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Liberal West ordered to live long

The world-famous journalist Charles Krauthammer believes that the West, led by the United States, is now “retreating.” The previous era of the triumph of liberal democracy did not just come to an end, but ended. Now autocrats reign in geopolitics.

Charles Krauthammer (Charles Krauthammer) is a famous American journalist and commentator who publishes columns in four hundred different publications all over the world. Now he made a grim announcement about the end of the triumphal march of the West on the planet: the Russians are acting, and the West is scratching its tongue. This means the collapse of liberal democracy.

In an article published in «The Washington Post», Mr. Krauthammer states with conviction: the era of Western domination led by the United States is over.

Twenty-five years ago, in December 1991, “communism died, the cold war ended, and the Soviet Union disappeared,” the analyst recalls. That state catastrophe was “the largest disintegration of the empire in modern stories". Everything happened without a single shot, and in fact it was a “biblical event”. Krauthammer’s generation (he is 66 years old - O. Ch.) Didn’t think that he would personally see the collapse of the USSR.

The death of the Soviet empire marked the "final triumph of the liberal democratic idea," Krauthammer writes. The collapse of the USSR became the forerunner of the "era of Western domination" led by the United States ("the last remaining superpower in the world").

So it was for the next ten years. An “extended community of democracies” appeared, first in Eastern Europe and then in the “former Soviet colonies”. The US is so accustomed to the role of world hegemon, that when 31 in December 1999 of the year, Washington abandoned the Panama Canal, one of the most expensive geostrategic assets in the world, “no one even noticed”.

But now that era is over, I'm sure the journalist. Autocracies are back and continue to strengthen; democracy has to “keep the defense”; as for the USA, they are “retreating”.

All this can be seen in the example of one city - Aleppo. "The local tyrant," the author writes, rests "on a resurgent Russia, a strengthening Iran and hordes of Shiite militants." “Russia throws bombs; America makes statements, ”Krauthammer says ironically.

Here the analyst sees a historical moment and a “symbol of the end” of the liberal-democratic system. The West has “closed in itself” and “has gone home”, leaving an empty field for the development of authoritarian states like Russia, China and Iran. In France, the conservative parties nominated Vladimir Putin’s fans for the presidency. In several new democracies in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Bulgaria and even Poland), "authoritarian tendencies" are openly demonstrated.

There is no reason to speak of the “isolation” of Russia, which Barack Obama recently announced, that the US Secretary of State flew to bow to Putin more than once to ask for something about Syria.

The European Union, this “largest democratic club on Earth”, can break up if movements like Brexit spread across the continent.

China is becoming stronger. There are those who support this new center of power. Philippines openly joined China. Next will be Malaysia. And there the rest of the Asian allies of the United States will ripen for the Chinese turn.

According to the journalist, the West’s retreat began with the Obama administration, who abandoned the campaign in Iraq, offered a "reset" to Russia and agreed with Iran.

What will Donald Trump do? He wants to continue this "rollback" of America, although for other reasons.

Obama demanded US retreat from previous positions, because he believed that the United States was not good enough for the world and did not have the “moral right” to world hegemony. Trump will probably follow Obama's example, but he will go further, neglecting allies and avoiding conflicts. The reason will be different: Trump believes that the world is not good enough for America: he did not deserve American attention, turned out to be a “parasite”, settled under the American wing. It's time to take care of American interests - that's Trump's credo.

However, this is not a new argument. Back in 1990, the American neocons claimed that the US had come to become an “ordinary” country and abandon the burden of the 20 century, to maintain world order and promote “universal values”. It was a kind of hegemon attempt to retire.

Krauthammer himself in those years also argued that the United States deserved this peace, but the “cruel story” would not give peace to the Americans: it would not allow it to “enjoy” the rest. It would be a real “fantasy” if stability in the world “supported itself” and the United States would be out of business. In reality, without the United States, chaos would have formed in the world.

A quarter of a century later, jihadism spread throughout the world. Washington is thinking again about vacation or retirement and can choose one thing, but there will be no rest for this pension.

