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Pistols of the model "STAR" - "Spanish Colts"

How often we say that our "own" is better than someone else's. Meanwhile, in the technique of the concept of "own" and "alien" very often, in fact, do not mean anything. Well, in the field of weapons, the best example of this, perhaps, are the pistols of the Spanish company "Bonifacio Echeverria SA" from Eibar, which began production weapons about 1908 year with the production of the gun, the development of which is usually attributed to Juan Echeverría himself. There was practically no information about the company and about it, especially regarding the first years of operation of this enterprise, but it can be said that the pistols that received the name “old”, that is, “star”, were simply copied from the “mannisher "1901 of the year. But at the same time, their similarity was not an identity, so the Austrian gunsmith could not sue the Spaniards. Again, it is not clear why, but the “old” trademark was registered only in 1919, i.e. 18 years after the first pistols of this name were fired!

The gun "Star" model B caliber 9-mm chambered for "Parabellum".

At this time, Bonifacio Echeverría was already the main owner of the company, and its chief designer. And then, namely, after the 1920 of the year, the next “old” with a closed shutter-casing appeared, designed on the model of the “Colt” M-1911. But again on the basis. Well, then the Echeverría and Kº company became one of those four Spanish arms factories that had the opportunity to work after the civil war, and it still exists today and also produces pistols under the “old” brand - which is to say, solid longevity !

Pistols of the model "STAR" - "Spanish Colts"

The Austrian "Mannicher" 1901. The design characteristic of revolvers is evident.

Well, we consider its samples, starting with the model "Star" 1908 of the year. It is clear that he appeared a little earlier, namely at the end of 1907, and for a long time only a very narrow circle of specialists knew about it. It was a pistol with a fixed barrel, a free open casing-shutter and ribbed washers on it for the fingers - why it is spoken of as a copy of a mannicher pistol.

The openly located trigger only increased the similarity with the mannicher pistol, but that was where it ended, since the mannicher was distinguished by a curved and relatively thin handle, while the "old" had a thick handle of "chopped" outlines and a completely different trigger. This was done because the “Austrian” was charged with an ammunition pack, whereas the “Spaniard” had a removable magazine with a spring for eight rounds of 6,35-mm auto-caliber.

AUTOMATIC PISTOL STAR PATENT was written on the cover-casing, and the cheeks at the handle were made of hard rubber and had a checkered notch. The length of the gun 115 mm. Mass of a pistol without cartridges: 445

Model 1914 of the year.

In 1914, the Star pistol appeared under the 6,35 and 7,65-mm caliber cartridges, which differed from the previous sample only in details. So, in particular, it appeared the brand "old" - a six-pointed star with rays. The length of the gun was 175 mm. Mass of a pistol without cartridges: 850 g. Barrel length: 112 mm. Shop traditional design for eight rounds.

Pistol "Star" 1919 of the year (model 1).

It was followed by the “Star” pistol of the 1919 model of the year (model 1), which differed in the order of disassembly: for the first models of these pistols, the shutter-casing was separated by pressing the notched peg located in front of the trigger guard. At the 1919 pistol, he was held by a special latch on the frame in front of the safety bracket.

The different versions of the 1919 pistol of the year were made for 6,35 and 7,65 mm “auto” cartridges or for 9 mm “short” cartridge and had the most different barrel lengths - some people like it. Here the inscription was already different: BONIFACIO ECHEVERRIA EI BAR (ESPANA).

The gun “Model military” saw the light in 1920 year, and became a kind of transitional model between models in the image of “Mannicher” and pistols of the type “Colt Browning”. “Model military” was made on the basis of the American “Colt” M-1911 caliber .45 and had the same mechanism of locking the bore - that is, “Browning earring”. But this model also had differences, as without them. On the Spanish pistol there was no frame fuse. And the handle itself is more straightforward outlines.

Pistol "Modelo military". Model 1920

Another characteristic feature was the design of the back of the shutter-casing. She was raised and equipped with two corrugated "pills" for the fingers. The safety lever is located on the left, where it turns a special valve that prevents the trigger from striking the firing pin. To ensure its downward movement on the closure-casing, a notch has been made.

