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The most terrible military secret of Russia

Do not rush to shout about the bad guys, who rushed to disclose this secret. My interlocutors are completely adult people, and they will be older than me. And the fact that they told me, and told, unambiguously, a small fraction, was done not at all out of a desire to slander or evacuate the holy.

On the contrary.

The main goal was to draw attention to the problems that today are noticeable to the eyes of a person who understands and is aware of the problem. If we estimate this, it is only when it is too late to bite off your elbows.

Initially, this material was planned as an interview. Questions and answers. But, having thought well, I rewrote it. My interlocutors epaulets absolutely not too tight, and they are not going to retire quickly. So it will be just a story from a certain person.

The most terrible military secret of Russia

It will be about the institution, which is located in Voronezh and is called long and colorful:

"Federal State State Military Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education" Military Educational and Scientific Center of the Air Force "Military Academy named after Professor N.Ye. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin.

The Center was established on the basis of an order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 23 on April 2012 No. 609-r by merging VUNC Air Force "Air Force Academy named after Professor N. Ye. Zhukovsky and Yu. A. Gagarin" (Monino, Moscow Region) and Military Aviation Engineering University (Voronezh).

Little correction. With the formation of VUNTS "podgrebli" at the same time and the former now Voronezh Higher Military Engineering School of Radio Electronics, forge personnel for EW. And now from the school there is only one faculty №5 in the structure of the VUNC.

It is hard to say why this was needed, but the fact is that REBovtsev is now being prepared within the walls of an aviation center. It seems to be partially justified, because in the old school structure there were 2 faculties, air (“C”) and ground (“H”). Now everything is in one heap as it were.

Take a break. What do you think, dear readers, a lot of teaching staff from the Academy of VVA (Monino, Moscow region) rushed to such a wonderful job in Voronezh? Correctly think, less than 5%. At the level of statistical error. They wrote a lot about it and with taste, someone understood the teachers and professors who sent the province far away, someone accused. But in fact, the result was such that the VUZC would seem to have moved to Voronezh, but the preparatory staff did not. Fools in Russia seems to be less and less.

Here we must pay tribute to the head of the VUNC, Lieutenant-General Zibrov, who, according to my interlocutors, developed not only stormy, it is even difficult to say what kind of activity it was. Broom swept two districts, but staffed.

On the website of the VUNC it sounds like this: “The military educational and scientific center of the VVA Air Force has absorbed the glorious traditions of the Yu.A. Gagarin and the Air Force Engineering Academy named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky, Military Aviation Engineering University (VAIU) (Voronezh), Military Institute of Radio Electronics (Voronezh), Irkutsk and Stavropol Higher Military aviation engineering schools, the Tambov higher VAIU of radio electronics, as well as the Federal State Research and Testing Center for Electronic Warfare and Evaluating the Effectiveness of Reducing Visibility ”.

It is clear that it means “absorbed”, right? Gathered with the world on a string. Well, it's not about that. By the way, my interlocutors just from the Research Institute of EW. But more about that later.

So, today we have a luxurious (real) and perfectly prepared training center. Yes, and the first scientific company in Russia was organized here. But we still will reach this company. And we have two problems.

The first, as already mentioned, the teaching staff. Which on 70% consists of teachers of the former VAIU, not the most prestigious school in the USSR and Russia. And, it can be said that VUZ is VAIU, but the level is higher and more comfortable. Despite the luxurious sign, it is still a "technical".

VAIU trained ground staff, as the name implies. Meteorologists, technicians, electricians, gunsmiths, telecommunications workers and other aerodrome service specialists. The same specialties today and in the structure of VUNC VVA. With the addition of a new faculty UAV. Point. Pilots and navigators, of course, are trained in specialized schools.

And, yes, also EW. Here we talked about EW mostly.

My interlocutors believe that shoving EW into the structure of a technical (excuse me, engineering) aviation establishment is far from a masterpiece idea. The fact that the faculty №5 in general is releasing someone is already good. But if you go into details, then the sadness is utter.

The fact that the 8 (eight!) Issues (including frames from VIRE) were not selected to have a single graduate for XNUMX (eight!) Issues in the structure of the Research Institute of Electronic warfare, says a lot. Meanwhile, every year, as the EW funds develop, the need for personnel becomes more and more tangible.

Yes, this year already two lieutenants came from troops in the direction of defending a candidate’s degree. The level of training is staggering. In general, it is not clear that these officers did these two years in the army. And than they will write dissertations. Not in terms of hands, in terms of brains.

The level of preparation of the minds of the "victims of the exam" plunges into a stupor. People, specialists, officers, having finished training, are not capable of anything. Yes, today the army has prestige. Good salaries, prospects, and more. But there are actually no people capable, and most importantly, willing to go at least somewhere. Pofigizm dominates. The main thing - to serve a contract. How - we'll figure it out.

SRI EW - a small institution, about one and a half hundred people. But the institute is not able to provide itself with at least some influx of personnel. Frames simply nowhere to take. Meanwhile, the equipment that the “old men” experience at the institute is often tomorrow. And it is in the Research Institute of Electronic Equipment give a conclusion about the feasibility of state tests of a particular development. And bring the technique to the mind within the framework of the same state tests.

Who will be doing this in ten years, when the “old men” will go to a well-deserved retirement, no one is taken to say.

About the "scientific company." Oddly enough, helps out. Far from the most stupid graduates of technical universities, the same "polytechnic", get into HP. And former students go there willingly. HP - this is not really an army, if that. Rooms in a dormitory room for four, with a TV. The Internet. You can work. You can really do science.

For the main contingent of HP - it's just a one-year "freebie." It seems you are in the army, but it seems not.

But there are perverts, thank God. Who after HP go quite normally to serve. Over the past three years, such people 5-6 found. Indeed, smart and promising guys.

But there is a nuance. Yes, they are on contract. Yes, their rank is officer. (I myself saw a reportage on TV last year, when two ordinary HP demobels turned into lieutenants in a single instant. - Approx. Ed.) But here the whole point is that they were finishing not a military college, but civilian. And, accordingly, they sneeze on this contract, if that. They don’t have to teach the state anything, if they wish, they will turn around and leave.

Who will replace them (and we, too, by the way, we will not last forever)? No one.

The worst thing is that everyone understands it. And we, scientists, and teachers. A few days ago they came to take tests for "fizo", a little earlier in the sports complex arrived. We had a shock. Engaged in two groups of cadets. More than half in tattoos. And not "for the Airborne Forces" or a heart, no. Tigers, dragons, snakes, some incomprehensible creatures in general. All colors of the rainbow. Painted, as if they were recruited in zones, were lured by amnesty.

We asked the head of the department, what a disgrace, because tattoos are prohibited. It is impossible for an officer to have them, especially when on the whole arm or leg. These are nothing yet responsible. You would have looked at the others. There is a group here, every one there is painted. No others…

No others…

And here we are, two old capacitors, little by little we begin to understand the whole horror of our tomorrow. We look at the cadets, at yesterday’s schoolchildren and tomorrow’s officers, and we understand that they don’t need anything for the most part. Dressed, shod, fed, allowance for which in the civilian is not just necessary to plow, life with perspective. Fine…

Language does not turn to call them stupid. Neither the cadets, nor the two flyers, who both went to the troops with empty heads, and returned with the same. Well, how can you serve two years in EW, and confuse the "S" and "L" ranges? How???

This is a countermeasure system, a system that will destroy us without nuclear warheads. Which has already turned several generations into monkeys, who simply do not know how, and, the worst thing, do not want to think.

We are about the exam.

EGE will kill us very quickly, simply because it is not necessary to think. Physicist, unable to calculate the simplest model on paper. Pilots who drop bombs on GPS (well, at least they do), but they are unable to do it with sights. Electronics engineer, poorly representing physical processes. And so it is possible to infinity.

The young really have been taught THINKING. DO NOT THINK, they still know how to think at the level of instincts. THINK.

Yes, in the trench with a machine gun - easily! Enough of the mind and patriotism. The guys really went better in this regard, not such amoebae as 10 years ago. In the tank - fine. To the gun. With a ballistic calculator after the iPhone anyone will master.

Today the problem is in testing new developments. For use, one brain is needed, for testing, another. And for development?

If tomorrow we will have no one to experience and bring to mind the developed, then what will be the day after tomorrow? Who, tell me, will develop what needs to be experienced?

Who developed what we are proud of now? "Ruby" the same? Yes, those who are already plain and not among us. They took their theses. And we do not have long. We can teach, we can still work, we can bring anything to the mind. Today. But if today there is no one to teach, then tomorrow everything will be very sad.

The training system was almost killed, with two schools scraped onto the faculty, well, Cherepovets was reanimated. But there are almost the same problems.

But the main meanness of this exam is that the young people absolutely do not know how to think and analyze creatively. “Otafonit” task, remember the order of execution of functions can still. Understand the problem - units.

Tomorrow, and even more so the day after tomorrow, we will need personnel who can at least replace us. And the idea is to go further than us. But the brainwashing system did its job. "EGE victims" will not replace us. They will not invent, they will not develop, they will not build, they will not debug.

So strange, to be honest. All my life we ​​thought that we would fight with the US Department of Defense. And the Russian Ministry of Education almost defeated us.

So it turns out that the most important military secret of Russia is how many intelligent people we have left. And how many of them can be in perspective.
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  1. Finches
    Finches 24 November 2016 06: 00
    Novel! Respect hi

    The topic is very painful and hidden from the public by bravura reports that "everything is fine, the beautiful Marquis", but Serdyukov's reform, caused irreparable harm to military education, she simply destroyed it in all types and branches of the army! Now they grabbed their heads, they began to do something, but this cannot be fixed - there are military universities in the country, but there is no military education! Here is such a paradox!
    1. 210ox
      210ox 24 November 2016 06: 16
      Eugene, future cadets need to be prepared at school, and the revival of student training needs to be done. Yes, and graduate cadet schools should have priority in recruiting for schools and military universities, they train patriots little by little ..
      1. Finches
        Finches 24 November 2016 06: 31
        A faint resemblance of a CWP was introduced - a small piece in the Belarusian Railways, "Fundamentals of Military Service" is called - about nothing, however!

