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Trump twice humiliated Hillary

Trump twice humiliated Hillary

In the United States completed voting voters. And despite the leap year, in which everything happened that was not supposed to happen, the electors did not violate the old American tradition - to fulfill the will of the people. Trump won, Trump president.

I once again admit my mistake, because right up to the announcement of the voting results it was hard to believe that Trump's SMMs would be more influential than the Hillary elite.

And now we can seriously consider the analysis of the new Trump team, but even more seriously we should consider the issue of Iran and the Middle East, the European Union and NATO.

If we talk about the confrontation between Clinton and Trump, the latter twice easily and almost gently walked around the former first lady. The many scandals that accompanied Clinton made her not just the losing side, but also shamefully the losing side. Therefore, it is not surprising that even “protests” and actions did not help to incline the electors towards Clinton, and even had the opposite effect.

Team Trump

Start with a very recent appointment, which was given to Trump with great difficulty. This is a businessman, a longtime friend of Russia, awarded in Moscow, Rex Tillerson, who will occupy the position of state. secretary. Earlier this post belonged to the inveterate Russophobe John Kerry, therefore the arrival of not only a Russian friend, but also an oil businessman for such a responsible post inspires optimism to the pro-Russian side and horror in Europe.

The head of Exxon Mobil bears the title of "scout eagle." The path from a simple engineer to the sixth chapter in the world in terms of corporate income. "The State Department will be headed by a friend of Putin" met news American media. In fact, Tillerson really knows Russia, Russians, and the way they do business. And it's like their spy in our country. He knows strengths and weaknesses, can figure out priorities, is well acquainted with business in Russian (and often it is business that determines the political strategy). Therefore, the question: good or bad for Russia, the new state. Secretary, you can only answer a few years after the end of his term. For the time being, he, as well as the most recent US president, should be treated with great apprehension. He may be a friend of Russia, but a citizen of the United States. And our interests with the United States go in different directions.

For other candidates.

The post of secretary of defense was given to James Mattis, better known by the nickname "mad dog." His track record is significant: the former head of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces, led the operations in the Middle East.

Despite the fact that a couple of weeks ago, other candidates were considered for this position, Trump turned out to be predictable by the very idea of ​​appointing a person with practical experience in conducting military operations directly related to operations in the troubled Middle East to the post of head of the Pentagon.

To better understand what you have to deal with, a few quotes from the new US Secretary of Defense, the second nickname of which sounds like “Warrior Monk”:

"You can be polite, professional, but you should always have a plan on how to kill anyone in your path."
“You come to Afghanistan and see guys who beat their women for not wanting to wear these veils. You know, these are not people at all. Therefore, it’s so damn fun to kill these scumbags. Truthfully, shelling them will be fair. .
"I beg you, do not get in our way. Because otherwise the survivors will write about what we have done here, the next 10 thousands of years"

Mattis is also known for having previously criticized the foreign policy course of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In his opinion, the administration of Barack Obama paid little attention to the situation in Ukraine, and also did not sufficiently support NATO allies. "Mad Dog" considers Russia to be a "predatory" state and is convinced that "there is a war in the Crimea and in Ukraine", he is also sure that Russia wants to "break NATO apart."

Trump's other candidates are no less surprising both in their occupation and their attitude towards the Russian Federation.

Donald Trump chose the new heads of the Central Intelligence Agency and the US Attorney General’s Office. They will be Republican Senator Jeff Sessions (actively supported the US war in Iraq, insists that Russia should be punished for the Crimea) and Congressman Michael Pompeo (quote: "in order to demonstrate support for Kiev, it is necessary to change Putin’s calculations and increase the risks for Russia on the movement of troops to Kiev "). The post of national security adviser will be taken by the former head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn, who is known for advocating a sensible dialogue with Russia.

The new Minister of Health was Tom Price, who most loudly criticized Barack Obama’s medical reforms. Labor Minister Helen Chao was still in the Bush administration. The head of the Ministry of Finance became Stephen Mnuchin - a billionaire, a movie mogul, a producer of Avatar and X-Men. But he is not the only billionaire in Trump's future “mighty variegated handful”. He also intends to appoint 78-year-old billionaire investor Wilbur Ross as Minister of Commerce, who made money by acquiring bankrupt companies and then optimizing their business for resale.

One thing is for sure - when the Trump team gets together at the desk, it will be the hottest debate in the whole of America. history. But there is something that unites all of them - this is a love of money, a great experience in its field and a desire to make America great again. By isolation, of course.

