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Kiev broke negotiations on the procedure for granting special status to Donbass

Kiev practically broke the discussion of the procedure for granting special status to the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass, reports RIA News statement of Foreign Minister of the DPR Natalia Nikonorova.

Kiev broke negotiations on the procedure for granting special status to Donbass

“The basis for discussion at the November 23 meeting was to be the“ Steinmeier formula ”as the only possible compromise mechanism for the entry into force of the law on the special status of Donbass, which in turn is the basis for the implementation of all the political points of the set of measures. Taking into account that the agenda of the meeting of the political subgroup was approved directly by the contact group 9 of November, the Ukrainian side and today actually disrupted the discussion of the issues in essence, ”said Nikonorova.

In her opinion, this "demonstrates the lack of coordination between representatives of Kiev in the contact group and the political subgroup."

“The Ukrainian side refuses to discuss this formula until the road map is agreed upon in the Norman format.” Such a position is contrary to the complex of measures by denying the need to coordinate political issues with representatives of the republic who are not present in the “Norman format,” the diplomat said.

In turn, the representative of the LNR, Rodion Miroshnik, said that at the meeting of the political subgroup, "despite the promises of the representative of Ukraine in the contact group of Leonid Kuchma, the discussion of the" Steinmeier formula "has not begun."

A difficult situation also emerged when discussing the issue of the breeding of forces in the Donbass. Kiev announced that it would return to this issue only after the “demilitarization of Debaltseve”.

“To conclude today's work of the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk.” During the work of the security subgroup, Ukraine once again raised the issue of returning to the line of demarcation from September 19 2014 of the year, according to which Debaltseve should be under the control of Ukraine. Further implementation of the framework decision on the breeding of forces and equipment may occur after the demilitarization of Debaltseve, ”said press secretary of the Ukrainian representative in non-negotiation Leonid Kuchma, Daria Olifer, on Facebook.

“Subject to compliance with the silence regime by ORDLO (certain districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions), dilution of forces and means in the area of ​​the Stanitsa Luganskaya can be conducted from November 26 to 2016. The tripartite contact group decided to hear Viktor Medvedchuk and ORDLO representatives at the next meeting in Minsk on the course of the release of illegally detained persons, ”the message reads.

In addition, in the political subgroup "the discussion of the modalities of elections to the Ordlo" continues, and in the economic "Ukraine has raised a number of fundamental questions."

“Critical is the further blocking of the agreements reached in the framework of the Tripartite Contact Group regarding the implementation of the water payment mechanism. Such a mechanism is necessary for the continued uninterrupted supply of water to residents of the entire Luhansk region, ”said Olifer.

“Despite the agreements reached and the creation of an appropriate mechanism, ORLO (LNR) has not sent a representative for two months to sign the relevant documents on the provision of water supplies,” she said.

“Strictly adhering to our commitments, this morning, Ukraine was fully prepared to launch the work of KVW in Gold. However, representatives of ORLO (LC) continue to block his work. During the meeting of the Tripartite Contact Group, a preliminary agreement was reached on opening this checkpoint to December 10. The Ukrainian side is ready for the work of this KPVV since March 2016 of the year ”, - stated in the message.
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 24 November 2016 08: 33
    There will not be any special status, either a separate state that is the only way out for the DPR and LPR, or under the yoke of ukrofascist nationalists.
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 24 November 2016 08: 43
      All this because Kiev does not need this in FIG, it needs a war, which, in fact, continues slowly, so the junta wants to intensify military operations on the entire front on a large scale.
      1. Sterlya
        Sterlya 24 November 2016 08: 48
        What arrangements may be.
        It will take quite a few years, many piglets will change, + more brains need to be treated Ukrainians after all. After 20 years, maybe they can at least start to decide something.
        1. gaura
          gaura 24 November 2016 09: 17
          In 20 years, these republics will already create their statehood, and then it will be too late to start deciding something
    2. hirurg
      hirurg 24 November 2016 08: 47
      The junta’s only opportunity to remain in power is to continue the war.
      But, it seems to me, they have not long left.
      The only question is how and where they will leave from their warm places:
      - run away to warmer climes or they are already waiting for a wooden mac.
      1. dumpy15
        dumpy15 24 November 2016 09: 46
        Let's say the top of Kuyevo dumped in London, Paris, Washington and Tel Aviv.
        But where will the thousands of convinced neo-Nazi Bandera and their family members go?
        They themselves are always ready "well, and we will hang them later," just like the Islamists - to cut the heads of old and young.
        1. hirurg
          hirurg 24 November 2016 09: 52
          If the top becomes more or less adequate, and everything, as they say, comes from the head,
          they will transmit these Natsik as lice. I think the people are already across the throat.
      2. Smog
        Smog 24 November 2016 12: 11
        - run away to warmer climes or they are already waiting for a wooden mac.