        And the schools - Now the cadet differs from the student only in form, but no more - they were demodified ...! There are no military schools at all in the communications troops! Only the Academy is left, which trains from sergeant and ensign to the commander of the compound! That's bullshit!
        1. 1rl141
          1rl141 24 November 2016 12: 43
          Quote: Finches
          Only the Academy is left, which trains from sergeant and ensign to the commander of the compound! That's bullshit!

          And there were attempts to destroy this Academy. Under Serdyukov there were. It was decided under his "sensitive" leadership to relocate the Military Communications Academy to Novocherkassk. Then to Krasnodar. Then again to Novocherkassk. Officers from the academy were sent to see how the entire academy, which occupies a huge area in St. Petersburg, could be located on the territory of the former communications school. And it turned out that in no way. And naturally, none of the teachers especially from St. Petersburg to Novocherkassk was eager. Even in the rank of captain. somehow they agreed to go there. The rest were preparing to retire. But in the end, the academy was defended by sober generals, with the support of a council of veterans, headed by Zon Yakov Yakovlevich.
          The level of training of the victims of the exam is below the plinth. About 5 years ago there was a recruitment to the academy based on the results of the exam. It means that representatives of the solar republic of Dagestan have come to enter the academy. They have 80 points in all subjects. And in the Russian language too, and all of them. The boy cannot write "Military Academy of Communications" and his first and last name without mistakes, but he has 80 points in Russian.
          Formally - they are one of the first applicants for admission, but then what to do with them?
          It's good that there is also a physical training exam, which you cannot pass on the exam. And professional selection. On this all these victims of the exam and "burned out".
          1. viktor561
            viktor561 24 November 2016 21: 48
            Is it only Serdyukov? - all the government collected "from St. Petersburg" is complete and incompetent shit! But "we do not abandon our own" - how much can you?
      2. Iline
        Iline 24 November 2016 08: 29
        Quote: 210ox
        Eugene, future cadets need to be prepared at school, and the revival of student training needs to be done. Yes, and graduate cadet schools should have priority in recruiting for schools and military universities, they train patriots little by little ..

        Well, I went to the school of NVP, so what? How is the machine, the use of weapons of mass destruction in the pictures, a couple of times shot? However, this did not help me at all when studying at an engineering school, one of which was disbanded into the service of the described educational institution.
        The graduates of the Suvorov schools also studied with me. I must say right away that almost all of them did not show themselves in any way. It was evident that they were confident that they would go to school on preferential terms anyway, and this “preferential treatment” would pursue them throughout their service. The guys were seriously mistaken in their assumptions.
        Cadets should be trained in schools, and not whine that our education system is wrong. He went a long way in our army in various positions and could personally see the quality of training of graduates from various military schools. The difference is amazing. What's this? Cadets to blame? It seems to me so much that the teaching system and the teaching staff of the school itself are to blame.
        And the fact that in the case of Voronezh, all scientific developments and the best teaching teams of the best educational institutions of the country were ruined to please Serdyukov's "wishlist" is a fact. Well, the work of the staff of this school does not work.
        Recently I learned about a proposal to teach my former subordinate in this school. I was under the table, I won’t say that the person is stupid, but there weren’t enough stars from the sky. And he could not clearly convey something in the classes held in the unit. What kind of teacher is he - to ward off the written text and goodbye?
        That's the way teaching in schools in modern schools - teachers pretend to teach, cadets pretend that they study. And no one is responsible for the result.
        1. Juborg
          Juborg 24 November 2016 11: 55
          To teach material and transfer knowledge is no longer a specialty, but a vocation. What has been done to Voronezh is flowers and aroma, but what the stool has done to the higher academic school is definitely a disaster. You look who runs the Academy of the General Staff - Lieutenant-General Sergey Kuralenko. YOU UNDERSTAND COLLEAGUES, GENERAL LIEUTENANT !!! To what level has our military academy dropped today, to lieutenant generals, not higher, and you are talking about a military school, albeit a higher one. And this is also not berries, berries will be when these academics, at the school level, will lead divisions and armies. Taburetkin destroyed the continuity and transfer of military and academic experience, this is the whole trouble. As long as military schools are led by major generals with a major level, and academies by lieutenant generals with a colonel level, we will not have a truly combat-ready army.
          1. Finches
            Finches 24 November 2016 12: 24
            Yuri, you are in vain, General Kuralenko, an intelligent general with military experience, has gone from a commander of a motorized rifle platoon to the commander of the largest combined arms army of the Western Military District! hi
          2. kenig1
            kenig1 24 November 2016 13: 19
            You see a damn thing yourself, a lieutenant general or colonel general. Explain the difference? Make sure you put the army general Kvashnin, and you will be happy.
   24 November 2016 23: 02
            And who do you think should lead? He is the administrator - the organizer of the educational process. Once set and not removed - it means coping, and thank God! I don’t know, but his position is probably not a two-star one, so ... who knows what next position he is being trained for. And classes at the ASH are conducted by those who are supposed to, and not the lieutenant general. So do not worry about the quality of knowledge of our military leaders. It’s a pleasure to look at them now, they are slender, fit, they know languages ​​and do business. Quality do.
            1. Donhapa
              Donhapa 30 November 2016 13: 41
              And who do you think should lead? He is the administrator - the organizer of the educational process. Once set and not removed - it means coping, and thank God! ....

              Your interesting conclusion:
              "Once they put it on and don't take it off, it means it's coping ...."
              They put Serdyukov too and didn’t take it off for a long time, although he sold everything left and right! Vasiliev was also staged, they didn’t take off either ... Damage to billions.
              They also put Chubais and put them on various highly paid posts - there is no sense in him, even the harm is continuous, but nevertheless, they have not yet been removed.
              "Cope" probably tightly ...
        2. Gunia
          Gunia 24 November 2016 16: 52
          I absolutely agree with EVERYTHING !!!!!
      3. ava09
        ava09 24 November 2016 14: 53
        Quote: 210ox

        210Stock Today, 06: 16 ↑
        Eugene, future cadets need to be prepared at school, and the revival of student training needs to be done. Yes, and graduate cadet schools should have priority in recruiting for schools and military universities, they train patriots little by little ..

        It seems, on the topic "shaking the air" - "should be" ... It seems that it is obvious to everyone ... But for some reason the opposite happens. Probably some kind of virus in the brains of the powerful and the people started? Yes, it started, any unwanted process is easier to prevent than to deal with its consequences, prevention is called. Only in the last half century in Russia is common sense prevented in the interests of those who manipulate the minds. It's clear to them that it is easier and more effective to manipulate a clouded mind, and they are not going to say goodbye to power. They will repaint themselves as “patriots,” for example, and continue fooling their heads, and adjusting slogans to the “population”, as they openly “dignify” us, is not worth much ...
      4. stas
        stas 24 November 2016 15: 20
        The people are winning the war, and it is not a question of the cadets and how to prepare them.
        Under capitalism, in principle, there can be no Russian patriotism.

        And even worse, one nuclear strike on one target, and not all air force training facilities. Eggs cannot be stacked in one basket.
        1. Cat man null
          Cat man null 24 November 2016 15: 32
          Quote: stas
          Under capitalism, in principle, there can be no Russian patriotism

          - What kind of system was in Russia until 1917?
          - were there any manifestations of "Russian patriotism" in Russia before 1917?

          1. 16112014nk
            16112014nk 27 November 2016 14: 10
            I would not confuse "Russian capitalism" before 1917, with today's wild "oligarchic capitalism" of the "St. Petersburg and Tambov" organized crime groups.
        2. Stanislas
          Stanislas 25 November 2016 12: 21
          Quote: stas
          Under capitalism, in principle, there can be no Russian patriotism.
          And sex in socialism, in principle, possible?
      5. RexMVDshny
        RexMVDshny 24 November 2016 18: 35
        Alas, but as practice shows, the cadets, for the most part, are the biggest violators of military discipline and are the first to leave the military service.
        1. astronom1973n
          astronom1973n 25 November 2016 06: 33
          That's for sure. According to the analysis of the deductions from VU, we have 80% cadets. It was true 7 years ago ...
      6. user
        user 24 November 2016 19: 32
        Yes, and the priority in recruiting schools and military universities should be among graduates of cadet schools, there little by little they prepare patriots ..

        It is as if you have not read the article, there are all kinds of servicemen, including patriots in the troops. For 8 years, there are no one to select promising people.
        In my time, even the Red Banner Military Institute named after Mozhaisky, with all his ponte and spread fingers, understood this and recruited students (in engineering specialties) in such cases after completing 4 courses and studying at the military department in a specialized specialty. The thing is that they recruited just literate students (in the end, the selection criteria can be different), and the education received at a normal university (no offense for military schools) is much better in its fundamental part. What, in fact, is what this author of the article is looking for. Well, all kinds of contract terms and sweet gingerbread cookies are the subject of a separate discussion.

        As usual, nothing new, just look back and you will see that problems of this kind have already been solved and you are not a pioneer.
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 24 November 2016 23: 41

          All is correct. Selection criteria for narrow specialists, the presence of fundamental knowledge. Because in any case you’ll have to finish your studies.

          What to pay attention to, the ability to operate with a mathematical apparatus. Applied specialties do not have a wide variety of decision algorithms. Therefore, the preparation will be quick and there will be good development potential in reserve.
      7. gladcu2
        gladcu2 24 November 2016 22: 24

        For these purposes, there are presidential, Suvorov schools. But the author talks about a failure in one generation.

        The way out is seen in the following.

        You must contact the media that you need engineers release 80 years. These are people of 50 years. In connection with the destruction of the economy, I am almost sure that a huge number of them are not engaged in targeted work. If you correctly outline what you need and what perspective the choice will be.

        No need to pay attention to their past work. It does not matter. And their desire matters.

        Why such advice?

        Two reasons. First one. Having shown a desire, a person realizes what difficulties he may encounter.

        Second, these engineers can learn. They don’t care what. Give time, set a task and you will see a positive result. They need to be supervised a little so that they are not sprayed on secondary tasks.

        The fact that such a potential exists is unambiguous. It’s just that the capsystem kills ambition in people because of the complexity of implementation. And people go to simple but stable jobs.

