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In the Russian Federation, the repair of the second Indian aircraft IL-38SD

Blog bmpd published photos of the IL-38SD aircraft of the Indian Navy, which is being tested after repairs at the airfield in Zhukovsky.

Completed repairs anti-submarine aircraft IL-38SD (Indian tail number IN301) aviation Indian Navy. A plane built in 1970 was delivered to India in 1977.

The car arrived at a major overhaul in November 2015 g, work was carried out at the Myasishchev EMR (part of the S. Ilyushin Aviation Complex JSC ”).

This is the second repaired and partially upgraded IL-38SD, owned by the Indian Navy. In total, it is planned to repair 5 airplanes (those are, all the “Elahs” that are in service with naval aviation).

The first board departed to India after the completion of repairs in October 2015.

The author recalls that all these aircraft to the version of the IL-38SD were upgraded in Russia in the period from 2001-th to 2010.

Anti-submarine aircraft are serving in Goa as part of the 315 squadron.
Photos used:
Pavel R. /

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  1. siberalt
    siberalt 12 December 2016 15: 39
    We need to repair our planes so that the work is always there.
    1. Samaritan
      Samaritan 12 December 2016 15: 55
      and soon to Daboli ... by the way, there are 3 pieces upon arrival, together with the MiG 29 CUB and the analogue of THREAD ...

      Here are just the Indians from the United States are purchased by "Poseidons" negative negative negative
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Samaritan
    Samaritan 12 December 2016 16: 06
    Quote: siberalt
    We need to repair our planes so that the work is always there.

    So far we have 4 IL-38N with Novella ... there is no end to work ...
  4. twincam
    twincam 13 December 2016 16: 41
    What is this behind his tail such?