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China - tests of the ballistic missile Juylan-2

According to the American newspaper The Washington Times, which refers to Internet sources, the Chinese military conducted secret test launches of submarine-launched ballistic missiles JL-2. This rocket is one of China's long-range 3-x ballistic missiles. The other two are probably intercontinental ballistic missiles DF-41 and DF-31.

Quite recently, the American expert on Chinese weapons R. Fisher told the military online edition of Inside the Ring that he received Internet reports about the launch of six JL-2 missiles from the waters of the northern port of China in the first days of the new year. Dalian In China, for the use of such missiles there are at least two SSBNs that are based on the Xiaopingdao naval base. However, it is safe to say that these launches were nevertheless carried out, the military specialist R. Fisher does not undertake. Although he stresses that there is a very high probability that these rumors will turn out to be true. After all, China could use for launch not only strategic submarines of the 094 type, but also a non-nuclear Golf-type submarine, the diesel submarine of the 629A project. It is quite possible that the tests were carried out by one submarine - submarines of the 094 class can carry 12 SLBMs JL-2, which is an upgrade of the “DF-31” ICBM for underwater bases. The opinion of R. Fisher is a demonstration of the fact that after several years of “idleness”, the rocket began to be intensively prepared for adoption. If all this happened the same way, the strategic missile submarine will be on alert in the 2012 year, with missiles on board. In fact, six launches of the new rocket mean that the PLA has been able to overcome and resolve all the technical issues and the rocket is entering the status of a new rocket for strategic submarine cruisers.

China - tests of the ballistic missile Juylan-2

The Pentagon, represented by the press secretary for captain D. Kirby, also said that they are constantly following the Chinese program "Juylan-2", and noted that the Chinese military had technical problems in creating an underwater ballistic missile. The annual report, in particular, regarding the Chinese Armed Forces, predicted new trials of this SLBM and, if they were successful, the PLA would receive a bundle of Juelan-2 SLBM / Jin submarine of the 094 project, which would be the first real underwater strategic solution in China’s nuclear deterrent.

Another expert, R. Cliff, a specialist in the field of research on Chinese weapons, told Defense News magazine about China’s possible conduct of serious missile tests. He pointed to the possibility of conducting tests PCBR "DF-21D". If the tests of this rocket did take place, then by their significance, they are not inferior to the tests of the JL-2 SLBMs. These significant successes include the first flight of the Chinese stealth fighter “J-20”, which occurred in the 2010 year. It was not done without politics here - the Chinese government could test these tests for future elections on the island of Taiwan. An example of such a decision is the election in 96, then China conducted missile tests in the north and south of the island in the hope of intimidating the population and influencing the outcome of the elections.

Tsyuylan-2 SLBM
In literal translation, the name of the rocket sounds like “Big Wave-2”. NATO classification - CSS-N-4. Made as a 2-x long-range solid-fuel stage rocket. Placement - when commissioned, will be the main armament of submarines of the 094 "Jin" class. The rocket is a modernization of the intercontinental missile "Dunfen-31". There are no exact data on the missile warheads, as well as on the execution of the warhead.

Key Features:
The range of 8-12 is thousands of kilometers;
- weight order 20 tons;
- length about 11 meters;
- radius of 100 rocket centimeters;
- the apogee of the 1 trajectory is a thousand kilometers;
- combat load 0.7 tons;
- Expected 90 kiloton power.

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  1. Ascetic
    Ascetic 27 January 2012 08: 48
    Submarine Base on Hainan Island
    On this island are the largest bases of the Southern Fleet of the PLA Navy, including the Yulin naval base, where the latest nuclear submarines of the 094 Jin type ("Jin", which resembled the Russian missile carriers of Project 667BDRM "Dolphin") have their shelter . These SSBNs are equipped with 12 JuLang 2 (Big Wave-2) ballistic missiles with a firing range of 8000 km. According to American experts, these missiles today pose a great threat to the national security of the United States. Now in the ranks of the PLA Navy are two Jin submarines. And at the Yulin base, shelters for such boats were cut in the rocks.

    Foreign analysts believe that satellite-taken photographs of the Chinese tropical island indicate the creation there of a secret base for nuclear submarines in Yalunwan Bay near the resort town of Sanya, and the piers for mooring ships built there can be used in the future for Chinese aircraft carriers.Подземная-база-атомных-подводных-лодок-ВМФ-КНР-Ю
  2. 755962
    755962 27 January 2012 13: 31
    According to its characteristics, the Jyuilan-2 missile is comparable to the American Trident S-4 SLBM of the 1979 model. When patrolling north-east of the Kuril Islands, missile strikes from the Datsingui can be launched against targets located in 75% of the continental United States. According to sources close to American intelligence, the first boat of this project began undergoing sea trials in 2004 and at present, the PLA Navy supposedly has two Datsingui-type submarines. In total, the series includes four or even five SSBNs, which should be fully deployed in 2015–2020. Speaking about this perspective, experts are already mentioning future Chinese nuclear submarines - Project 095, which are intended, inter alia, to ensure the military stability of the alleged Chinese aircraft carrier groups. , and SSBN project 096, similar to the American submarines of the Ohio type. One can only guess about the power of such a fleet, but there is no reason to doubt that a dynamically developing China has all the prerequisites for its creation.
  3. damba
    damba 27 January 2012 13: 37
    this may mean the current is that the PRC has me an intercontinental range missile, but then the question is: does it have 3 or more combat units or does it have a missile defense system? if not, then this is an expensive development of the SCAD missile
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 28 January 2012 12: 26
      3 BB stuffing is problematic. It’s ridiculous to talk about a missile defense system — it’s not there. A nuclear-powered SCAD, right.
  4. dred
    dred 27 January 2012 14: 15
    well, albeit not a silence before the storm.