatus built a defense that the hackers could not crack. (The FBI, by the way, has a different opinion, but Trump said nothing about it.)

According to Trump, the hackers attacking the United States were from Russia and other countries. At the same time, the experts for some reason did not make a "far-reaching" conclusion from the attacks of non-Russian hackers.

A question was asked about the intelligence report on Russian hacking. Does Mr. Trump agree with the opinion that Putin himself is behind the hacker attacks?

The elected president said that everything was secret, but he responded about the report "Bazfida"calling it "fake news". In his opinion, this report was prepared by “sick people”.

Further, the elect of the American people (more precisely, the electors) noted that hacking is terrible, but you can see what terrible and important things it revealed.

The question followed: “What do you think about Putin wanting to help you in the elections?”

Answer: “If Putin likes me, then it’s rather good!”

“If Putin likes Donald Trump, I consider it an asset, not a vulnerability,” Trump explained. - I will negotiate with Putin, but there is a great chance that we will not agree. And let's be honest: does anyone really think that Hillary would be a tougher negotiator than me? Enough".

“Did Russia have the right to conduct hacker attacks?”

You cannot call a direct answer: “I have no business in Russia and there are no debts there”.

However, the question, we add, was from a series of absurd. Who in the world at all "has the right" to conduct hacker attacks? And who defines this right and gives? Is it not the UN?

After discussing Trump's income and his legal retirement, the main topic of the press conference was again returned to the intelligence officers, Russians and “Putin personally.”

On the question of intelligence and the need for special services Trump did not give a clear answer. Apparently, he does not consider himself competent in this area. Instead of answering, the elected president turned to the previous hacker theme.

Question: "Do you trust the findings of the intelligence community?"

Answer: “Intelligence services are very important! I will instruct my people to prepare a report on hacker attacks within ninety days. ”

He answered another question (about Trump's relationship with US intelligence officers): “It’s very sad when intelligence reports get into the media! This is secret information. ”

Will there be ideas for reforming intelligence services? Apparently not, since Mr. Trump greatly respects the intelligence community.

Then finally, Trump's personal position on hacker hacking and on the alleged involvement in Putin’s hacking became clear.

"Russia will respect us more during my presidency," Trump said. And he added: "Putin should not have hacked us, and I think that from now on he will not hack us."

Item 2. There will be no "reset" with the Russians!

This is about the fact that Trump is not going to follow the course of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at the time of which the so-called reset took place.

According to Donald Trump, the concept of "reset" is inappropriate in the context of the characteristics of the development of relations between the US and Russia.

“There is no reset button. We will either get along or not, ”the elected president said at a press conference.

Trump repeated his thesis: “I don’t know if I can get along with Putin, but I hope so.”

In addition, answering one of the questions, Trump noted that he has no business ties with Russia. The billionaire assures that they will not create such connections: this will lead to a conflict of interest.

Trump also praised Rex Tillerson (the future secretary of state) for his speech to the senators.

Recall, Tillerson set out to include Russia in the list of major threats to the United States. Moreover, he accused Russia of ignoring American interests.

Item 3. A talented person is talented in everything.

Not without political bluster.

The elected president said that he would have done an excellent job in managing both his corporation and the state. He said to himself simply: “I am a talented person.”

He immediately noticed that no one was interested in his tax papers, because he won.

It will probably be noted that in the same “bravura” and quite authoritarian style he will talk about foreign policy when he finds himself in the presidency.

True, such statements will require victory.

* * *

Trump's vision for a future strategy in short: Hillary’s policy would seem mild compared to Donald’s; relations will not be reset; not the fact that the United States will get on with the Russian Federation; Russian hackers participated in the attacks, but in the future Putin “will not hack us”; if Putin likes Trump, then that's good, it's Trump's asset; Trump is talented and knows how to manage everything that comes to hand, ending the state. When he learned to do this, it remains a mystery.

Sources of broadcast press conference: "Meduza", RIA News",, "Vedomosti".

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Teberii
    Teberii 12 January 2017 09: 06 New
    Trump is a smug subject, how it can affect foreign policy. It's hard to say, but such people get very quickly offended if they don't get what they want.
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 12 January 2017 09: 12 New
      Quote: Teberii
      It’s hard to say, but such people get offended very quickly if they don’t get what they want.

      If Trump was too touchy, he would not build his empire. It seems to me that he is pragmatic and I hope that it is his positive trait that will allow us to find a common language.
      1. Teberii
        Teberii 12 January 2017 09: 16 New
        On whose bones he built it and how he built it, politics is not business.
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 12 January 2017 09: 26 New
          Quote: Teberii
          politics is not a business.

