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New obstacle to peace

New obstacle to peace

The U.S. Department of State does not advise junior NATO partners to allow fuel tankers into their ports for the Russian VKS group in Syria. According to Reuters, two Russian ships delivered aviation fuel to Syrian Tartus with call at the ports of Greece and Cyprus.

The corresponding statement was made by the deputy official representative of the US Foreign Ministry, Mark Toner. True, he tried to put the requirements in a “recommendation” form: “The decision on admission of ships to their ports is made by local authorities, but we believe that the countries of the region should not provide support to Russian tanker ships carrying fuel that will be used to continue the air strikes ". Here Toner forgot to mention one essential detail - the Russian Aerospace Forces will continue to inflict air strikes on terrorists, whom the American side is persistently trying to present as “moderate opposition”.

The officials of the European Union, for their part, promised "to take measures against actions that run counter to the sanctions against Damascus." It is assumed that the European Commission will determine whether there has been a violation of the sanctions regime. In addition, the European Parliament initiated an appeal to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, calling for an investigation into the “incident”.

Apparently, according to the Brussels politicians, this is how the “close interaction” with the overseas ally, which was repeatedly mentioned in the context of the “fight against international terrorism”, which in fact is an attempt to overthrow the legitimate president of the UAR, Bashar Assad, should look like.

It should be noted that the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Greece and Cyprus did not confirm the fact of the arrival of Russian tankers with fuel intended for delivery to Syria at the ports of their countries.
As for the State Department, it is not the first time that its speakers have failed to demonstrate diplomatic professionalism during press briefings. Earlier, Mark Toner's colleague, John Kirby, could not resist boorish comments when answering the question of Russia Today correspondent. At the same time, not all the performances of Toner himself can be called successful. Thus, during one of the conferences with journalists, he said with a sincere laugh: “I am glad to welcome you to this celebration of transparency and democracy.” Naturally, the joke was not appreciated by representatives of the media, one of whom explained what was happening with a clouded press secretary.

Thus, at present, work with the media in the US diplomatic department is a show with successive actors. Psaki, Kirby, Toner - they all managed to establish themselves not as specialists in providing reliable information. Another thing is that, perhaps, the leadership of the United States deliberately puts such incompetent people into public office in order to shift public attention from its genuine political goals to absurdities broadcast by “talking heads”?

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  1. Delink
    Delink 26 November 2016 06: 35
    They know how to veil their incompetence.
    And keep the whole world for suckers.
    1. olegfbi
      olegfbi 26 November 2016 07: 19
      They know how to veil their incompetence.

      No, that's probably not the point.
      On the horizon appeared, albeit a very weak, but hope for the removal of tension and a real fight against terrorism. Name is Trump.
      The old "exceptional" administration screwed up on all fronts and is in hysterics today! Together with it, the "Euro-bedding" will be worn out.
      It seems that a vector of behavior has been chosen, proceeding from the principle - Shit on the full, and there is at least a flood !!!
      1. Cat
        Cat 26 November 2016 07: 27
        The dog barks, and the caravan goes!
      2. 34 region
        34 region 26 November 2016 08: 11
        07.19. Oleg! Why should Trump relieve tension? How do these friends take over the world? The landing party of the settlers landed, with a smile greeted the natives, built a fort, destroyed the natives, seized the territory. Today, the technological level of capture has risen. Parliamentarians come and offer buns, then two scenarios follow. One is when the Aborigines for buns begin to wet each other, the other when the US military enters this territory and the Aborigines under observation (although in the first version also under observation) urinate each other. Humanitarian Aid? This is not humanitarian aid. This is an observation of experimental aborigines. Like experimental rabbits. They feed, water, treat, bury but carry out experiments. And all the hot spots are under control (so as not to go out). And the more points there are, the better for the USA. Everyone is fighting and killing, and only the United States is developing steadily. And through this we come to the conclusion about the higher and lower races and estates. The task is maximum, global fascism. hi Therefore, do not have any hope of removing the competition. Trump bluntly said: I will work for the greatness of America. Or are we going to become part of America? Therefore, the old administration did not screw up at all. She did everything very competently. It has created hot spots, imposed sanctions against Russia and veiled against the EU, pumps EU migrants, almost burned Turkey (and this is the civil war in Turkey and millions of refugees who are in Turkey and the Turks themselves).
        1. olegfbi
          olegfbi 26 November 2016 08: 22
          Therefore, do not have any hope of removing the competition. Trump bluntly said: I will work for the greatness of America. Or are we going to become part of America?

