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Project "ZZ". Soloist and chorus: one fool and many paranoids

Barack Obama rejected the opinion of those analysts who say about his underestimation of Vladimir Putin. In his tone, the head of the Pentagon said that the Russians were creating a "threat" to the United States, and the Americans, responding to Moscow, "should not limit themselves." The outgoing Obama team is doing everything to aggravate US relations with Russia. Endorses the Russophobic democratic "lame duck" and Republican Senator McCain, who declared that any opponent of anti-Russian views in the United States is a "liar." Elected President Donald Trump had no choice but to say that only “fools” could spoil relations with the Russians.

Project "ZZ". Soloist and chorus: one fool and many paranoids

Puppeteer. Picture of Twitter

The president of the United States, who has only a week and a half to “steer” the United States, said that he correctly assessed his political opponent, Vladimir Putin. He reported this in an interview ABC Newswhen he talked about the sensational report of American intelligence officers who allegedly proved Moscow’s intervention by Russia in the November US elections.

Obama fully shares the findings of his scouts and is deeply convinced of "interfering" in the election of Russian hackers and Putin himself, who commanded the hacker burglary. Obviously, he always correctly assessed the personality of Putin. True, something the American president in Putin still looked through, namely the influence of “disinformation and hacking” on the advanced American “open society”.

To say otherwise, note Obama could not: if he had said that he estimated the activities and abilities of the Russian leader one hundred percent true, he would have sinned against logic. Who then missed the “hacker intervention”, as a result of which the unfortunate democrats in the person of Hillary lost the election? (However, Hillary, they say, has a chance to reign in one large American city, becoming the mayor there. Probably, this city will become the first American city where the authorities will completely block access to Putin’s e-hand.)

Recall declassified fragment of the report of the Director of National Intelligence, based on the data of three giants of espionage (NSA, FBI and CIA), was published recently on the site DNI ( link to PDF file). Of course, no clear evidence is given in this wordy document. Experts have shown themselves not to be the virtuosos of disclosures, but masters of boredom the reader. Moreover, the text focuses not on hackers and their “interference”, but on the “RT” TV channel.

As for the hacker attacks, it is only stated that the “Russian cyber intrusions” were aimed at the “computers of election commissions”. Moscow was interested in the election process at different levels (cities and states) and got access to “many election commissions”. It is also indicated that the “special services” from the Russian Federation put their nose into the American electoral process long ago, from the beginning of 2014 of the year. True, the Department of Internal Security immediately emphasizes that the equipment that the “Russian intelligence” was able to open was not involved in the vote count.

The only specifics in the report concern the “probable” conduct of an operation against US elections by the Russian GRU. US scouts think the Russians launched attacks last March. By order of the GRU, the mailboxes of the functionaries of the Democratic Party were hacked. Gru hired a man named Guccifer 2.0 for his purposes.

What was the purpose of all this cunning Russian? It turns out that Putin allegedly "personally" ordered a hacker campaign and slaughtered Hillary Clinton with mud. Trump was to sit on the throne in the White House.

All of this “information” is submitted by the Director of the US National Intelligence Service not as something proven, but as an opinion: “probably”, “we believe”, “with a high degree of probability”, etc.

The special sanctions announced on Obama’s New Year’s Eve against Russia, however, are not “intended”, but quite real.

In short, everything that Obama and his spies imagines becomes itself true. The Russians are declared to be bad people attacking the US cybersystem under the authority of the wrong Gru, or Putin himself.

Not only Obama, but one of his first subordinates, Defense Minister Ash Carter, knows everything about Russians and Putin.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter made interesting statements on Sunday on NBC. Pentagon Head in Transmission "Meeting with the press" He said that the Russians create a "threat" for America, because they are involved in cyber interference in the elections. The last defense minister dubbed "an aggressive act against the essence of our democracy."

Ashton Carter speaks of the "Russian threat". Video Frame: "NBC"

Carter approved the sanctions imposed on Moscow by the Obama administration in response to hacker attacks. He noted in an interview that further actions will depend on the decisions of the new administration and congressmen.

