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Ukraine. Only good news ...

The Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine, Yuriy Stets, announced the day before about the unilateral withdrawal of the “Square” from the agreement with Russia in the field of television and radio broadcasting. The officially designated reason sounds something like this: a state that is leaps and bounds moving towards democracy and has already gained freedom of speech cannot contact the state that spreads propaganda and dirty lies only. The final pathos of Stetsya looked like: well, did they eat quilted jackets? .. Now, the television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine will heal in a new way, because again the healthy bodies ...

Ukraine. Only good news ...

And the bulls are, by the way, 1 November, when the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, who were waiting for a completely different host in the States, passed a bill providing for penalties for those media resources that violate Ukrainian laws, broadcasting “content with sympathy for the aggressor or separatism”. He showed the Russian series - turned into a quilted jacket and a colorado - pay the penalty for disloyalty to the Maidan bright future ...

In general, the idea is clear: to make another attempt to isolate the Ukrainian population ... no ... not even from the Russian information content, but from the truth of their own country. After all, from November 1, in fact, any information platform in Ukraine may encounter problems with the new Maidan legislation, if instead of the laudatory ode about the “imminent European integration”, it will tell Ukrainians how, for example, they have been thrown with this European integration. After all, this is actually “automatically” falling under the law on “expressing sympathy to the aggressor or separatism.”

So, with Russia broke the agreement in the field of media. And after this gap, Ukraine immediately healed! .. New factories opened, new jobs opened, a strong middle class took shape, and sweeping oligarchs and foreign crooks who appeared earlier under the guise of investors from the territory of Ukraine ... But no, it did not happen. But there are others news about the economic "peremoga" "Square", which should tell.

What for? Well, how can ... Ukrainian mass media talk about such a thing right now “nizzzya”, because they will fall under penalties. Cooperation in the field of TV and radio broadcasts from the Russian Federation is broken. And, then, it is necessary to bail out the Ukrainian media space by publishing about the very economic reality in which the Maidan authorities immerse the country deeper and deeper.

Below is only good Ukrainian news ... Yeah ...

Finally, the dream of the Ukrainian economic "authorities" came true - the Ukrainian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD), which the State Property Fund of Ukraine declared as a "heavy asset", went under the hammer. Ukrainian privatization is developing new heights, for the UBRD was sold ... lower than the initial starting price! Ukrainian unique from the economy! Yes, they even Ulyukaev in the litter is not suitable ...

The April starting price of the bank, which in 2004 was created for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine, and which, after Maidan, “developed business” in such a way that it turned out to be in the last place among all Ukrainian banks in terms of assets (100 place from 100), was 118,9 million UAH. This is the sum of those assets. The hammer strike at the auction did not take place, as potential buyers said: sorry, we are not satisfied with this price.

In the State Property Fund (reports portal long thought how to proceed with the privatization of UBRR? Nothing smarter came up with, except to lower the starting price to 82,8 million UAH. Nobody answered the question about where 36 million UAH of bank assets disappeared. Where where? The wind blew ... Good news? - Of course, good ...

The good news, of course, is that the new owner of the 99,99% stake in the Ukrainian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, formerly owned by the state, becomes ... a drum roll ... Chinese business. This, by the way, is the only person who participated in the auction. Speech on the representative of the exchange Bohai Commodity Exchange. Now Ukraine is going to demand from the Chinese stock exchange that it bring the capitalization of UBR to 120 million UAH, so that this capitalization meets the standards of the National Bank Gontareva. What else is Gontareva? - the Chinese scratched their heads, - the asset is now ours ...

The document, as stated in the State Property Fund Square, has not yet been published, as "translated into Chinese" ...

Good news for Ukraine - Moscow and Berlin held bilateral talks on gas supplies from the Russian Federation to Europe and the problems of Ukrainian transit. Recall that in 2019, the term of the “transit” agreement expires, and Ukraine can remain alone with an empty pipe.

Representatives of the Russian Federation and Germany agreed to hold a meeting, at which it was decided to invite representatives of Naftogaz. According to insider information, the main question will be to bring to the notice of Kiev the materials on the understanding of the essence of its “reverse tricks”. It is worth noting that now Kiev declares that it does not buy gas from the Russian Federation, but it organizes gas supplies from Eastern Europe (for example, from Slovakia) that are reverse for themselves. This led to the fact that the volume of storage in Ukraine is not provided with sufficient volumes of gas for the transit of fuel from the Russian Federation to the European Union. Therefore, Naftogaz is going to explain that it can keep the “durilka” for the Ukrainian population about an “independent reverse” with it, while purchasing gas from Russia in order to provide transit gas in contract volumes. It will not provide transit - Grandma Merkel will be cold and nervous - this is the first; 2019 is just around the corner, and Moscow is closely following the "gas" compliance of Kiev in the background of the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream projects. And if Grandma can suffer for the sake of great German-Ukrainian love, then the second aspect of Naftogaz is obviously annoying, for remaining in embrace with an empty pipe is a perspective that does not warm the soul.

