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News of the development of air defense systems: the supply of serial equipment and the beginning of a new project

The Russian defense industry continues to fulfill existing orders for the supply of military equipment of one purpose or another. In addition, the development of new complexes of various classes. During the past few days, one of the leading industrial enterprises told about their recent successes, and also announced plans for further work. According to these reports, the delivery of another batch of ordered products has recently been completed, and the development of promising technology has also started.

News about the start of work on a new model of military equipment for the future rearmament of the Russian army 28 November reported TASS publication in its publication "Almaz-Antey" began to create a medium-range air defense system of the new generation. " Referring to the press service of the Concern of aerospace defense "Almaz-Antey", TASS cites the words of the general director of this organization, Jan Novikov. The head of the concern announced the fact of the beginning of the development of a new project, but so far he refrained from telling about technical and other details.

According to Y. Novikov, Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey" is not going to stop there. In this regard, the organization's specialists have already begun development work under the new project. The aim of this work is to create promising medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems. New complexes will belong to a new generation of similar systems. Unfortunately, any technical details of the project have not yet been disclosed for reasons of secrecy and early work.

Serial self-propelled launcher complex "Buk-М3". Shot from t / p "I Serve Russia", t / k "Star"

As a medium-range complex, a promising system, the development of which began not so long ago, will belong to the same class as the existing Buk family air defense missile systems, the Vityaz C-350 system and some other domestic developments. Such air defense missiles, capable of hitting targets at ranges from 30 km, are of great interest in the context of the development of object and military air defense. In what area will the prospective complex be found, the creation of which became known recently, has not yet been clarified.

The day before the announcement of the start of development work on a new project, news appeared telling about the progress in fulfilling existing orders. 28 November, the press service of Concern VKO Almaz-Antey announced the first successes in the construction and supply of one of the newest anti-aircraft complexes. Fulfilling the state defense order for 2016, enterprises from the Almaz-Antey concern produced and handed over to the troops the first brigade set of the Buk-M3 system.

To date, the Buk-М3 anti-aircraft missile system has passed all the necessary tests and has been recommended for mass production. Over the past few weeks, the industry has completed the execution of part of the existing order for the supply of serial equipment. October 21 of this year was held a single day of acceptance of weapons and military equipment. During this event, it was announced that the first division of the 9K317М Buk-М3 serial complexes was transferred to the customer in the Ministry of Defense. Also during the Unified Day of Acceptance, the leadership of the military department announced the further transfer of serial equipment. The second division of the newest complexes was to enter the ground forces in November. According to recent reports, by the end of this month this task was completed, as a result of which parts of the air defense of ground forces were able to begin the development of the first brigade set of the latest anti-aircraft system.

Recall, the 9K317М Buk-М3 anti-aircraft missile system is the newest and most advanced representative of its family of vehicles. Project development began in 2007. According to the first reports, the project “Buk-М3” should have been a further development of the complex “Buk-М2”, developed with a wide use of modern element base. Initially it was supposed to complete the development of a new project by the end of the decade, but later the dates for the start of mass production were shifted several times. It was only this year that it was possible to complete all the required work and tests, as well as to launch mass production. Despite all the delays and postponements, the troops had already received a full brigade set of new types of equipment.

According to previously published data, the updated anti-aircraft complex, in general, retains the architecture of previous family development, but a significant number of operating principles and other features have been updated using the available capabilities. The complex includes a command post, a station for detection and target designation, a self-propelled launcher, as well as a transport-launch and transport-charging machines. For the destruction of targets used guided missile 9M317M. The most notable difference in the Buk-М3 complex from its predecessors is the use of transport-launch containers that protect the missiles from external influences.

The division of the 9K317М complex “Buk-М3” incorporates one command post 9С510М and one detection station with radar 9С36М. To defeat targets, it is proposed to use two autonomous launchers 9А317М with six missiles each. As an additional means of attacking detected objects, 9A316М transport launchers that carry 12 missiles can be used. Missiles are transported using 9Т243 transport-charging machines. According to some reports, the brigade kit, the delivery of which ended a few days ago, has two divisions.

All self-propelled anti-aircraft complex built on the basis of tracked chassis. According to available data, as part of the development of a new project, the existing tracked chassis has been modernized, designed to improve the basic characteristics. Thus, in the case of the 9А317М self-propelled launcher, it was possible to increase the payload capacity and improve the crew protection against various threats. Other self-propelled machines from the complex have similar characteristics. Earlier it was reported that upon receipt of the corresponding order, the 9K317М “Buk-М3” complex can be built on a wheeled chassis with the required characteristics.