Mr. Carter even hinted at the possibility of a “military response” to the Russians: “I think we should not limit ourselves ...” At the same time, he would be cautious and would prefer to refrain from a “purely military” response: “I don’t think this should be military or a purely military response. "

John McCain, the well-known Republican and “friend” of Russia (in his own words) did not say anything either. Some of his statements appeared on the pages of the publication. "The Nation"warning readers about the danger of Russophobia.

The article by Patrick Lawrence notes that there is a high risk of open conflict between nuclear powers (the US and Russia). Types like Senator McCain add fuel to the fire. This mister, who loves to let the meaningful fog in, said the other day that those who oppose the domination of anti-Russian views in the United States are “lying”.

Mr. McCain rushes into battle along with American intelligence officers: he is ready to create a special committee and open senate hearings on the report of the Director of National Intelligence (see above).

The line under all these statements summed up Donald Trump. And this is no accident: it is he who will have to disentangle all the Russophobic porridge that Obama has “brewed” the peacemaker.

Trump tweeted: “Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only "stupid" people, or fools, would think that it is bad! ”This means that“ good relations with Russia ”are good, and not at all bad. "Only" stupid "[quotes in the original] people or fools might think that this is bad!" - concluded the billionaire.

Who Trump means by "fools" means, without comment. The central "stupid" man is obvious, which the elected president hints at.

P. Laurence mentioned this message to the plural, characterizing in “The Nation” the roots of the current Russophobia in the United States as the same ones of which the American anti-Soviet sprouted during the Cold War era.

According to the analyst, the attacks of Russophobia, which are subject to paranoid types in the United States, are a kind of “anti-Soviet paranoia” that developed among American politicians in the 1950-s. and the beginning of 1960's, right up to the Caribbean crisis.

Thus, let us add that a certain “fool” from the White House, who does not need any arguments or evidence to implement an aggressive foreign policy, is followed by a whole horde of paranoids led by demoniac McCain, who has declared everyone who does not share anti-Russian views to be liars.

No matter how hard Mr. McCain might have argued at one time, Mr. Obama is now completely on his side and is dudit with him in one tune. In the same tune dudit and Mr. Carter, fearlessly using the word "war" in an interview about Russia.

Question: Will Trump replace the musical instrument?
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 9 January 2017 09: 43
    Donald clearly explained hu from hu.
    1. vovanpain
      vovanpain 9 January 2017 10: 03
      Who Trump means by "fools" means, without comment. The central "stupid" man is obvious, which the elected president hints at.

      Without words, everything is clear.
      1. 79807420129
        79807420129 9 January 2017 10: 10
        Obama completely and completely shares the findings of his scouts and is deeply convinced of the "interference" in the election of Russian hackers and Putin personally, who commanded a hacking.

        And whoever doubts this, only times are changing. wink
    2. BecmepH
      BecmepH 9 January 2017 14: 17
      Quote: Spartanez300
      Donald clearly explained hu from hu.
      It doesn't mean anything .... Donald has no choice. After all, the duda is one at all and the music school is one ....
      1. Dembel77
        Dembel77 9 January 2017 17: 29
        Question: Will Trump replace the musical instrument?