Good news for Ukraine? .. Naturally, good ...

The third good economic news for Ukraine: Taiwan, which just a few months ago was called Kiev as “one of the leading partners in the field of metallurgy in Southeast Asia,” announced the revision of trade relations with Ukraine. The government of Taiwan considered that the Ukrainian products of the metallurgical complex (in particular, hot-rolled steel) are dumping for the Taiwanese market. In other words, its low price destroys the competition system built by Taiwan. To kick off the Ukrainian steel partners, official Taipei made a simple move: it launched an anti-dumping duty in the amount of 17,2%. The Taiwan market for Ukraine is actually lost.

Good news? Yes, great! .. Glory to Maidan! ..

The good news ... The European Union asks Ukraine for a "qualitative European integration" to lift the moratorium on the export of roundwood. While the Ukrainian authorities are in thought, information about the growth in the volume of this round timber from the territory of Ukraine is coming in. Harvest and wait for the moment to export large wholesale. The news is even better when you consider which regions of Ukraine provide the largest percentage in logging. It turns out that in addition to a number of western regions this is the north of Kiev region. And the north of Kiev region is the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. From the material of the publication “To lead. Ukraine":
If these are products for the zone only, this is one. But it is forbidden by law to grow commercial products there for export outside the 30-kilometer zone. It will be necessary to change the legislation, as well as to determine what kinds of activities are allowed there.

The fish is pulled almost on an industrial scale. They are sold in Kiev and other cities, and it is caught in the by-pass canals around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, where standing water and silt are “fonite”. At the end of the summer I saw how timber was being removed from the “dirty” plot - timber trucks moved late in the evening, when only law enforcement officers could move around the zone. The same goes for scrap metal. There are no batteries left in Pripyat. They also cut baths: they are dumped directly from the windows and taken out, they are smelted to cast iron.

Good news ... Only good ... Here are some more Dutch quotas for refugees to be reissued, and Peremoga will be fuller and brighter.
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 1 December 2016 07: 11
    There are no more sane comments on the topic of Ukraine. request Yesterday I watched an interesting interview with an adequate Ukrainian in energy, a year ago it’s true, but I think that hardly changed.
    1. tracker
      tracker 1 December 2016 07: 22
      This is Marunich, a very competent specialist, you can still watch on the channel Dzhangirova
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 1 December 2016 07: 12
    Yes, let the ukronatsiks bend themselves. Let this SWAMP suck them.
    1. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 1 December 2016 07: 28
      They still need to create the Great and Most True Ukronet and shut themselves off by cutting themselves off from the world Internet, then there will be a complete victory over Russia.
      1. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 1 December 2016 11: 18
        They have already tried to create their racially faithful social network. Didn't take off.
        However, this was to be expected - if there are only Svidomo people on the network, then whom should they overpower couch warriors? smile
    2. Venceremos
      Venceremos 1 December 2016 14: 58
      Quote: aszzz888
      Yes, let the ukronatsiks bend themselves. Let this SWAMP suck them.

      Let be. At 100 for it. But without us ...
      And since 70% of the DPR and LPR are still below them, we have no desire to rot in this swamp ...
      Something needs to be done. And preferably not through the "Big Blood" which is announced to us in January-February after "Minsk" ...
  3. sl22277
    sl22277 1 December 2016 07: 15
    Very "Good News" ... Literally everything is growing: the dollar, prices, tariffs, unemployment, budget deficit, foreign debt ... The enemies never dreamed of such growth! After all, Ukrainians are a great, proud nation that was created to be ruled by effective Western managers.
      GOGENATOR 1 December 2016 14: 03
      Unfortunately, everything is growing in Russia and Kazakhstan too.
      1. SofaX-Perd
        SofaX-Perd 5 December 2016 00: 04
        Well, in Russia and Kazakhstan at the helm of the economy, too, the IMF meritors are still sitting.
  4. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 1 December 2016 07: 38
    The complete degradation of part of the population of Dill, so many idiots and in one country in my opinion has not yet gathered.
    1. Evdokim
      Evdokim 1 December 2016 08: 26
      With this level of national identity, the active part of the Ukrainian population (we do not take the passive into account), the state of the country should correspond to it. Consciousness at the level of thieves in law means the country will turn into a zone or organized crime group, there simply cannot be another, Being determines consciousness and vice versa. If such a contingent is in power, they were chosen, and not sucked out of their fingers, then they will build such a country. Judging by the current situation, this will continue for a long time until the external (economy, politics, etc.) corresponds to the internal (self-awareness). Brains at the Neolithic level, then they will live in the Stone Age.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 1 December 2016 07: 39
    In recent years, the Ukrainian authorities have perfectly mastered and mastered the system of turning hard-hitting news into their "achievements." This is how they live.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 1 December 2016 22: 31

