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Russian arms exports. December 2016 of the year

Main export news December of last year was a major contract for the supply of Russian weapons to Serbia, the details of which became known in the second half of the month. Previously, it was known that the basis of the contract will be the 6 multipurpose MiG-29 fighter jets, transferred from the structure of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The largest Russian-Serbian weapons contract

According to the blog bmpd with reference to Svetozar Yokanovich, a well-known Serbian aviation expert, as a result of negotiations held in Moscow in which the Prime Minister of Serbia Alexander Vučić and the Russian leadership took part, in 2017 Serbian armed forces will have to receive six MiG-29 fighters, 30 main combat tanks T-72S and 30 BRDM-2, as well as other military equipment. During 2017, the signing of new contracts between the two countries is expected - as part of the second phase of the modernization of the Serbian armed forces. Under additional contracts, it is planned to purchase Buk-M2 air defense systems, three-coordinate radars, Tunguska air defense systems and 4 combat helicopters in Russia. The supply of these weapons is scheduled for 2018.

According to Vučić, the agreements reached will significantly improve the capabilities of the Serbian army. According to him, 30 T-72S tanks and 30 BRDM-2 combat reconnaissance vehicles were received from Russia as a gift. The most important part of the agreement signed between the countries was 6 MiG-29 multipurpose fighters, which are transferred from the presence of the Russian Air Force, they were previously operated at the Millerovo airbase (31st fighter aviation regiment), and are currently located at the Kubinka airfield. Aircraft are also donated to Serbia, but the Serbian side will pay for their modernization.

MiG-XNUMHUB Serbian Air Force and Air Defense Forces

All four single-seater fighters and two “Sparky” are currently in flying condition, but the Serbian side will pay Russian aircraft repair plants all the costs associated with bringing cars to export appearance, extending the service life, repairing and upgrading all six fighters, as well as four the remaining Serbs MiG-29. The package agreement also includes the supply of a large number of spare parts, weapons and additional equipment, sufficient for the operation of MiG-29 fighters for 3-5 years. Such a decision is a sharp contrast to the current practice of the Serbian Ministry of Defense to buy components for operation “here and now”.

As a result of the agreement concluded in 2017, Serbia, after a long break, will be able to have in its 7 air force a serviceable single-seat MiG-29 multi-role fighter and three combat training “Sparky” MiG-29UB, which will allow to organize a normal process of training pilots Currently, it is almost impossible due to the presence in the country's Air Force of only two serviceable MiG-29Bs, one MiG-29UB and one morally and physically obsolete MiG-21UM, which are mainly used for air patrols wow space. The modernization of the aircraft will cost the Serbian side in 180-230 million euros. The modernization will include the installation of a new fighter on the radar and the possibility of using medium-range air-to-air missiles - RVV-AE.

“If we expected to buy fighters equipped with such missiles that we want, their price would be about 600 million euros,” TASS news agency quoted Serbian Prime Minister Alexander Vučic, who spoke 21 December 2016 of the year after meeting with the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Kazakhstan received two Su-30CM and 4 Mi-35М helicopters from Russia

The Air Defense Forces of Kazakhstan received another batch of two-seat multipurpose fighter Su-30CM, the publication reports The volume of the fighter party that was transferred in December was not disclosed, but according to information from spotter sites we can talk about two fighters (05 and 06 are red), which were released in the autumn of 2016 at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. The first four Su-30CM fighters were ordered by Kazakhstan back in the 2014 year and received in April 2015. The volume of the contract was then about 5 billion rubles. The new fighters were transferred to the 604-th aviation base of the Air Defense Forces of Kazakhstan, located in Taldy-Kurgan.

Photo: (Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan)

In December 2015, Vedomosti announced a new contract for the supply of Su-30CM fighters. The publication reported that the delivery of 7 aircraft to Kazakhstan for a total amount of about 10 billion rubles is being prepared. In total, as reported by the newspaper military sources in Kazakhstan, it is planned to acquire in Russia up to 24 fighters of this type.

