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Algeria delivered another batch of T-90CA

The next batch of Russian arrived in the Algerian port of Oran tanks T-90CA, reports bmpd with reference to publications in social networks.

Transportation of the next batch of Russian-made T-2014CA tanks delivered to Algeria under the 90 contract of the year from the Algerian port of Oran.

The combat vehicles were delivered by the Ocean Dream “ro-ro” transport ship, which is owned by the German company BBC Chartering GmbH (the flag of Liberia). The ship left the Russian port of Ust-Luga on the Baltic Sea on November 30, on December 14 arrived in the port of Oran.

It is noted that the tanks are delivered to Algeria according to the contract (the third in a row) concluded in 2014. In total, the Algerian army is to receive about 200 vehicles under this agreement.

Algeria delivered another batch of T-90CA

According to Algerian sources, the first batch was delivered to the country in November 2015 g by two flights of the vessel of the same company. The second batch (referring to 67 tanks) arrived in Algeria in July of this year.
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  1. cniza
    cniza 16 December 2016 12: 15
    If they pay regularly, then good luck.
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 16 December 2016 12: 24
      Armatures are armatures, but it was always a pity that the troops did not have modern versions of the T-90AM tank.
      1. just exp
        just exp 16 December 2016 12: 55
        I also liked him, but still it’s stupid to spend a lot of money on outdated goods, even if he is well-suited.
        1. elmi
          elmi 16 December 2016 13: 52
          Algeria delivered another batch of T-90CA

          I am glad that Algeria continues to purchase equipment from us. I think that soon the Algerian army will be the most combat-ready on the African continent and Russian weapons will help to achieve this faster.
      2. Incvizitor
        Incvizitor 16 December 2016 14: 29
        It would be better MS.
  2. svp67
    svp67 16 December 2016 12: 22
    Yes, the UVZ conveyor, apparently one of the few now with us, which is not idle ...
    1. vanavatny
      vanavatny 16 December 2016 12: 41
      I would even say that the military-industrial complex and its associated, almost the only working industry, despite all the opposition from the government, the conclusion: miracles are possible
  3. family tree
    family tree 16 December 2016 12: 28
    Mdya, but somewhere about a year ago, there would be screams about the fact that you need such what , and nonche, like it should be, cho laughing
  4. fa2998
    fa2998 16 December 2016 12: 31
    Muslim Bedouins at least put a death star, little help! Bearded boys from Libya will come, they will get everything! And they will look for these warriors near Paris! No. hi
    1. rotmistr60
      rotmistr60 16 December 2016 12: 46
      Bearded boys from Libya will come, they will get everything

      Therefore, they buy - they do not want the "boys" to come. Although there are enough of their own problems.
  5. pts-m
    pts-m 16 December 2016 13: 06
    And tractors with trawls are probably a gift or a rental.
  6. Volksib
    Volksib 16 December 2016 14: 02
    The tank has long been predicted to retire, but the battlefield Earth is in dire need of formidable machines. The chronology of the "democratization" of the region's countries proves that, without powerful ground forces, the "moderate opposition" is quickly mastering the territory. The West has been fighting with with the help of hired ideologically intoxicated forces. Algeria strengthens its defenses in all spheres. Moreover, the T-90s in a very limited number transferred to Syria showed excellent results. Considering that the 92-year-old cars from the presence of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Slobodan Milosevic at one time abandoned the S-300 The result is known to all. NATO planned a ground operation in Serbia, but stopped in time. The merit of Russian diplomacy. If then the intervention Mir today would have been completely different.
  7. Bering Strait
    Bering Strait 16 December 2016 15: 30
    I hope not on credit and not in vain ....
  8. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 16 December 2016 15: 32
    Algerians well done, understand a lot about technology, and of course the price .....
  9. AID.S
    AID.S 17 December 2016 08: 27
    Ro-Ro transport vessel Ocean Dream, owned by a German company

    Hi Merkel
  10. nivander
    nivander 21 December 2016 13: 15
    this is not your mainstay in Thailand - everything is clear