      They buy up land for next to nothing, power.

      See Sharia. This is the only normal Ukrainian news channel.
  6. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 1 December 2016 07: 46
    I’m wondering when patience will burst among the normal part of the population of Ukraine and they will think about whom they brought to power. They should pray for Yanukovych (compared to the current leaders).
    1. 100502
      100502 1 December 2016 12: 33
      There, the brains are already formatted, only the spinal cord works on primitive firmware
      1. Hlavaty
        Hlavaty 1 December 2016 14: 30
        So easy to rush shit while sitting safe.
        What do you know about the life of normal people in Ukraine?
        To at least somehow understand the normal citizens of Ukraine, just imagine this picture:
        She ended up in a country where thieves and crazy people are in power, a bunch of people wander the streets with their roofs and weapons down, any disagreement is suppressed by a variety of methods (until the dissenters disappear), your family and friends are so washed through the TV that it's almost impossible to talk to them and sometimes dangerous). At the same time, you are alone, without weapons, without any fighting skills in such conditions. And most importantly: NO ONE NEEDS YOUR FIGHT. If you focus on Russia, then Russia pays no attention to you: for Russia, all Ukrainians are crazy Nazis. This can be seen even in your comment. All Putin's talk about the "Russian World" has faded for a long time. Russia does not conduct any work with Ukrainians.

        In other words, you are the one with a bare ass against the oligarchs with their private armies and the Kiev authorities with their police and the National Guard. Do you want to fight them all?

        And if you have in your hands also the sick, the elderly, the small children?

        "Judge not lest ye be judged" from Matthew (Ch. 7, Art. 1 2)
        1. RBLip
          RBLip 1 December 2016 15: 29
          Quote: Hlavaty
          All Putin's talk about the "Russian World" has faded for a long time. Russia does not conduct any work with Ukrainians.

          in-in. what a bad Russia ... does not want to work with ukrami, you pay ... worked, worked for 20 years, as a result, in "gratitude" muydan and gilyaku got ... and now does not want ...
          climbed into. themselves, and climb out.
          Quote: Hlavaty
          you're the one with a bare ass against the oligarchs with their private armies and the Kiev authorities with their police and the National Guard. Do you want to fight them all?
          And if you have in your hands also the sick, the elderly, the small children?

          He who wants to act seeks opportunities, he who does not want seeks reasons.
        2. goncharov.62
          goncharov.62 1 December 2016 18: 35
          You didn't "end up" in this country like Alice in the Yellow City. You yourself voted and rejoiced at the Maidan, although even the last ram could see that you, Ukrainians, were being played. And Amerigo and Europe are playing. You laughed in response and talked about "non-brothers". And now you're even scared in the kitchen? Alas, these are your problems. Problems of upbringing, probably ... And about the work of Russia (not work0 - I agree. But then we ourselves were hefty. And about bare experience - really in the city of Odessa, a father or husband should sit in the kitchen and snot come from his burnt daughter-son "Brother? And the cocktail in the Bandera car, in the car - weak? And then - nonsense. They die once, all the more for their children. And how in the war (Great) - they also cried - my mother is sick, I do not want to be partisans !? No need to complain - I don't believe it !!! Good luck ...
          1. Hlavaty
            Hlavaty 1 December 2016 20: 12
            Quote: goncharov.62
            You yourself voted and rejoiced at the Maidan

            And if you did not vote and did not rejoice? Mayday down anyway?
            To smear all with one paint is a favorite thing for adolescents.