          You are mistaken! This can be closely related, for example: many people go into politics with us, precisely because of their business!
          1. cap
            cap 12 January 2017 10: 18 New
            Quote: SRC P-15
            Quote: Teberii
            politics is not a business.

            You are mistaken! This can be closely related, for example: many people go into politics with us, precisely because of their business!

            By the end of its term, it will become a trillionaire. laughing
    2. Orel
      Orel 12 January 2017 09: 25 New
      Quote: Teberii
      Trump is a smug subject, how it can affect foreign policy. It's hard to say, but such people get very quickly offended if they don't get what they want.

      It is what it is. We will see. Do not forget the main thing, as if we did not want Trump to be more loyal, but Trump is formerly the President of the United States and he will defend US interests in the first place. Obama is leaving. What Trump will be is not clear. For the US, Obama has done a lot of good things that Trump will see.

      Whoever said that, but Obama has achievements in the USA. It didn’t work out so well in the world, but he is the president of the United States and tried for them. The excerpt from McFaul's interview on Obama’s presidency is, in principle, very true:

      - Firstly, Barack Obama saved the American economy. I think this is his main achievement as president. Moreover, indirectly, he also saved the economy of the whole world. If you remember, in the fall of 2008, even before Obama came to the White House, a tremendous financial crisis erupted, which provoked a recession in the economy around the world. And the president took a number of rather tough measures to save the automotive industry and stabilize the economy as a whole. Now, before his departure, our economy looks better than ever in recent decades. The unemployment rate is record low - 4,6%, about eight million jobs have been created in eight years, the economy is growing at a high rate for a developed industrial country, well above all other developed countries. And even exchanges are thriving - although there has been much talk that this “socialist president” will destroy stock markets.

      The second achievement, partly also related to the economy, is the adoption of the law on affordable health care. After that, the number of people who do not have insurance at all fell sharply, millions of people got access to medical services, and the long-term health crisis in the USA was resolved. These are two of the most important achievements within the country, in my opinion, although there were, of course, others.

      So the discontent of the population with the economy, the country and Obama personally is a myth. He now has the highest rating since 2009, about 60%! Provided that we have a free press, criticism of the authorities and an opposition-minded congress are allowed - this is a lot. And Clinton simply could not interest people, to make them want to see her president.
      1. nadezhiva
        nadezhiva 12 January 2017 11: 52 New
        Quote: Orel
        So the discontent of the population with the economy, the country and Obama personally is a myth. He now has the highest rating since 2009, about 60%! Provided that we have a free press, criticism of the authorities and an opposition-minded congress are allowed - this is a lot.

        Nda? August figures:
        According to the results of the study, Obama's actions approve 54% of respondents - this is the highest rate since 2013. Do not approve of his policy 45%.
        The authors of the polls note that after the congress of the Republican Party on July 18-21, where the president was mercilessly criticized, his rating fell to 50%. However, after the Democratic Party Congress, the level of public support reached a maximum. Moreover, to a greater extent, the head of state is supported by Americans under the age of 45 years.
        In terms of the second-level rating, Obama is comparable to such presidents as the Republican Ronald Reagan in 1988 (54%) and democrat Bill Clinton in 2000 (57%).

        So nothing extraordinary. By the way, I can’t imagine what looks more significant: approval of 54% or disapproval of 45% of the population. However, the past elections demonstrated this.
        By the way, why with such a reservation
        Provided that we have a free press, allowed criticism of the government and an opposition-minded congress ...
        Do you have a Russian tricolor?
        1. Orel
          Orel 12 January 2017 14: 24 New
          Quote: nadezhiva
          By the way, why with such a reservation

          Because in Russia (judging by our media), except for Ukraine and Syria, there are no problems at all. Therefore, it speaks for itself to whom our information space belongs. This is a monopoly of the state. Rare exceptions are allowed only as a fig leaf in front of the West, so that they are not much equal with all renegade cannibals. Simple truths. Is this a discovery for you?)))
      2. Knowing
        Knowing 12 January 2017 11: 56 New
        Well, there is another opinion about your opus, and especially for sanctions:
        Sanctions ... Decisive, sectoral, restraining - as soon as they are not called by Western politicians. Like, now these stupid Russians will understand how recklessly they did, ruining our relationship with us. And why are they, these Russians, generally enraged? Well, Ukraine is in the EU. Well, NATO in Sevastopol. Well, the “Russian Maidan” on Manezhnaya in Moscow. So this is all for their own good. Someone must civilize their wild Muscovy ...