The gun used cartridges caliber 9-mm "largo" ("Bergman-Bayard"), which was done in the interests of its use in the Spanish army. But the military chose the Astra, and Echeverría sent it to a commercial sale, at the same time supplementing it with modifications for the .38 “super” and .45 AKP cartridges. The length of the gun 200 mm. Mass of a pistol without cartridges: 1100 g. Barrel length 122 mm. Shop also for eight rounds.

Star Pistol Model A 7,63 × 25 Mauser. Of course, the protruding barrel is a bit unusual, but it was possible to make a thread under the muffler on it!

A year later, the “Star” pistol Model A (Model A) appeared, which was a modification of “Model Military”: with a casing like a typical Colt - i.e. on it were made vertical notches for the fingers. A small hole was made in the head of the hammer. Flap fuse rearranged to the rear left upper frame behind the cheek handles, as it was from the outset provided for the Colts. Aim devices were made on the model of "Browning" model "High Power".

Model A, or “Model 1921 of the Year,” was made for different cartridges, in particular, 7,63-mm cartridge “Mauser”, 9-mm “Largo” and .45 AKP. Some samples on the back end of the handle had grooves for the holster-butt. In the first pistols the frame fuse was absent, but then in later models it was decided to install it again, and the length of the lever of this fuse was almost equal to the length of the entire rear surface of the handle.

Model A gained great popularity among the so-called Guards of Seville, which it adopted in October 1922 of the year under the designation “Pistol“ star ”de 9 mm, model 1922, pair path de la Guardia Civil”. There is a mark on the casing: BONIFACIO ECHEVERRIA over the words EIBAR (ESPANA), in front of which there is an image of a six-pointed star and the name “STAR” CAL .9M / M, and their belonging to “Guard of Seville” is certified by the letters GC under the crown. The first pistols received wooden cheeks with a rhombic notch on the handles, which were replaced with plastic ones in later editions. So for those who make a film about the civil war in Spain and there is used a pistol in the course of the action, it is best to take exactly “Star”, especially if the Guardsman from “Guard of Sevil” shoots.

"Star" Model B. Perhaps the most convenient and attractive model in the family of "old" and ... nine rounds, yet more than eight and seven.

The “Star” pistol Model B (Model C) appeared after the 1926 of the year and resembled the “Colt” even more, first of all, by the handle shape. Hole with a cock on it removed. The gun was developed under the powerful cartridge "parabellum" caliber 9-mm. It was produced in the 30s both before and after the end of the Spanish Civil War, and in 1941 - 1944. more 35 000 pieces purchased by the German army. So this gun had to be fought outside Spain. The release of the Model B gun was stopped around 1984 of the year. The length of the gun 215 mm. Mass of a pistol without cartridges: 1085 g. Barrel length 122 mm. The store has now become more capacious: nine cartridges were placed in it.

In 1946, the “Super” B model (Model Super B) appeared, in which instead of the swinging “Browning earring” a “Browning ledge” was used. In the same year, this gun was adopted by the army of Spain. And not surprisingly, compared with the American “colt” of the classic type and caliber, it was lighter and had nine rounds in the store, not seven, but nine. The powerful cartridge "parabellum", however, even with a smaller caliber had an excellent stopping effect. Well, the fact that these pistols look like twins looks like the Spanish military was not at all embarrassed - the main thing is that the pistol shoots well!

Then a commercial model of BM with a steel frame was launched, which was one of the smallest pistols that had an interlocking bolt for the 9-mm cartridge “parabellum”.

Gun "Star" Model P in disassembled form. Nothing differs from models A and B except the caliber, as it is made for sale in the USA. Caliber .45АКП and, accordingly, in the store seven rounds. Weight 1085 d. Length 216 mm. The length of the barrel 122 mm.

The next model of the BCS, also chambered for the 9 mm “parabellum”, weighed very little - only 20 ounces with an 4,24 inch barrel and an eight-round magazine. It also had a colt-specific layout, but the frame fuse was missing.

This is how the "Old" Model B looks in the hand of ... left-handed. As you can see, the dimensions are quite acceptable, and weight, and coverage. Cut on the trigger is made to bring the sample in a non-combat condition only. On combat models it is not.

Weight reduction was achieved using a light alloy frame. The BCS model came to replace the BCS model, which differed mainly in its finishing. They had inclined notches for the fingers on the housing-bolt, and the previous model, they were vertical. However, it is the models A and B that are considered the main success of this company and are very widespread. Their reliability, high quality workmanship and good accuracy are noted. The gun is convenient to hold in hand, unlike the American Colt, for which not every hand is suitable! That is a copy, but very, very good!

