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Double death veto

Double death veto

“What is strength, brother?” And strength, as we know, is in truth. Our truth in Syria is the main advantage. Russian troops are one of those forces fighting there in full compliance with international law.being at the invitation of the ATS leadership. For the Western "coalition" led by the United States there is no such truth. She does not have the right to be there.

And the truth of Russia is that our country really helps Syrian citizens, and does not poison their lives, and so distorted by many years of war.

If its stolen wealth flowed from the Syrian-Turkish border from Syria, it went and continues to go from Russia to the UAR Humanitarian aid - food, medicine, clothes ... If a radical Islamist rabble from all over the world penetrated into Syria through the Turkish-Syrian frontier, then Russia sends to an exhausted country sappersso that they would neutralize the numerous "hellish machines", set apart by the "oppositionists" murderers, who do not care if they were blown up by a mine - a soldier or a little girl. If the “oppositionists” even get poisoned substances through the Turkish-Syrian border, with which they fill the warheads of their home-made missiles, then Russia sends to Syria doctorsthat help people.

Moreover, before helping a person, our doctors and nurses do not ask: “Are you for Assad or for the opposition?” Probably among the residents of the liberated districts of Aleppo, whom the mobile hospital staff provided medical assistance, there are also those who were heavily propagandized militants and, to put it mildly, do not like Russia. But - I repeat - no one asked these residents about their beliefs. To help people, the Russians have deployed an outpatient, children's, surgical, therapeutic departments, resuscitation, laboratories, and an x-ray room.

On Monday, 5 December, the hospital began its noble work, and on the same day a tragedy occurred. This hospital was fired upon by the militants of the so-called “opposition”. As a result of hitting a mine in the emergency room, a medical officer was killed. Another nurse and pediatrician were injured. A few hours later, the wounded nurse passed away. Russia’s journalist from the Arabic editorial office of Russia Today, Somar Abudiab, and the people who were in the emergency room of the hospital were also injured. (The names of the murdered Russians are currently being clarified).

A spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov, made an angry statement in connection with the monstrous incident. According to him, the blood of physicians lies with the customers. On those who "fostered, armed these animals in human form, calling them to justify his conscience and to the voters opposition". He blamed three specific countries: the United States, Britain and France, and also accused "other countries and education sympathetic to them».

The Major General demanded that the world community, organizations like the ICRC, "Doctors Without Borders", etc., strongly condemn the killing of those who performed their medical duties in Aleppo.

In response, US State Department spokesman Mark Toner struggled to squeeze out common words of regret. However, he could not even insert a “hairpin” on such a day: in his words, “The United States condemns any shelling of medical facilities, "both by the rebels and by the regime». For him, the terrorists are still the noble “rebels”, whatever they have done. And those who fight against terrorism are, of course, the “regime”.

In addition, Toner said: "I saw these messages, I can not confirm them ... This is difficult to do due to the limited sources of information". However, we all remember very well how categorically the United States blamed Russia for the bombing of hospitals and hospitals in Aleppo, even when the sources were more than doubtful. And these same “sources” were located not in Syria, but somewhere else outside its borders: in Britain, in Turkey, and finally, in Washington. From there it is more visible.

On the same tragic day, a meeting of the UN Security Council on Syria was held. Russia and China imposed a double veto on another draft of the western resolution on a "truce" in Aleppo. The same position was supported by friendly Venezuela. Angola abstained from voting.

Even before the meeting, Russia described the project as provocative. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that if adopted, he will give the militants a new respite. However, he was put to the vote. Now Western countries “regret” that a frankly disastrous project failed, they blame Moscow and Beijing for all sins. It would be better if they with the same zeal accused those who killed the doctors. But where there!

China’s position is usually much more restrained than Russia’s. But this time, the Permanent Representative of the PRC in the Security Council, Liu Jie, expressed very sharp criticism of Britain, which was actively pushing the project. "I would like to ask the representative of the United Kingdom to put an end to the practice of poisoning the atmosphere in the Security Council and insulting a serious council meeting.“- said the Chinese diplomat.

As usual, the West has preoccupied with the fate of the terrorists at a time when the Syrian army is confidently continuing the operation to free Aleppo. In these conditions, a fake truce (which, as always, would be one-sided) would only be beneficial to the militants. That is, outright killers who do not hesitate to bombard the hospital with mortars and destroy people who have arrived to save others.

Thus, a double veto was imposed on a resolution that would assist those who bring death. And two Russian women in white coats gave up their lives, trying to veto directly on death itself, to wrest the peaceful inhabitants of Aleppo from its clutches, without asking whether these residents like Russia or not, without asking what their political beliefs are ...