        And this is someone like that. It all depends on the severity of the wallet.
    3. GSH-18
      GSH-18 24 November 2016 09: 18
      skkaky will rest until the last
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 24 November 2016 10: 11
      Ukraine says the opposite. Namely: LDN negotiators are not at the negotiations. Now they are solving the issue of blocking water and light in LDNR, allegedly for non-payment, and are waiting for the minimum salary to be doubled from January 1. According to the laws of the VNA genre, Ukraine, food prices will rise sharply in the coming months.
      1. Paranoid50
        Paranoid50 24 November 2016 11: 51
        Quote: siberalt
        solve the issue of overlapping water and light in LDNR

        If only they decide to commit suicide. Open genocide. Here, measures can be taken without regard to European society. Yes, and the ual from the LDNR will stop going right away, - it has already happened, "the wick was screwed on if he started smoking." So, slightly - we are not animals. Here's the news: the VPK "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" in the Mediterranean Sea has provided assistance to a Ukrainian fishing vessel in distress. Some strange aggressor ... Should, at least, drown. And in 404 they will now freeze, deciding - is it zrada or peremoga?
        1. Smog
          Smog 24 November 2016 12: 14
          deciding - is it a zrad or is it too much?

          And this depends on which side to look at, or which to shred with.
        2. Normal ok
          Normal ok 24 November 2016 12: 20
          Quote: Paranoid50
          BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" in the Mediterranean Sea provided assistance to a Ukrainian fishing vessel in distress. Some strange aggressor ...

          How else. Failure to assist a ship in distress is a specific article. Moreman of all countries in this solidarity, because themselves can fall into this position.
          1. Paranoid50
            Paranoid50 24 November 2016 12: 35
            Quote: Normal ok
            How else.

            Duc, we understand this. On the other hand, in most cases it will cause the template to break.
      2. Retvizan
        Retvizan 24 November 2016 17: 18
        Quote: siberalt
        about the overlap of water and light in LDNR allegedly for non-payment

        there supposedly ... debt for consumption has accumulated, if they do not pay (or write off) the enterprise goes bankrupt and no one will supply water to anyone.
  2. cniza
    cniza 24 November 2016 08: 33
    Apparently this "gum" will be chewed for a long time. It is useless to negotiate with the junta and ...
    1. 210ox
      210ox 24 November 2016 08: 38
      Quite right, negotiating is useless .. Only the liquidation of the criminal regime in Kiev will stop the war. The Minsk talks are just a political chatter ..
    2. Uncle Murzik
      Uncle Murzik 24 November 2016 08: 44
      what a surprise! the junta speak about it in the open text "not of any autonomy" belay
      1. Retvizan
        Retvizan 24 November 2016 17: 20
        Quote: Uncle Murzik
        what a surprise! the junta speak about it in the open text "not of any autonomy" belay