          Absolutely right! The competition is not going anywhere!
          Just Trump, apparently, as a businessman wants to translate this very struggle into the framework of more understandable rules and boundaries of behavior.
          Today, in the absence of rules / boundaries of the struggle, the situation has come to the moment / step - "The chessboard over the head of the opponent." But this is no longer needed by anyone sane, because in the modern world "chessboard" means Poplar, Yars, Minuteman, Pershing, etc. Where will the greatness of America be after hitting the "chessboard". Yes, and Russia too, where ???
          1. 34 region
            34 region 26 November 2016 08: 30
            08.22. Oleg! I doubt that they will strike with a chessboard. This is a very expensive and ineffective pleasure. Today, very effective, very destructive, and very cheap weapons are used, these are all kinds of color revolutions. Here the USSR was demolished very beautifully, efficiently and cheaply. And all the pleasure went without any bombing. And if, for example, Trump was not at all interested in politics, but only in his business, then specially trained people will explain to him on two fingers the whole US policy. And it is simple as scrap and fully coincides with the psychology of business. Very non-stupid people are sitting there and they are not going to commit nuclear suicide. hi
            1. olegfbi
              olegfbi 26 November 2016 08: 41
              There really are not very stupid people sitting there. However, the situation of recent times is very, very difficult!
              There can be very, very many options, in the absence of mutual rules / boundaries of behavior. Not everything depends on the will of politicians, especially in conditions of constant hysteria and brainwashing.
              For example, what happens if in Syria Russian fighters knock down a sinful F-16 or F-22 of the US Air Force to the ground? Moreover, they will be dumped not by a political decision, but in a real combat situation, when the count goes for a split second and the pilot makes an independent decision based on the principle "Either I am his, or he is me ...". Can you predict this? I do not undertake ...!
              1. 34 region
                34 region 26 November 2016 08: 52
                08.41. Oleg! If we bring down some sort of exceptional plane, a terrible howl will rise. Perhaps tougher sanctions. But openly attack Russia !!! Although the war against Russia is, of course, going on, it is going on by other methods. These are different NGOs and Ukraine too. Although we took away the Crimea, a certain (economic and social) blow was dealt to us. If you have a scenario of entering the army as in Iraq 2003, then all preparations went on more than one day. Therefore, a sudden attack also does not work. Send rockets? This decision is not impulsive. Before the order to launch missiles, anti-missile measures will be held that Russia will not go unnoticed. hi
                1. olegfbi
                  olegfbi 26 November 2016 09: 07
                  preparations went more than one day. Therefore, a sudden attack also does not work.

                  anti-missile events will be held that Russia will not go unnoticed.

                  But why is this all?
                  It is much simpler and most importantly CHEAPER to establish rules / boundaries and not waste resources on obviously unnecessary things.
                  1. 34 region
                    34 region 26 November 2016 10: 13
                    09.07/XNUMX. Oleg! It seems to be the right thing. But who will set the rules? Those with power. Who has power is right. Bulgaria or Luxembourg rule in NATO, UN or WTO? It’s much cheaper to crush everyone and dictate the rules of the game. What our partners are doing with great success. hi
                    1. olegfbi
                      olegfbi 26 November 2016 10: 30
                      It’s much cheaper to crush everyone and dictate the rules of the game.

                      In today's reality is not easier!
                      The world consists not only of the USA and Russia. There are many more states. For example, China, India are very strong.
                      Yes, with a high degree of probability, they will not directly intervene in the hypothetical Russia-US conflict. But after all, with the same degree of probability, the Turks, Germans, French ...
                      The consequences of a hypothetical conflict are understandable - Russia and the United States, at best, are greatly weakened and new leaders are entering the scene.
                      Why is this all "exclusive" ??? soldier .
                      1. 34 region
                        34 region 26 November 2016 10: 52
                        10.30. Oleg! The most exceptional see only themselves. In this case, they are completely surrounded by subhuman people. Therefore, they act not only against Russia. But also against Europe, and Turkey, and China, and India. In vain is there a war in Syria? This is not only a blow to Syria. This is a blow to Iran, Turkey, Europe and China. The same refugees just rushed to Europe? No. Refugees are also weapons. Is it in vain that the states built a wall with Mexico? And they know very well what problems refugees bring. In this case, Europe is weakening. In vain did they raise their retirement age? Yeah! There is no pension to pay, so work to pay benefits to refugees! Well, the states with these refugees made a wonderful move! And now in Europe, dissatisfaction is ripening, threatening to develop into a Civil War. With the coup attempt in Turkey, there was an attempt to accelerate this process. Turkey would be mired in pogroms and crowds of refugees would run to Europe and problems would grow like a snowball. As a result, we get a war in the Middle East and in Europe. And as a result, the economic weakening of these regions. And that would hit us too. The states are carrying out simply a wonderful multi-step approach to weakening countries and regions as economic competitors to the states. So all the actions of the states in fomenting conflict are very logical and rational. Nothing personal just business! hi
                2. gladcu2
                  gladcu2 30 November 2016 01: 30
                  region 34