            And with the Great Patriotic War it is not necessary to compare. The situation is completely different. Then the people who were in the occupation knew that the Red Army was fighting somewhere out there, that is, "ours" who would surely win. And in order to bring this victory closer, people went to the partisans, underground workers, and just a little bit harmed the Fritz.
            And now the situation in Ukraine is completely different. There are no "ours" who need help to defeat "not ours". Those who thought that "ours" were Russia, it seems, were mistaken. The Russian state stubbornly refuses to notice them, the citizens of Russia treat them as maydauns.
            You do not need allies? Then do not say that there are no normal Ukrainians - you simply do not want to notice them.

            And about:
            Quote: RBLip
            in-in. what a bad Russia ... does not want to work with ukrami, you pay ... worked, worked for 20 years, as a result, in "gratitude" muydan and gilyaku got ... and now does not want ...

            Who has Russia worked with for 20 years? With the Kuchmas, Yushchenko and Yanukovychs? Or maybe with the Kolomoisky, Poroshenko and Akhmetovs? The same "worked" for me! Politicians rubbed their dealings with politicians, oligarchs with oligarchs. Meanwhile, Europe and the United States worked (and continue to work) with students, schoolchildren, and journalists.
            For example: in every university there is a "NATO room"!
            Or, for example, a four-year-old boy, seeing blue paint, says "It's like our flag!" And the child only went to kindergarten for a few months!
            And there are many such examples!
            Well, the result speaks for itself.

            The West did not bother much with politicians and oligarchs. You can always buy the first ones, while the second ones keep your money in the West, i.e. on a short leash. The West was brainwashing the people. And most importantly, the West had a clear understanding of what they want to achieve.

            In this regard, Russia never had and still does not have any strategy with regard to Ukraine. Crimea was lucky - there was a Russian military base there. But Donbass was not lucky - there is no Russian base there. And therefore we have two completely different results: the Crimeans became Russians, and the Donetsk people fell into the "gray zone" - no war, no peace, no work, no development. Such an example of Russia's "work" is clearly not in its favor.
            And he does not inspire anyone.

            It seems to me that if the Russians do not draw the right conclusions from Ukrainian history, then Russia could happen a much more bloody Maidan. Those who are now outraged, let them try to imagine that Putin is gone (I do not wish him anything bad, but he is not eternal). Who will come to power? Will he continue Putin's policies? Maybe the next Russian ruler would like to "reset" relations with the West in the manner of Yeltsin? As it was very often in Russian history.

            I think that the arrogance of Russians towards Ukrainians stems from the illusion that they live in a big country with which "nothing can happen" and Putin is "always young." And they forget that a hundred years ago the West already managed to destroy the Russian Empire.
            At the same time, Russians do not see point-blank that the same processes are happening in Russia as in Ukraine: in schools they talk about the heroes of Vlasov and Kolchak, all kinds of nationalist and extremist organizations, Wahhabis, etc. etc.

            What this has led Ukraine to see. What will this lead Russia to?
            1. KSLip
              KSLip 1 December 2016 21: 02
              all this verbiage is already answered above
              Quote: RBLip
              climbed into. themselves, and climb out.

              skaklov constantly accepted themselves to compare with us. and soooo bear. here it is
              Quote: Hlavaty
              At the same time, Russians do not see point-blank that the same processes are happening in Russia as in Ukraine: in schools they talk about the heroes of Vlasov and Kolchak, all kinds of nationalist and extremist organizations, Wahhabis, etc. etc.

              Dear, what kind of crap is this?
              1. SofaX-Perd
                SofaX-Perd 5 December 2016 00: 22
                This is the result of brainwashing, they represent what and how is happening in Russia from Ukrosmi.
            2. Crimean partisan 1974
              Crimean partisan 1974 3 December 2016 19: 21
              those who did not build illusions, that in Russia, and set up horses with cancer, and people like you and build illusions looking out of a window as monuments destroy vandals, it’s all a matter of consciousness, but you have it, alas, in the complete absence of presence, good luck in geurope from Crimean
        3. gladcu2
          gladcu2 1 December 2016 22: 36

          Well, it’s clear what you are saying.

          Nevertheless, it is necessary to judge. It is necessary to take on such responsibility.
          All these biblical wisdom, leave to those who do not live with their minds.

          You will not feel sorry. Pity is still evil.
  7. igordok
    igordok 1 December 2016 07: 47
    The EU asks Ukraine to “freeze up” round timber for a “high-quality European integration”. While the Ukrainian authorities are in thought, information is coming from the territory of Ukraine about the growth in the procurement of this round timber.

