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In the Nizhny Novgorod region, the construction of a complex of buildings of the Combat Training Center

The construction of the buildings of the administrative and business complex of the Ground Forces Combat Training Center, located in the village of Mulino (Nizhny Novgorod Region), reaches 99%, reports Interfax-AVN Post Spetsstroy Russia.

“At present, on the territory of the Center, erected by specialists of the Main Directorate of Engineering Works No. 2 at Spetsstroy of Russia, the communications of the administrative territory and the tactical training ground are being arranged,” the release said.

It is noted that “modern and spacious buildings of the headquarters, training complex (UTK), installation complex, complex of repair and maintenance of military equipment, a canteen for military personnel, a warehouse and building of the personnel of the landfill were built on the territory.

“In the modern building of the Centre’s headquarters there are not only premises for the Chief of Staff and subordinate services that are already equipped with everything necessary, but also rooms for accommodating the officers of the exercise headquarters and trainees for the command of commanders. From these halls, they will monitor and manage the actions of the units at the site, ”the press service told.

According to the information, "in the huge halls of the three wings of the training complex, the simulators of the main types of military equipment of the Ground Forces have already been installed, in which hundreds of servicemen can practice at the same time."

All work will be completed by the end of 2017.

“Complex group simulators installed at the Ground Forces Combat Training Center allow you to create any given picture of the battlefield in the 3D format, combining a virtual environment with real physical objects. At the same time, the constructed physical objects make it possible to reproduce the battle conditions in the most open way, in the city, town, etc., as realistic as possible. At present, all the complexes of the Center are equipped with simulators: tankers are engaged in one pavilion, motorized riflemen in the second, and gunners in the third, ”the report says.

The Center will be able to train more than 30 thousand troops annually.
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  1. bogart047
    bogart047 12 December 2016 16: 24
    hard to learn, easy to lesion
    1. Kozliu
      Kozliu 12 December 2016 17: 50
      Such centers should be at least a couple to each military district and so that not a single day of downtime. Continuous study of warfare. Each soldier must go through this center, and combat units must live there.
      This is what our Army needs.
      1. Titsen
        Titsen 12 December 2016 21: 38
        Quote: Kozliu
        Such centers should be at least a couple to each military district and so ...

        Good desire, but it’s being built
        Quote: Kozliu
        Specialists of the Main Department of Engineering Work No. 2 under the Special Construction of Russia
        and therefore there is a possibility that "everything has already been plundered before us" ...
      2. bogart047
        bogart047 13 December 2016 16: 28
        soldiers are people too. And they want a normal life, and not sit in the wilderness without a hitch.
  2. svp67
    svp67 12 December 2016 16: 32
    Yes, well, less than two years have passed ... they completed it without the Germans. Well, thank God.
    1. Pete mitchell
      Pete mitchell 12 December 2016 19: 00
      ..themselves without the Germans completed, so it should be always and everywhere. I am very glad that the center is ready, but forgive me for the trivial question: who thought of allowing the enemies to participate in the combat training of troops? Excuse me from a big mind? In general, no one should be allowed to approach its defense, especially since Russia has the opportunity to do without "help from partners." Just now I read an article by economists - total import substitution and departure from liberal ideas is the way of the country's development.
  3. Evgen2x
    Evgen2x 12 December 2016 16: 48
    It is necessary to correct a mistake in the heading, diplomas)) or is the construction hanging there?)
  4. midshipman
    midshipman 12 December 2016 17: 12
    In 2014, the Chief of the Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation considered the issue of the operation of such training grounds. Now they can conduct exercises, including fronts. I have the honor.
  5. Air Force captain
    Air Force captain 12 December 2016 17: 28
    Good news
    APASUS 12 December 2016 20: 33
    Now, according to modern frame technology, it is possible to hand over one cent per year to the military,
    BISMARCK94 12 December 2016 20: 36
    Oh, my motherland lit up! I am glad that Mulino begins to develop again.