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Visitors from NATO are expensive: Washington sent tanks to the Baltic States

The first batch of American arrived in Poland tanks. In total, about three thousand units are expected. Armored vehicles aviation battalion and infantry division - all this power will go to strengthen NATO forces in the Baltic countries, Bulgaria, Romania and Germany, to confront the alleged "Russian aggression".


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  1. Vitalson
    Vitalson 10 January 2017 10: 43
    Correctly not Washington but Fashington.
  2. Vitalson
    Vitalson 10 January 2017 10: 49
    And what are the American soldaten afraid to buy products in ordinary Latvian supermarkets?
  3. NEXUS
    NEXUS 10 January 2017 11: 45
    On the basis of European idiocy, mattresses quietly and without dust are trying to transfer the theater of operations with the "damned Russians" to European territory, while remaining behind a "puddle" themselves ... and what rules of war are we talking about?
  4. Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 10 January 2017 13: 12
    - Partisan?
    - Yes Yes!
    - Minen?
    - Yes Yes!
    - Spichken factories Ufa city?
    - Yes, mother-mash!
    - Well, Dafay-Dafay!
  5. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 10 January 2017 13: 18
    Seriously all this and cannot but alarm! Every year, Eastern Europe is slowly but surely pumping weapons, and it must fire. The main thing for us is to prevent 41 years.
  6. sabakina
    sabakina 10 January 2017 13: 53
    From the video:
    A 14-kilometer long train is American tanks en route to the Baltic

    Can anyone explain to me how this red-hot shunting locomotive in the video can drag a 14-km train with 60-ton American tanks? belay
    The second one. As far as I know, the railway track in Europe is already ours, and the abrashes are very wide. How did they not roll over?
    The third. Will the Abrams move from the border with the dying offs or will they overload them on the Soviet track?
    1. UralMan
      UralMan 10 January 2017 16: 57
      Quote: sabakina
      Can anyone explain to me how this red-hot shunting locomotive in the video can drag a 14-km train with 60-ton American tanks?

      we are talking about the total number of cars with a length of 14 km ... naturally, in this case no more than 20 cars were shown, and even less ...
      but in general Trump ... he’s a huckster in his life ... in the end, he will hang all the expenses on these Euro-fools ... here we’ll have fun ... from this armada in modern conditions of warfare .... I think a complete farce
  7. Very old
    Very old 10 January 2017 14: 06
    It is known how the games of big uncles end
  8. Aleksey_K
    Aleksey_K 10 January 2017 21: 27
    I read the comments of all readers - no one guessed why American tanks and other troops were sent to Poland and the Baltic states.
    Everything is very simple. A significant part of Poland now belongs to Ukraine before 1939. Since Ukraine supported the declaration of the fallacy of the Molotov-Ribentrop Pact, and it was concluded that because of this, Germany attacked Poland, and then the USSR chopped off a significant part of Poland, which moved to Ukraine, Poland will simply demand Ukraine to give these lands .
    The following are several options for developing events:
    1. Ukraine voluntarily gives these lands to Poland. In this case, the people of Ukraine, who find themselves in Poland, begin civil disobedience and a civil war begins. To suppress the popular rebellion, American troops are needed here. They pacify rebellion, the sea of ​​corpses and refugees in the direction of Russia. It should be noted that these refugees will be nationalists and Russophobes. Russia has economic and national problems. American and NATO bases are few, but approaching Russia.
    2. Ukraine does not give its land to Poland. Poland declares war on Ukraine and enters its troops, and America enters its troops into Ukraine. Ukraine will not be able to resist the joint onslaught, perhaps NATO will also take part in this, as in Yugoslavia and Libya. The territory of Ukraine will be occupied and, bypassing NATO rules, NATO and America bases will be formed in Ukraine, missile units will be deployed, and nuclear and non-nuclear missiles will be even closer to Russia. Ukraine will become the territory under the control of America and America will have full access to the Black Sea and introduce its fleet for a future war with Russia.
    3. This option begins, as in paragraph 2, but Ukraine asks for help from Russia. And here are also a few options:
    3.1. Russia does not help Ukraine - this is completely the 2-th option;
    3.2. Russia a little later brings troops into Ukraine and the third world war begins with America and NATO;
    3.3. Russia, prior to the request of Ukraine, proactively introduces its troops into Ukraine. And it confronts America and NATO with the fact that they are committing aggression against Russia and warns that Russia's response will be crushing.
    Definitely, the introduction of American troops into Poland and the Baltic states is needed to start a war with Russia, because the entry of American and NATO troops into Ukraine for Russia is a threat of war in the near future.
    1. The comment was deleted.