        Thus, it is possible to close a niche in 10 years, and then new potential from state education will be pulled up.

        You can not think about physical preparation. Plus, minus, ride.
        1. Stanislas
          Stanislas 25 November 2016 12: 28
          Quote: gladcu2
          these engineers can learn. They don’t care what.
          They are already taking a young pensioner course.
    2. 24 November 2016 08: 35
      How many people - so many opinions. Complex is a thing, military education. I do not understand what the author stands for. So that a lieutenant after graduation would be able to write a dissertation on military engineering topics ??? Yes, this is nonsense! Itself went through it. 2 years of college, then adjunct. Yes, the theory in my head did not disappear, but experience was not added. And the officer after the training ground and the officer before the training ground, at least in the air defense, and I think both in the Air Force and in the electronic warfare are two different people. And if we add 3-5 years of service in the troops, we will get a specialist who knows where, what and why it is necessary to change. So, the experience of sweeping a broom and staffing the Higher School of Higher Education is more likely to be a plus, not a minus. Though they will be taught on the basis of personal practice. In any case, the technique itself is created in KRETs, neither the lieutenant, nor even the major will create a new Khibin. The task of the majors is to develop those requirements, based on personal experience and known data on the capabilities of the enemy. And the transfer of personal practical experience again to the cadets. But scientific companies are a class! I applaud!
      1. Sir1966
        Sir1966 24 November 2016 18: 00
        It was in this scientific company that my nephew served a year ago. Over the year, he was shown 2 times on the central channels - their group developed some kind of training simulator for pilots. Offered a contract. He says that he would stay if he didn’t have a good place in the IT company at a civilian company. Today, his younger brother - another of my tribes - graduated from high school with a gold medal. He followed in the footsteps of an elder at Perm State University at matfak. I mean that the problem of education exists, but not everything is so scary.
 24 November 2016 19: 31
          The problem of education exists always and everywhere - there are those to whom dad and mom or smart senior comrades instilled a taste for learning and, probably, the most important thing - for self-education, and there are those who, for some reason, passed by. The first fewer, the second more, the ratio between them is constantly changing. Now the number of the second is growing, but ... society, the body is self-regulating. Sooner or later, it will become fashionable to be educated again. And now we hold on to the old stocks, but here your tribes
      SCHNIFER 24 November 2016 10: 40
      She's very sick. And, unfortunately, it is typical not only for military engineering science. And "everything is in place, but something is wrong." The reaping of the fruits of the devastation of the 90s was somehow delayed. Soon for 20 years there have been resuscitation measures and shifts, but the pace of the Fatherland knew much more serious ones, which took place in the now denied era. Dangerous stagnation.
    4. siberalt
      siberalt 24 November 2016 11: 01
      There is no ideology in the state, but there is a USE, a tattoo and a complete pohrenism.
      Article - the cry of the soul. Roman respect!
      1. Yars
        Yars 24 November 2016 11: 18
        Quote: siberalt
        There is no ideology in the state, but there is a USE, a tattoo and a complete pohrenism.
        Article - the cry of the soul. Roman respect!

        maybe another attempt to denigrate the government ?! “My interlocutors are quite adult people, and they will be older than me. And what they told me, and told me unequivocally” - so they immediately decided and told ..... as for me it is not a lot strange!
        1. St Petrov
          St Petrov 24 November 2016 12: 42
          The author probably just was not at the Academy in Monino the year so at 99.
          PS My grandfather taught there, and my father finished it. The Academy itself is 5 minutes walk from my house (more precisely, its remains)

          I saw what was happening outside the walls of the Academy, how the officers "rested" in the XNUMXs. And I can roughly imagine what was happening inside. There was a complete strike. What kind of study was it then? This is the question when the officer was looking for something to feed his family.

          And did you see the training base? In which condition?

          And for teachers (very sensible) for 70-80 years. I see them less and less. Unfortunately. They walk around the garrison. Dear people. Where should they move? And it’s stupid to write like this - that they say the Academy wouldn’t have moved - these professors would still have taught and taught. Time is running out.

          So, today we have a luxurious (real) and well-trained training center.

          and the rest will follow. There are teachers - Russia participates in the database - so experience is present. And how to transfer this experience and knowledge to another generation - I think our officers will figure out how to cope with this task.

 24 November 2016 19: 34
          Again "Crimean women, the officer's daughter"? Quite possible.
          1. St Petrov
            St Petrov 24 November 2016 23: 11
            well no people are right. maybe it wasn’t necessary to transfer it anywhere, but simply update the existing one.

            Well, now there will be a presidential cadet school with 5th grade on the site of the academy. And they didn’t even seem to have demolished the main building yet - and they will simply restore it. And around everything will be built called. the demolition process is on. According to the plan, the cadets will have their own pool, and many other nishtyaks with natural planes in the classes

            Time is running. I think they’ll adapt and find a bunch of pluses from all this shaking up.
      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 24 November 2016 23: 50

        It depends on which ideology to speak about. It depends on how many people this ideology embraces. Then ideology is good at critical moments. There are none yet. Thank God Trump promises a respite. Ideology is a dangerous thing.

        There are other methods that can fill a niche, instead of ideology. This is legislation and education. With liberal legislation, the problem is, as elsewhere. But education seems to be returning to normal. Judging by the last min of education.
    5. Titsen
      Titsen 24 November 2016 14: 16
      Quote: Finches
      the reform of Serdyukov, caused irreparable harm to military education, she simply destroyed it in all types and arms of the army!

      And Divandek is more alive than all the living! It will also survive all of us!

      But he is not the only one to blame ...

      And you don’t need to voice the rest, all of them are still at the helm.

      And here is the question:
      Quote: Finches
      Now they have grabbed their heads and started to do something, but this can’t be fixed anymore - there are some military universities in the country, but no military education!
      and remains open!

      I myself am a participant in such a re-training of military education in the person of a teacher of one of the liquidated higher military schools and am familiar with the material described in the article firsthand ...

      Just not electronic warfare, there was another direction in our school.
      1. Finches
        Finches 24 November 2016 14: 40
        Military schools imprisoned for a specific specificity with a unique material and technical base and traditions - this is not the main trouble! The most competent teaching staff with huge military and pedagogical experience is the main loss! Replenished only after a very long time!
        1. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 24 November 2016 20: 13
          competent faculty with vast military and pedagogical experience is the main loss!

          Not basic. You read the article inattentively, and are there really no observations of your own? Man cannot be taught anything. Absolutely. Be the teaching staff even forged from gold. Man can only learn to. Do you understand the difference? The teacher is important, but the person must learn! Myself! He should have a thirst for study and a base that is laid somewhere from 7 to 12 years. No this? Yes, be yourself Pestalozzi with Makarenko in an embrace ...
          So, teachers who find Moscow fat more expensive than some kind of cadets there for any country, it’s not such a disaster. But the cadets, organically unable to learn the profession, this grief is so grief. And there are more and more of them. Not able to master any profession. Most of them are already.
          Yes, we were hit. By this, the Unified State Examination (and you even came up with it for a modest income - a paid notification of the results, from a special site. And you, dear readers, you probably got into conspiracy theories? In vain. Just a few officials wanted to have a small profit. And they destroyed it in a swoop most of the education is funny, right?) and not even so much to them. There, at the Ministry of Education, excellent staff has grown. Any and everyone receives such grants ... wow! And they work according to a serious plan, of course. More precisely - have already worked. And even quit, because everything is done, and it was done great.
          "Innovation" instead of inventions. Creativity instead of intelligence and talent. Meanness instead of honor and conscience. Order! Now the old man is dying, that's all.
    6. wei
      wei 25 November 2016 00: 29
      This "fork" is always put by smart capitalism for other people's money will not climb under the bullets, but no good from a fool. Everyone dreamed of a tiny professional army, but it is good only for suppressing the uprisings of the laity with pitchforks and scythes, Here the miscalculation was strategic, or maybe not (half of the nobility over the hill)
    7. wei
      wei 25 November 2016 13: 50
      and hidden from the public by bravura reports that "all is well beautiful Marquis",

      SMP propaganda campaigns are concentrated in the hands of people who promote their interests and distort reality in different ways, for example, two news today:
      1) Eyub Yagubov, nephew of the head of the state department of the legal department of the government of the Russian Federation, died in Switzerland in an accident with the granddaughter of businessman Platon Lebedev,
      2) In the 90th year of his life in Moscow, Ivan Mikoyan, an aircraft designer, one of the creators of the MiG-29 fighter died. In the legendary design bureau, founded by his uncle Artem Mikoyan, Ivan Anastasovich worked all his life, was a leading engineer, then deputy chief designer.
      exactly in such order of importance and this is the center media
      and then they ask why everyone wants to ride a Porsche instead of flying an airplane
      Silence of information, among other things, led to the collapse of the union; no one simply knew about the problems.
    8. iouris
      iouris 25 November 2016 20: 25
      Quote: Finches
      reform of Serdyukov

      I do not agree.
      It all started in 1991, with the destruction of the country, and Serdyukov, apparently, created a fundamentally new financial organization of the RF Armed Forces. This is not very small.
      1. Finches
        Finches 26 November 2016 10: 01
        He created the financial system of the Armed Forces, but thoughtlessly destroyed what must be approached with extreme caution and thought! Weighted! This is an education system! And not just education, but extremely specific and unlike anyone else - military education! We will create tanks and planes, new organizational structures, a new look for the army in 5 years, but education from scratch will have to be created from scratch for decades! hi
  2. cariperpaint
    cariperpaint 24 November 2016 06: 05
    this is all clear ... but since it has already turned out, maybe it’s worth starting frames right from the class with 9 to pick up? and lead them competently? I often come across a similar practice. it’s also cheaper and cheaper. find the likes at the desk.
    1. Siberian 142
      Siberian 142 24 November 2016 06: 47
      totally agree with you! my father was preparing a nephew for the personnel service from the 7th grade!
      now he is a special forces officer!
      1. cariperpaint
        cariperpaint 24 November 2016 08: 03
        so it is with me as well. I knew in 10 years that after the 9th grade, the Suvorov Military School later. and everything for this in my life was built.
        1. Dante Alighieri
          Dante Alighieri 24 November 2016 14: 37
          Comrades forum users. And no one will tell me when we will restore the institution of political instructors? I would go. Seriously, I have the appropriate education - a political scientist by profession (both our Soviet and Western Balon - magistracy). And how many years I have been on this resource, so I can already talk about some aspects of technology and weapons without looking at reference books. In politics and geopolitics, I myself am well versed, after all, the diploma "Evolution of ideological paradigms in the foreign policy of the Russian state" obliges. Repeatedly published in scientific journals of various levels on foreign policy with articles: "Outsourcing as a tool of foreign policy", "Population expansion as a modern form of conflict in the geophysical environment", "Little Russia or Ukraine - two opposite tendencies in the space of the Russian world" and so on. Simply, I got tired of working for half-educated candidates from election to election, I want to really stimulate people to do something more than just put a tick for this or that ambitious cretin.