                  First you figure out who is fighting against Russia. And then think about what responsibility they can take. And whether they will take it at all. Those who fight against Russia do not bear social responsibility.

                  For some reason, it seems to me that a nuclear war is on their drum.

                  The US state, something like Ukraine. The people are, the state is the land is. And the state does not fulfill the function of protecting the population. So the land does not belong to them either. So there is no sovereignty.
      3. The stranger
        The stranger 28 November 2016 04: 12
        Hysteria - not hysteria - I do not know.
        Here we have the current Minister of Defense, who was repairing the Migi-29 in Poland, and not in Russia - already under investigation.
        Two-way updates. Leading the bazaar with the Psheks landed aviation for a year, times. Caused damage in the amount of almost 4 million euros RSK Mig - two.
        Three to ten.
        “Don't worry, man, you’re not yet 60. Young if you sit down - young and leave” as the escorts joked on the news.
        With outright mockery, by the way.
      4. gladcu2
        gladcu2 30 November 2016 00: 27

        The truth is yours. Hope for Trump.

        Here is a confirmation to you.
        But we need to understand it ourselves.

        NATO is a personal army of international financiers.

        Look, in the primary communal system there was a village. The bandits came and plundered her. The villagers told the bandits, let us protect us from other bandits, and we will feed you. So the state appeared in society. The task of the state is to protect society.

        Starting from the Roman Empire, banks exist. Banks through loan interest concentrate capital. Capital made it possible to develop and systematize and preserve knowledge. Science has appeared. Science has spurred progress. New technologically advanced means of production have appeared. By investing in new technologies, banks are able to earn super-profits much more than the state levies taxes. Thus, the financial system, and to our time it is absolutely centralized, regardless of the name of the bank, thus the financial system is in conflict with the state. And she is able to pay her army of mercenaries. To get legalization, NATO became such an army. Very comfortably. They outbid the leadership. Moreover, NATO is also on the balance of the states.

        And that’s why D. Trump claims that the USA has lost sovereignty. And it is true. And let it not surprise you.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 26 November 2016 12: 58
      "Recommended form" of the order. The chief only raised an eyebrow, and the subordinate understood everything and rushed to carry out. laughing Yeah. Where is Greece for Russia, and where is America?
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 26 November 2016 19: 28
        Twist the valve on the pipelines and then look at these Russophobes. The advice of the State Department will bring poverty to V. Europe quickly - enough of them grew. sanctions. hi
  2. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 26 November 2016 06: 41
    "According to the Reuters news agency, two Russian vessels were delivering aviation fuel to Syrian Tartus, calling at the ports of Greece and Cyprus."

    The news could be continued: "Athens intends to pursue a sovereign policy in relations with Moscow, the Russian fleet will moor in Greek ports and receive the necessary supplies," a source in the Greek Ministry of National Defense told RIA Novosti.
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 28 November 2016 04: 24
      In Greece, jet fuel is transported from Burgas, this is in Bulgaria. In Burgas, the only decent oil refinery in the whole district. Count it to Vienna.
      Neftohim - Burgas is the property of Lukoil.
      So far, only American aircraft have been in charge.
      Only there is both J-1 and J-2. Well, both low-altitude and high-altitude fuel.
      In a new geopolitical setting, can a lohoyl start selling to Russians?
      Maybe - maybe ...
  3. knn54
    knn54 26 November 2016 06: 52
    The Mediterranean Sea is like a village: you walk quietly, peacefully And because of each fence mongrels-moths yap ...
    1. Cat
      Cat 26 November 2016 07: 25
      Moreover, the mongrel, confident that it will not arrive in response. negative
      1. OLD FART
        OLD FART 26 November 2016 08: 27
        Quote: Kotischa
        Moreover, the mongrel, confident that it will not arrive in response. negative

        It's like walking in a village, a mongrel barks from every yard, sprinkles with saliva .... But it gets in the way, it gets a pinch that will be remembered for a long time.))) So everything goes the way!
    2. The stranger
      The stranger 28 November 2016 04: 31
      Swam or what? Familiar sailors told me that not always mongrels, and that sometimes they bite. Painfully.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 26 November 2016 07: 15
    Mark Toner.