The Su-30СМ multifunctional super-maneuverable two-seat fighter, which is manufactured at the Irkut Corporation's Irkutsk Aviation Plant, was developed on the basis of the Su-30MKI export fighter specially designed for India (more than 1999 fighters of this type were ordered from the 200 aircraft) .

According to the spotter photographs, the Air Defense Forces of Kazakhstan in December 2016 also received all the 4 ordered in Russia combat helicopters Mi-35М. It's time to mention the spotters. The word comes from the English "spot" - to identify, see. Probably, each of you saw during reports from the airports or from military bases of people who stand along the fences with cameras with powerful optics. This is the spotter - people who are fond of photographs of aviation technology. Someone collects stamps, and someone photographs airplanes, each with their own hobby. The goal of any spotter is to catch a plane or a helicopter with a camera lens and make a clear, beautiful frame.

Photo: Almaty, 12.12.2016 (c) Maxim Morozov /

The fact that Kazakhstan expects to receive 2016 military helicopters Mi-4М in 35 year, Deputy Minister of Defense Okas Saparov said in an interview with TASS. 1 June 2016 of the year on the start of deliveries of Mi-35М helicopters to Kazakhstan at the end of the year was announced by Alexander Scherbinin, who holds the post of deputy head of the Russian Helicopters holding. The fact that Kazakhstan is interested in this combat vehicle has been known since the summer of 2015. All Mi-2016M helicopters received in December 35 were transferred to Kazakhstan under the contract from 2015, while in September 2016, Okas Saparov said that Kazakhstan expects to conclude another contract for the supply of 4 combat helicopters by the end of the year.

The Mi-35M combat helicopter is a deep modernization of the Mi-24ВМ multipurpose attack helicopter, the legendary crocodile, developed by the Moscow Helicopter Plant and mass-produced at the Rosvertol plant, starting with 2005. The updated combat helicopter is distinguished by a number of design changes, including a shortened wing, a new X-shaped tail rotor instead of a three-bladed, as well as a non-retractable landing gear. The helicopter received a new sighting and navigation system, which includes television and thermal imaging channels, a direction finder and a laser rangefinder, as well as an electronic display system with multifunctional color displays in the cockpits. The helicopter, which is the direct heir of the Mi-24, is well exported. Mi-35M combat helicopters were shipped to Azerbaijan, Brazil, Venezuela, Iraq.

Algeria received 8 Su-30MKI fighters (A) and a batch of T-90CA tanks

The eight Su-30MKI (A) fighters built by the Irkutsk Aviation Plant of PJSC Irkut Corporation were transferred to Algeria before the end of the 2016 year. They were delivered to North Africa in pairs by four flights of An-124-100 “Ruslan” transport aircraft, reports “Rossiyskaya Gazeta". The letter "A" in the name of the aircraft indicates that this version has been specially adapted for Algeria. The advantage of the two-seater Su-30 fighters is that they have a so-called open platform, which allows it to be adapted to the requirements of customers from different countries without reducing the combat qualities of the aircraft.

According to the military blog bmpd, the third contract for the supply of Algeria's multifunctional two-seat fighter Su-30MKI (A) was signed by Rosoboronexport in April 2015 of the year. The contract provides for the delivery of 14 fighters to 2016-2017 in the country. Thus, 8 first combat vehicles under this contract were delivered to Algeria literally on the eve of the New Year. The six remaining Air Force fighters of this African country will receive in 2017 year.

Su-30MKI (A) and tanker IL-78 Air Force Algeria

Algeria has already received an X-NUMX Su-44MKI (A) fighter under two contracts concluded with Russia. The 30 aircraft were transferred under the 28 contract of the year, the amount of the transaction was 2006 billion dollars (the aircraft were delivered in 1,5-2007 years), another 2009 aircraft were delivered under the contract from 16 year for about 2009 billion dollars. So Algeria exercised the option under the contract from 0,9 of the year (the planes were delivered to the country in 2006-2011 years). In view of the last December delivery to the Algerian Air Force, the 2012 multi-purpose Su-52MKI fighter (A) is already located.