          What is called self-promotion hi
          1. 1rl141
            1rl141 24 November 2016 17: 37
            Quote: Dante
            What is called self-promotion

            And what is stopping you? Call the draft board, the answering machine will tell you what to do next:
            "If you want to serve in the army, press the star. If you do not want to serve in the army, press the bars."
            1. Dante Alighieri
              Dante Alighieri 24 November 2016 19: 37
              That is, I have one chronic skin sore due to which my army structures put a cross on me for a long time. The last time at the military registration and enlistment office was in July of the 2015 of the year, he made a note about the specialty, but the workers did not react in any way to my suggestions on this issue.
              1. 1rl141
                1rl141 24 November 2016 22: 37
                Quote: Dante
                That is, I have one chronic skin sore due to which my army structures put a cross on me for a long time. The last time at the military registration and enlistment office was in July of the 2015 of the year, he made a note about the specialty, but the workers did not react in any way to my suggestions on this issue.

                Then go to work at a military educational institution. Teach cadets philosophy as a civil teacher. And nobody canceled the "institute of political instructors". Only now it is called differently. Deputy commander for educational work.
    2. wei
      wei 25 November 2016 01: 35
      DOSAAF used to do this (preparation) now, military patriotic clubs are true, it's like comparing Lobaev’s workshop with IZHMASH, but the clubs are working, and something bigger at the state level will not be raised for 2016 by the DOSAAF budget - 290120,8 thousand rubles at the expense the federal budget and 15500 thousand rubles from extrabudgetary sources
      (the cost of training is 350 people per category C in a commercial school)
  3. Alexander S.
    Alexander S. 24 November 2016 06: 07
    for ege article minus. zakolebalovo. if bad techniques come out, this is not a problem ehe..this is a university problem. if schoolchildren do not know how to solve problems ... to think ... to think ... this is not an ege problem ... this is a school problem. And these universities and schools have specific surnames .... teachers and teachers ... who failed ... or did not want to ... and most likely both ... teach children and students. Ege is only 3 hours and a final assessment of knowledge ... and the ability to think ... it is 11 years at school ... and 5-6 years at a university. The problem is in these 11-5..6 years ... and not in 3 hours. You hesitated advertisers ... down with it! All power to the councils! So chtol? The author himself indicated ... that there are no teachers in the university ... so where does the ege? Soon they will accuse him of low pensions. The author started for health ... and finished .... as always.
    1. guzik007
      guzik007 24 November 2016 06: 31
      for ege article minus. zakolebalovo. if bad techniques come out, this is not a problem ehe..this is a university problem. if schoolchildren do not know how to solve problems ... to think ... to think ... this is not an ege problem ... this is a school problem.
      You are deeply wrong, because the USE is not a minute exam in the springtime, but a whole system that teaches the child to think independently. Rather, it does not fundamentally develop independent thinking.
      Question-three answers. Guess-memo for. That's the whole training system. From former schools to UO
      1. sesame
        sesame 24 November 2016 06: 47
        What kind of dances with a tambourine around this exam? Some write a guessing game, although I am sure that they have never seen tickets for the exam. My child tells me horrors about the USE, how difficult it is to pass it (not that we just passed the exam before). For me, this exam is another reason for some to talk and PR. The problem is not in the exam or in the exam, and not even in teachers (although some of them are), the problem is in the mentality of parents, and, accordingly, in children. They stop studying, they sit more in the entertainment called Internet (we all sin this).
        1. Shark Lover
          Shark Lover 24 November 2016 12: 38
          Quote: sezam
          then for dances with a tambourine around this exam? Some write a guessing game, although I’m sure I have never seen tickets for the exam. My child is telling me

          I absolutely agree with you. Wife, decided to get another education, in absentia. I signed up for the exam, without preparation, studied for half a year, restored knowledge. 4 exams. I must say, it came out wet from there, 3 hours !!!! It was almost IMPOSSIBLE to write off a goal, it was IMPOSSIBLE to write off, a new gel pen was left for each exam, I threw it all away, the ink in it ran out, what options are there ???? There are a lot of scribbles for every question !!!!
          Impressions, it would be better if I passed two exams as before, it’s so difficult if you fucked up, you never pass. Graduate of the Omsk State Univer, red diploma.
          Who wants to study, gain knowledge, no EG and the Ministers of Education are not afraid, as always the question is in education, in education in the family.
        2. nov_tech.vrn
          nov_tech.vrn 24 November 2016 15: 23
          not so long ago passed all the steps of the exam, a year before graduation, training in all disciplines other than those required in the exam was abandoned, the year was not training, but learning to pass the exam items, passed successfully, visible loss, not receiving an international certificate in a foreign language, 10 years of additional training, thank God the knowledge of the language remained invisible, during the year many subjects went not at the level of study, but at the level of familiarization ..
      2. servant.
        servant. 24 November 2016 07: 00
        I understand that you haven’t seen the tests of the profile exam in mathematics! I wonder how you imagine solving problems by the principle of guessing? Or a physics exam? I advise you to take an interest in tests before writing nonsense! Guessing is still possible in history and can in literature! In mathematics and physics, to get a decent result you need to have KNOWLEDGE! But the fact that graduates of this knowledge who do not have this fact go to schools! And why do not those who have this knowledge go? That is the reason ....
      3. Alexdark
        Alexdark 24 November 2016 08: 19
        This "populism" is already quite annoying. The Unified State Exam is the one-minute spring action. And it turns out that every day for ten years, in schools, schoolchildren tick the boxes and pray to the gods of randomness. Nothing has changed, except perhaps the final surrender. I'm inclined to leave the introductory ones. This is undeniable! But those pictures that the over-aged **** have invented for themselves, this, excuse me, looks ridiculous. Moreover, those who do not know anything about it talk about it. I understand this is convenient. Just look, there is only one answer to any problem - "the victim of the exam !!!" I remember just now there was a case, the people did not like the article, and the clerk of declining years was also recorded in these very sacrifices. It's convenient to live like that, friends, it's convenient! And what about creative development, was it in the USSR? Where for art they gave a kick and exiled over the hill? Where art was demanded of something simple, accessible to a working person. Where there were typical buildings, typical architecture on every street in the country and not only. Creative development? Please dismiss. And this is said by those who here usually think that designers and others, excuse me, "creatives", this is disgusting garbage, under the execution of everyone. Cunning all around, oh cunning).
        1. Alexdark
          Alexdark 24 November 2016 08: 37
          In addition. The exam is constantly getting more complicated. And those who passed it at random will take the maximum in the sharaga. Everything else requires a high and extremely high score. And you can't get that point by ticking the boxes at random. And to be honest, the "put a cross" system is not dominant in tests. Only 30% (+ -), these are just such tests.
        2. Navigator Basov
          Navigator Basov 24 November 2016 12: 53
          In general, I agree (populism is the same), but designers and other creative people are really rubbish. Every day I see how these creative people rejoice at their template solutions, they seem creative to them (the new website of the company in the form of Watsap's dialogs with emoticons in each line is a bang!). Firstly, everything creative is very far from creative, and secondly, creative people really love themselves in art, not art in themselves. Typical designers, those who consider their goal to be beautiful, are a cancerous tumor of humanity. Together with the managers, of course.
      4. ghby
        ghby 24 November 2016 09: 34
        Quote: guzik007
        Question-three answers. Guess-memo for. That's the whole training system. From former schools to UO удачи в тестах, результат выложите что там наугадывали.
        1. silver_roman
          silver_roman 24 November 2016 14: 18
          out of 20, he answered 15, despite the fact that he did not answer 2 at all, but 3 gave an incorrect answer. 2 of 3, in principle, I had to think a little, but I did not know one at all in principle. it’s even strange that I have not heard of one of the theorems.
          In general, sadness!
    2. Finches
      Finches 24 November 2016 06: 33
      I agree! In the exam, I personally find more pros than cons!
    3. klaus16
      klaus16 24 November 2016 06: 38
      My eldest has long been at school. Now the youngest is studying. And it so happened that here I delve into the process more. That’s what I’m going to object to: the school teaches children the programs that they let it go down to. I see that they teach mathematics sloppy, English generally on the hell. I ask the teacher a question - she shows the program, I ask the director a question - she shows the program. And these programs in general can not be compared with the Soviet ones. They do not teach children to meditate! And teachers should not retreat from the program. Therefore, the question here is not to school, but to the Ministry of Education, which approved the stupid paid (stopudovo not ours) programs.
      1. Alexander S.
        Alexander S. 24 November 2016 07: 41
        The school has two teachers of mathematics (I'm talking about high school). They work in two shifts. In one teacher, children know how to solve problems ... even inveterate three-year-olds and two-year-olds ... control successfully solve ... her students participate in the city olympiad .... Another teacher ... who works in the second shift ... the results are much worse . Question .... what is the reason? In the program ... or in the teacher anyway? There are similar examples from universities ... not only from mine ... but also from a couple of others.
        And about English .... this is the trouble of the whole country. Good teachers in.yaz several tens of strength.
        The trouble with our education is not in the programs ... but as the training of teachers. They go to teacher training institutions according to the residual principle ... those who have not entered others. They teach there ... I will not use foul language. When they told me about learning there ... my hair stood on end ... complete chaos ... nobody needs anything. Everyone worked for a salary. Once, two teachers from the peda came to us ... they read lectures ... kapets ... they should not be allowed to engage in such a thing for a cannon shot. No matter how bad Lebanon was ... but in one it was right ... that we have almost no high-quality pedagogical universities.
        And hey ... by the way, from next year all tests are canceled.
        1. ghby
          ghby 24 November 2016 09: 39
          Quote: Alexander S.
          The school has two teachers of mathematics (I'm talking about high school). They work in two shifts. In one teacher, children know how to solve problems ... even inveterate three-year-olds and two-year-olds ... control successfully solve ... her students participate in the city olympiad .... Another teacher ... who works in the second shift ... the results are much worse . Question .... what is the reason? In the program ... or in the teacher anyway? There are similar examples from universities ... not only from mine ... but also from a couple of others.
          And about English .... this is the trouble of the whole country. Good teachers in.yaz several tens of strength.
          The trouble with our education is not in the programs ... but as the training of teachers.

