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Russian pilots this year have flown a record number of hours

About 340 thousand hours flew in the current year, Russian military pilots, said Commander of the VKS Viktor Bondarev.

“This year, the Air Force carried out a raid more than ever - 340 thousands of hours. This is a huge amount of work, this is flying at least one 120 watch for one flyer ",
said the colonel-general.

According to Bondarev, "during the year, 200 order was held on combat training in the army."

In addition, “the VKS participated in the 50 events of the Armed Forces: this included participation in the Kavkaz-2016 exercises, sudden inspections, and, of course, participation in Aaviadarts,” the commander said.

According to open data, "in 2001 the average flying time of frontline pilots aviation "did not exceed 10 hours, assault - 20 hours, fighter - 13 hours, long-range - 20 hours, military transport - 54 hours." In 2007-2009 average raid was estimated at 60-80 hours.
Photos used:
Pavel Lisitsyn / RIA News

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  1. Skeptic Self-Taught
    Skeptic Self-Taught 23 December 2016 15: 50
    Let them fly more ...
    And, probably, I will not be original, but I wish only one thing to our entire Army, Air Force and Navy: that all the alarms be training.
    1. Trevis
      Trevis 23 December 2016 15: 51
      Right! Need to raise a new generation of flyers. Put on the wing)
      1. Pete mitchell
        Pete mitchell 23 December 2016 16: 33
        A very correct remark: it is simply vital to establish uninterrupted training of young people and allow those who are already in the ranks to fly regularly. It is very bitter to remember the years of collapse and I do not want a repetition at all. And a little bit of intelligence in the heads of high-ranking officials - you can't get rid of experienced fighters with "organizational and staff activities"
        1. OLD FART
          OLD FART 23 December 2016 16: 56
          About 340 thousand hours flew this year, Russian military pilots

          I think more than half of them are combat sorties, and taking into account (as ours were hunted) it costs a lot ... I think we have gained tremendous experience! And most importantly, our designers have added work to eliminate the shortcomings! It’s one thing to show and show off at an air show, quite another in a combat situation ... In general, both pilots and equipment showed a good result! We work further ....
          1. Andrey Yuryevich
            Andrey Yuryevich 23 December 2016 17: 36
            Quote: STARPER
            About 340 thousand hours flew this year, Russian military pilots

            I think more than half of them are combat sorties, and taking into account (as ours were hunted) it costs a lot ... I think we have gained tremendous experience! And most importantly, our designers have added work to eliminate the shortcomings! It’s one thing to show and show off at an air show, quite another in a combat situation ... In general, both pilots and equipment showed a good result! We work further ....

            Vitaly, if you filter, then a rational grain in your monologue will remain ... of course, these are not "combat missions", and not a "hunt" for ours, but that experience gained, which we obviously lacked, and which America had - it is a fact...
            1. OLD FART
              OLD FART 23 December 2016 17: 59
              Quote: Andrey Yurievich
              but, the fact that they gained experience, which we clearly lacked, and which America had, is a fact ...