    "The Last of the Mohicans". Soon this admiraless will be kicked with all the republican hatred. bully
    This forecaster, and simply lying in uniform, tired of his permissiveness. angry
  5. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 26 November 2016 07: 28
    The country of vile coves, who should not be allowed into the ports is a prossan mattress.
  6. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 26 November 2016 07: 29
    Since when did the State Department in peacetime tell its NATO vassals how to carry out a purely economic operation - selling fuel, do not like a warship - a tanker will go ... So tomorrow, these clowns will bring coastal air under sanctions, then along Lavrov ...
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 28 November 2016 04: 49
      "Since when does the State Department indicate ..."

      Straight and hysterically - since Trump’s election. Before that, they tried quietly. Sometimes journalist interns reported this, trying to get a professional price for themselves, and then disappeared into taxi drivers.

      You are apparently a young man, and do not remember uh ... Those years.
      And I'm funny. Even the scoop, which had disappeared before his own eyes, was not SO helpless, like the party secretaries of that regional committee disappearing the other day. And laughter and sin.
  7. Stinger
    Stinger 26 November 2016 07: 36
    It would be nice in Syria to pump air over moderate opposition so that they do not fly.
  8. Altona
    Altona 26 November 2016 08: 42
    In Russian, this is called "turning on the fool" ...
  9. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 26 November 2016 08: 55
    Another thing is that, perhaps, the US leadership deliberately puts such incompetent people on public posts in order to shift the attention of the public from its true political goals to the absurdity broadcast by "talking heads"?
    What to say. There is a war and in their opinion, all means are good. Lies can win tactically, but strategically necessarily lose. Over time, fraud, fraud, staging, distortion of facts will be revealed. Everything will open. And where will they be? Right in ... where they belong. I understood from my life that truth, a true point of view, always wins. Now there are a lot of them, not just a lot, but a lot. What are we not to get used to. Being in the minority is not a loss. History proves that there is one warrior in the field. The main thing is that no ... the windows are boarded up and the inscription all went to the front. And so yapping, yapping. The penguin was given wings not to fly, but to simply be. Some people have this with the brain ...
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 28 November 2016 04: 57
      Perhaps yes.
  10. Sidel45
    Sidel45 26 November 2016 10: 45
    perhaps the US leadership deliberately puts such incompetent people in public office

    Well, why are you incompetent? I do not agree with this - they are not appointed to any posts. They simply voice what is required of them, and behave as recommended from above. This is quite natural.
  11. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 November 2016 10: 53
    Guys administrators, to be honest, sometimes you have to comment on the same topic at your discretion twice, or even three times. You will decide who and how issues topics on the site. Therefore, it turns out that the topic is being repeated, and it is already somehow "ashamed" to repeat your comment.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. olegfbi
    olegfbi 26 November 2016 11: 22
    Region 34,
    Everything that you say is absolutely true!
    However, your arguments only confirm the vital need for the "exceptional" to avoid hot forms of conflicts with serious adversaries, of which Russia certainly belongs.
    Hence the need to correct foreign policy and the need to establish rules / borders in relations with Russia, China, India ...
  14. Vodila
    Vodila 27 November 2016 03: 12
    But when will we disconnect gas from these EU gay men ??? Already the eyes hurt from their stink.
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 28 November 2016 06: 33
      Sorry, to whom disconnect gas?
      The population does not gas gas. Where they stayed - factories are hawking. In Eastern Europe, workers are often owned by Muscovites.
      The population usually stinks of farting, well, the same methane. So if you personally have eye problems at work, either put on a gas mask or open your eyes less often in the outhouse.
  15. Bering Strait
    Bering Strait 27 November 2016 08: 59
    So Russia is time to introduce retaliatory measures and block the transit of countries with Russophobia.
  16. Pasha
    Pasha 28 November 2016 19: 08
    Monopoly of Friendship.
    Or fear of the USA. The whole WORLD knows that you are either friends with them on their terms, or wallow like Gaddafi.
  17. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 29 November 2016 08: 52
    Not an article, but a set of letters.
    The author, what did you want to say? Or do you just have to complete the plan by the number of characters?