        In tune with these Western "civilizers" our homegrown liberals are also howling. What, they say, were catered for? Fell under sanctions? Now the mighty West will strangle the "bloody gebnya" in its iron sanction ticks! Give only time, and the social program will collapse, outraged by the decline in life, Russians will throw crowds on their local Maidans, and international courts, like Milosevic, or even a lynching court, like Gaddafi, will be waiting for “patrons of terrorism in the Kremlin”.

        Meanwhile, any sane Russian patriot should thank God for these very sanctions. And Obama can even express special thanks for them. On behalf of the entire Russian people. Why? Yes, because with these sanctions the West overnight achieved what the Russian patriotic public could not achieve in twenty years. The Kremlin, albeit unwittingly, is compelled to concern itself with the creation of an INDEPENDENT ECONOMIC MODEL. For many years, the Gaidars and Chubais crippled our national economic complex, built Russia “into the world economic system”, tightly tied it to the dollar, met with any howl any attempt to pursue an independent financial and economic policy.

        And now, on you! Sanctions! The West, with its own hands, is pushing us out of the crumbling “world economy”, from the WTO and other bloodsucking organizations. The magic word “import substitution”, or simply speaking - the revival of domestic industry - flashed in the speeches of politicians at the highest level. And although the same liberal team of “agents of influence” of Washington continues to sit in the Medvedev government, in the new conditions even they, reluctantly, are forced to turn the economy on a new course. And the logic of this course is such that the remnants of the liberal "elite" will sooner or later be completely "cleaned up" and expelled from the high power offices that they have become accustomed to over the past quarter century.

        Thank you for this to Kremlin’s secret agent Barack Husseinovich Obama! I bow to him! ...
        1. Orel
          Orel 12 January 2017 14: 29 New
          Quote: Knowing
          Thank you for this to Kremlin’s secret agent Barack Husseinovich Obama! I bow to him!

          Only a narrow-minded person can praise problems and, all the more, click on them. Sanctions have caused us much harm, and worst of all, they can still strengthen them. Their funds are far from exhausted. Now foreign companies, funds, private investors are investing in our government bonds. They redeemed a state debt of 1,5 trillion. rubles. If the United States introduces those sanctions that they have hinted at, then tomorrow all these bonds will be thrown into the market. Almost instantly, at 1,5 trillion. rubles. To say that this is bad for the ruble and our economy is to say nothing. There is still an oil embargo, there is much more. Sanctions are not beneficial to them either, but we are definitely harmed from them simply because of the weakness of our economy and its small size in comparison with the West. Although what I explain to you. They should understand that this is not a joke.
  2. Sofa expert
    Sofa expert 12 January 2017 09: 08 New
    Meli Emelya, your week))
  3. Knowing
    Knowing 12 January 2017 09: 28 New
    Ordinary show-offs in front of the public, no more, the same as Trump’s future secretary of state, they are turning in front of the Senate ... And they will overturn China and put Russia in its place ... One such-like (named after its worm (!) was named) too tore "to shreds" someone ... They have everything on a bluff and a show-off.
    And generally speaking:
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 12 January 2017 10: 58 New
      To your demotivator, immediately a reasonable question arises - why are you all investing in US debt obligations ?!
      1. One of you
        One of you 12 January 2017 12: 20 New
        Quote - "To your demotivator, a reasonable question immediately arises - why are you all investing in US debt obligations ?!"
        .... because politics is the essence of the economy, so if it is profitable from the point of view of the economy, then why not invest in it.
      2. Knowing
        Knowing 13 January 2017 05: 38 New
        Buy a cheaper one, is that not the point ..., in order to sell soon more expensive, but ..
        1. Stirbjorn
          Stirbjorn 13 January 2017 08: 49 New
          oh I can’t - but who will buy them then ?! Look at the Ukrainian already invested, now we don’t know how to get back at least spent. Or maybe invest in your production, infrastructure, and ...
  4. Lumumba
    Lumumba 12 January 2017 10: 02 New
    Rumor has it that after Trump's inauguration, the doomsday hours will fail at two minutes to midnight. Now, without three minutes. Rumors are rumors, but scientists who make decisions on the clock are not fools either.

