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In Vilnius, outraged by the appearance in the sale of toy "polite people"

In Vilnius railway station, in the Russian book store Knygų pasaulis, toy sets of "modern Russian infantrymen" polite people "appeared,” Delphi.

“Imagine - you come to the bookstore, go to the games department, where models of vehicles and military figures are sold. True, these figures are Soviet soldiers, and alongside them are quite modern "polite men", Delfi quotes Lietuvos rytas newspaper.

The deputy of the Lithuanian parliament, conservative Arvydas Anushauskas: “With such toy" polite people ", from an early age, they strive to bring up a distorted look at Russia's chauvinistic aggressiveness, and the distributor of goods perfectly understands that behind" toys "lie on book stores."

In his opinion, it is impossible to sell such “children's toys” in Lithuania. “If it was about collectibles, as some people collect figurines or any military badges, I would say that you can trade them. However, we are talking about toys. Moreover, the modern concept of the context of the last two years is used by “polite people”. As we know, this concept did not come from the void, it is a reflection of the annexation of the Crimea, ”said Anushauskas to the publication.

He suggested that these kits were designed for the Russian market, but, somehow, leaked to Lithuania.

“In fact, in Lithuania it is not forbidden to sell various garbage and we have something to do. We do not have a mechanism for how to react immediately in this case - to collect these toys in a bag and return them to Russia, ”said the parliamentarian.

“Either they (sellers) do not understand what it means, which is likely, or they understand, they know what they are doing. (...) I would like to hope that they, most likely, did not go deep into what they are selling, what it symbolizes and what it means for children, ”Anushauskas concluded.
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 14 December 2016 10: 53
    Im like a sickle on me ****.
    1. volot-voin
      volot-voin 14 December 2016 10: 56
      Quote: Spartanez300
      Im like a sickle on me ****.

      The Baltic states are full of our real Russian people, devoted to Gorbaty and Yeltsin.
      1. Thrall
        Thrall 14 December 2016 11: 05

        Started! Lithuania, give up!smile
        1. cniza
          cniza 14 December 2016 11: 08
          One should not be afraid of "tin" soldiers, but NATO's occupation of its own state, and there the soldiers are not toys.
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 14 December 2016 11: 49
            One should not be afraid of "tin" soldiers, but NATO's occupation of its own state, and there the soldiers are not toys.
            So Lithuania is already occupied by NATO, and toy soldiers - "green men" - this is a dream of liberation for the Lithuanian Russians.
            Therefore, the deputy of the Lithuanian parliament, the Lithuanian comprador Arvydas Anushauskas is so mad! The corrupt Lithuanian, whose "meat" he ate, smells!
            1. dorz
              dorz 14 December 2016 12: 42
              polite people "strive from an early age to bring up a distorted view

              This is more likely to be adult education than children.
          2. Alex_Rarog
            Alex_Rarog 14 December 2016 12: 02
            Yes, these unique people themselves ask themselves to be accepted) and a pancake with trebuns with joy shout that it is necessary to feed someone else's army ...
          3. Now we are free
            Now we are free 14 December 2016 12: 22
            Occupy me completely! .. But every Lithuanian will secretly buy such a set, because the latent desire of every Baltic (as time shows) to be brutally conquered. Mdaaa, and this is when NATO soldiers consider the Baltic aborigines "bags of ..." And urinate on their flower beds ... Ugh ...
          4. Pete mitchell
            Pete mitchell 14 December 2016 14: 06
            In general, I don’t understand what they got together: a good quality model, very nice to assemble, is in demand. We would be glad it was not easy to buy it outside of Russia.
            In general, they have nothing to do with it, and so the diarrhea of ​​the brain has begun. On ebay, these kits are sold, and others on the subject, and no one screams about aggression. Deputies would go better solved the country's problems
        2. Xocelolprox
          Xocelolprox 14 December 2016 13: 03
          According to the leading European newspapers Le Figaro and Guardian, toy soldiers have already occupied Klaipeda and are advancing to Vilnius. About 70% of the Lithuanian army personnel were captured by the invaders, the rest went into the partisans in the forest. NATO is going to an emergency meeting on the use of Article 5 of the charter of the alliance. Limited nuclear strikes are planned in the east and north of Lithuania in order to show decisiveness and solidarity to the plastic special forces in these difficult times.
          1. dumkopff
            dumkopff 14 December 2016 17: 45
            And there are forests in which you can partisan? By Siberian standards, all their forests are a kind of city park.
      2. kamarada
        kamarada 15 December 2016 12: 18
        Most have already left for overseas. Remained Soviet pensioners ...
    2. nnm
      nnm 14 December 2016 10: 59
      where does this **** I come from the Baltic states? There are only I available .. Languages ​​for overseas and Western European w ....
      1. Thrall
        Thrall 14 December 2016 11: 11
        What kind of "soldiers" you will not meet.
        1. Paranoid50
          Paranoid50 14 December 2016 12: 20
          Quote: Thrall
          What kind of "soldiers" you will not meet.