    This is done as part of decommunization. This is a Soviet forest, they will cut down the communist forest and plant an autonomous forest, so they will heal.
  8. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 1 December 2016 08: 26
    It seems that the Maidanians ate just the fish caught in the bypass channels of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. laughing
  9. Scud
    Scud 1 December 2016 08: 31
    Mind Svidomo not understand
    Arshin common not to measure
    Lavrov said de ... bills bl..yat
    And you just have to believe it!
    1. goncharov.62
      goncharov.62 1 December 2016 18: 39
      Class! I quote, pliz?
  10. mik6403
    mik6403 1 December 2016 08: 44
    Over the past 25 years, we have waged a war for the minds (agitation) of Ukrainians, handed them over to the Natsiks, Geyropeytsy, dermokraty and Pinds ... and now we are reaping the benefits ....
    1. Kaiser
      Kaiser 1 December 2016 09: 52
      Nonsense, you say this war has been going on for centuries; now the death of an amphora formation just happened, now we can just look at the agony and convulsions of this formation until it ends, and the remnants will return to Russia.
    2. Siberian
      Siberian 1 December 2016 12: 12
      Are we reaping the benefits? We, even with our imperial ambitions, did not go to the independent Ukraine, tried to treat ourselves as equals. Look at Ukrainian reports from the Maidan period: all countries (journalists) congratulated Ukraine on the revolution and maliciously noticed that Russia was silent. He does not congratulate his brothers, envies, probably (fact - envies). Now (let’s fight for something, and have run into it), let them profiteerly indulge in their independence and independence, so that they write in the genetic code that betrayal is unprofitable (I’m not saying that it’s shameful, embarrassing, disgusting). We regret no more. And you need to worry not about them, but about the Donbass, help, integrate.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 1 December 2016 22: 42

        Who are "we? THE USSR? Russia? Are you personally with friends?

        I didn’t get it. Who is Russia and Ukraine on an equal footing?