    Personally, I do not believe anyone. Neither Trump nor anyone else. There is no crime that the capitalist would not commit for the sake of profit. And Trump is a complete capitalist. But capitalism knows only one way out of crisis and debt: war. Think about it.
  5. Stinger
    Stinger 12 January 2017 11: 50 New
    If the presidents changed every year, the chatter with predictions about what he would do would be endless. Most likely, nothing will change with respect to us. It will remain so: Assad must leave, Putin is bad, America is the stronghold of democracy, the EU is the beloved student, NATO is the advocate of democracy and values, Russia is the aggressor. Once there is a defender, there must be an enemy. It’s never knocked out of their head. The American forehead is dumber than boots, but harder than diamond.
  6. 75 hammer
    75 hammer 12 January 2017 11: 50 New
    How much can Trump discuss, Clinton .... It should be violet than we farted in Fashington, we have our own great country, which needs to be restored to its former greatness in full, and without strike work inside the country it will not work. By hook or by crook, we are distracted from the impasse of the economy, the failure of social policy. Russia cannot be defeated from the outside, only blown up from the inside (1825, 1905,1917, 1985, 1991), whether these years will be decided for us and our children and grandchildren! Look at what decisions the "elite" makes in the power of the Russian Federation, we are talking about liberoids around our "father" - specific genocide in a mild form. All good undertakings in the economy are turned upside down before they even reach the performer. Compare France before 1879 with our current situation - does it not remind you of anything? Should we think about trump? When will the law on corruption work at the very top (except for Ulyukaev there is no one else)? ETC...
    1. Cat man null
      Cat man null 12 January 2017 13: 06 New
      Quote: Hammer 75

      - in general, in short, again # all-propropolymers what
      - a worthy position, of course ... but nothing, since the author has a lot of emotions, but not enough mozgoff information request
  7. Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 12 January 2017 12: 55 New
    It will be seen with time. Illusions on his account should not be harbored, but to me personally he seems more adequate than the Hitler. And we, as it were, do not care what Washington says. Nobody needs a war, and it’s quite possible to build normal relations with the USA, I think. True, it does not depend on Russia.
  8. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 12 January 2017 13: 13 New
    Living in friendship is certainly good, but the country's economy must be built in such a way that it does not depend on the momentary mood of the head of the White House in Washington.
  9. Jackking
    Jackking 12 January 2017 13: 26 New
    Only complete idealists could think. that one person (even the president) can simultaneously change the course of the entire state. In addition - with what fright the president of the SGA will take care of the prosperity of another state (even in this case not Russia). And since Russia, the goal will weaken the possible competitor as much as possible. and for this there is no need to fight - it is enough to impose sanctions. But on the issue of sanctions, there is already a question for our rulers - for some reason, liberal modern figures, in addition to "sp ... t" more budget money, have not developed any other technologies during their reign. And technologies are not going to give us ...
    1. One of you
      One of you 12 January 2017 13: 47 New
      Quote - "Only complete idealists could think. That one person (even the president) can simultaneously change the course of the whole state ...."

      If you do not agree with this statement, then explain what happened under Gorbachev and Yeltsin.
      1. iouris
        iouris 12 January 2017 15: 01 New
        I am abusing: it was a bourgeois counter-revolution, which was called criminal to avert eyes. The oligarchy that arose after Stalin's death divided assets and got rid of liabilities. And Gorbi and Yeltsin are hired managers.
  10. fif21
    fif21 12 January 2017 21: 38 New
    1. Trump's topic is already tired of me. I live in Russia and it’s violet to me who the president of the USA is. I will evaluate by deeds, and not by "idle talk"
    2. Hackers are people representing their own interests, and do not cooperate with the state. If they hacked something, that’s the problem of "patience". Let Clinton take care of the security of his mail, and not arrange tantrums. People found out what Hillary really thought, and did not choose her president, so you have to say thank you for opening your eyes to this lady. And the fight against hackers cracking mail, banks, websites is a problem for the entire Internet community, including the Russian government. D. B. (Lavrov) hi
  11. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 14 January 2017 06: 09 New
    Get on or not get on - that is the question!

    If you do not get along, then the world expects an unpredictable development of events leading to a general catastrophe.
    If you get along, then everyone will be equally good.
    Donald Trump’s brains seem to be in place and his hands are growing where necessary; otherwise he would not have become a successful businessman.
    Vladimir Putin’s brains are also in place and their hands are also growing where needed - no one will dispute this.
    So these two are sure to find a solution that is beneficial to everyone.
  12. Ostup bender
    Ostup bender 15 January 2017 23: 33 New
    It’s necessary to get along without fail! Not all Tu160 were cut yet ... but seriously, sympathy from the side of the White House is the first alarm signal. Be careful not the dog that barks, but the one that silently comes to you ...