          write absolutely right. And there is also a personal attitude of the teacher to students, especially to those whose parents cannot constantly hang out at school. My daughter was assigned 3 maths in the certificate, and the exam was written in 5, but the merit of the tutors, about which she herself insisted, was that she understood that they did not teach at school. Now studying on a budget at a technical university
        2. klaus16
          klaus16 24 November 2016 11: 21
          And the textbooks, who? Do teachers also write? How can a teacher teach correctly if everything is upside down in his textbook? And this is called "progressive teaching method".
          1. nov_tech.vrn
            nov_tech.vrn 24 November 2016 15: 35
            programs in most subjects require studying a huge number of questions of facts and with this overload are absolutely not aimed at teaching to think, for example, in chemistry memorization[i] [/ i] the names of salts, why learn a six-seven-word phrase, the formula will show everything, when teaching chemistry you need not train your memory, but study the laws of chemical processes. (The author of the textbook is Gabrielian, the author of the teaching methodology is known only among the circles of teachers) .
      2. Alexdark
        Alexdark 24 November 2016 08: 46
        Previously taught to think, yes. Outlined his thoughts, not those that are already prepared for choice, and goodbye to the Komsomol, meetings and scandals. I recall my mother, which the teacher put on the board with his head, because she somehow outlined purely her feelings of some work there ... Yes, all of these stories are full of people who do not ask. Everything has already been forgotten in the bud. Thinking is dissent, and dissent (let's not lie to ourselves) then was oh how punishable. I'm not talking about mythical bloody repressions, but the measures were and they were humiliating. All this recalls the times when they burned at the stake for ideas about the round earth -_-. Oh well, and the times were wonderful, the breadth and flexibility of the mind developed, it turns out. Oh how!
    4. CorvusCoraks
      CorvusCoraks 24 November 2016 07: 31
      X-th day do not carry the exam - this is not 3 hours at all. In our school with physical. mat. bias, we all 11th grade only did what we were preparing for the exam in the subjects that then gave up. We bought many more additional classes from teachers, in order to only better learn how to pass tests.
      The decline in the level of education is a complex problem, it is difficult to say how much it depends on the method of the final assessment of knowledge. It is obvious that the exam has an impact.
      Maybe even specifically, as in the USA, they lowered the level of education, so that some citizens could receive easier training programs.
      I passed the exam 8 years ago, maybe that has changed.
    5. NEXUS
      NEXUS 24 November 2016 10: 50
      Quote: Alexander S.
      for ege article minus. zakolebalovo. if bad techniques come out, this is not a problem ehe..this is a university problem. if schoolchildren do not know how to solve problems ... to think ... to think ... this is not an ege problem ... this is a school problem. And these universities and schools have specific surnames .... teachers and teachers ... who failed ... or did not want to ... and most likely both ... teach children and students. Ege is only 3 hours and the final assessment of knowledge ... and the ability to think ...

      You are fundamentally wrong. What is essentially an exam? Ask yourself a question. This is an attempt to format human thinking at the stage of its formation as a thinking individual. In other words, the Unified State Examination drives a person into a rather narrow framework of thinking. Remember how it was before ... people were preparing for exams, they taught tickets, who wrote cheat sheets ... but at the same time, even when writing the same cheat sheets, a lot of things were put off in a person’s head. People thought outside the box. There was an opportunity not to limit yourself in a framework of a certain format and answers. In the end, the Russian thinker (as it sounds funny) was also involved in obtaining knowledge.
      Look at what is being done in the USA, Europe ... the younger generation thinks in a format, standard, because from an early age they were offered ready-made answers, which were written and edited for them. It is this format of education that makes the younger generation of the formatted "zombies" who are not able to think outside the format, broadly and outside the standard.
      1. Stena
        Stena 24 November 2016 13: 15
        Quote: NEXUS
        What is the essence of the exam? Ask yourself a question. This is an attempt to format human thinking at the stage of its formation as a thinking individual. In other words, the Unified State Examination drives a person into a rather narrow framework of thinking.

        Wait, Uncle Andrey! The exam is just a standardized way of assessing the level of knowledge (in fact - a form of verification). And that’s all. No one is driving him anywhere. If a teacher is a low level teacher who teaches only tests to solve (and not systemic thinking), then he teaches accordingly. USE has nothing to do with it. The question is not in the form of verification, but in the content of the training. And here is the clinic. About school has already been written repeatedly. That all concepts are substituted. And why is this happening. I see - 2 reasons: 1. Teaching mediocrity - graduates of pedagogical universities. 2. The system of interaction between the Ministry of Education and Science and schools needs to be changed (Mountains of paper work replace education). But the exam is to do with it?
        With universities - the same problem as with schools. 1. People teach unsystematically (especially in Ped. And regional universities). 2. Relations between the university and the Ministry of Education and Science are not correctly built.
        An example - when many publications began to appear about the dangers of the exam - passed the exam (on the Internet) in mathematics. The result is 50% (I just did not use a calculator and paper calculations - I counted in my head). Questions - quite adequate and on basic topics in algebra and geometry (unless there were no "parameters" assignments). The rest of the topics are covered - not bad.
        Therefore, the question is not that the Unified State Examination is crooked, but that teachers (and very often students) do not work out.
        Opinion, of course - IMHO.
        1. NEXUS
          NEXUS 24 November 2016 13: 34
          Quote: Stena
          The exam is just a standardized way of assessing the level of knowledge (in fact - a form of verification).

          Main word STANDARDIZATION. That is, formatting. I recall studying and passing exams in the USSR ... there, at that time, there were also enough students and absenteeism and not a desire to study. But ... there was an understanding that being uneducated was bad and even embarrassing. We were the most read nation in the world! In what other country were the XNUMX-hour libraries?
          A man graduated from school poorly, went to vocational school, received a profession and more than one. He finished well, went to a school or institute and received an education, a profession. Everything worked, while non-standard thinking, individuality and the desire to receive this education were encouraged. At the same time, if you look closer there, to the time after the war, people desperately wanted knowledge, information and growth ... watch movies of those years, We will live until Monday, Big change, and even the Adventures of Shurik ... You will notice how the young talked generation. The level of EDUCATION of the population was the highest in the world. And if you recall the tsarist Russia ... layer and
          intelligentsia was very broad, while people knew 5-8 languages ​​at the literary level, and not at the market level.
          You are talking about the low level of teachers ... so in addition to the low salaries of teachers, there is a moment, again, of the formatting of these same teachers. At the same time, if we look at school textbooks, we see that by the method of presenting information they are very different from those textbooks that were in the USSR.
          The exam is the apogee of idiocy that is going on in our education. I'm not talking about those institutions that sell diplomas, while the student has never even been in the building of this institute.
          1. Stena
            Stena 24 November 2016 14: 09
            Quote: NEXUS
            The level of EDUCATION of the population was the highest in the world. And if you recall tsarist Russia ... layer and
            intelligentsia was very broad, while people knew 5-8 languages ​​at the literary level, and not at the market level.

            If you look at the system as a whole, in Imperial Russia the nobles really had the highest level of education, but this is an elite formation, not accessible to the masses. It was needed within the framework of the existing system of governing the country.
            For the USSR, they introduced a hybrid - they combined mass education with the elite, when a native of the "people" could take key positions in the governing bodies. For that country and for that moment, this was also relevant.
            Now the situation has changed; accordingly, the education system and the forms of its control should also change. And the trend is the separation of the elite (education for top managers) and the training of lower and middle level employees. For the first, the system is completely different - its own universities, its schools, etc. and control is completely different, including methods and forms. For the second - this is a standardized control in the form of the exam.
            In fact, the "elite" and the "common people" have emerged. Therefore, surprising is not enough.
            If you are interested in my personal opinion, then the control system needs to be changed to another. I will not write about it, I will only say that the army approach can be used as a basis - "screwed up one, answer - all." But my opinion is not necessarily correct ...
            PS about teachers with low salaries and their formatting - "who wants - he can." Who prevents, for example, a mathematics teacher from studying in more detail through video lectures from leading universities and books - "set theory" (for example). The correct answer is no one but himself. This is not a question of salaries - it is a question of the level and consistency of teachers' knowledge. I'll tell you honestly - Ped. Universities prepare absolute rubbish and sludge. And to demand from them a good level of training of students, at least, is naive.
          2. Stena
            Stena 24 November 2016 14: 32
            Quote: NEXUS
            Main word STANDARDIZATION. That is, formatting.

            Uncle Andrey! Please tell me why in the army the charter and regulations? This is, first of all, a way of standardization - that is, reduction (and ideally - elimination of uncertainty), is not it?
            What is the difference in education? Everything in the conditions of mass strives for some form of standardization. Examination - this is one of these options.
            But when the situation changes, leaders with innovative thinking are needed here. But there are not many of them, physically, due to their features. And for their preparation and selection of special needs. programs and specials. institutions. If you plan to cook only unique ones - then where to put the remaining 99% of the population? How to cook them and control their level of knowledge?
            Regards, A.K.S.
            1. NEXUS
              NEXUS 24 November 2016 14: 57
              Quote: Stena
              Please tell me why in the army the charter and regulations? This is, first of all, a way of standardization - that is, reduction (and ideally - elimination of uncertainty), is not it?