        The main thing is not a tool. The main thing is who will order the music to the newly elected US president? I think so.
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 10 January 2017 02: 53
          I would answer the question of the respected author (Oleg Chuvakin) as follows. And what's the difference how he (Trump) will "play" - he has a very narrow field of maneuver because of Obama ?! He has two ways to get into solutions to hot problems:
          1. Agree with the Kremlin and become an equal partner.
          2. Forceful decision.
          The second is unlikely. And that's why.
          Ukraine. NATO will climb - Russia responded in a similar way. NATO will be greeted in places with bayonets - the Russian Federation with flowers. Help the Armed Forces of Ukraine with money and support the trousers of the Kiev authorities will be plundered, so they will give little. Arming - the opposition will be, and then in the Russian Federation, if "a valuable trophy." Therefore, we see the "rubbish" that NATO members are transmitting. Economically, Donbass (this is already obvious) was not crushed. I wrote that the GDP will win the confrontation with the EU since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, because she needs energy (not self-sufficient).
          Syria. There, Russia and Turkey are already "appointing" a truce. They also decide on negotiations with the Iranians and Syrians. Supplying bearded men is not an option, and this is already clear. Themselves to climb - Shoigu's air defense declared echeloned. There are people here who consider it "full of holes" - like we fly wherever we want. But after all, no one will reveal the entire operating frequency range. Therefore, it will "cut it in" upon detecting a massive takeoff or obvious aggression of a potential enemy. Therefore, most likely they rely on airfield radars for radar control and some kind of "passive" control stations (such as infrared, satellite space system, etc.). Therefore, Trump's military intervention is unlikely, especially since you will have to deal with the Russian Federation and Iran on "foreign" Syrian territory.
          Europe. Everything is interesting here. The passing change of elites last and this year may lead to the collapse of the EU. And then there are the refugees and the exit of England - Trump cannot decide anything at all. Here GDP "whists" is gaining. Because he, fighting with allies, can solve something with refugees. And the new elites of Europe are looking in his direction - Russophobia and globalist, liberal goals have not crept through; and even vice versa.
          So I come to a conclusion. He can play in the old mood, arrange provocations, engage in Russophobia, throw mud at the media, etc., but then he will begin to lose the remnants of the US authority on the world stage (like Obama). Trump will have to face the real state of affairs, not what the "decorators" in Washington paint. And we can assume that he will find "his" point of tension on the planet. That China for example. May further impose sanctions (economic pressure). But all this has already passed. Therefore, if he is with "brains", he will negotiate. Well, "no and no trial" - "colder" is nowhere. hi
          1. iouris
            iouris 11 January 2017 15: 18
            Quote: Kasym
            will begin to lose the remains of US authority on the world stage

            Authority is a category of morality. Influence is a category of strength. Strength is a derivative of economic and military power. The United States is "in authority" where and when the US administration ensures the power and stability of the government and a given level of consumption by the population. How and at the expense of what resources they achieve this is not important for those who consume in excess (this is no more than 20% of the population of this part of the universe). The rest are not counted yet.
  2. demotivator
    demotivator 9 January 2017 10: 13
    Russians pose a “threat” to America because they are involved in cyber interference in the elections.
    Bullshit! How do we know what elections are? Real, and not what happens regularly with us.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 9 January 2017 10: 16
    Question: Will Trump replace the musical instrument?

    The instrument will probably not change, but it will play quieter so as not to cut the ear.
    1. Masya masya
      Masya masya 9 January 2017 10: 27
      Let's see this tool in action ... for starters ...
  4. knn54
    knn54 9 January 2017 10: 20
    Forecasts are insidious and ungrateful .... and even risky.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 9 January 2017 14: 42
      Quote: knn54
      Forecasts are insidious and ungrateful.

      The prognosis is picking your nose - it’s not yet known what you will get (the brain is nearby). bully
  5. Vitalson
    Vitalson 9 January 2017 10: 25
    I think to admire and cherish any hopes of Trump prematurely. Let's see how he will sing when he comes to power. Of course I want to hope for an improvement in relations. Wait and see.
  6. Baloo
    Baloo 9 January 2017 10: 31
    Donald as a businessman knows how to count money. Probably came up with some kind of business project with Russia. At the same time, attacks on China can be part of the game to oppose Russia and China. Let's look at his attitude to the Silk Road, Syria, Ukraine. This will be the litmus test. The military industrial complex of the FSA is in private hands and it is unlikely that they will calm down.
    Glory to the Russian hackers, cheers comrades!
  7. Prince of Pensions
    Prince of Pensions 9 January 2017 11: 52
    Quote: vovanpain
    Who Trump means by "fools" means, without comment. The central "stupid" man is obvious, which the elected president hints at.

    Without words, everything is clear.