          I also met such people. And "Polite" star has released more than a year ago. It's a pity that only at 1:35.
    3. rasputin17
      rasputin17 14 December 2016 11: 00
      Of course! These are not forest brothers and figures of soldiers waffen ss liberators !!
    4. vovanpain
      vovanpain 14 December 2016 11: 02
      Quote: Spartanez300
      Im like a sickle on me ****.

      They are already afraid of children's toys, and soon they will begin to remember the granny. laughing This is schizophrenia on a national scale.
      1. DenZ
        DenZ 14 December 2016 11: 28
        Well, yes, Our "Star" and the figures are mute. soldier produces
        Nobody here seems to be protesting (even despite the fact that the Germans fought against us and the "polite people" against the Balts, in general, no.
    5. Finches
      Finches 14 December 2016 11: 05
      I even imagined how Anushauskas, seeing on the window a set with plastic Polite little men, pouted, blushed and, having piled full lace panties, shouting "Mom, Russians are coming!", Scaring away tourists and rare residents of Vilnius, rushed into the breeze, spreading around him the caustic stench of "Western democracy and freedom" ... laughing
    6. vkl.47
      vkl.47 14 December 2016 11: 06
      Poronoiks got excited. Probably they think that they are alive like in the movie based on Stephen King's novel "soldiers". Open the box and they will take you prisoner. And I would buy such a set for children. Indians cannot be found
      1. nnm
        nnm 14 December 2016 11: 12
        Apparently, "Indians-cowboys" are not tolerant)))))
        1. subbtin.725
          subbtin.725 14 December 2016 11: 16
          Excellent trolling of North American henchmen in the Baltic leadership.
  2. Vend
    Vend 14 December 2016 10: 54
    I saw in the store soldiers of Russian special forces. Very even solidly made. I’ll buy a son. Will grow up to play.
    1. Igor V
      Igor V 14 December 2016 12: 29
      Is there a cat there too? smile
  3. en 45
    en 45 14 December 2016 10: 54
    And where are we selling them?
    1. nnm
      nnm 14 December 2016 11: 06
      The Internet says that almost everywhere ... from 289 rub.
    2. Brown
      Brown 14 December 2016 11: 07
      In almost any modeling department
    3. sgapich
      sgapich 14 December 2016 11: 11
      For example here:
  4. rasputin17
    rasputin17 14 December 2016 10: 57
    They already see them along the borders as they stand ready, and here a whole landing in the city center !!! wassat
    1. nnm
      nnm 14 December 2016 11: 00
      we urgently need to ask for a new package of financial assistance from the EU to combat the "Russian ahhhression"
      1. rasputin17
        rasputin17 14 December 2016 11: 03
        You're right! This is a serious reason! Looking for a couple of three hundred mattress warriors to take a stand at the expense of their poor taxpayers !! laughing
        1. nnm
          nnm 14 December 2016 11: 13
          Take it higher !!! - you can also beg a whole "Abrams"!
          1. rasputin17
            rasputin17 14 December 2016 11: 22
            Yes Yes!!! And a bunch of automatic rifles from the middle of the last century of release !!! The old ones already sold everything at 350 eureka apiece !! laughing
            1. nnm
              nnm 14 December 2016 11: 28
              (dreamily) ...... or maybe the whole f-18 will be able to beg for all three nanostates !!!! Then, hold on, Putin !!!
              1. rasputin17
                rasputin17 14 December 2016 11: 33
                From the long-term storage reserve that they did not shoot down in Vietnam !! They'll get it out, paint it, and steam the glass beads to the Indians !!! Experience they do not take! Look at their neighbor's ruin !! There, according to the principle "for goodness sho we are not fit" ranging from rations to Iraqi hummers !! laughing
    2. igordok
      igordok 14 December 2016 19: 45
      Stephen King's film "Battlefield" probably scared them, so be afraid.