* * *

Krauthammer’s very strange thesis doesn’t even seem to frighten him with his contradiction. Jihadism has spread! But who supported the mojahedin in Afghanistan? Who fought al-Qaeda (and, therefore, whose fault was the 9 / 11 attacks)? Who started the bloody and senseless slaughter in Iraq, which lasted for many years and was not at all profitable for the “liberal democracy”, but for the American military industrial complex? Who smashed bombs did not distress Libya? And who supported the "opposition" in Syria? Who ultimately spawned a terrorist monster in the territories of Iraq and Syria and partly in North Africa?

Maybe it was all done by the Russians? Or the Chinese, who conspired with the Persians?

Not. All this is the work of the West, led by the United States. And the collapse of liberal democracy, which was announced by Charles Krauthammer, is also the work of the West. The US itself dug up its grave (unless, of course, the analyst's statements about the end of the West are considered true).

A world full of Islamist terrorists really turned out to be “not very good” for the United States. That is why Trump wants to shut out from him.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Altona
    Altona 19 December 2016 15: 36
    All this is so of course, but the liberal West is the purse holder of the whole West. And since the banker does not understand anything in politics, or in military affairs, or in production, but has huge nth amounts, he begins to make dangerous experiments with his own money. This is wide financing of terrorism, wide fake-Hollywood propaganda, the destruction of international institutions, starting with the IOC and ending with the UN, propaganda of gender diversity, multiculturalism and tolerance. This liberalism is dangerous to all of this.
    1. Finches
      Finches 19 December 2016 16: 56
      So do not believe in the wisdom of the ancient prophets:

      [i] "Since they sowed the wind, they will reap the storm: there will be no bread on the vine; grain will not produce flour; and if it does, then others swallow it ... "
    2. 34 region
      34 region 19 December 2016 19: 31
      15.36. Altona! I allow myself a little disagree. Why do people think that the West or the USA are stupid people? What has been done in the world so that it does not benefit the United States? Regional wars harm the US? No. This is a very profitable project. The elimination of a technological competitor country, the supply of weapons in return for the cheap purchase of the values ​​of a belligerent country, the reduction of the population by the population itself (and this is also done through contraceptives and same-sex marriage). The foolish USA imposed sanctions against Russia, from which Europe suffers! And did not come to mind about the intentionality of this? Hitting Russia, they hit Europe (two with one blow!). By pulling in NATO members, they received refugees. Completely by accident anti-Russian hysteria and the importation of weapons into the EU? Totally by chance Maidan and the unrest in Poland? Do you think the puppeteers do not understand what they are doing? They really understand. They do not need competitors and they successfully clean them. In the age of nuclear weapons is it dangerous !? Remember the USSR. Smashed despite the army, aviation and fleet with a nuclear club. To prevent a nuclear war, proactive and cheap methods of color revolutions are adopted. The aggressor does not need to invade enemy territory at all. A little money and propaganda, and the Papuans joyfully destroy each other! And all this talk about America’s suffering is pure smoke of misinformation. From all these terrorists and wars, the United States has only buns and no hemorrhoids. hi
      1. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 19 December 2016 20: 04
        These are real crocodile tears !!!!! Ah, poor crocodile, eats all day and suffers! AH! Poor, he has devoured the bull with horns and hooves! It’s hard for him! ....... This journalist has approximately the same suffering.
    3. Ckyy
      Ckyy 20 December 2016 00: 00
      all production rests on the Russian Federation yes
      Well, such a thing as Tolerance (from Lat. tolerantia - patience, patience, acceptance, voluntary transfer of suffering) is a sociological term for tolerance of a different worldview, lifestyle, behavior and customs

