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Ukroboronprom announces access to the NATO Logistics Main Catalog

The leadership of NATO decided to use the Ukrainian transport workers An-124 for strategic transportation under the SALIS program, the press service of Ukroboronprom reported.

According to the report, forty enterprises participating in Ukroboronprom received access to the NATO General Catalog of Logistics. “This tool allowed enterprises of the Ukrainian defense industry to enter the international market and quickly find European suppliers to replace Russian ones,” the press service noted.

In addition, the concern has gained access to the main catalog of NATO military products. “More than 60 experts from Ukroboronprom received certificates on the standardization of the North Atlantic Alliance,” the release said.

“Within the framework of Ukraine-NATO cooperation, this year, for the first time, there was a presentation of Ukrainian military products and new projects -“ The Day of Ukraine’s Defense Industry in NATO ”directly at NATO headquarters (Brussels, Belgium),” the press service added.

Commentary on the resource “Earlier, Kiev announced that it was breaking off cooperation with the Russian side in the framework of the NATO SALIS project. The Strategic Airlift Interim Solution program is an interim solution for strategic air travel. The three-year contract signed by Ukraine and Russia in the framework of SALIS expired in December 2016. The main contractor for the project was Ruslan SALIS GmbH, established by the state company Antonov Airlines (Ukraine) and the Russian company Volga-Dnepr ”.
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  1. Zomanus
    Zomanus 3 January 2017 08: 37
    So it’s kind of written already that Ukrainians set such prices,
    that it’s more profitable for Russian planes to carry NATO tanks.
    1. Finches
      Finches 3 January 2017 08: 43
      Wishful thinking is a national sport that is bad ... laughing
      However, for the transportation of some sort of ... Anglo-Saxons could use a more or less flying Ukrainian tub! laughing
      1. vovanpain
        vovanpain 3 January 2017 08: 54
        Quote: Finches
        . Anglo-Saxons could use a less flying Ukrainian bucket!

        Naglosaksa involved as well. repeat
        1. Finches
          Finches 3 January 2017 09: 06
          Ukrainians do not understand commonplace things! That all the help of the Anglo-Saxons is not intended for Ukraine to acquire a modern armed force. NATO is not needed.
          The maximum that they need is a separate expeditionary force which will be imprisoned not for ensuring the country's security, but for use exclusively in the interests of NATO. And in the Armed Forces, as well as in the Ukrainian military-industrial complex, only what NATO and specifically the Anglo-Saxons need will remain! The West as a whole does not give a damn about Ukraine from a large bell tower!
          1. 79807420129
            79807420129 3 January 2017 09: 17
            Quote: Finches
            The West as a whole does not care about Ukraine from the big bell tower!

            That's exactly Eugene! hi Dill thinks that the world revolves around them, but the West needs only cannon fodder and a bridgehead against Russia. hi
            1. Pete mitchell
              Pete mitchell 3 January 2017 13: 57
              Lord, well, the 404th sent a little reason, just a little bit. After all, who orders music, that girl is dancing, and her mood will not interest anyone. Well, a little bit of reason, well, on New Year
              1. pvv113
                pvv113 4 January 2017 11: 03
                When God handed out brains - they rode on the Maidan
          2. bouncyhunter
            bouncyhunter 3 January 2017 09: 18
            The West as a whole does not care about Ukraine from the big bell tower!

            Golden words, Zhenya hi drinks Who else would drive a Svidomosaurus into the head!
            1. vovanpain
              vovanpain 3 January 2017 09: 21
              Quote: bouncyhunter
              Who else would drive a Svidomosaurus into the head!

              Hello Pasha! drinks hi It is useless to hammer something into their heads, let them themselves swallow "ceevropism" but do not spoil them, maybe then they will include the head, and not eat into it. drinks hi
              1. bouncyhunter
                bouncyhunter 3 January 2017 09: 23
                Well, if they like to be bare-ass, then in Europe and NATO - do not hesitate to jump! lol
            2. Finches
              Finches 4 January 2017 09: 57
              Hello Pasha! hi drinks
    2. 210ox
      210ox 3 January 2017 08: 43
      And there is one benefit, Russophobia .. And for this no money is not a pity ..
  2. 210ox
    210ox 3 January 2017 08: 45
    Yes, let them replace Russian components .. How much will it cost, here's the question .. And another thing, but do they need it? Spend money for nothing ..
    1. Homo
      Homo 3 January 2017 08: 51
      Quote: 210ox
      Spending money for nothing ..

      Do they have them? winked
      1. 210ox
        210ox 3 January 2017 08: 53
        That's it .. For everything else, no.
    GABALIS 3 January 2017 08: 50
    Ukroboronprom got access to the NATO Logistics Main Catalog ..... scribe NATE laughing
    1. 210ox
      210ox 3 January 2017 08: 54
      Yeah .. Where did they go, there is nothing for the Jews to do ..
      Quote: GABALIS
      Ukroboronprom got access to the NATO Logistics Main Catalog ..... scribe NATE laughing
  4. bald
    bald 3 January 2017 08: 57
    And what about the year’s NATO catalog?
  5. behemot
    behemot 3 January 2017 09: 29
    well, uh, ukraine bombarded the whole world with weapons! And they plan super-weapons for a heroic struggle with Russia in the Donbass! Heroam sala!
  6. Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 3 January 2017 09: 53
    Well, and a flag in their hands, a drum on their neck and a locomotive to meet. Absolutely spit on them. The Americans will show them that they are not "stupid" Russians who can be thrown on money and speculated with "brotherly" feelings.
  7. Stinger
    Stinger 3 January 2017 11: 08
    The wind in your ass! Colleagues.
    BARKHAN 4 January 2017 11: 39
    At the moment, Ukraine is beneficial to the west in any condition.
    Because it is imprisoned against Russia. To give money, to strengthen the army and the economy ... this will give Svidomo arrogance and confidence. They will think that they are on the right path. They will go east.
    Do not give anything ... rahruha, hunger, banditry, embittered people. It remains only to appoint a guilty person. Well, and who can be guilty of the problems of Ukrainians, no matter how Muscovite.
    Therefore, we need to act and make plans based on the current situation.
    Even with a favorable scenario, the purification and restoration of Ukraine will take more than a decade and huge amounts of money. The question is only at whose expense? And do we need it? After all, you have to spend what can be spent on the welfare of its citizens.
    In short, the question is not very simple.
    1. commbatant
      commbatant 4 January 2017 12: 27
      Nor any positive I see where so much bile comes from ....
      Well, not all NATO countries have transport vehicles for strategic transfers (C-5, C-17), it is very expensive to have them on a permanent basis, they are almost concentrated in the Anglo-Saxons (USA, Canada, Great Britain).
      Even France had to lease planes from the UK and use the services of the Russian Volgo-Dnepr to move forces to Mali ...

      So comrades from Ukraine for NATO a find, according to "Vika", the Ukrainian Air Force has - 0 machines
      Accordingly, all An-124 are concentrated in the civilian fleet, which is reasonable (let them make a profit, until recently, the Russian BTA was doing the same)

      The operator of the above aircraft (7 units) in Ukraine is the company "Antonov Airlines"
      So, I do not see anything wrong if our "friends" deplete the entire resource of their aircraft and sell the rights to produce the An-124 to the PRC (Chinese comrades have long wanted to have their own heavy transport aircraft, they have a whole VDK as part of the PLA and there are islands in their "The South China Sea is immeasurable) ...