        If we take modern time and the real economic system
        That system does not imply friendships. And it involves only a system of dependence. So there can be no talk of equality.
        1. Siberian
          Siberian 2 December 2016 05: 21
          When Ukraine lost its independence, yes, in fact, all the other 14 republics of the former USSR went to the same place, absolutely everything was just… the union in general and Russia in particular. All, without exception, said that they personally fed the whole country, but now they threw everyone off the tail and zhivuuuut. Azerbaijan agreed to the point that they won the war on Baku oil (exclusively!). Everybody's Free! In addition to building nationalist dictatorial states to varying degrees and color revolutions (in some places and not one at a time), no one has succeeded. Ukraine just went haywire. On whom they wanted to depend, they depend on that. It is not possible not to depend on anyone or anything, just nothing. "It is impossible to live in society and be free from society", not to respect the neighbors on the planet and only demand.
          Equal - in the sense of people with arms, legs, head and brains in it. We are both the USSR and Russia, and personally I am with friends, and Poles with Hungarians, probably, although I won’t say for them exactly.
          Now Montyan is broadcasting that the outcome of the Maidan is Putin’s fault, which could (!) Crush him, but did not. But the Germans, the French and the Poles, who guaranteed his termination, do not remember something. So why should Putin put a lock in a foreign country? In Ukraine, there was its own power (apparently equal to Russian). Or not?
        2. mik6403
          mik6403 4 December 2016 00: 06
          For me, we are Russia, I don’t know for you .... Personally, I have a lot of friends of Ukrainians (whom I call Ukrainians, but they are Muscovites and we don’t have any offense because of this), the part of them who lives in Ukraine from 2010 to 2015 seemed to have moved their minds , in everything that concerned Russia and the Russians. Over the past year or two, some have become smarter, which makes me personally happy. For me, Russians and Ukrainians are fraternal peoples who have repeatedly stood up to defend a common homeland shoulder to shoulder ... Thanks to the dermocrats who played pluralism !!! And the fact that several generations of students of history grew up in Ukraine who studied history in a perverted form with hatred of the Russians is to blame, probably .... Uncle Vanya the switchman .... Here I was recently accused in the forum of inciting ethnic hatred in connection with the fact that I called Ukrainians Ukrainians, and Russians Muscovites .... This reminds me of a gay European political correctness ... ..then it’s necessary to ban a couple more feature films and TV shows ... there, too, Ukrainians and Russians call each other ...
          1. SofaX-Perd
            SofaX-Perd 5 December 2016 00: 27
            The wiser Ukrainian is called "Russian"
  11. Brigadier
    Brigadier 1 December 2016 08: 55
    And this is just Piglet preparing for the cold winter. After all, he knows very well that as soon as the frosts hit, and they hit for sure (all meteorologists keep repeating this), they will immediately start looking for the guilty. And by that time there will only be TV ropes, which will immediately blame Russia for everything ... Yes, to hell with them, we'll survive! The main thing is that this winter in the Ruin should be under "-40 C" ... laughing
  12. Poronay
    Poronay 1 December 2016 09: 01
    Well, how many Eurocochles can be repeated - do not chop the branch on which you sit !!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. goncharov.62
      goncharov.62 1 December 2016 18: 43
      And where does the walking women? :))
      1. Crimean partisan 1974
        Crimean partisan 1974 3 December 2016 19: 29
        where there are walking women, there are drinking men (EBN), and Mshas the shop has covered itself, there are seasoned women and men throwing men at Japan, so everything in Ukraine smelled of winter
    2. Siberian
      Siberian 2 December 2016 05: 21
      And they didn’t chop, they just gnawed. Nobody knew what would happen.
  13. Kenneth
    Kenneth 1 December 2016 10: 49
    And where are the deadlines for the collapse of the dead
  14. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 1 December 2016 10: 51
    Another article about Ukraine - about Russia, will they post something? about our economy there, export, industry will still be more relevant. Only Skomorokhov's articles come to mind
    1. Dekabrist
      Dekabrist 1 December 2016 11: 15
      Behind this is not to this site. As a temporary measure - change the name of the country in the articles on the topic of the economy on the website and it will be normal.
      1. lwxx
        lwxx 1 December 2016 11: 39
        Bravo! Indeed, we already got tired of writing about Ukraine, you might think everything is smooth with us. Or is it just such a task - to lead questions to our government. Look at the neighbor everything is bad, but here we are ... wassat
        1. Dekabrist
          Dekabrist 1 December 2016 11: 47
          It is also psychological help for people with low self-esteem.
          1. goncharov.62
            goncharov.62 1 December 2016 18: 45
            The fact that we have a runny nose in Ukraine is a dying spasm. So, sweetheart ...
            1. Dekabrist
              Dekabrist 1 December 2016 21: 00
              See the previous paragraph.
              1. Mountain shooter
                Mountain shooter 2 December 2016 03: 59
                No, comrade! Just rearrange the country in the title of the article - DO NOT GET. We BUILD. Roads, factories, hospitals, schools, HOUSING! They produce - machines, NUCLEAR REACTORS, turbines, CARS, airplanes - and COMPUTERS.
                In the export of oil and petroleum products, gasoline increased 2.5 TIMES, and almost all of its polystyrene. And what about your achievements? I watch your channels sometimes. And what's the news about? War, the aggressor fired at, the Crimea is occupied, the aggressor shoots again ... So what are you building? Is it really unaware that Russia did not come to your war? And pray that it stays that way. Split consciousness is a sign of schizophrenia. This is with Russia - a real "visa-free", it is your "migrant workers" who go to Russia - to the country with which you are at war!
  15. Jubilee
    Jubilee 1 December 2016 11: 11
    Castle-headed horses can make fun.
  16. Sibrusich
    Sibrusich 1 December 2016 11: 36
    Hmm, if the weather forecast says that the wind in Kiev is warm northeastern, then this can be regarded as sympathy for the wind blowing from the territory of the aggressor? Or is it always worth using special adjectives in relation to the northeastern wind, such as: "aggressive", "vicious", "vile" and "Putin"?
  17. pts-m
    pts-m 1 December 2016 12: 39
    Since December 1, VO also decided to skip comments in which they talk about the ruin only in good colors. The question is, who oversees VO.
  18. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 1 December 2016 13: 11
    Quote: Spartanez300
    The complete degradation of part of the population of Dill, so many idiots and in one country in my opinion has not yet gathered.

    Unfortunately, there was something similar in Russia - you somehow successfully forgot our 90s, but you can't forget, the punishment will surely overtake! "idiocy" is always and everywhere - the main thing is that they should not become a force that determines everything in the country. Thank God we have passed the stage of "complete idiocy", but we still have to overcome the stage of "blissful idiocy". hi
    GOGENATOR 1 December 2016 14: 05
    At least they can go out to rally.
  20. svp67
    svp67 1 December 2016 18: 36
    For here is GOOD news from Ukraine

  21. prior
    prior 1 December 2016 18: 45
    Ukraine! With such ministers and the president you are welcome.
  22. Retvizan
    Retvizan 1 December 2016 19: 23
    Quote: Vladimirets
    Taiwan, which just a few months ago was called Kiev as "one of the leading partners in the field of metallurgy in Southeast Asia," announced the revision of trade relations with Ukraine. The government of Taiwan considered that the Ukrainian products of the metallurgical complex (in particular, hot-rolled steel) are dumped for the Taiwanese market. In other words, its low price is destroying Taiwan's competitive system. In order to kick off the Ukrainian metallurgical partners, the official Taipei made a simple move: launched an anti-dumping duty of 17,2%. Taiwan's market for Ukraine is virtually lost.