"Star" model P in a luxurious performance.
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  1. woron333444
    woron333444 8 December 2016 07: 00
    It is very interesting to me. Very similar to TT. Or did Tokarev tear him apart or are they somehow different?
    1. Alex koch
      Alex koch 8 December 2016 09: 14
      Browning system in one form or another is implemented in many pistols, this is the TT and M1911, and the Polish VIS 35, and the Czech CZ75 and even
      1. 3x3zsave
        3x3zsave 8 December 2016 21: 06
        Ideas are in space and are fueled by human activity. At a certain stage, the sum of knowledge and technology exceeds the critical mass and ........ !!!! There is a breakthrough in which primacy is not important, it is important that humanity has moved to a new technological level.
      2. Mordvin 3
        Mordvin 3 14 December 2016 08: 48
        And, by the way, Browning Degtyarov consulted about a machine gun. (his trunk was bullying).
    2. Mwg
      Mwg 13 December 2016 08: 32
      The basis of the "Star" and "Tula Tokarev" is one - the Browning system. TT is a modified Browning.
      1. Mordvin 3
        Mordvin 3 14 December 2016 08: 50
        Duc Tokarev in Belgium trained. sad
      2. Ilja2016
        Ilja2016 April 5 2017 21: 57
        Quote: MVG
        The basis of the "Star" and "Tula Tokarev" is one - the Browning system. TT is a modified Browning.

        DO NOT talk nonsense
  2. inkass_98
    inkass_98 8 December 2016 07: 23
    Vyacheslav, correct the title of the article: "Star" brand, as you quite rightly noted in the text, and they have produced and are releasing many models.
  3. Krayt
    Krayt 8 December 2016 09: 02
    The main thing is that things should be of high quality and fully produced in the country, to the last screw, and their own, copied, or produced under a foreign license, is not so important. The main thing is to have our own production, because our own production is a guarantee of the independence of the state. If you are forced to buy every nail abroad, then you are nobody and your country is an empty place.
    1. 3x3zsave
      3x3zsave 8 December 2016 21: 07
      Spaniards are trying
    2. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 10 December 2016 07: 08
      By the way, the Spaniards were already stepping on this rake, when everything was bought abroad, gold destroyed them destroying their own production.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 8 December 2016 10: 41
    The Austrian "Mannicher" 1901. The design characteristic of revolvers is evident.

    Something in it skips from K 96? Do not find? Especially the upper part: the trunk, the front sight ...
    1. acrshooter
      acrshooter 8 December 2016 14: 42
      Only in three points:
      1. open trunk;
      2. fixed store;
      3. equipment using a clip.
      At Mauser, the layout of the pistol is “automatic,” the box magazine is shifted forward and is located in front of the trigger guard, and at Manlihehr model 1901, it is in the handle.