In the middle of December 2016, Algerian sources, citing reports on local social networks, noted that the next batch of Russian-made T-14CA main battle tanks arrived in the Algerian port of Oran on December 90. Tanks are delivered to the country within the framework of the third contract already concluded with Russia. The contract was signed with Rosoboronexport back in 2014 year. A new consignment of military equipment was delivered to Oran by the transport ship “Ocean Dream” of the “ro-ro” type (roll-overs - special ships for the carriage of goods on a wheeled or tracked base, Roll-on / roll-off). The vessel arrived in Oran from the Russian port of Ust-Luga on the Baltic Sea, from which 30 came out on November 2016.

Unloading T-90CA tanks in the Algerian port of Oran, 2015 year,

According to the blog information bmpd, in 2014, Rosoboronexport concluded a contract with Algeria for the supply of approximately 200 main battle tanks T-90CA. According to earlier reports, most of the tanks under this contract should have been assembled in Algeria from Russian vehicle sets at a local tank repair plant, but this data is not confirmed. According to the available information, all tanks are delivered to Algeria in complete sets directly from the Uralvagonzavod Scientific Production Corporation JSC. Completion of deliveries under this contract is expected in 2017.

According to Algerian sources, the first batches of tanks under this contract were delivered to the country in November and December 2015. The second batch of X-NUMX T-67CA tanks was delivered in July 90 of the year. Earlier, Algeria, in the framework of two contracts from 2016 and 2006, had already received a total of 2011 T-308CA tanks produced at Uralvagonzavod. Today, the T-90С (export version) tanks are the best-selling MBTs in the world. In addition to India and Algeria, the major operators of these tanks are Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uganda.

China received the first fighter Su-35

The Chinese edition of the Renmin Ribao at the end of December 2016 of the year reported that the first batch of Russian-made Su-4 X-NUMX multi-role fighters arrived in China on December 35. In November, 25, Russia and the People's Republic of China signed a contract for the supply of X-NUMX multipurpose Su-2015 fighters. The cost of the agreement concluded between the countries is estimated at no less than 24 billion dollars, the contract also provides for the supply of backup engines and ground equipment. Previously, sources in the aircraft industry noted that this contract will be executed in full during 35's, reports TASS.

Su-35 is a Russian multi-purpose super-maneuverable fighter that belongs to the 4 ++ generation. The machine is equipped with an onboard radar station with a passive phased antenna array, as well as new AL-41F1C engines with a thrust vector control system. Being a deep modernization of the Su-27, the new fighter received in many ways a new and enhanced glider. In contrast to the “old” Su-27M, the aircraft does not have a forward horizontal tail and brake flap. When landing, the pilot slows down, carrying out the deviation of the rudders in different directions.

Russian fighter Su-35 at an airshow in China

According to the electronic version of the Renmin Jibao edition, in the future China will be able to completely abandon the acquisition of multi-role fighters abroad. This will happen in case of adopting a fifth-generation multipurpose fighter of its own design J-20. The Chinese edition notes that with the commissioning of the J-20 fighter, whose successful debut was held at the Zhuhai Air Show in November 2016, the value of foreign-made fighters, including the Russian Su-35, will decrease for the Chinese market. Thus, the Russian Su-35 may become the last foreign fighter that Beijing has acquired abroad.

Uruguay received three more armored vehicles "Tiger"

As an interview with a Russian news agency told 20 in December 2016, “Sputnik"Alfredo Klavillo, who occupies the post of director of the National Republican Guard of Uruguay (the structure was established in 2010 and is a part of the country's Interior Ministry, actually being special forces of the national police), in December, his department received three Russian Tiger armored vehicles in addition to the three already existing vehicles that were delivered in September 2016 of the year. Then the contract price with Rosoboronexport amounted to 2011 thousand dollars. The order of three new armored cars was made in 840 year according to the results of the positive operating experience of previously acquired armored cars.

