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The world was saved by a Russian soldier!

Music, words: Artyom Grishanov.


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  1. von_Tilsit
    von_Tilsit 23 December 2016 09: 46
    Let's be clear - the SOVIET soldier saved the world! Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Georgian, Jew, Dagestan, Armenian, Belarusian ... Forgive those who did not name. All of them are SOVIET soldiers, Winners of fascism, Liberators of Europe. Do not drag the Great Soviet Victory into small national pieces.
      PHANTOM-AS 23 December 2016 10: 01
      Quote: von_Tilsit
      Winners of fascism, Liberators of Europe. Do not drag the Great Soviet Victory into small national pieces.

      Remarkably said, you can’t say better.
      Glory to the Soviet warriors-winners!

    2. 1rl141
      1rl141 23 December 2016 11: 38
      Quote: von_Tilsit
      Let's be clear - the SOVIET soldier saved the world!

      The other day I watched the film "28 Panfilov's men". There is one moment, when the Germans went on the attack, ours are sitting in the trench. And here are a couple of our soldiers with an anti-tank gun. The shooter is Kazakh. loader Russian. And now the Russian says something like:
      - Come on, not foolish. Now we will show how Russians are fighting.
      Kazakh looked at him and says:
      - I’m generally Kazakh ...
      And that one:
      - A Kazakh, is it not Russian or what?
      What the Kazakh agreed to, perhaps yes ..
      It is clear that this is a movie trick, but if the Kazakhs need my help, I will become a Kazakh and will fight with them like a Kazakh. And I won’t be offended when they say that the Kazakhs defeated someone there, albeit with the help of the Russians.
      Fought for the Russian land? So all the Russians were. We will fight for the Kazakh - we will all be Kazakhs. And for any other as well. I just don’t want to fight for Jewish land. I do not know why. Maybe he ate something wrong ...
      So it is not necessary to bring clarity here. The concept of "Russian soldier" goes beyond nationalities.
      1. Duisenbay Bankankulov
        Duisenbay Bankankulov 23 December 2016 15: 12
        It is hard to disagree with you. After all, once upon a time during the Union, the battalion commander told us: For the whole world we are Russian, there is no difference in the cut of the eyes or color of the skin, remember this, sons ...
    3. zulusuluz
      zulusuluz 23 December 2016 17: 43
      Undoubtedly! Only I am ashamed of my country, because for some reason, only Russia stands up for the monuments destroyed in Poland ...
      Where is Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus ??? Sold and forgot?
      So there is some truth.
      1. Duisenbay Bankankulov
        Duisenbay Bankankulov 24 December 2016 06: 41
        It’s just that the rulers of these countries have chosen a policy not to support Russia, and suddenly they will be denied a tranche or even worse declared support for the aggressor ...
  2. von_Tilsit
    von_Tilsit 23 December 2016 10: 42
    And yet - about why the Soviet soldiers fought:

  3. Vitalson
    Vitalson 23 December 2016 18: 24
    It is necessary to gather all the liberals in one shed and show them for a week the war chronicles, films about the war, normal and not the "Penal Battalion" they created, these are the videos, and feed them exclusively with herring, milk and cucumbers.
  4. Comrade Kim
    Comrade Kim 5 January 2017 21: 06

    Photo Chaldea.