    The proportion of metal in Taiwan is small. HERE Egypt, Turkey, India, yes.
    Yes, and there it should be recalled, the most threatening Chinese and Korean metal. But Volodin carefully leaves the subject — probably China also needs to thank the glory of the Maidan.
    Volodin should have found great "zrada"
    The decision on restrictive measures was taken based on the results of an anti-dumping investigation. Fees will be effective from August 22. They are temporary - their validity period is four months.
    Fees for Ukrainian companies will be 26,57%.
    Similar restrictive measures have been introduced in the relations of import of the corresponding goods from China, India, Indonesia and South Korea.
    As reported by "Apostrophe. Economics", Canada, with which Ukraine signed an agreement on a free trade zone, extended anti-dumping duties of 77% on Ukrainian imports of carbon and alloyed hot-rolled sheet products.
    In early August, it became known that Turkey began to review anti-dumping measures in connection with the expiration of the restrictions on imports of copper wire from Ukraine.
    That would have looked much more confident than exporting galvanized steel to Taiwan. Canada, this is not Taiwan!
    The final pathos of Stets looked in style: well, padded jackets, ate?

    I don’t know what pathos - if people are watching everything on the Internet!
    But I’ll add on my own - the quality of Russian channels has fallen, and it’s impossible to watch the news at all. There is one Syria and Ukraine! I’m just watching something neutral like football, the most favorite NTV + Football channel.
    He showed the Russian series - turned into a quilted jacket and colorado - pay a penalty for disloyalty to a bright future ...

    TV shows are shown if they are not on the list (because of the actors or the glorification of the "aggressor troops" smile )
    and in general there is the Internet. Recently watched the next season of Mommies. A lot of Russian films have been revised lately. More Ukrainian. But quantity does not always translate into quality.
    About the forest and logging-
    The total land area of ​​the forest fund is 10,8 million ha, of which 9,4 million ha are covered with forest. This is 15,6% of the territory of Ukraine. Coniferous forests occupy 42% of the total area, including pine - 33%, hardwood - 43%, of which oak and beech - 32%. By age, forest stands are divided as follows: young growth - 32%; middle-aged - 44%; ripening - 13%; mature - 11%. Over the past four decades, the relatively stable forestry has increased by 2,3 million hectares in the total area of ​​land covered by forest vegetation, the total wood supply has increased 2,4 times, mainly due to valuable species.
    The cost of forest products and services is only 0,2-0,4% of the total gross product. The share of wood in total exports is slightly higher - about 1,5%, which, of course, is also not a determining value. Therefore, from the point of view of economic development, it does not matter much - we chop wood or not chop, export wood or not. ”
    Read more here:
    The main timber harvesting in Ukraine is concentrated in the Carpathian (Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Chernivtsi) and Polesye (Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr) regions. The highest felling area is made in Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions.
    Mr. Volodin! Where is the Kiev region listed? Can data on the percentage of felling in the zone? How big are they? Maybe you have it, but I didn’t know that we have the Chernobyl zone, just the forests of the Amazon ..
    And with violations there everything is clear, protection is impossible to provide. In general, it has always been. For the Glory of the Maidan, it weakly pulls ..
    for gas
    Gazprom and Naftogaz Ukrainy are negotiating, the prospects for resuming gas supplies to the country depend on the availability of funds.
    This was announced by the head of the Gazprom board of directors Viktor Zubkov, RIA Novosti reports.
    (usually everything depends on the price and availability of money)
    Tripartite with Ukraine will be held in December. Insider information, until we take it seriously! Although zrado-overwhelm they are .. But nothing is clear yet.
    In general, the article is informational slag # Shotamukhokhlov # Ukhokhlov
    Why is this "Russians"? Are there any problems of your own - savoring a neighbor's cow? And even then composed.
    1. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 1 December 2016 20: 46
      Yes, in fact, we don’t give a damn on the one hand, you feel sorry for you on the other, it’s a shame on the third hand that a gang of Jews and Anglo-Saxons made more or less sane Slavs and Russians, in general, people, evil degenerates actually Papuans. It is the third reason that Rusich’s negative is caused. It is unfortunate that a gang of zhidovichi and Western bastards bred a completely sane people, turning it into an evil dumb herd. In addition, the words and deeds of your bosses simply do not leave any chance for a normal attitude towards you, which is very unfortunate. Your nits wouldn’t climb into the pupil and live in dirty tricks in our direction, you look and the theme of the outskirts of the Russian Empire would not be so annoyingly exaggerated. In any case, we are not from evil, but from shock - how is this even possible. Time will put everything in its place and in our lifetime.
      But it all became easier for you that you were forced to water Russia by slops and sever all ties. However, we did not start this nativity scene.
      Good luck!
    2. Mountain shooter
      Mountain shooter 2 December 2016 03: 37
      Yes, we are not happy that the neighbor's cow died. But after all, the fact is DIED. No matter how much you swagger, and do not suck "peremogs" from your beloved finger, incomes have fallen, prices have risen, life has become DIFFICULT. I know that a large chunk of your economy was always "in the shadows", it was NOT included in the statistics of incomes of the population, and there were quite a few greens on mattresses.
      Yes, and famine in the country with a fifth of the world Wedge of black soil will not be. But the industry is ruined - a fact! And you can add energy. Accident rate (and not only at nuclear power plants) is growing. IMHO, there are no LOCAL overwhelmed if ALL falls.
      In Russia, despite the sanctions and the unfavorable situation in oil prices, everything is surprisingly not bad. I’m not going to list it, but it’s real - inflation has become insignificant, mortgages are becoming more affordable, people are buying cars, I DO NOT RISE in price so that I don’t get crowded on the roads. And the products in the stores are quite affordable.
      And we plant our thieves. But where are YOURs sitting?
  23. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 1 December 2016 20: 26
    Quote: Spartanez300
    The complete degradation of part of the population of Dill, so many idiots and in one country in my opinion has not yet gathered.