  5. nnm
    nnm 14 December 2016 10: 57
    It is urgent to replace these kits with kits, dear to the heart of any sprat lover, such as: "WaffenSS Units", "Sonderkommando, bringing enlightenment to the peoples of Europe"
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 14 December 2016 12: 43
      Duc, there are some. Only "large-scale" SS troops are called the German elite infantry. Alas, they cannot be thrown out of history. The main thing here is to feel the line beyond which history turns into propaganda. But you shouldn't break firewood either. History should be known and honored so as not to repeat itself. And this Lithuanian scarecrow is coming to St. Petersburg. I will personally take it and stick it with my face in the set of "forest brothers" (not factory - manual casting). No one squeals, modelers can buy for historical dioramas, collectors can buy them on the shelf. There was a scandal with the combined model Pz VI (Tiger) three or four years ago, but then the publishers screwed up, because they had to start with the "thirty-four". Something like this. Well, Lithuania has once again confirmed its "playfulness". yes
  6. Ustrushan
    Ustrushan 14 December 2016 10: 58
    Everybody tremble, be afraid! Somewhere near there are toy "polite people". I offer to sell diapers right there, it seems to be a profitable business!
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 December 2016 10: 58
    "Polite people"

    Lithuania urgently needs a toy manual to combat "polite people". Otherwise, it’s crazy - here it is, even in stores.
    1. faiver
      faiver 14 December 2016 13: 14
      Department of Lithuania in the State Department while on vacation :)
  8. nnm
    nnm 14 December 2016 11: 01
    "Zvezda", as I understand it, gently hinted to lovers of sprats about the consequences of anti-Russian rhetoric
  9. Chelentanych
    Chelentanych 14 December 2016 11: 01
    Even the "polite cat", about which Shoigu spoke, was not forgotten, it is true red, but I think there is also a black version! soldier
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 16 December 2016 21: 19
      The cat was red, this is his photo!
  10. faser
    faser 14 December 2016 11: 02
    We must urgently mobilize the whole of Lithuania, otherwise we can’t cope. The whole Baltic states damn less than St. Petersburg, it is high time to become the outskirts of this huge metropolis
    CYBERNINJA 14 December 2016 11: 02
    This set was turned one and a half years old, but they have reached the Baltic states only now)))
    We have this set of 630 rubles. We bought of course. Suddenly then it will jump in price ........
  12. nnm
    nnm 14 December 2016 11: 04
    Soon the set will go on sale: "Figures of Putin". This will be a complete ambush for the Balts. Moreover, "just in case" they will sweep it off the shelves instantly. Suddenly, it will come in handy ....)))
  13. Yugra
    Yugra 14 December 2016 11: 07
    Litus, rejoice that for now only toys. Wait for the living ...
  14. nnm
    nnm 14 December 2016 11: 08
    And, in fact, the original ....
    1. Thrall
      Thrall 14 December 2016 11: 13
      in the first rank already "cat" or else "kit"? laughing
      1. nnm
        nnm 14 December 2016 11: 14
        Definitely a cat agent of the Darkest!
  15. x.andvlad
    x.andvlad 14 December 2016 11: 11
    We do not have a mechanism how to react in this case immediately
    It would be good for the Baltics to find a mechanism to correct the brain. They will not understand how sick they are that they themselves create such an atmosphere from which people scatter to hell around the world.
    More interesting and realistic high-quality toys on the theme of the Russian army! And then it will be interesting for businessmen to sell them everywhere, and in the Baltic states, and in the EU, and the USA.
    1. nnm
      nnm 14 December 2016 11: 15
      "immediately" and the Balts ...... nu-nu))))
  16. Moore
    Moore 14 December 2016 11: 25
    The cat was not forgotten. It's good.
  17. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 14 December 2016 11: 35
    Nothing that we have sold in Russia figures of knights who were beaten on Lake Peipsi, German infantry from WWII, tanks and planes? Nothing - statehood does not suffer.
    What kind of Lithuanian statehood is this if it is afraid of toy "polite" soldiers?
  18. tinibar
    tinibar 14 December 2016 11: 47