              There should be a moment of standardization in the army, individually if you train, and individual training should be applied to each soldier, the army as such will not be in principle. Standardization in the army was applied by the first Romans and this was the right decision. But the army, this is slightly different, since military service involves risks associated with death, injuries, etc. ... it is for this that tactics, strategy, etc. are being developed.
              The candidate of sciences does not risk his life, does not deal with weapons and war in general. Different approaches to education and training.
              Quote: Stena
              But when the situation changes, leaders with innovative thinking are needed here. But there are not many of them, physically, due to their features. And for their preparation and selection of special needs. programs and specials. institutions.

              Such institutions were also under the USSR and now there is ... another question, the stage of identifying such leaders in the early stages, at the stage of formation.
              Quote: Stena
              Everything in the conditions of mass strives for some form of standardization. Examination - this is one of these options.

              You know, my mother was a teacher of Russian and literature with more than 40 years of experience ... and so she used to say, the Unified State Exam is an educational castration of the younger generation. And this exam, except for "Guess the melody" she did not name. And she cooked in this system for half a century and I suppose she has an idea of ​​what she was talking about.
        2. nov_tech.vrn
          nov_tech.vrn 24 November 2016 21: 48
          since the Unified State Exam has practically no alternative, it turns out that applicants for further training who have gone through the procedures for realizing their knowledge through strict standardization of answers have an overwhelming advantage over the others, at the beginning of zero, a student who graduated from a technical school with almost honors went to paid tuition, because there was no USE tech, and he finished ten years at school with a group of troops where it did not have time to appear, a magic phrase, you know how much I saved money, I did not pay a single exam at the institute.
    6. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 24 November 2016 12: 24
      Quote: Alexander S.
      specific surnames .... of teachers and teachers ... who failed ... or did not want to ... and most likely both ... educate children and students.

      Shoot the saboteurs.
  4. ImPerts
    ImPerts 24 November 2016 06: 10
    As Oscar Peschel, a professor of geography from Leipzig, wrote in the newspaper Zagranitsa edited by him: "... Public education plays a decisive role in the war ... when the Prussians beat the Austrians, it was the victory of the Prussian teacher over the Austrian school teacher."
  5. ydjin
    ydjin 24 November 2016 06: 12
    The dark picture was illuminated by Roman, and yet this is our reality! At one time, we passed exams, you just can’t pass without knowledge. We were taught to think. Bring back the old classic education system, stop breeding robots!
    1. servant.
      servant. 24 November 2016 06: 34
      Do you think that if the Soviet system of education returns, then talents will pour into the army? What is the average result of USE entering military schools? On average, just above 100 points! With this result, to a civilian university only to payers! Do you think that the excellent students of the Soviet education system will rush into the army? I doubt it!
      1. Alex_Rarog
        Alex_Rarog 24 November 2016 07: 50
        It is not a matter of excellent students or bad guys! but in the system itself! From the very beginning, we always had a high level of knowledge in the exact sciences, if a person correctly establishes basic knowledge as a foundation, then it will be easier for him to receive new knowledge in any industry! a good mathematician can become anyone, even a nuclear physicist, even an economist, but a good economist will not become a physicist!
        1. Stena
          Stena 24 November 2016 13: 25
          Quote: Alex_Rarog
          a good mathematician can become anyone, even a nuclear physicist, even an economist, but a good economist will not become a physicist!

          This is a big mistake! A mathematician cannot be anyone. Math is not a panacea. Moreover, mathematics itself is very arbitrary (see Gödel’s first and second theorems, for fun) More precisely, he can try, but there is no guarantee that the result will be satisfactory.
          Let me explain - mathematics operates with exact or conditionally accurate data. That is, there is no uncertainty. In reality - you cannot accurately predict the future - therefore the methods of analysis and situation management must be different from those used in mathematics. If you use "curves" methods within the framework of the control system, then the results will be the same "curves". Only the manager has living people under his command, not soulless numbers. Therefore, the cost of a mistake is high.
          Therefore, mathematics, apart from a real systematic examination of the situation, does not solve anything.
  6. Alex_Rarog
    Alex_Rarog 24 November 2016 06: 17
    Yes, unfortunately, the system of trepidation will not bring us to good!
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. demand1
    demand1 24 November 2016 07: 55
    The novel is you Skomorokhov. Better write under your name
  9. cariperpaint
    cariperpaint 24 November 2016 08: 00
    in fact, questions about the exam are not the most important here. What do military schools do for their prestige? What do schoolchildren want to go there? I've seen a similar job zero. what prevents to organize often actions or fairs? lure the most to yourself? can any normal university in our time survive without it how can it? it’s not a contract to recruit where just pasted all the buses in the city and hello. this is the work of gentlemen. it is necessary to have recruiters. chasing their heads. and to sit and wait for them to stomp from the school as if from an incubator, stupidly and criminally. go to any good university. ask how employers work with them. or find out in serious companies how they are already chasing staff in schools. pay for education the main thing then to pick them up. what prevents to do something like that? Well, the time is different now. another. you want yourself the best-go.
  10. Nitarius
    Nitarius 24 November 2016 08: 14
    Pain One word ... ROPE education THIS IS BAD SAID! and ROBOT what is called TOP!
    I can tell you about Tomsk .. Universities graduate .. yes, forgive Me, the admins .. of course they are FUNNY! - BUT "IDITS" are released!
    Sometimes one would like to say it would not be PITUENTLY .. but it is sure that our TOP needs a WAR so that they understand THAT THEIR billions are PLAINED - there will be SOME and SOME to protect!
    I heard it comes to Ukraine .. that they DO NOT NEED ANYONE! and only probably WHEN THE WEST starts to take away capital or remove their CHILDREN .. under any pretext .. then they will understand!
  11. cannabis
    cannabis 24 November 2016 08: 20
    According to biblical texts, it takes 40 years for the rebirth of the people. The first reform that hit education was in 1982. Since then, a gallop has started. The centenary ends. There are 6 years left and you and I will live in a country where people who completely do not understand us, like aliens from other planets, will manage us. I’m already faced with this when I ask for a loaf of rye bread. Usually they answer that there is no rye. Then I ask for a loaf of black and listen to the enlightening commentary that it’s supposedly not rye, but Borodinsky.
    1. _Slavs
      _Slavs 24 November 2016 12: 44
      What biblical truth is - a life-genetic one and THREE YOUR PICTURES - your parents, you yourself, your children, and your grandchildren will be completely different from their grandfathers and pranks if the world around you works, and the person’s consciousness will change and change itself. Now for the worse. Only isolation from the current obsessive benefits that have been zombie since childhood, teaching, studying and studying - is working, working and working on himself, but we need a sick dream goal ... two tingling .... But a lot of ups ... We go back to the monkey - The pace is not weak and global: the United States (all the level of psaki), Europe, and our neighbors are running ahead of all ....
    2. Stena
      Stena 24 November 2016 13: 30
      Quote: cunning
      According to biblical texts, it takes 40 years for the rebirth of the people.

      It's a delusion. Forty years were necessary for all those who were slaves to the Egyptians to die out (with the corresponding slave psychology, in the absence of external exacerbating effects). And to give exact numbers here is problematic. But 40 years is not 40% the number you should be guided by in the topic you raised.
  12. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 24 November 2016 08: 22
    Here are the consequences of the actions of the TABRET, Ulyukaev was arrested and done right, and the furniture maker needed to push iron scrap in the ass, but he is his own from the team of the elect and now they are promoting him along the helicopter line, I think they will soon begin to fall in packs, that's the whole personnel policy, on the face Minister - Bribe taker, Minister Khapugu, fucking ..., etc., the question is they are in the highest authority and the government, on 23.11.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX, in one of the TV shows they showed how he lived and how many Ulyukaev grabbed, the question arises and where the personnel administration department of the AP of the Russian Federation looked, where the employees of the anti-corruption department of the same AP of the RF and other officials, where the president was, looked, so it turns out where all the problems grow - FROM THE BIGGEST TOP!
  13. Old26
    Old26 24 November 2016 08: 37
    Quote: Finches
    There are no military schools at all in the communications troops! Only the Academy is left, which trains from sergeant and ensign to the commander of the compound! That's bullshit!

    In the Strategic Missile Forces was the only school of communications and it was considered superfluous ...
  14. lukewarm
    lukewarm 24 November 2016 09: 02
    I read it with a kind of perverse pleasure, like a sentence that cannot please by definition, but sounds logical, clear and beautiful. Do not subtract or add. That's how it is. Unfortunately, he is far from the army, although he started from a military school. It's the same in civilian life. Complete oops. A friend's son is studying in Mozhaika. According to the stories, the consequences of the Serdyukov pogrom were not completely overcome. 3rd year at the Academy is the oldest. There was a loud story about fugitives who killed a nurse in a hospital and dumped from a psychiatric hospital. One of them is a freshman in Mozhaiki. I didn't want to serve - my parents shoved it. It can be seen where there was a pull - and shoved there. The son served a term a year ago. The whole service is for show. Well, at least they forced me to learn Ohm's law. Yes, we shot enough, unlike in the old days. And then, only in training. Now about the loss of the MiG-29. Okay, the plane, like the pilot, had nothing to do with it. The torn cable of the air arrestor was changed so quickly that the fuel from the flashlight ran out and the combat vehicle flopped into the sea. I don't give a fuck ... oh, don't care. And that not every problem can be solved by "market" methods, that is, overwhelmed with money. There is a problem - you have to give money. And everything will be decided by itself. Will not dare. But this is still better than there is a problem, but there is no money (or we won't give it).
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist 24 November 2016 20: 33
      I spent all my childhood with cadets of VVVAIU in a field camp (my village is nearby). I want to note 2 things:
      1- there were a lot of nofigists always and everywhere, and in the USSR a military meteorologist calmly went "to the tower with a pillow." So today is not unique, as at all times ...
      2- During military service there was a moment when 5 aircraft and 5 officers lost due to lack of education, indifference and much more during 19 hours.
      This I mean, that there are always problems BEFORE GA. But this is not a reason to demand an immediate firing squad and executioner with an ax. Unfortunately, everything is being done slowly, but it is being done. They said A - let's say B.
  15. NordUral
    NordUral 24 November 2016 09: 05
    Yeah ... there are a lot of problems behind the joyful screams. But the main thing is the personnel and attitude towards them. On the managers hope it is not that material.
  16. bk316
    bk316 24 November 2016 09: 10
    I understand Roman, his soul hurts, but as they say everything is not so clear. My specialty is applied mathematics (as programmers with higher education were called in the USSR), I have been teaching at Moscow State University for Military Engineering and Computer Science for 10 years.
    He traveled a lot on business trips to military universities. And now, at work, you often have to examine young children. So:
    1. Graduates of military universities in the field of programming and electronics have always been disgusting specialists, programmers somewhere around the middle of the first year of VMiK.
    2. The level of civilian specialists on average of course has fallen over the past 25 years, but the level of the top 10% of graduates has definitely grown significantly. The question is whether the country really needs these 90% or will it manage without the ten remaining?
    3. USE thing disgusting, but it's just a way check knowledge. And the level of knowledge is not determined by the method of verification.
    4. The exam will soon be canceled, in physics, as I understand it, in a year.
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 24 November 2016 21: 55
      The exam in physics is not going to be canceled, they just cancel the test part.
  17. alexfin
    alexfin 24 November 2016 09: 29
    those who composed this exe are potential enemies ...... and you know where the best results are from exe ... here ... here .. you understand
  18. kaa1977
    kaa1977 24 November 2016 09: 56
    My opinion is not entirely a matter of education, although everything seems to be not good here, the students have too much wisdom and the teacher has almost no right, because before, the teacher is the most respected person. He was not just listened to, he was listened to.

