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The ICC requires the Libyan authorities to extradite the son of Gaddafi

The ICC requires the Libyan authorities to extradite the son of GaddafiThe ICC (International Criminal Court) presented an ultimatum to the Libyan authorities: before 19: 00 (ISC) on Monday, representatives of the PNS (Transitional National Council) should provide the court with information on the legal status and health of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the deceased former Libyan leader M. Gaddafi, reports the BBC.

Extended the ICC on January 10 expired. If the Libyan government refuses to cooperate with the Hague court, it may file a complaint against the PNS to the UN Security Council.

The ICC asked the PNS to provide access to the younger Gaddafi to ensure the health of the detainee. Earlier media reported that the fingers of Seif al-Islam, who was taken prisoner on 19 on November 2011, threatened the life of gangrene. In this regard, the former heir to the head of the Jamahiriya requires an urgent operation. In an interview with Reuters, Safe explained that the injury was the result of an injury that he received during an air strike about a month before his arrest.

In June, the International Court issued an arrest warrant for Safe. He is accused of crimes against humanity. The court is currently seeking a public trial of the Safe in The Hague. But the PNS, although unofficially, but unequivocally made it clear that it wanted to judge Saif al-Islam in his homeland. At the same time, Mohammed al-Alagi, the Minister of Justice of Libya, said that the severity of the crimes committed by the younger Gaddafi is so great that the death penalty can be a sentence.

Safe al-Islam Gaddafi was detained on November 19 2011 in southern Libya while trying to get to Niger with several supporters. The safe from the moment of capture is kept in the north-west of Libya in the city of Zintan, 140 kilometers from the Libyan capital. So far, no charges have been brought against him, and no defense attorney has been provided.

Fred Abrahams, a representative of the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch, met with the Safe in December 2011. According to the human rights activist, Seif al-Islam Gaddafi does not complain about the conditions of detention, but states that he is not provided with a lawyer.

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  1. Pharao7766
    Pharao7766 24 January 2012 15: 23
    But shit on the shovel, this NATO trial is not necessary ?!
  2. Aleksey67
    Aleksey67 24 January 2012 15: 29
    Still executed. Who needs a living heir to the capital of the Colonel. Deposits have already changed the owner.
  3. skalozub52
    skalozub52 24 January 2012 15: 30
    They don’t have enough adventure? Let them deal with Sheshel first! Or have they poisoned them yet? Are they ready for trial without a lawyer? I think Seifu has something to say.
  4. predator
    predator 24 January 2012 15: 42
    "He is accused of crimes against humanity." He was the villain who launched tomahawks, bombed cities, drove the inhabitants of entire cities into the desert, raped the women of Sirte, Tripoli and other cities
  5. Kaetani
    Kaetani 24 January 2012 15: 57
    Yes, of course, the criminal — he didn’t share oil — but the next topic just says that the headquarters is sergeant navy. The United States in Afghanistan killed a woman with a child they gave him three months - why not judge them together?
  6. UI-Spb
    UI-Spb 24 January 2012 16: 41
    They worry that he does not die of gangrene. Give it to us, we will cure it and execute it ourselves, here we go!
  7. maximus
    maximus 24 January 2012 17: 05
    I can say only one, familiar, almost native expression: Pindos-P ... of the race!

    Let them give them a better one to Russia, then we will see how and who will condemn him, and it’s a pity that it’s impossible ((((((((((
  8. Siberian
    Siberian 24 January 2012 18: 12
    Quote: "The ICC (International Criminal Court) issued an ultimatum to the Libyan authorities: before 19:00 (Moscow time) on Monday, representatives of the PNC (Transitional National Council) must provide the court with information on the legal status and health of Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, .... "

    And if the PNS poherit this ultimatum, will they again take up Libya? Or will they impose sanctions - not to buy Libyan oil? After all, the presentation of an ultimatum implies certain measures of influence, if it is not fulfilled.
  9. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 24 January 2012 18: 27
    Guys. It’s safer in The Hague. It will take a long time to kill, and this is the time. Seif al-Islam is a potential leader of the resistance and it is amazing that he is still alive.
  10. suharev-52
    suharev-52 24 January 2012 19: 23
    I would like to remind the so-called human rights defenders that neither Gaddafi nor his son committed aggression against another state. This is the United States and Europe, with the help of bandits overthrew the legally elected government. And in the dock it is necessary to put the one that Gaddafi's death greeted with an exclamation - "Wow".
  11. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 24 January 2012 19: 26
    Yes, he gave the campaign money on the spot already and dumped in Irkutsk
  12. LiRoy
    LiRoy 24 January 2012 19: 53
    He probably regretted that he did not put a bullet in his forehead, as these would torment him for a long time and with perversion.
  13. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 24 January 2012 20: 14
    And does the ICC accidentally require extradition of the leaders of the NATO countries who gave the order to bomb civilians?
  14. timurpl
    timurpl 24 January 2012 22: 03
    Donut hole for them, not "Sharapov"! Let him be a bastard, but this is "our" bastard. (as the Pindos talked about Naryega ...)
  15. 755962
    755962 24 January 2012 22: 59
    The height of cynicism! And how arrogant enough? And not x ... r to give them even under the threat of sanctions. By the way, what sanctions can they apply against the PNS? Once again, walk IRON?
  16. vladimir64ss
    vladimir64ss 24 January 2012 23: 26
    Guys. We all hate pendostana. But you have to use their rules.