      obviously dangerous, especially in our multinational country with several religions ...... dooo: 3
      1. Stanislas
        Stanislas 21 December 2016 11: 58
        Quote: CKyHC
        voluntary transfer of suffering
        Were they not confused with masochism? "Tolerantia", translated from Latin as "patience, patience in smth." (Dictionary of Dvoretsky, Korolkov). Modern social sciences do not have a general concept of tolerance, therefore the word does not constitute a scientific term.
        Quote: CKyHC
        denoting tolerance for a different worldview, lifestyle, behavior and customs
        I can give a link to several Russian aboutscientific works, where in a perverse way it is "proved" that the word "tolerance" is not the equivalent of tolerance. There are a large number of works that claim that tolerance implies acceptance of moral inconsistencies: if someone behaves immorally, then a tolerant person, even having the opportunity to stop immoral behavior, will not do it. This is not "Saratov's suffering", it is a continuous ideology, and does not smell of science.
        1. Aqela
          Aqela 22 December 2016 21: 56
          Etymology: From Lat. tolerantia “patience, patience”, further from tolerans “patiently tolerating, tolerant”, further from tolerare “bear, hold; to endure, endure, endure ”, further from the pra-Indoevre. * tel - / * tol- "carry, carry, endure."

          I also want to note that, for example, there is a concept in medicine "tolerance of a microorganism to an antibiotic", this does not mean that an antibiotic is to his liking, but he can endure it ...
          So, tolerance is by no means the ability to understand, to refrain from condemnation, but quite the opposite - the ability, clenching his teeth, to drive indignation deeper into the womb and "make a good face in a bad game."
          The basis of tolerance is not kindness, understanding and tolerance, but cowardice and fear of getting in the teeth in response to outraged grumbling.
          Something like this ... hi
          1. Stanislas
            Stanislas 23 December 2016 12: 20
            Quote: Aqela
            The basis of tolerance is not kindness, understanding and tolerance, but cowardice and fear of getting in the teeth in response to outraged grumbling.
            As an ideological weapon, tolerance is directed against traditional morality: whoever is "not tolerant" (read, does not welcome gay pride parades and sex education in schools), so you can not stand on ceremony, he is a subhuman. Having intimidated people with intolerance, you can wait 30 years until they are all overwhelmed, scared and die, and even inherit their land. With opium in China it did not work, now they are stifling with tolerance at a higher level. In this regard, the medical interpretation of tolerance, as the body's non-resistance to foreign bodies, is quite suitable.
    4. Mestny
      Mestny 21 December 2016 09: 49
      All this "propaganda of gender diversity, multiculturalism and tolerance" is another attempt to change the global "format" of humanity. The previous project, communist so far unfortunately failed, apparently was started early.
      The same thing happens with this "liberal" attempt.
      But their task, of course, is one and the same - to unite humanity. Maybe this is not possible at all. At least not right now, not in this century.
  2. Raindragon
    Raindragon 19 December 2016 15: 48
    In the 20th century, America was strengthened only by contrasting itself with the USSR, and from the moment of its collapse, its future was in a fog. History teaches that empires (such as the United States) live only by conquering new territories, defeating and not defeating. The United States was the Soviet Union first enemy, then they created al-Qaeda, ISIS, then they wanted to throw arrows at Russia ... But something went wrong, and the enemy is not going to fight for some reason)
    1. Ckyy
      Ckyy 20 December 2016 00: 03
      conquering new territories, you say? not long ago the RF expanded not much ... everyone was so happy ... do you think the empire will end soon? : 3
      1. Raindragon
        Raindragon 20 December 2016 02: 19
        Well, we did not fight in Crimea, and the joy of reunification allowed us to give a damn about the sanctions. And about the "end of the empire" ... When it gets really bad, there is an option to chop off another piece)
  3. One of you
    One of you 19 December 2016 15: 54
    Author's Quote - "... Charles Krauthammer is a well-known American journalist and commentator who publishes columns in four hundred different publications around the world ...."

    If a writing journalist had connections with such tycoons as Murdoch, he could publish not in four hundred different publications around the world, but, for example, in a thousand or two thousand publications.
    Indeed, the main thing is not how many publications publish articles, but what these articles themselves contain.
    Real analytics, in my opinion, is still not published in every edition because not everyone understands and enjoys it, and Krauthammer's article is more like crocodile tears, and no more.
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 19 December 2016 17: 21
      One of youcloser and clearer to me One of us
  4. iouris
    iouris 19 December 2016 17: 14
    The West has never been liberal: it is governed too well. Western democracy, based on personal success and overconsumption, could very soon transform into Nazism. And again, selection and destruction of "genetic waste" will begin based on any characteristic.
    1. Burmistr
      Burmistr 19 December 2016 18: 01
      Quote: iouris
      The West has never been liberal: it is governed too well. Western democracy, based on personal success and overconsumption, could very soon transform into Nazism. And again, selection and destruction of "genetic waste" will begin based on any characteristic.