    And the thing is upbringing, changing values.
    1. Comrade Glebov
      Comrade Glebov 24 November 2016 12: 32
      Believe me, it is in the SYSTEM of education that the main problem is. To put it very primitively, the teaching system has two large blocks: teaching methodology (learning to learn - the basis) and the information complex ("meat" on the basis). Kindergarten: 3/4 - methodology, 1/4 - information. School: 2/4 - methodology, 2/4 - information. University: 1/4 - methodology, 3/4 information. As you can see, we first learn to learn and apply knowledge, skills and information, and then we develop the amount of knowledge that is necessary for a specific specialty. With a methodology, we can master many professions and crafts. But this is all ideally. And the modern education system boils down to a huge amount of information (look at the amount of homework of a modern student) in the complete absence of methodology (hence the questions "why should I care about this mathematics or history?"). I don’t understand, why should I introduce English in kindergartens, if the child, b ..., has not mastered Russian? Why is this empty cramming? Why introduce philosophy (!) In seventh grade? (they are now planning to do this for gymnasiums). Why do you need a sopramat in grade 10 without proper knowledge in algebra and geometry, with half-life arithmetic? Who will answer? Putin? Medvedev?
      1. bk316
        bk316 24 November 2016 12: 56
        What relation to higher education do you have if not a secret?
        University: 1/4 - methodology, 3/4 information.

        A university differs from just a university by definition in that it provides fundamental knowledge.
        That is, in your terminology, the methodology, that is, the university is not 1/4 and 3/4 but 6/5 and 1/5.

        And what do you have to do with education?

        1. Philosophy is a tool for understanding the world, that is, in your opinion, the methodology of methodologies.
        2. Early language learning develops the ability for the subsequent assimilation of any subject.
        If simpler cramming at an early age trains memory.
        3. And who studies sopromat in grade 10?

        All that I wrote in this post is the ABC of teaching, at the thesaurus level, known not only as a methodologist, but as a student of a pedagogical university. And you go so that Putin answers you, read books first.
        1. Comrade Glebov
          Comrade Glebov 24 November 2016 15: 53
          I have a higher education in two specialties. There is a subscript "teacher". I am currently teaching history in grades 10 and 11. And more music, but this is private))). I agree that philosophy is a wonderful tool for understanding the world and we always study it, regardless of what we study. But at school you need to study LOGIC, one of the branches of philosophy (I am convinced of this that it needs to be studied in parallel with mathematics, in which logic is already embedded). And not to start with the philosophy of life (Nietzsche, Freud, Schopenhauer and others) as it is supposed by the programs that I have seen. About language learning. In addition to Russian, I myself speak German, English and Italian. I learned all these languages ​​already at the university. My students with "early development" (due to the specifics of the region, there are even bilinguals), as a rule, not only study for grades, but in practice they have little to boast of. I don't see the result of early language learning. But the fact that there is not enough preschool education and upbringing causes irreparable harm to an adult. Now they are striving to introduce sopramat into schools. I read the textbooks of my tenth-grader nephew, who had a "reform" in his school and his hair stood on end. His mathematician father was not shy about his expressions about our education system. I was not friends with vyshmat at the university, so I will not judge, but I will refer to a senior fellow specialist. I may have read more books on pedagogy than yours. I would not venture to assert, but it is possible. And Putin will one day have to answer (not me, of course, but the people) for all the "reforms." Oh, believe me.
          1. bk316
            bk316 24 November 2016 18: 25
            Well, that is, you are not a professional teacher, and nobody just told you the basics at one time. Or have I misunderstood the attribution? Well, that's okay, I repeat.

            1. Early learning of the language develops the ability for the subsequent assimilation of any subjects. If you have not noticed this, this is your problem. Proven fact.
            2. Philosophy must be taught at school, well, starting with the philosophy of life is strange of course, but it is wrong to limit oneself to logic, you need to read the theory of knowledge, this is more important than logic.
            3.About sopromat, since you are not friendly with "vyshmat", maybe you are mistaken? This is a specific discipline in general. Within what subject can they be read at all? Throw me a link if it doesn't make it difficult.

            And they will put a monument to Putin, you believe it.
            1. Comrade Glebov
              Comrade Glebov 24 November 2016 19: 54
              I am a professional teacher, you misunderstood the attribution. We do not allow teachers without education.
              About the "proof of fact". By whom, when, a link to the monograph. You are welcome.
              I repeat, I am not opposed to the study of such aspects of philosophy as logic and epistemology. I am against the study of specific areas of philosophy without the necessary preparation. And, if you start to teach her, then start with the basics. From dosakratikov and further. And not from the 19th century and not from the philosophy of life and not from positivism, they are complex and uninteresting for many adults. The base necessary for training will be given after school. As for the scholarship and sopramat - I will not argue much. But I never saw such problems in physics and mathematics, and I kind of studied well at school and I still remember the 10 class. We never calculated the strength of a metal bath based on the degree of hardening of the material and the temperature of the environment, for me it is a dark forest. And I'm more than sure that we were not taught this at school. In mathematics, the same thing. I don’t remember the authors of the textbook, I won’t give a reference. I have no doubt about the monument to Putin, especially after the monument to Yeltsin, Krasnov, memorial plaques to Mannerheim and Kolchak. I have no doubt ...
              1. Stena
                Stena 24 November 2016 21: 05
                Tell me, Comrade Glebov, what is the meaningful difference between the profession of "teacher" and "teacher" in your opinion? Who do you think is a "teacher" and who is a "teacher"?
                1. Comrade Glebov
                  Comrade Glebov 24 November 2016 22: 48
                  A good question with several answers. To begin with, the teacher is a profession, and the teacher is a qualification that gives the right to engage in scientific and teaching activities in the field of my specialization (I am a teacher and up to the Teacher (even уchitel) has not matured yet, my main specialty is "Religious Studies", direction "Religion and Politics"). In modern Russian, these concepts are often used as synonyms, which, however, is not a mistake. There is a "lyrical", if you like, answer, the author of which is one of my favorite Teachers: a teacher is a job, and a teacher is a vocation. Now my opinion. First of all (if we are doing differentiation, taking as a basis that these words are not synonyms), they have different tasks. The task of the teacher is to develop student learning skills and control their first (experimental) cases of practical application. The teacher provides the skills to use information to improve knowledge. The work of the educator is also an integral part of the teacher's work. The task of the teacher is to give the deepest and most complete amount of information on a specific discipline and control its assimilation. Education is not part of the teacher's duties. For me personally, the word "Teacher" also has a certain sacred meaning. A teacher for me is a mentor who gives special, fundamental knowledge and teaches the best methods of cognition and perception of the world. I had few teachers (with the largest letter you can imagine) (for there are never many of them), but each of them is especially valuable to me. I hope I didn't describe my opinion too chaotically. Thanks for the question.
                  1. Stena
                    Stena 25 November 2016 03: 59
                    Quote: Comrade Glebov
                    Let's start with the fact that a teacher is a profession, and a teacher is a qualification that gives the right to engage in scientific and teaching activities in the field of my specialization (I am a teacher and I have not matured to a Teacher (even to a teacher), my main specialty is "Religious Studies", direction "Religion and Politics").

