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Mi-8 - a middle class helicopter, created as a deep modernization of the Mi-4 helicopter with GTE. The first flight of the serial machine took place on October 26 1965. Reliability, simplicity and ease of use made this car the most common transport helicopter in the world. A unique combination of flight technical and operational characteristics made it possible to create over one hundred modifications based on the Mi-8.

The helicopter is made according to a single-rotor scheme with a tail rotor and a wing. Fuselage-type semi-monocoque. In the design of the fuselage, large-sized stampings and glued-welded joints are widely used. Glazing cockpit provides a good overview. The spacious cargo compartment can be adapted for various applications. Chassis tricycle non-retractable, dual front support self-orienting. The blades of the main rotor are all-metal, equipped with an alarm for damage to the side member. For protection against icing, the blades of the main, tail rotor and cockpit windows are equipped with an electrothermal anti-icing system. The helicopter can be equipped with an LPG-300 winch, as well as means for rolling the pallet with a load capacity of 2500 kg. For transportation of loads weighing up to 3 t, the machine is equipped with an external suspension system. The Mi-8 helicopter has set several world records, including a straight-distance record, which has not been broken to date.

The Mi-8 is a basic helicopter modified in two directions: the amphibious transport Mi-8T (or Mi-8AT, with the TV2-117AG engine) and the passenger Mi-8П. Mi-8T is designed to transport people and cargo inside the cabin, large-size cargo on the external suspension, equipped with 24 seats. The sanitary version can accommodate 20 seats for the sick or wounded, as well as 12 stretchers, portable and stationary oxygen equipment.

Many military modifications have been created: the Mi-8AV is a mine-laying machine for laying anti-tank minefields, the Mi-8AD is a mine-laying machine for anti-personnel mines, and the Mi-8BT is a trawl towing vehicle. A series of command posts has been established. Mi-8KP is designed to search for descent space modules. Equipped with a special communication complex "Saigak". Mi-8VZPU (Mi-9) - air command post and repeater designed for commanders of motorized rifle, tank и aviation divisions. Equipped with a set of radio communication equipment, compartments for operators and the commander of the task force. Installed in the cargo compartment of the AN-8, it provides the command post with autonomous basing.

Modification of the Mi-8SMV is designed to protect front-line aviation against enemy anti-aircraft missile systems. It is equipped with EW Smalta-V complex and AFU system. The Mi-8PPA variant is designed for jamming ground-based radar detection, guidance and targeting, equipped with EW stations and the AFS system. Mi-8TARK - television reconnaissance spotter. Mi-8TZ - tanker.

Mi-8TV (for export Mi-8ТB) is a heavily armed modification. Equipped with a machine gun installation NUV-1-2М, bombs 50-500 kg or UB-16 (UB-32) with NUR C-5, PTAR "Phalanx M" ("Baby" for export) or cannon containers U -23, universal helicopter nacelles GUV dr.

The passenger version of the helicopter can accommodate 28 passenger seats, equipped with a luggage compartment, a rear entrance door with a ladder in the wings. Mi-8P has rectangular windows. Option "Salon" (including the presidential version of "Lux") is equipped with a government-coded radio telephone. Radio communication equipment of the helicopter provides two-way radio communication in the HF-VHF band via radio stations Yadro-1A, P-863, P-828. To obtain radar information, the 8A-813 weather radar is installed.

Serial production of the Mi-8 helicopter is carried out on the KVZ and U-UAZ. The number of helicopters built is more than 8200, the number of exported ones is more than 2000. Operated in Russia, CIS countries, Japan, China, Germany, Peru and other countries.

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  1. A
    A 22 June 2011 20: 06
    Mi-8 - a middle class helicopter, was created as a deep modernization of the Mi-4 helicopter with a gas turbine engine ???????
  2. Eric
    Eric 22 June 2011 20: 08
    At the expense of deep modernization of stupidity ... And in terms of medium-sized helicopters, it’s true because the heavy Mi-26 and the light turntables are put on the Kamovtsy screw.