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  1. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 6 December 2016 06: 32
    The West and the USA like it will inevitably drive themselves into a corner with their policy of supporting barmples. And they will not forgive "their parents" the defeat that is inevitable. Blood will be shed again in Europe, and possibly in the States.
    Our compatriots who died in Syria have a blessed memory ...
  2. ImPerts
    ImPerts 6 December 2016 06: 32
    Who will blame them? These are the monuments of democracy!
    1. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 6 December 2016 18: 59
      If the truth is ours, why do our rulers creep before the West like they are omitted? A step forward, two back and it is not clear who had anyone. Either they lie to their citizens godlessly, or they are really patient and rags.
  3. knn54
    knn54 6 December 2016 06: 39
    "Moderate" opposition-TERRORISTS, which are OPENly supported by the Yankes and Co.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 6 December 2016 06: 59
    He blamed three specific countries: USA, Britain and France,

    These countries, accustomed at one time to live off their colonies and regard the local population as subhuman and the 21st century, are trying to take the same position. The bastard being a bastard in the fifth or sixth generation will never get better until it is destroyed.
  5. EvgNik
    EvgNik 6 December 2016 07: 08
    Europe is confidently approaching its final defeat in the fight against Islamism. In Sweden, banned the celebration of Christmas! In order not to offend the feelings of Muslims. But Christians can be insulted by this.
    -pro-tolerantnost /
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 8 December 2016 18: 17
      And also eat meat, as this offends the feelings of animals. fool . In general, people as such there may not be bad, but the quality of power definitely raises a question. The end of Europe.
  6. Semenov
    Semenov 6 December 2016 07: 40
    The UN should raise the issue of sponsors of financing, supply and armament of terrorists and specifically point the finger at the United States ("for the especially smart").
    1. Ulan
      Ulan 6 December 2016 13: 04
      It is high time. You need to attack, not defend.
  7. The Sparkle
    The Sparkle 6 December 2016 07: 48
    I hope that my country will first crush all Aleppo nits, and then raise the UN question of supplying any "humanitarian" aid to the "moderate" from the "democratic coalition".
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 8 December 2016 18: 19
      If only it concerned Syria. This is happening all over the world.
  8. aszzz888
    aszzz888 6 December 2016 07: 59
    Geyropu will experience what they "nurtured" in Syria. And this punishment will be inevitable, let them not think that they will stay away.
  9. 501Legion
    501Legion 6 December 2016 08: 05
    Condolences to the relatives of these brave women who went there to save lives. very very sorry.
    this is a mistake or negligence of the Ministry of Defense, it was impossible to place so close. and also to say nothing is necessary about what is close so that people can get there, etc. there is a war and Aleppo a hotbed of these devils. it’s impossible for people to die this way, especially women, especially doctors ... sincerely sorry for them. deserve high awards no less than the other dead soldiers. when the war ends, they will erect a large monument to all of them. in the meantime, we must make sure that there are no such tragedies at all ...
    1. elenagromova
      6 December 2016 08: 11
      However, the militants are still to blame. They committed the crime. And then, according to this logic, the victim, for example, theft - is to blame for being robbed - it was not necessary to carry a wallet with you.
      1. 501Legion
        501Legion 6 December 2016 08: 17
        I agree completely. but the cause-effect relationship is direct. you just had to think about preventing similar incidents before. so that there are no such victims
      2. Lopatov
        Lopatov 6 December 2016 09: 44
        Quote: elenagromova
        And then, according to this logic, the victim, for example, theft - is to blame for being robbed - you did not have to carry a wallet with you.

        And if the people who are responsible for the safety of the victim’s house not only left the door and gate open, but also tied the victim’s theft so that she could not prevent the removal of property?

        Fathers-commanders are clearly guilty. At least in negligence. Inaction.
      3. Volzhanin
        Volzhanin 6 December 2016 19: 07
        No need to wave your wallet to the whole market ...
        There we are what are honest and open, and hospitals are customized and help ...
        But it was impossible to grab the geyropa by the scruff of the neck and force the humanitarian aid to deliver, they say, you wanted to zelo. And they would refuse to shut their mouths tightly - then do not meddle, it is not your business, do not interfere with the mongrels under your feet!
  10. twincam
    twincam 6 December 2016 08: 23
    "What is the strength in, brother?" And power, as you know, is in truth.
    "What is the strength in, brother?" And power, as you know, is in truth.
    "What is the strength in, brother?" And power, as you know, is in truth.