On the question of the Middle East. The statements of Trump himself and the composition of his team, and especially the new head of the Pentagon, make thinking is not at all positive. The course is changing and now the American sight is no longer aimed at Syria. Under the distribution will get Iran, with whom Trump already intends to "cooperate." If the peaceful way does not help (and I understand that a peaceful way is to give Iran freedom in the atom in exchange for liberty in oil and gas for Saudi Arabia), then the IG or its forms will smoothly move from neighboring Iraq to Iran, where they will open up the new one armament. Maybe even from the fact that now comes in Syria.

Difficult time awaits and Afghanistan. Trump is confident that he will be able to end the wars there and in Iraq, but he does not tell you which way. But the nickname of the head of the Pentagon explains that peace agreements will not have to wait. And, by the way, it will be curious to observe the trips of the same Tillerson towards Turkey and Azerbaijan. As soon as we see him on this side, it will be possible to wait for the conflict to break out in Karabakh and the next turmoil. After all, Tillerson, as the most experienced in energy, understands the value of gas pipelines to Europe, namely Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan - the countries through which Gazprom’s competitor can start.

As for Europe, some individuals, such as the head of the IMF, have already abandoned their affairs and left for Washington. Because Trump and his new course are not very loyal to European issues. Of course, no one will leave NATO members without support, and in the same State Department and private American funds continue to distribute sponsorship. But the same patronage as in the previous course cannot be.

In general, the team of "Democrats" was replaced by a team of businessmen. Less experienced politically, but more experienced in the ability to achieve goals. This quality is much more valuable as a manager and much less predictable for us.

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 21 December 2016 05: 31
    How will it be under Trump now? I would like to believe that relations for Russia will be no worse than under Obama.
    1. Titsen
      Titsen 21 December 2016 07: 10
      Quote: aszzz888
      How will it be under Trump now?

      Now CLIMON'S MAGNIFICENT OLD WOMAN will be the national mattress entertainment!
      1. 210ox
        210ox 21 December 2016 11: 37
        Yes, God be with her, with this old woman .. But interestingly, Madonna kept her word ?? wassat
        Quote: Titsen
        Quote: aszzz888
        How will it be under Trump now?

        Now CLIMON'S MAGNIFICENT OLD WOMAN will be the national mattress entertainment!
    2. BecmepH
      BecmepH 21 December 2016 07: 36
      Quote: aszzz888
      How will it be under Trump now? I would like to believe that relations for Russia will be no worse than under Obama.

      It certainly won’t be any better. This is a team of pragmatists. We for them were enemies, and will remain. But here's what worries ... You can agree with a politician, but a businessman will not miss his. His (businessman's) goal is clear. Only bucks are turning in his eyes. I have a feeling (and I want to make a mistake) that the clouds are gathering over my head ...
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 21 December 2016 11: 24
        You can agree with a politician, but a businessman will not miss his. His (businessman's) goal is clear. Only bucks are turning in his eyes.

        If this is so, then it will be possible to play on this and agree. Time will tell.
      2. Monarchist
        Monarchist 21 December 2016 14: 53
        WesternN, that Trump from business and his team are also businessmen, bad and good: for them, Tugriks are more important than politics.
    3. Finches
      Finches 21 December 2016 08: 42
      Clinton, who is Lewinsky, probably at her Clinton ranch, which Hillary, already made an extension to the house in the form of the Oral ... oval office, so that the old woman would present herself as the Presidential and not finally go off the coils ... laughing

      As for Trump and his team, now, before the first concrete practical decisions it is difficult to assume something, but I am sure of one thing, that unlike Clinton, the world has become a little further from the third world massacre!
    4. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be 21 December 2016 10: 25
      For Trump, the main issue is the relationship with China. The battle of the strongest !! The future of the United States and its role in the world depend on its outcome.
  2. izya top
    izya top 21 December 2016 05: 31
    early to pour oil. I do not think that something will change much in the foreign policy of the Yankees. too much they have invested in their foreign projects and will not want to be left without profits
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 21 December 2016 06: 36
      Worse than Obama is only war. Here Trump will meet with Putin for a glass of tea, then we’ll povang. fellow
    2. Anatole Klim
      Anatole Klim 21 December 2016 07: 04
      “Faces of 2016” is the name of the latest issue of The Week magazine this year. On his cover is a caricature of the key figures of the outgoing year. So, the illustration depicts Donald Trump on the throne, he is wearing the crown, Vice President Mike Pence. There is Michelle Obama, looking with annoyance at the happy Melania Trump.
      Hillary Clinton, the illustrator who lost the election, did not forget, here she, clutching her head, is resting on the couch. Russia's recent allegations of cyber attacks have also been reflected on the cover. Russian President Vladimir Putin is depicted sitting in the shadow of the central part of the composition with a laptop.

