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"Hereditary Russophobia": Merkel takes a cue from Hillary Clinton

The German government, which “feeds its people with disinformation every day,” decided to follow the example of Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters and “practice Russophobia,” writes Contra Magazin ....


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  1. Lelek
    Lelek 8 December 2016 16: 11
    Well, not only Russia gets Shapoklyak in the "attempts" of the old woman. There was a massive persecution of Sarah Wagenknecht and all those who could become a competitor to this rotten Frau (Merkel) in future elections.
    And with regards to us (Russia), we are hardened and you just can’t just bite us - you will lose your teeth. bully
    1. Vend
      Vend 8 December 2016 16: 42
      Looks like Merkel wants to be like Clinton in everything, but also in the election defeat laughing
      1. novobranets
        novobranets 8 December 2016 17: 43
        Immediately after the election in the USA, there was dead silence in the kennel. And now they are talking again, have you noticed? I do not exclude the possibility that this whole pack got the go-ahead from the State Department, like, keep up the good work. In order not to experience disappointment in the future, do not rely on Trump, this horse is not very bright, usually election promises have little to do with real goals.
        1. Su24
          Su24 9 December 2016 00: 27
          This is just a pre-election "trick". There are politicians in Germany who advocate improving relations with Russia. There are also pro-American ones, like Merkel, nothing special.
          After the Clinton defeat, the world elite tries to hold on and strike back. In Austria, for example, they succeeded. In Italy, no. Next year France and Germany will be at stake.
  2. NEXUS
    NEXUS 8 December 2016 16: 13
    Adequacy in Europe is less and less. Merkel is trying to continue the policy of isolating Russia and demonizing it. Apparently the lessons were in vain, since Hillary with such slogans and policies failed.
    I believe she will face the same fate as the mattress Russophobia, and she will also fail miserably. The European layman begins to realize that he is being deceived, and the tendency for normal leaders to come to power will only grow. In the meantime, the circus continues. At the same time, German business didn’t say a word yet, to which all this policy is notably affordable.
  3. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 8 December 2016 16: 34
    Flock !!! - regional leader.
  4. Navuxonastupil
    Navuxonastupil 8 December 2016 16: 50

    And who is we leftmost?
    1. parafoiler
      parafoiler 8 December 2016 17: 03
      Left ugly, right beauty.
      1. novobranets
        novobranets 8 December 2016 18: 39
        Here you go. request Have survived belay . They began to publish porn repeat, and even low quality sad . What kind of dumb nags? No.
        Erotica is art, and pornography is the harsh truth of life. Unknown author.
        1. Su24
          Su24 9 December 2016 00: 29
          There is no "porn" here))
          And all the girls are very cute, only Merkel stoops as always.
          By the way, this is still a GDR photo)
  5. Vl1602ad
    Vl1602ad 8 December 2016 16: 59
    The Anglo-Saxons once again set Germany on Russia. Hitler in a skirt.
    1. Donhapa
      Donhapa 8 December 2016 21: 24
      Quote: Vl1602ad
      The Anglo-Saxons once again set Germany on Russia. Hitler in a skirt.

      All practically major wars in the last century were organized by world usurious Zionism. And the current insinuations against Russia THEIR work! They will not calm down until someone is set against. Options: Ukraine, Turkey ...
      Who will sell.
      1. mr.redpartizan
        mr.redpartizan 8 December 2016 23: 39
        So you have to beat for sure so that no more heads are raised. Now we have weapons that can wipe entire countries off the face of the Earth. We will not give anyone more to repeat on June 22 — we will burn half the ball with thermonuclear fire.
  6. valent45
    valent45 8 December 2016 17: 12
    Our liberals are screaming everything, they say Putin has long been in power, and Merkel, look, already at the fourth
    the term climbs and nothing!
  7. volodya
    volodya 8 December 2016 17: 51
    In vain the old woman started it, it will fail like Clinton!
  8. masiya
    masiya 8 December 2016 19: 33
    Here is the true Russophobia, and so it is truly written about it ...:
  9. Barbulator
    Barbulator 8 December 2016 20: 40
    A bullseye from an apple tree ... Who was her dad? And, the Soviet Union fought, so Russophobia was transmitted to my daughter.
    1. Navuxonastupil
      Navuxonastupil 9 December 2016 04: 44
      Papa Yoyny was kind of like a priest, probably in Stasi wrote a monthly report ...
      1. novobranets
        novobranets 9 December 2016 12: 30
        Quote: Navuxonastupil
        Stasi monthly report scribbled ...

        First he wrote in the Gestapo, then in the Stasi, sent copies to Shabak and Mossad.
  10. Vitalson
    Vitalson 23 December 2016 19: 01
    She does not take an example, she clearly fulfills the commands of the hosts.