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The Norwegian Navy adopted a mine drone

The Norwegian Navy adopted the underwater drone Minesniper MKIII, developed by the domestic company Kongsberg Defense Systems, and intended to destroy mines, reports MIC with a link to

“New UAVs are developed by the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defense Systems. The Minesniper MKIII is a robotic system capable of semi-automatically detecting mines and destroying them by self-blasting. The device is equipped with a set of equipment consisting of a video camera, sonar and navigation system, ”the publication says.

Kamikaze vehicles are positioned as an inexpensive means for searching and destroying various types of sea mines.

Tests of UAVs were held near the Norwegian Navy base Ramsund. According to the resource, "two apparatuses were involved in the tests, which successfully detected the anchor and bottom mines and, receiving a command from the operator, destroyed them, activating the built-in shaped charges."

The Norwegian Navy adopted a mine drone

The tests were considered successful, and the drones were adopted by the Norwegian and NATO Navy.

According to the developers, "Minesniper MKIII is the most advanced and high-tech robot for searching and destroying underwater mines, created by the company for fifteen years of work in this direction." With its help, "the search and neutralization of mines will occur five times faster than using the means already available in service with the naval forces of the NATO countries," the company said.
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  1. Samen
    Samen 25 November 2016 14: 13
    The mines got scared and drifted towards the Foggy Albion ....
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 25 November 2016 14: 19
      Now, our high ranks in the Northern Fleet would have to think about how to counter this submarine drone. Presumably, the task will not be easy.
      1. Samen
        Samen 25 November 2016 14: 25
        Now, our high ranks in the Northern Fleet would have to think about how to counter this submarine drone

        Elementary Watson! Throw a barge with simulators along the coast ... And let them self-destruct.
        1. 34 region
          34 region 25 November 2016 14: 51
          14.25. Saman! But this is true! How do they define a mine? A sonar, a video camera, a jeepies, well, maybe a metal detector. Yes, throw horned balls and let them explode! I’m arguing like a specialist. Or is everything much more complicated there?
          1. cniza
            cniza 25 November 2016 16: 22
            I think our specialists are able to find many options that will easily resist this "miracle" of technology.
      2. RUSIVAN
        RUSIVAN 25 November 2016 15: 19
        They will come up with a dummy torpedo that will go in front attracting attention to themselves, or they will introduce electronic warfare means for this, our scientists will certainly find an "antidote"
  2. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 25 November 2016 14: 22
    Not an expert in this, but honestly, an interesting development came out from the Norwegians.
    1. Sagittarius
      Sagittarius 25 November 2016 14: 31
      Now, according to the logic of things, there should be our antidronic move, or development.
  3. pts-m
    pts-m 25 November 2016 14: 36
    Interestingly. Are these mine detectors related to defensive weapons or offensive? Probably it all depends on the situation in NATO.
    1. Cold
      Cold 25 November 2016 14: 40
      More interesting is the cost of the drone and how it relates to the cost of the mine. And then you can destroy mines with a submarine.
      1. corporal
        corporal 25 November 2016 15: 29
        Quote: Cold
        More interesting is the cost of the drone and how it relates to the cost of the mine.

        The cost of the drone is related to the cost of an unexploded ship or ship.
  4. Makarov
    Makarov 25 November 2016 18: 23
    curious fucking ... interesting details and performance characteristics of this equipment ... and price ...
    APASUS 25 November 2016 22: 19

    The United States is currently working with Saab to create a remotely controlled submarine sapper robot Sea Wasp.
  6. Aviagr
    Aviagr 26 November 2016 15: 17
    All of these robots will become almost useless in the development of "moving" mines - glider-like. Those will be able to both lie at the bottom and change their location, float to the surface or just slowly drift up / down in the water column. Against such mines, as well as conventional bottom and anchor mines, my robotic sailing unmanned catamarans, which will be equipped with similar cable AUVs, to which energy will be supplied from RPBK batteries, are better suited for searching. And naturally, it will be a different charge to detonate a mine, and not an AUV-search engine - too expensive a pleasure.