      The British dog tore the flag of the European Union, and on the table like some kind of textbook on computer use laughing
    3. LeftPers
      LeftPers 21 December 2016 08: 00
      Quote: iza top
      early to pour oil. I do not think that something will change much in the foreign policy of the Yankees. too much they have invested in their foreign projects and will not want to be left without profits

      A photocopy on the right, the cartridge is dead?
  3. svp67
    svp67 21 December 2016 05: 42
    Trump twice humiliated Hillary
    Only? Yes, he humiliates her DAILY, HOURLY and DAILY, by becoming the President ...
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 21 December 2016 06: 45
      The last hopes of the old witch are destroyed. Trump and his team are still predators !!!
      1. quolta
        quolta 21 December 2016 07: 34
        lucky aunt that lost health no so maybe even live longer
    2. novel66
      novel66 21 December 2016 09: 31
      he did not humiliate anything - the normal behavior of the dominant male
  4. EvgNik
    EvgNik 21 December 2016 07: 05
    Now you can breathe out and think - what will happen next? Let's see, this will be shown in the first days after the inauguration in January.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 21 December 2016 07: 39
      Maybe Eugene, there will be no time for reflection. As if the whole world would not breathe more and more from the new team. The course will change of course, but how ...
      1. EvgNik
        EvgNik 21 December 2016 07: 49
        About it, Dmitry and I speak. Wait and see. And time, I think, will be. This hysterical woman could immediately start a war, and Trump will first think.
  5. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 21 December 2016 08: 12
    What can be expected from Trump and his team for the Russian Federation?
    Trump is a businessman, the businessman's policy is "nothing personal, just business." And the head of state still has the opportunity to use the Armed Forces to achieve his goals.
    What can oppose business to the interests of large US corporations in our country?
    Almost all the strategic resources of the Russian Federation are in private hands and the task of their owners is to fit into the clan of international corporations, where they are still not equal partners. State property in the Russian Federation is managed by the same "effective managers", whose personal property is the non-state share of enterprises' shares. I suppose that they will lobby for the maximum transfer of the country's property to private hands to strengthen their personal positions in the international market. Moreover, at the government level, they will agree with their position, still believing that the country does not need state property - there are enough taxes from business, and the missing part of the income will be collected from the population, continuing to create dozens of new companies in the housing and utilities sector, increasing or inventing new taxes. the final payer of which will be, as always, the people.
    A balm about business responsibility will pour from the screens. And for business (see the paragraph above), the interests of the country do not exist, and their offspring systematically demonstrate their attitude towards the country and the people, despising and hating the "Rashka", disregarding the legislation of the Russian Federation, and the people are people with human rights. As you know, the truth speaks through the mouth of a baby, in this case the offspring reveal the true face of Russian business, they have absorbed contempt for the country and people from the atmosphere of their family, and in this case they reveal the faces of their parents.
    In general, there is no one to defend the interests of the country before the sharks of international business.
    That’s the whole forecast.
    1. Neputin
      Neputin 21 December 2016 08: 25
      I support completely and add up furiously. What is called "removed from the tongue."
  6. Lumumba
    Lumumba 21 December 2016 12: 02
    - We still need to live up to the inauguration.
    - The political system of the United States and not such presidents broke through.
  7. NordUral
    NordUral 21 December 2016 14: 16
    The fact that he participated in Sakhalin-1 does not cause optimism.
  8. bandabas
    bandabas 21 December 2016 14: 50
    They just tried to make the Christmas Revolution (similar to the "colored" ones). Not yet passed. We are waiting for the Maidan at the White House.
  9. Monarchist
    Monarchist 21 December 2016 15: 08
    As far as I can see from the sofa: the world will become more stable, a couple of Pedro and Maydaunas Ms. Nuland with cookies will be the brightest thing in the past, these beautiful eyes of Yeresko Money will not give, which means that maydaunas will be able to remember the black orangutan
  10. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 21 December 2016 15: 20
    Is this the "friend" who downloaded our resources from Sakhalin for free?
    It is necessary to hang such "friends" by the balls.
  11. shinobi
    shinobi 22 December 2016 10: 33
    I think that we will have some coordinated changes in the government. The hawks and security forces will strengthen. But the liberals will be sour as unjustified investments. Trump and his dealers are able to count money.