        The MD provides for special status but not autonomy.
  3. LÄRZ
    LÄRZ 24 November 2016 08: 47
    Until Kiev receives specific instructions and instructions from Washington, until their money is squeezed, this "bagpipe" will drag on.
  4. K-50
    K-50 24 November 2016 08: 49
    It's simple. It makes no sense for Kuev to negotiate the Donbas. Who, then, is to blame all the miscalculations and problems of the Ukrainian economy? Again, you can not "catch a fish in troubled water", for example, to appropriate something from money or material resources, to squeeze out someone's business under the pretext of fighting separatism, to gain access (in no way controlled by anyone) to weapons, to put together his "bandochka" to solve purely their private problems. But you never know things can be done when the country is a mess and practically anarchy. Anyone with whom he disagrees can make a "lustration" at least a trash can, at least a "trip" to a hospital bed, if not a morgue.
    So this "badyaka" will last for a very long time, until the people of Ukraine completely lose their "valve" from despair. Then the previous Maidans will seem like a fuss in the sandbox.
    1. BOB044
      BOB044 24 November 2016 09: 15
      While the grass grows up, the horse will starve to death. And the valve in the population will take off after 400 years. Those who are brought up under the Nazi flags by their parents in kindergartens at school are parents at home. do not climb. Look at all the protests that are now taking place in Kiev, the shift was defended by the lady. hi
      1. Siberian
        Siberian 24 November 2016 10: 46
        No money - no maidan. Maidan should provide someone. Do you often bring along a dry closet and a tent for a rally, demonstration or salute? And who came to Kiev from Lvov who will feed for many days? And the same toilets clean and bio change? for so? And the younger daughter will bring warmth and clothes from the village?
        About separate areas ... As a result, they should become what they were - all of Lugansk and all of Donetsk completely.
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 24 November 2016 09: 04
    They do not want ukronatsiki peacefully. To be war.
  6. BOB044
    BOB044 24 November 2016 09: 08
    It is useless to negotiate with Kiev, they don’t want to understand anything. Only tanks in Kiev will bring peace and a change of the Nazi regime.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 24 November 2016 09: 36
    Kiev disrupted negotiations

    Ha, surprised. Is this the first time? It is useless to negotiate with those who blame the "separatists" and Russia for all their troubles without even trying to think about how they got off themselves and what they did.
  8. masiya
    masiya 24 November 2016 10: 32
    These genetically programmed crooks never calm down until they get their faces ...
  9. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 24 November 2016 12: 30
    Cheaper all this since the signing of the infamous Minsk 1.
  10. 23424636
    23424636 24 November 2016 12: 32
    Yes, the name ORDLO is so drawn to call everything else Khokhlostan or Judostan. As for Kiev’s reluctance to recognize the special status of Donbass, this will come only after the change of the bloody regime and all its minions who, on the blood of the ideology of Russophobia, following the orders of the American masters, drove the blooming land into the labyrinths of hopelessness. What is Kuchma if his son-in-law financed the election of Clinton, a former director of the Ministry of Environment’s factory, which gave and sold strategic defense secrets to the Chinese and personally recognized it .. He doesn’t need to wish him any kindness to Donbass, whom he gave to scolding urks and bosots with garbage, he does not wish.
  11. Demeter
    Demeter 24 November 2016 16: 17
    It's time to stop all negotiations with the Bandera gangs, they are useless
  12. Retvizan
    Retvizan 24 November 2016 17: 23
    like the composition of the article - for once, the positions of the two sides are set forth on the problem. Usually one-sided.
    Of course, Ukraine is to blame for the comments.
    I miss the MD itself, according to which everyone wants different things. And they read in different ways.
    But about water and electricity, there is a difficult situation. Bankrupt enterprise, no one gets anything.
  13. Wolka
    Wolka 25 November 2016 13: 30
    oh how amazed how something like this happens for the first time
  14. koshmarik
    koshmarik 26 November 2016 11: 59
    Quote: siberalt
    Now they are solving the issue of blocking water and light in LDN, allegedly for non-payment

    1. Currently, Ukraine has initiated negotiations with Russia on gas supplies, so. what’s bash on bash: water and light Lugansk - gas to Ukraine. 2. At one time, Ukraine blocked the water and light of Crimea. So what? Solid losses for Ukraine, and Crimea with water and electricity.