              Well, thanks Yuryevich ..! And then they teased me that the old man and the facts are ridiculous ..)))) I still have a flair ...! And how many infantry drove out and fired (through Chechnya) I think our Army is in first place in fighting spirit and the desire to carry out combat missions in extreme hostilities! (they even offer queues and bribes at the military commissariats, if only to get into the Army and become a real man)
              And I remember in the beginning of the 90s demobilization changed into a citizen in order to get home alive ... Russia is alive!
              1. Kasym
                Kasym 23 December 2016 18: 14
                "Leaked the secret" by the Commander in Chief ?! wink . About three thousand combat pilots are subordinate to him. hi
              2. vladimirZ
                vladimirZ 23 December 2016 18: 29
                120 hours a year, 12 hours a month, excluding vacation, not too much flying time for the pilot.
                In 1975-76, in our Trans-Baikal region, in a regiment (MIG-21), an ordinary raid on a pilot was within 250 hours a year or more. We flew every other day: the day of preliminary preparation, the day of flights, again preliminary, and again flights. There were 3 flight shifts per week, sometimes 2, 8 hours each. During the flight shift, the plane made 3 sorties in 1 hour and 10 minutes with a full tank refueling.
                So, that before the Soviet standards for flying, our current pilots are still far away.
                1. bober1982
                  bober1982 23 December 2016 19: 53
                  Fly on the MiG-21 - 250 hours a year, I'm sorry, you can die. This is not transport aircraft, or Long-range. By the way, today is Long-Range Aviation Day, and I congratulate you on this.
                  1. vladimirZ
                    vladimirZ 23 December 2016 20: 11
                    Why "die"? On a flight shift (8 hours), in one day, 2-3 departures for an hour / ten is quite normal.
                    The plane just sat down, I, as a technician of an airplane with a mechanic-soldier, refueled, examined the condition, the specialists in their services checked everything for an hour or so, and again the plane was in the air. 3 departures per shift. If without hanging tanks, with a small refueling, then 4 sometimes the departure was a shift.
                    Between flights, the pilot was given more time to rest. Yes, they were eager to fly, earned coolness.
                    Of course, they got tired of such a regime, in fact every "working" day lasted 12-14 hours, but that was already the norm. On Saturday, a shortened (up to 3 o'clock in the afternoon) service park day, and also on aircraft.
                    1. bober1982
                      bober1982 23 December 2016 20: 24
                      And why exactly 1,20 min., Because the flight task can be for 20 min., And in general anything, and the load on the pilots was different - it could not be the same. 250 hours flight time on such types of aircraft as the MiG-21 (front-line aviation), this is not even a gigantic raid, but a fantastic one, the body and psyche will not stand it. What else to add - there is such a thing as "manure", this is when no one needs a raid - a pilot, or a crew (front-line aviation), from long-range aircraft and transport workers have their own laws.
                      1. vladimirZ
                        vladimirZ 24 December 2016 12: 59
                        And why exactly at 1,20min., - bober1982

                        No, we usually flew in full tanks, with 2 hanging cigar tanks, for almost the full production of kerosene, naturally not counting the necessary residual minimum, for 1 hour 10 minutes.
                        Our specifics was an aviation reconnaissance regiment, the main armament of reconnaissance containers: day and night photo containers, radio reconnaissance. But they also flew for bombing, launches of unguided rockets from blocks, without outboard fuel tanks, then the flights were shorter, but still they were not less than 40-45 minutes. Kerosene was not spared then. It was believed that the best pilot who has more plaque.
                        We had 2 air regiments at the airport, the second on the SU-17 fighter-bomber, so the flight days were divided every other day: they fly in 2 shifts in a day, our regiment in 2 shifts. In the first shift, 1 squadron, in the 2nd shift - 2nd, a week later, vice versa. There are no non-flying days in Transbaikalia; the airfield was fully loaded all week.
                    2. vladimirZ
                      vladimirZ 23 December 2016 20: 29
                      By the way, we were jealous of the long-haul people, their plane will go on flight for 6-8 hours, the ground technical staff consider this time relaxed "resting", and here, excuse the expression like bumps, the planes take off and sit down, like only in a trailer I went to warm up after being released into the air, you hear the announcement that your board sits down, you need to go, and all over again: refueling, inspection, preparation for the next flight.
                      1. bober1982
                        bober1982 23 December 2016 20: 38
                        Yes, I agree, your work was difficult, and responsible, and not too grateful, after flying we got out of the cockpit and into the bathhouse. But without you, nowhere, thank you.
                2. eagle11
                  eagle11 25 December 2016 05: 54
                  This concept is very convenient, the average raid ... That's just the average raid in the OTA of Transbaikalia for 2016 amounted to ... 63 hours.
  2. cannabis
    cannabis 23 December 2016 15: 57
    Well done, reached the level of 1973!
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 23 December 2016 16: 13
      Quote: cunning
      Well done, reached the level of 1973!

      well ... at that time, we were a superpower ...
      1. cannabis
        cannabis 23 December 2016 16: 24
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        well ... at that time

        It was in those years that flyers complained of a small plaque and all set an example of a raid by American flyers. An air defense regiment based on Tu-128 was based in our garrison, so there was much to talk about in taverns ....
      2. lelikas
        lelikas 23 December 2016 16: 28
        I would return to it :)))
    CYBERNINJA 23 December 2016 15: 57
    Every hour flown closer to retirement ...
  4. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 23 December 2016 16: 00
    It would be nice to see the breakdown of the raid by type of aviation. Otherwise, "on average in the hospital", everything may be fine, and then it turns out that the total figure and the average flight time were pulled at the expense of long-distance carriers and transport workers (VTA, represented by 224 LO, flies around the world).
  5. patsak
    patsak 23 December 2016 16: 44
    Quote: Andrey Yurievich
    well ... at that time, we were a superpower ...