    All the same, strength is in force, and in no other way can it be measured.
  11. Tula gingerbread
    Tula gingerbread 6 December 2016 08: 26
    What is incomprehensible here. Among the terrorists in Aleppo there are American, English, German mercenaries and instructors, the West is trying to get them out of there with all their might, otherwise a big scandal will break out, and here Keria and Lavrov persuades him to another humanitarian pause and give the corridors an exit corridor.
    Enough. Gouging to hell, who wants to live let them give up, and we'll see who fought there and who helped the terrorists and kissed them. The Chinese are well done. So these were not empty words of Xi Jinping when he said that China and Russia needed to work more closely for joint security.
    1. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 6 December 2016 19: 12
      Not to destroy this pack of mercenaries from gamers and geyrops is the height of madness, betrayal and degeneracy. Let the Syrians do it. And you have to be a complete bastard if you stop the Syrians from disposing of these degenerates from Western countries.
  12. Nova3054
    Nova3054 6 December 2016 09: 02
    I am sincerely sorry for our soldiers and Syrian citizens who died during this vile blow.
    Along with this, one question arises - what measures were taken to prevent unguided munitions from hitting the camp? I am not talking about the destruction of the firing points of these terrorists. This is done daily.
    Those. at the time of the decision to deploy the hospital in Aleppo, military analysts should have developed an appropriate DETAILED PLAN, including possible risks of its destruction.
    I still do not understand why the hospital was not located outside the city, the entire city line of which is shot through with ushloty through? Is it really impossible to organize bus routes for the delivery of patients and injured outside the city? I am silent about resuscitation measures, in this case, local emergency care points should be created.
    But not all of them can be placed in one place and hoped that the tricksters have no intelligence?
    Dear MO, please continue to think about this.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 6 December 2016 10: 03
      Quote: Nova3054
      Dear MO, please continue to think about this.

      As long as the perpetrators of at least negligence, which led to the death of people, will not bear responsibility for this, there will be no sense from this "conception".

      After the first and second Chechen armed forces, the RF Armed Forces have vast experience in reducing losses in the case of this kind of art. shelling. Specific officials responsible for the placement and equipment of the hospital simply did not give a damn about this experience. As if he was gone. There is enormous experience of the Americans and their allies in Afghanistan and Iraq in this kind of protection. It is in the public domain. This experience has not been studied, much less taken into account.

      What is the difference where the hospital is located?
      The probability of his shelling is always different from zero. Therefore, measures must always be taken to protect such objects. Moreover, the protection should be improved. and the RF Ministry of Defense has all the forces and means for this.
      1. sso-xnumx
        sso-xnumx 7 December 2016 11: 27
        Quote: Spade
        Specific officials responsible for the placement and equipment of the hospital simply did not give a damn about this experience.

        Correctly said! After all, how many times have I told the Head of the Disaster Medicine Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation that these pneumatic facilities are not needed by anyone! They offered a frame tent with the possibility of its body kit with armor plates, so that at least some kind of protection from fragments was. To no use! In response, like a parrot, "speed of deployment, the Geneva Convention" and other great-minded nonsense. The result, as they say, is obvious! I feel sorry for the girls, there are no words. Low bow to them. And if all this is during the DB in a real war! In each of this "item No. 2" up to 10-12 wounded soldiers can be found. The department was not there ..... When did our bosses think to learn ????
  13. Varangian
    Varangian 6 December 2016 11: 18
    The veto was triple
    1. Baursak
      Baursak 6 December 2016 12: 31
      Venezuela does not have veto power
  14. Ulan
    Ulan 6 December 2016 13: 02
    Punish! Punish mercilessly. Fat to them in the throat, not a single terrorist to be released from Aleppo, no cease-fires and corridors, or let them surrender or die. Fat was in their throat so that no paradise in the garden of Allah would shine on them.
  15. Normal ok
    Normal ok 7 December 2016 14: 16
    Damn, you read Gromova and you get the impression that this is the Pravda newspaper from the 1980s.
    1. elenagromova
      7 December 2016 22: 25
      And while reading some commentators it seems that they cannot write anything else, because the vocabulary is extremely limited.
  16. akudr48
    akudr48 8 December 2016 17: 38
    two Russian women in white coats gave their lives, trying to veto directly death itself, wrest Aleppo’s civilians from its clutches, without asking whether these people love Russia or not, without asking what their political beliefs are

    Russia is giving the lives of its citizens in Syria without asking its citizens, but could ask, in the name of what ...

    In the Donbas, Russian people asked Russia to recognize the LPR / DPR so that the pan-and-horse horses would stop killing Russian people, but Russia did not recognize this request, but could admit it was time to admit ...
  17. Orionvit
    Orionvit 8 December 2016 18: 13
    Angola abstained in the vote
    It’s strange. Now Angola has separated. But not long ago, they still remembered who helped them.
  18. Orionvit
    Orionvit 8 December 2016 18: 21
    Quote: 501Legion
    I agree completely. but the cause-effect relationship is direct. you just had to think about preventing similar incidents before. so that there are no such victims

    Tell me how. Do you have a method? Share it.
  19. Orionvit
    Orionvit 8 December 2016 18: 24
    Quote: elenagromova
    However, the militants are still to blame

    Why did you discover America? The war in Syria has been going on for four years, and some finally figured out. With the enlightenment of you.