Montevideo, 16.12.2016 (c) Marcelo Soba /

New Tigers received from Russia were first presented to the public as part of the December 16 ceremony. It took place in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, and was timed to coincide with the 187 anniversary of the creation of the Uruguayan national police. Judging by the published photos, the National Republican Guard of Uruguay acquired special armored vehicles SBM VPK-233136 (five-door), the release of which is engaged LLC Military Industrial Company. In 2011, Uruguay acquired three three-door armored vehicles performed by GAZ-233036 SPM-2.

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    Not oil is united ... Just I do not understand why the Serbs need obsolete equipment?
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      Quote: CYBERNINDJA
      Not oil is united ... Just I do not understand why the Serbs need obsolete equipment?

      Do they have a choice? Especially for nothing give!
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        Nuuuuu ... If, technology can not go to scrap and for re-melting, then let them take it ...
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          10 billion rubles for 7 Su-30SM aircraft. It turns out 1,45 billion per unit. 60 rubles per dollar. Over 24 mil. dale for a unit. Cool price - thanks !!!
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      Quote: CYBERNINDJA
      Not oil is united ... Just I do not understand why the Serbs need obsolete equipment?

      Not obsolete, but modernized ...
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        Projects are old however
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    article is good. only why Serbia dragged? they all gave them
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      Not "donated", but for "fearless" money they gave what we just have "in storage" (the BarDak-2 was definitely removed from storage, and the T-72S too), and the MiG-29 is still high-tech equipment - requires a more sensitive attitude: therefore, "resource extension, repair and modernization". In general, for the entire "set" it turns out quite inexpensively for the buyer, but not at a loss for the supplier either.
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    Good but not enough. In terms of the fact that one December is difficult to judge throughout the past year about the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of our military exports.
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    According to Vučić, the agreements reached will significantly improve the capabilities of the Serbian army. According to him, 30 T-72S tanks and 30 BRDM-2 combat reconnaissance vehicles were received from Russia as a gift
    Russia is a generous soul, but it's too cool! Oh, that’s our mentality.
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        In the time of Yeltsin, we gave Bulgaria 100 t-72 and 100 BMP-1. Bulgaria is now in NATO. And you think 30 tanks and 30 armored cars are too cool. We also gave the BRDM-2 to Palestine. Truth without weapons)))
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    Quote: maximNNX
    article is good. only why Serbia dragged? they all gave them

    You are wrong - modernization is at their expense, and the equipment is 3-5 years old too, and the machines themselves have been replaced with new ones for ours. Well, do not cut them - they are very good for Europe and even NATO countries do not refuse them. So in vain it’s not necessary to haul these cars, even if they are not the latest ones! hi
  7. Damir
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    30 T-72S tanks and 30 BRDM-2 combat reconnaissance vehicles were received from Russia as a gift. The most important part of the agreement signed between the countries was 6 MiG-29 multi-role fighters, which are transferred from the presence of the Russian Air Force
    and in dill all this wealth will not turn out over time ?????
    1. Wasiliy1985
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      From Serbia then? Is your logic all right? For what and with whom the Serbs fought, and for what and with the support of whom does dill "atu" do - do you know?
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    for Serbia - "also includes the supply of a large number of spare parts, weapons and additional equipment sufficient for the operation of MiG-29 fighters for 3-5 years." + "This decision is a sharp contrast to the current practice of the Ministry of Defense of Serbia to buy components for operation "Here and now." "- what happened and why suddenly bought a lot" in reserve "? are they not preparing some kind of dirty trick for us in the interests of NATO, expecting a deterioration in relations with the Russian Federation? maybe that's why they stock up winked
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      Your name is "patriot on the couch".
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        By the way, I haven't seen an adequate explanation for such a purchase of spare parts from you. and did not see anything at all. criticism must be justified, otherwise it is criticism - I return "patriot on the couch".
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