    Well, that was how the whole superpower flew, all 15 republics.
  6. Fitter65
    Fitter65 23 December 2016 16: 46
    And I’m only glad of that. I still remember when we (the OSS of the RTO), providing flights in the early 80s, arrived on the pre-flight at 5 a.m. on Monday, and left at 23.00:90 Fridays. At XNUMX = e once a month flights are celebrated. Now it's like youth but I don’t serve, and that is joy.
  7. tinibar
    tinibar 23 December 2016 16: 52
    It must be assumed that this watch was also not all educational ... It is expensive ... soldier
  8. bald
    bald 23 December 2016 17: 57
    Yes, the flames burned. But you must, Fedya!
  9. basmach
    basmach 23 December 2016 19: 02
    A simple elementary calculation (from the calculation of 50 pilots in the regiment (including divisions, etc.) gives 57 regiments, these are 19 divisions. That is, for the whole country, front-line, air defense, army, long-distance, transport. And given the fact that the long-range and transporters fly for a long time, even less. It becomes sad from such relations. Yes, in comparison with 1994-2000 progress, and in comparison with 88. Tomorrow they will start cutting further the budget - again in 90?
  10. killganoff
    killganoff 24 December 2016 08: 33
    The result is certainly impressive, but it also pays attention to the fact that the number of pilots in the Russian Aerospace Forces is small - about 2800 pilots. Is this quantity enough for the largest country ???
  11. Wiskar
    Wiskar 24 December 2016 09: 26

    “This is a huge amount of work, this is a raid on one pilot for at least 120 hours,”

    It looks very strange that - Murakhtin, Konstantin Valerievich - Russian military pilot, major, the best navigator of Russia (2014), holder of the Order of Courage ("for courage, courage and selflessness shown in the performance of military duty" in Syria). The Murakhtin aircraft with tail number 83 was shot down by the Turkish Air Force F-16 aircraft in the area of ​​the Syrian-Turkish border.

    So, according to the decision in the case 2-453 / 2014 ~ M-467/2014 (regarding Murakhtin) -
    onnyj-voennyj-sud-tambovskaya-oblast-s / act-467325
    004 /, (December 18, 2014 the city of Tambov, a civil case at the request of the military prosecutor of the Tambov garrison, filed in defense of the interests of a serviceman who is doing military service in a military unit <data taken>), but this is not the point ..

    The bottom line is that the case stated that the Russian military pilot, Major, the best navigator of Russia (2014)who was sent to Syria quote -

    For 2013, the actual annual raid of K. Murakhtin amounted to about 60 hours, with the established norm of 20 hours.
    From the sheet of flight operations Murakhtin K.V. it is seen that his raid in 2013 is 59 hours 56 minutes, with the established annual norm of 20 hours.

    That is, it is very sad to send fighting to Syria with such a raid, and if the raid were really large, at least among military pilots, they would not send those who did not do 100 hours a year.

    Of course, the year is not 2016, and the trial indicates a raid for 2013, but I do not think that something has changed dramatically in three years. In addition, of course, a large flying hours in Syria.
  12. bober1982
    bober1982 24 December 2016 14: 07
    Chindant, Borzya, "Barnaul" are a glorious airfield, a city and a garrison, and the neighbors were cool - the blue division.
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 25 December 2016 05: 10
      Yes exactly. The Chindant airfield, the aviation village of Barnaul in Borz, and the neighboring tank division, popularly nicknamed the "blue division" after the color of the tents in which the division lived in the first years of its arrival in Borzya.
      As we joked the hero of the Borzya city, for the harsh conditions of service and the proximity to the large, at that time unfriendly neighbor China.
      In spite of the arrogant neighbor
      Threatening Moscow and Kiev
      There is a beauty BORZA ....
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 25 December 2016 06: 34
        Memory is already failing. Another interpretation was the saying.
        "To evil haughty Beijing,
        Moscow and Peter as friends,
        - There is a beauty - Borzya !!!
  13. iouris
    iouris 24 December 2016 20: 36
    Another article reports an acute shortage of pilots. I think that ITS is also missing. Science and teachers are destroyed as a class. Under favorable conditions, it will take about 25 years to recreate the air force infrastructure.