      In principle, true. The fact that they chose this redhead is what the grandmother said in two. If he is under the hubbadnik, as Khodos claims, then expect trouble.
      1. Stanislas
        Stanislas 21 December 2016 13: 43
        Quote: Burmeister
        If he is under the hubbadnikami, as Khodos claims, then expect trouble
        False messiah or what?
    2. Stanislas
      Stanislas 21 December 2016 13: 09
      Quote: iouris
      The West has never been liberal: it manages too well.
      Liberalism is a form of government in which the state protects life, freedom and property. Equality and fraternity, which the state should take care of, from the point of view of all those born in the USSR, are canceled. In this regard, modern liberalism cannot guarantee that the rights to life, liberty and property will be equally accessible to all citizens as brothers in the family.
  5. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 19 December 2016 17: 17
    He ordered to order, but the blood will still drink. ITramp is not better, it's just different. And so then everything will be decided by effort, from a position of strength. (no discuss, dictate, this is also communication).
  6. antivirus
    antivirus 19 December 2016 17: 27
    About 10 years ago, A. Prokhanov said. that "our time resembles the era of Ivan Kalita".
    The unambiguous unipolar world (in the last 10 years) has been replaced by a multipolar one. With spheres of influence (future?).
    Another 10 years and the section will happen.
    In the meantime, brutal chatter, tactical alliances and tariff wars?
    How Western watered technologists overlooked the growth of consumption in the third world and the equalization of potentials of another 10-15 countries (except for the "golden billion")
  7. Alex Xorkam
    Alex Xorkam 20 December 2016 01: 22
    Everything is not quite as it is written. There really was no liberalism at all. There was and is an autocracy of the world financial oligarchy, which in front of the cattle that are being led to the slaughterhouse hung a carrot that looks like liberalism. Cattle - you are not led to the slaughter, you are a free person and you go yourself. Such liberalism is now so much in the minds of many that the existence of humanity is in jeopardy.
  8. Altona
    Altona 20 December 2016 10: 08
    Quote: Region 34
    15.36. Altona! I allow myself a little disagree. Why do people think that the West or the USA are stupid people?

    Explaining the actions of the West, you began to reason from the perspective of a merchant who sets fire to the warehouses of neighbors. Again, give ground to cave religions such as Wahhabi Islam, incite obscurantism and pseudo-tolerance, in fact, returning the right of the strong. Is it a smart and long-term policy? I don’t think so.
  9. iouris
    iouris 20 December 2016 11: 28
    I did not say that the extreme stage of liberalism is cannibalism. So the liberals ate Cook.
  10. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 20 December 2016 12: 01
    As if, logically, it is necessary to push the stumbling west so that it touches the dirt more firmly with its muzzle. But no. Our authorities with redoubled energy help the Westerners as much as they can, if only they would not fall. Absurd!
  11. trantor
    trantor 20 December 2016 18: 50
    In reality, without the USA, chaos would have formed in the world.

    Maybe. But in reality, chaos began to form as soon as the confrontation between the USA and the USSR ceased.
  12. Pacifist
    Pacifist 21 December 2016 08: 56
    Throughout the history of their existence, liberal democracies have shed blood many times more than any autocracies and tyrannies. So let them keep the arguments about local tyrants to themselves. And I see the so-called "democracy" on the example of the United States, in which now more people are imprisoned than under the "tyrant Stalin" and more people are killed on the streets than in Russia after the civil war. Is this an example? God forbid. Let them shove this example into themselves .... we do not need this good and there is nothing to be equal to. So this shit folds and thank God. Life will only be calmer.
  13. Stilet
    Stilet 21 December 2016 13: 07
    ..USA dug up a grave for themselves - let them get in there and self-fill. Peace be upon your uncle Sam!