      The same Bergmann (starting with model No. 5 arr. 1897) is outwardly more similar to Mauser.
  5. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 8 December 2016 15: 03
    Oh awful pistols!
    The first pistol I had in Israel (for cheap) was the LLAMA Spanish copy of Colt 1911.
    Metal is like for pots. Every third shot is a misfire.
    But farted loudly from the heart laughing , hopped in my hand, I smeared, the adversaries (Arab teenagers with stones) fled with fear. am
    1. Raphael_83
      Raphael_83 8 December 2016 18: 42
      I don’t know. In the States, when I was visiting my relatives (a long time ago, it’s true) I had a chance to pop from Llama Comanche - it seemed quite a good unit, no worse than “Asters” or “Taurus” (and dismantled, of course, cleaned, lubricated - the quality of steel and accessories like norms), and the design is generally pure "Ruger". And from other Spaniards - apart from "Astra Constable" (this one is generally my favorite) I tried "Star 30m" in the same place - and also normal, not - not "Sauer", definitely, but good. And don't forget the price factor: Czechs, Belgians, Austrians, Swiss, Germans - choose your taste, just don't forget about your ability to pay; the descendants of Spanish giants with prices somehow simpler.
      From SW. hi
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 8 December 2016 19: 38
        In Israel, Old and Llamas, in my opinion, are no longer sold, only as a "rarity" you can get second-hand ones .. Budget pistols are Czech ones. And who does not spare money - Glocks.
    2. 3x3zsave
      3x3zsave 8 December 2016 21: 11
      Maybe it was necessary to buy a Russian "Wasp", or Arab teenagers do not recognize less than 5 shots in a row as a danger?
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 9 December 2016 01: 04
        I don’t know ..., the Spanish product fulfilled its main task 30 years ago: it saved me from possible injuries and didn’t kill anyone, which is also valuable. good
        1. cth; fyn
          cth; fyn 11 December 2016 11: 17
          And you speak terrible pistols, yes this is the best gun
          saved me from possible injuries and killed no one
  6. Raphael_83
    Raphael_83 8 December 2016 18: 34
    Vyacheslav Olegich, as always - thanks! Of course, there is a bit less factual material than in previous articles, but we are all busy people, after all, and the photo material is, as usual, good.
    I’m very weakly familiar with a number of the first models, as they say: I heard a ringing ... wassat I first learned about the fact that someone in the Old World in that historical period produced units chambered for "Colt-Super".
    From SW. good hi
    1. kalibr
      8 December 2016 19: 44
      Glad you liked it. It was difficult to collect material, especially since I don’t know Spanish. But ... something interesting was still found. Next will be ... Vebley!
      1. Raphael_83
        Raphael_83 8 December 2016 20: 35
        Well?! The one that is British? Well respected, what to say! A rare, very rare thing in our area. yes
        1. kalibr
          9 December 2016 07: 30
          Exactly! He held in his hands, snapped ... a word played enough. Now here I wander around the British sites in search of interesting materials.
  7. Dekabrist
    Dekabrist 8 December 2016 19: 41
    During the civil war, the company’s buildings were badly damaged, the archives were burned, and therefore there is no information about the initial stage of the company’s existence.
    1. 3x3zsave
      3x3zsave 8 December 2016 21: 23
      Sorry, where did you come from? And about the Norwegian partisans (by the way, I asked you a question), and about the fate of the Spanish arms company you know ... No, I'm not in a complaint, just
      1. Dekabrist
        Dekabrist 8 December 2016 23: 20
        I remember your questions. I wrote to you back then that to answer them you need to write separate articles. This takes time and desire. In addition, in order for this not to be a copy-paste, you need access to the relevant materials, but for the Norwegian partisans you yourself understand, it’s difficult.
        On the question - where did it come from, believe me, there was nothing unusual in my appearance. As the proverb says: "From those gates as all the people."
        On the issue of knowledge, the ways to obtain it are also known. Once there were only print media, now it’s somewhat easier, the Internet, although it has a lot of information garbage.
        I have been interested in weapons since childhood, so some information has accumulated. Previously, there were more informed people on the site, now, due to the influx of hamsters and couch armies, many are leaving. Sometimes I supplement information, sometimes I criticize, the normal process of knowledge sharing.
        A respected Vyacheslav Olegovich is a historian, but not a gunsmith. But he performs his task properly, because there are people with different backgrounds and ages.
        1. 3x3zsave
          3x3zsave 10 December 2016 04: 49
          I probably hit you in public. I apologize publicly, I didn’t mean anything bad.
          1. Dekabrist
            Dekabrist 10 December 2016 11: 47
            If I knew that you would perceive it, I would not write to the PM. There can be no talk of grievances. Just reminded that the answer is ready. So good luck.
  8. 3x3zsave
    3x3zsave 8 December 2016 21: 16
    Vyacheslav, as always, five points!
  9. iz odessy
    iz odessy 14 December 2016 20: 02
    There was a lot of Spanish in DRA, in spirits. Where it is from there is not in the know, but the landing party after the "exits" brought almost bags of such pistols, along with the "best Chinese". They were shooting, at the banks, so-so, attracted by the uniform, and other attributes characteristic of "Afghan weapons processing"
    1. acrshooter
      acrshooter 14 December 2016 23: 23
      My you with a brush, countryman!
      The Khyber Pakhtunva Province of Pakistan, which borders Afghanistan, has always been famous for its arms production. (By the way, locals are very fond of faking TTs under 9mm pair marked with the Chinese company NORINCO.).
      And the local Pashtuns always spat on the official border, and crossed as they wanted and wherever they wanted; however, they themselves actively used it as a shield against OKSVA, and in Pakistan they replenished ranks, rested, trained, armed and held prisoners of war (remember the uprising in Badaber).
      Sincerely, Arthur.