Deep intelligence

I have heard different stories, but such, frankly, I have not heard. Her intelligence officer Tolstov Alexey Nikodimovich told me. Here it is you word for word:

You should notice that my civilian specialty is a watchman at the city cemetery. Here I see: you smile! And this I say to that, I had nothing to do with the work of a scout before.

When I got into the reconnaissance squad, I began to follow the “tongues”. This case was unusual for me, but nothing: I got used to it, got it right. The first case, however, was not very successful. I grabbed a German - he escaped. I'm into it with a grenade. Out of the "language" dead. Therefore, I will tell you about another case.
We again went for the "language": I, Pletushkin and Kruglikov. We hit a hefty squad. There are three of us. Twenty Germans. We acted, in general, not bad. They interrupted, probably half and crawled, where it was agreed. And then the problem with me came out: it just crawled away - it hit my head with something. His eyes became dark as in a grave. While I, as they say, wondered and put my thoughts in order, the Germans dragged me pretty far.

Led for questioning. Nothing, I say, you will not learn from me, except what I myself wish to say. My name is Tolstov Alexey Nikodimovich. I am Russian by nationality. My native language is Russian. And I have Russian in my mouth, oath does not violate. I know you will shoot me, but you will not leave alive: Soviet fighters of the first category will bury you.

They led me to execution: the chief lieutenant and five privates. We reached the edge of the forest, shoved a shovel into my hands: “Dig!” This is a usual thing. He began to dig the grave. The hill of the earth is growing, and I glance at the Fritz: “Oh, I think, what“ tongues ”are disappearing. None of me scout out. " And the chief lieutenant looks into the pit and urges: "Shnell, Shnell!" I show him with my hands: "Do not teach, they say, I know myself."

Roy his grave and suddenly I hear: fly. Fuss Germans. Hit noses in the ground. Well, I think ours! And suddenly tffffiiiyuuu ..! How gasp! At the very edge of the forest. I crouched down in the grave, only had time to think: “I dug up the chink of my own good!” - as it whistles! I was just showered with earth. Grave saved! Here we have the correct interaction of our air forces with an individual intelligence officer in the deep rear! I am all the more pleased that the chief lieutenant was later talkative and gave very valuable information at headquarters. Oh, I gave him a takeaway! Up to our very trenches dragged on itself. He didn’t even cry once: he was silent, like a dead man at a funeral service. And he had a card in his bag. In two hours our artillery covered their firing points like an oak lid ... As for the other five Germans, the grave is ready for them there. Such a deep, square, in general, an amateur grave. Tolstov dug! In a word, I think that this is the best grave I have dug.
Kalininsky front.
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  1. ytqnhfk
    21 September 2011
    As the story is very funny, but life is often even funnier!
  2. 0
    December 7 2012
    What doesn’t happen in the world. This guy is lucky, but there are no millions of our other soldiers ... Eternal memory to them ......

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