    Fell! laughing wassat bully
  8. siberalt
    siberalt 9 January 2017 11: 53
    We always got worse when America made us "better." bully
  9. svp67
    svp67 9 January 2017 11: 55
    Something the old soloist from the White House was downhearted ....
  10. iouris
    iouris 9 January 2017 12: 09
    To understand what will happen next, you need to understand the trend, and not guess about Trump's intentions. There are objective things, and there is the role of the subject in history. Trump can bring an element of show into politics that will contrast with the boring Obama, but no president can change the underlying policy goals that the US administration must pursue. Politicians in other important regions are forced to adjust to this "general" line and bargain for "their" share. This share should be sufficient to keep them in power. The general goal of the US administration is to maintain the growth rate of consumption in the US contrary to the interests of the rest of the population of this world. The question is who should be the first to reduce the consumption of limited resources. Since a reduction in consumption or even stagnation is contrary to the law of increasing needs, the problem can only be solved by reducing the population. First in other countries, but eventually in the United States too. Therefore, the US military does not win wars, but incites them.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 9 January 2017 19: 31

      In short.
      The party in power creates an economy for itself.
      Economics, dictates politics.
      1. iouris
        iouris 11 January 2017 00: 21
        Quote: gladcu2
        The party in power creates an economy for itself.

        On the contrary, the economy creates parties for itself. In the United States, in fact, there is one ruling party. The remaining dozens of parties are "third parties", i.e. "third grade".
    2. The comment was deleted.
  11. Skeptic Self-Taught
    Skeptic Self-Taught 9 January 2017 12: 38
    Already tired of reading and hearing "Putin's hand" ...
    The joke reminds ...
    Obama comes in to Hlary, and she pleases herself with a vibrator.
    “Hilary, Hilary, what are you doing?” Now they’ll show it on RT ...
    - This is not me, Barack, this is the hand of Moscow and Putin personally ...
    1. iouris
      iouris 11 January 2017 15: 25
      All this talk is just to strip Trump of legitimacy. And this is a purely American (domestic) story. However, in all states there are parties "for" and "against" American leaders, because the internal affairs of the United States is a foreign policy factor for everyone else. Much will strongly depend on the policy of the US administration everywhere, and in some places everything. This discussion shows that everyone understands this, although some do not realize or try not to realize it. And "Putin's hand" is the right hand.
  12. Anton Boldakov
    Anton Boldakov 9 January 2017 15: 35
    In short, the topic of the report is simple - "Mr. Donald Trump. You took over the presidency in the White House with the help of Mr. Putin. Because of this, your elections are illegal. Free your seat!"
  13. Grabberxnumx
    Grabberxnumx 9 January 2017 19: 06
    I can’t help but recall the judge’s report on the Litvinenko case.
    There are also solid probably ..
  14. Kryvbas
    Kryvbas 9 January 2017 20: 14
    I am absolutely sure that in a year Russia will remember Obama with nostalgia. Trump will not think about some universal justice, but only about the good of the United States and its leadership. He can talk about good relations with everyone as much as possible, but do what the United States needs to do. By the way, he has already stated, and more than once, about the need for speedy modernization and strengthening of nuclear forces, and he decided to appoint a regular military man, known for his adherence to old Atlantic principles, as a Minister of Defense. After a year or two in Russia you can see t-shirts and cars with famous text, only Obama will be replaced by Trump there.
    1. iouris
      iouris 9 January 2017 23: 36
      Quote: Krivbass
      In a year or two in Russia at every step you can see T-shirts and cars with famous text.

      This is mythology. There are no such cars and t-shirts, i.e. Hardly ever. Although, according to the law of large numbers, they probably still exist. There must be more in Israel.
      1. Kryvbas
        Kryvbas 10 January 2017 07: 18
        How not? I personally saw.
  15. tehnokrat
    tehnokrat 9 January 2017 22: 20
    "... The central" stupid "man, .."
    Fool on the hill, who doesn’t know him!
  16. for
    for 10 January 2017 00: 18
    Not one president of any country can not influence the country's policy. They are only its representatives. Trump will be our next enemy for us or a political corpse for them. Hope was also placed on Obama. There will be thaws, but no more.
  17. The splinter
    The splinter 10 January 2017 01: 05
    I have a message for the US CIA - "McCain is a Soviet KGB agent who deliberately destroyed US Air Force planes!" ''
  18. 1536
    1536 10 January 2017 05: 36
    "With a high degree of probability" we can say that the use of the opium poppy does not lead to good. The Afghan poppy of the new crop, "apparently", turned out to be more picky.