The main innovation of the Buk-M3 project is the 9М317М guided missile. According to reports, this product is equipped with a solid-fuel engine and control systems, which include inertial guidance tools, as well as an active radar homing head. Declared the possibility of destroying targets at ranges up to 70 km. With the help of a new missile, an anti-aircraft complex can destroy aerodynamic and ballistic targets of various types that pose a threat to ground forces on the march and in congestion sites. Also, some sources mention the possibility of firing ground or surface targets. The probability of hitting the target, depending on its type, reaches 0,95.

Target detection and launch launcher systems of the division allow you to monitor targets at distances up to 70 km and altitudes up to 35 km. There are 36 target channels, which allows the division to repel a massive air attack. The management of the complex and the interaction of its various components is provided by means of modern digital communications. These systems provide voice communication and data transmission, including over an encrypted channel.

To date, the ground forces received the first brigade set of the Buk-М3 air defense system. In the foreseeable future, enterprises from the Concern VKO Almaz-Antey will continue to manufacture new-model complexes, which will be handed over to the troops and gradually supplement and then replace the existing equipment of older types. The program of mass production "Bukov-M3" has already started and has already given the first results.

A few days ago it was announced the start of work on a new project of the medium-range anti-aircraft missile system. For objective reasons, it is known only about the very fact of the existence of a new development work. Any details are not communicated and are unlikely to become known in the foreseeable future. Announced data can only disclose the class of technology and its approximate characteristics. Being a medium-range complex, prospective development will have to hit targets at distances from 30 to 100 or 200 km. Other features of the new project can only be subject to forecasts and discussions, since even the purpose of the complex is unknown.

This year, the leading domestic manufacturer of weapons and military equipment completed part of the required work in one of the projects of promising air defense missile systems. Such successes allowed to start mass production of machines and new types of missiles, some of which had already been transferred to the customer. Completion of some works gave the opportunity to proceed to the other. According to recent reports, now Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey" is engaged in new developmental work. Its successful completion in the future will lead to the beginning of a new rearmament of air defense units.

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  1. 501Legion
    501Legion 30 November 2016 07: 29
    in the new beech, the fact that the number of missiles has become much larger is good.
    thanks for the article
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. sivuch
      sivuch 30 November 2016 10: 37
      Morpheus with a 99% probability of a kayuk. The reason is indicated - they did not make a hemispherical AFAR. Ie. The main feature of the system. In recent AA reports, Morpheus is not mentioned at all.
      Vityaz, I think, will bring
      By the way, in the report AA about 40H6, not a word
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. arkadiyssk
          arkadiyssk 30 November 2016 14: 22
          According to 40H6, there is another concern - if they bring it over time, when they manage to produce quantities for all issued S-400s in the norms? There were also calculations on the American SM-3-bII that in 10 years they will be able to release only 300 pieces. There will be something similar with our long-range missile - so adoption will not make anyone happier here.
    2. mr.redpartizan
      mr.redpartizan 1 December 2016 00: 28
      Beech and Vityaz are systems for different troops. For a long time nothing has been heard about Morpheus.
  3. Monarchist
    Monarchist 30 November 2016 09: 32
    What do not stop there and think about the future it is right, but I would like to hear how things are going with the С350 and С400? Beautiful complexes and they need to be improved
    RASKAT 30 November 2016 10: 54
    An excellent complex, new missiles will probably go to the Calm complex for the Navy (if you haven’t already gone smile ) It is gratifying to see that scientific thought does not stand still but develops. OCD is being conducted, enterprises are being modernized. Well done. keep it up good
  5. sergei28
    sergei28 4 December 2016 12: 54
    A drop in the sea. Unfortunately, the Russian air defense system is very weak.
    1. levfuks
      levfuks 2 March 2017 10: 58
      I am not a supporter of harsh words and “grabs” for breasts, but HOWEVER!
      Quote: sergei28
      Unfortunately, the Russian air defense system is very weak.

      Maybe you will give some data, numbers. Take the trouble to justify! I think it will be interesting to hear your arguments not only to ordinary people, but also to specialists.
      1. sergei28
        sergei28 31 January 2018 16: 43
        I don’t give figures, because this is classified information. Therefore, let my opinion simply.
        analyze if you want, as a first approximation, the composition of air defense in the RSFSR in Soviet times.
    2. Lem
      Lem April 8 2017 10: 22
      Quote: sergei28
      Unfortunately, Russia's air defense system is very weak

      In comparison with whom?
      1. sergei28
        sergei28 31 January 2018 16: 47
        so, for example: the secondary school of hydroelectric power in Khakassia is not covered by anything, unlike the times of the USSR (air defense regiment)., etc, etc .....