    It’s not necessary to deceive ourselves, since we have not gone far from them and we have such thieves and scoundrels in our power. A rather muddy leader, whose dependence on the West is visible with an unarmed look, is ruining this punks. Given what kind of pack received the majority in the State Duma, everything will end rather sadly.
    1. Mountain shooter
      Mountain shooter 2 December 2016 03: 42
      Well, where is the dependence of our "muddy leader" on the West? I don't see this dependence point-blank - maybe clarify. We HAVE BEEN PUTTED when they began to show INDEPENDENCE. And the pack in the State Duma - for whom the MOST voted, such is the pack. Such, brother, democracy.
  24. midshipman
    midshipman 1 December 2016 20: 31
    Be proud of Gorbachev and the Drunkard of All Russia is what you have done in life.
    In Ukraine, I had to create four enterprises from scratch, bring them to their design capacity (6 State Institutions of the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry). Everything is ruined, the Americans are operating at the enterprises. And what technologists have given there: microelectronics, multilayer boards, ceramic plates, and many others. another. It is a pity that specialists and their families were left without work. I have the honor.
  25. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 2 December 2016 03: 12
    Will they turn off the Internet too? Sometimes, experiencing an attack of humanism (there are also people there!), I open a Ukrainian TV channel (any!) And watch. I move rosium, so no problem. By the way, it is noticeable that MANY Ukrainians BADLY speak Ridnoy Mov, all the time "Moskalska" slips. But I'm not actually talking about that. 20 minutes of viewing (the psyche can no longer stand it) - and for a week this humanism is like a hand ... But after all, Ukrainians CAN watch Russian programs, and on our forum no, no, and two-color icons will flicker. For the Nezalezhnaya, the Iron Curtain is "Yatsenyuk's Wall" - as if they were building it, as if it were somewhere, but as if you were looking for something, you wouldn't find it.
    1. Suhow
      Suhow 4 December 2016 21: 57
      confidence in the current government of Ukraine is the lowest since independence ...
  26. The comment was deleted.
  27. Suhow
    Suhow 4 December 2016 21: 55
    There is a struggle with the aggressor. Of course, not everyone has collapsed where to go to the paramogi. And hto zim ne nezgoden that Putin's achent-zradnyk. Well, because of the deflections of the people, the people are poor, competitive enterprises on the verge of closing then there is the paramogi, sweets from Roshen cover everything.
  28. Berkut24
    Berkut24 5 December 2016 13: 06
    Y-yes ... The leaders of the pigs have forgotten how sweet the forbidden fruit is for the people. The business of the "saucers" in Ukraine rushes up the hill as never before.