    Bah! Overslept the occupation! She has already begun!
  19. Ivan Tucha
    Ivan Tucha 14 December 2016 11: 50
    to drive a wave of toys is the height of hysteria. soon begin to intercept the clouds coming from the Russian Federation for violation of airspace wassat
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. Isangrim
    Isangrim 14 December 2016 12: 03
    let them get used to and know how the real owners look and not those in the dance.
  22. vladimirw
    vladimirw 14 December 2016 12: 11
    The presence of toys clearly undermines the safety of sprats
  23. masiya
    masiya 14 December 2016 12: 19
    But toys from the Deutsche Zoldaten of the 3rd Reich from the SS must and can be traded, they do not want toy "polite" ones have a chance to get real full-size ones, just not from the Zvezda plastic plant, but from the RF Armed Forces in flesh and blood ...
  24. iGran
    iGran 14 December 2016 12: 29
    Journalists are such journalists ... as they say in someone else's eye .http: //
  25. sergeyzzz
    sergeyzzz 14 December 2016 13: 17
    The trade was organized incorrectly; diapers must be sold with them. It’s interesting, but what kind of army cat does a ginger fighting cat own? laughing
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 16 December 2016 21: 21
      Keeps closer to the kitchen.
  26. JD1979
    JD1979 14 December 2016 13: 34
    Mr. Anushauskas, from fear of toys, had verbal diarrhea. In this verbal blizzard, it is very difficult to understand what he wants to say. I realized that he didn’t like them, but he was going to do something with them, and suddenly they, toys, would smash him of non-toy lyuli.
  27. Jubilee
    Jubilee 14 December 2016 15: 28
    Labasses have a new stage of spratotoxicosis.
  28. kos2cool4u
    kos2cool4u 14 December 2016 16: 25
    I have already assembled exactly the same set, together with "Tiger" of course ...)))
  29. dumkopff
    dumkopff 14 December 2016 17: 41
    "Such toy" polite people "strive from an early age to educate a distorted view of the chauvinistic aggressiveness of Russia, and the distributor of goods understands perfectly well what kind of" toys "are on the book counters." Already the leading article of "truth" has died. So warm. Lampovo. "Chauvinistic aggressiveness". What a phrase. It seems that this parliamentarian is a graduate of the HPS.
    1. Johnny
      Johnny 15 December 2016 04: 11
      Europe somehow forgets about the mobilization resource of the Russian Federation. What will happen when they see not polite people, mainly of European nationality, but Asians, Caucasians with weapons, under the flag of the Russian Federation
  30. nivander
    nivander 15 December 2016 13: 15
    level 80 uzhos
  31. Michael_59
    Michael_59 15 December 2016 14: 26
    This is really scary. o_o
    And suddenly, as in the ballet of the great Russian composer P.I. Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker" the soldiers will come to life on New Year's Eve and give luli to Lithuanian eubermens, wind a rat's tail on anti-Russian pseudo-sovereignty?
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 16 December 2016 21: 24
      The Nutcracker is very scary for them! There, all the music is Russian! And the whole world likes it! Propaganda!!!
  32. arjantleg
    arjantleg 10 August 2017 01: 37
    I served together with now Mr. Anushauskas in 1983 in the USSR Engineering Troops in the Leningrad Region near the town of Kingisepp. Polite was a "comrade." They called him to the ranks of the SA after the first year of Vilnius University University of History. We served in the company NZ. Another Lithuanian, Algis Zalvis, served with us. I still can’t find his address. He was a good companion, wrote poetry. By the way, against the background of a large number of not quite socially adapted recruits from Central Asia and the order, the Lithuanians and Latvians were quite adequate and it was interesting to communicate with them, and I'm not afraid to say to be friends. And now the lord, Anushauskas Arvydas Rimanto, if I am not mistaken, then was our friend and served quite normally to himself, without jambs. We did not show any chauvinistic aggressiveness even then, and today it does not exist. Arvydas has changed a lot and it seems to me not for the better. And "Polite people", in my opinion, are better than Aloizych figures with a set of different clothes that can be found in "enlightened, humane, tolerant, denazified?" Europe.