                    The definitions are correct, but there are difficulties in understanding, for example:
                    1. In the staffing table of schools (how many I have seen) - there is no teacher position. There is a teacher and / or teacher position. Therefore, workers who consider themselves "teachers" in schools, apparently, leave the educational aspect at the mercy of parents or universities, and, accordingly, the functions assigned to teachers, both in form and in content, are not fully fulfilled.
                    2. Teacher (by state) - this is the position of the university. A university and a school are, excuse me, like heaven and earth, namely, in terms of the volume and consistency of the presentation of the material ... Therefore, formally, the position of "teacher" is exclusively (so far there are no changes) a university element. It is meaningful, as well - it seems very problematic to give a systematic review of knowledge to students at school due to the significant heterogeneity of students' interests, the level of their training and the lack of time for such reviews ...
                    Something like this, it seems ...
            2. nov_tech.vrn
              nov_tech.vrn 24 November 2016 22: 54
              for reference: in order for a person to master the intuitive literacy in his native language, he should not start learning a second language before he can fully master his native language, (5-7 years), communication with the child must occur using a normal human language , without asking and talking, writing in a second language should not begin earlier than the child has mastered the basics of writing in his native language, when these conditions are met, as well as regular reading and learning of spelling rules in his native language, this very intuitive literacy is formed, when the correct letter is formed at the subconscious level. It’s already easier to master the second language, but it’s best to start learning while the ability to memorize is great, we get preferably from 7-8 years old, but it’s advisable to enter a second foreign language after the student learns well, the first foreign language (those in our secondary schools never , and specialized language grammar schools, classes from 8-9th not earlier).
              This is an academic science, back from the USSR, everything else from the evil one and the desire to puff out cheeks or to earn money. For the development of abilities, there are many methods - drawing, music, sewing toys, gluing models or assembling them from a designer, chess finally ..
              One music teacher, with an excellent education and considerable pedagogical experience, who ended up in the house of children's creativity by the will of fate, scored children 3-5 years old, in a row, she said, there are no non-musical children, everyone has the ability and although 2-3 talents were discovered there , but these are the peculiarities of the body, everyone’s musical hearing has developed and everyone’s taste of the musical kitsch has also developed.
          2. bk316
            bk316 24 November 2016 18: 44
            Let’s honestly, in principle, I agree with you about the main problem, the aspects you just highlighted are secondary, and the examples are unsuccessful (and as a mathematician I’m used to rigorous proofs). The main problem is not a balance of methodologies and knowledge, not a list of subjects and of course not an exam. This is all due to the fact that there is no answer to the main question:
            what is the purpose of education in our country.
            When the USE was introduced, I wrote so much everywhere that I was even put into the public commission for educational reform. I’ve always said, let’s decide on goals before doing anything. Here is the exam for him what is the purpose? They answered me - to reduce corruption, standardize education, give equal opportunities to the regions. Excuse me, are these goals for education? The first for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the second for statisticians, the third for minregions. Where are the goals for education and what is the purpose of education itself? Well, in short, no one answered me. Up there and here on the ground (well, and specifically you are for yourself) should formulate this goal, EXPRESSLY, UNDERSTANDING DESIRABLE SHORT. So try and understand that without this, it makes no sense to do anything.
            1. Comrade Glebov
              Comrade Glebov 24 November 2016 19: 56
              I think that the goal of the exam without me was briefly formulated by A.A. Fursenko:
              "... the lack of the Soviet education system was an attempt to form a person-creator, and now the task is to bring up a qualified consumer who is capable of using the results of others' creativity in a qualified manner." Briefly, succinctly and clearly.
  19. uskrabut
    uskrabut 24 November 2016 10: 59
    The topic is very similar to Isaac Asimov's "Founding".
    Only Ulyukaevschina can destroy Russia, that is, people who have come to power in order to profit, and not to control the development of Russia. They are only capable of looking for the bottom. And they will find it if they are not driven out of power, from all levels of power, in general! Place such creatures with a broom of revenge street or movers to work. And it’s not difficult to determine such ones, if the prince himself doesn’t add up - the Ulyukaev man has come to rob, and he will not work, and he will not let others work or develop.
  20. kapitan281271
    kapitan281271 24 November 2016 11: 05
    Damn, I don’t know what they did to us, my student is good, very good, I don’t have time to pay for tutors, but everything from under the stick to the gym from under the stick, study anyway, at least I’ll repeat myself, I’m studying well from under the stick, you’ll get it. from work I bring him to the carpet a report, about the day I read a book differently, I take a book in my hands, and only at this we leave, we pull up more than anyone in the class, but the Christmas tree sticks explaining this is not you I’m throwing you out to the gym every time, I understand tell it you have such a yes * un people have normal children, maybe even for sure, but my parents and I are going to all say the same thing in shock, but I myself am in shock if mine participates in the city Olympiads both in algebra and physics and in English, periodically taking prizes and this is my go * from it is considered one of the best then men are in trouble, not because I am biased just remember myself, I remember our best guys, so my level in comparison is just an orangutan, what to do with it, even returning old It seems to me that the problem cannot be solved, something is wrong, but what the f * ck knows him. Maybe he sees how his dad, in general, is a good engineer, and a refugee from Karabakh in the market without education and thinks, "Why should I put it off, people live a hundred times better and they don't need knowledge or intelligence."
  21. Alex Xorkam
    Alex Xorkam 24 November 2016 11: 13
    Everything is correct, but rather small. Personnel in the army, exam, etc. these are problems, but the reason is the presence of the fifth column, which is destroying Russia deliberately or foolishly. Liberators, not understanding the modern essence of liberalism, stupidly follow the "herd of consumers" formed by the West and destroy everything in Russia, and first of all, human consciousness. As if to say: "You see that in the West the consumer is better, become a" brainy herd "and you will be fine," and the bulk looks at it with indifference and admits them to power.
  22. Maz
    Maz 24 November 2016 11: 13
    yes man is right. And you do not grumble. Do you know the main way of education and training? There is no need to drive him to the gym, and not call for a report - this is a personal example. Everything else is nonsense. So, start with your parent.
    1. kapitan281271
      kapitan281271 24 November 2016 11: 41
      In the sense of becoming on the market, what example is needed, he is already in ah * re like a dad, after graduating from school 30 years ago in an easy one, he solves any problem in algebra or physics, or calls almost any historical date without much effort, only that the summer vacations, I tell him "your division I am at work all day, I work in another city for 50 miles in the sense that I will not return home unexpectedly, mom too, the house is all day in the backyard of the pool. You would at least get together with classmates, the girls in the pool cuddled , I would have such conditions at your age, and you crowd at computers for days on end, is it really more interesting laughing and only, some idiocy sitting 50 meters from each other no the whole street communicating through social networks what a thrill I don't understand go to go out the street at least through the woods, go to the river, no via skype or social network is more interesting, "and you say by your example I try my best.
  23. Reklastik
    Reklastik 24 November 2016 11: 28
    Roman Skomorokhov knows everything!))) Nothing will be hidden from him)))
  24. evge-malyshev
    evge-malyshev 24 November 2016 11: 55
    The article is a cry of the soul of people who are sick of the cause. The painted picture is terrifying.
  25. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 24 November 2016 12: 06
    History, traditions and system - these are the three pillars of military education in Russia! Could develop the topic on the example of the destruction of our glorious Order of Lenin VVMIOLU them. Dzerzhinsky, but? The main Admiralty with 200 years of history was liquidated by Sobchak and Putin, unfortunately - the first hated our graduate Yakovlev, who expelled this liberal from St. Petersburg, the second and current "guarantor" probably because of "gratitude to the merits of his benefactor and teacher"? However, the fact is obvious: the forge of naval engineers has been destroyed! Amen!
    1. keeper03
      keeper03 24 November 2016 15: 02
      Similarly, DAM destroyed the Taganrog State Radio Engineering University (TRTU, TSURE), by merging with Rostov State University and the advent of SFedU! No more forge frames! He is now a branch! I have no words.
  26. Fonmeg
    Fonmeg 24 November 2016 12: 14
    This is a sore problem of military educational institutions, although not only of the military, but initially of our entire educational system in today's Russia, thanks to the "efforts" of the liberal government of the Gaidar-type, working off Uncle Sam's money and preparing the amorphous-amoebic generation of the exam!
  27. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 24 November 2016 12: 18
    I remembered the book "The Crew of the Black Ship" there they really trained specialists from infancy, but the price that had to be paid for this was prohibitively high.
  28. Comrade Glebov
    Comrade Glebov 24 November 2016 12: 21
    Yeah. The situation is like in the whole teaching / education system. 11 thousand schools were closed in a year, 20 thousand churches were opened. The education system is like in England. As in England for people from birth destined to be servants and waiters. It's a shame that a miracle did not happen and general tendencies did not pass by the army. I have schoolchildren, God forgive me,. Idiocy at the level of imprinting. Despite the fact that my discipline is not very complicated - history, people and society. I am silent about the exact sciences. They destroyed the Soviet education system, so we get it. Well, who else will bravoly shout "Russia is rising from its knees"? While the old people are alive, they are long years old, we still hold on. And young people come and give out pearls in the style of "the Bolsheviks overthrew the tsar" ... Shame.
  29. BAI
    BAI 24 November 2016 12: 40
    Yes, science everywhere in us (and military research institutes (from personal experience)) is degrading.
  30. Bashibuzuk
    Bashibuzuk 24 November 2016 12: 49
    Yes, the article is terrifying, yes, terrible things kill. Yes Yes Yes.....
    And what is the article about at all? The fact that a graduate of a military school is not obliged, in general, to gnaw at the granite of science and make fundamental breakthroughs in science? That's right, it should be so. Well. there will be a couple of those especially gifted in the tenth issue, so they can be put into science. And the rest - pull the strap, soldier, as they say.
    They go to military schools absolutely not for the prospect of the Nobel Peace looming. Or the laurels of Buran’s developer, suppose.
    Are we terrified that from HP a couple remain to serve? I understand that it is in science to serve. Well, this is just right, and in the initial thesis I wrote about this. Science is driven by units. Special. And not those that are produced in bulk, sharpened on a specific technique.
    Or is it bad that the Military Space Academy was destroyed? Fir-trees, here the country was destroyed, then a couple of times it was destroyed. Here everyone continues to fall apart. In the bud, alive. The government is only busy with one task - to destroy as much as possible. And we are about VUNTS. It’s good even that the center itself is magnificent, as Roman writes. And frames are frames. The same academy did not from the very beginning become so.
    Are you terrified that everyone is tattooed? Well, fashion is like that. Are these cadets piercing many foreskins? No information, right? Well, it means that the guys are not so lost, and their members did not swing from right to left. That's what troubles me the least, it's tattoos. The boobies.
    Science is driven by those who are imprisoned in science. Such, as a rule, do not go to military schools, institutes, or academies. And to demand scientific knowledge from a combatant lieutenant is reckless.
    And I will not talk about the exam. I've already said enough about the collapse. And this is the Unified State Examination - collapse in collapse.
    And all business.
  31. killganoff
    killganoff 24 November 2016 12: 59
    Stupid is easier to manage, stupid and the idea of ​​good is different.
  32. KeJIbttmb
    KeJIbttmb 24 November 2016 13: 05
    A small nuance: among the guys of the scientific company there are much more people who want to serve than described in the satya. Why they don’t go, or rather they don’t, are questions to the Voronezh medical board.
  33. Blue fox
    Blue fox 24 November 2016 13: 14
    By initial military education, I am a graduate of the military academy, a qualified military engineer. After the reforms, you yourself know who the academy has practically lost its engineering school, having lost entire departments to the heap (foreseeing the skepticism of some, I’ll immediately write that the departments are graduating and not training specialists in educational work and military service, but purely engineering, moreover applied, and not relic of the past). There used to be a practice of admission to military training after 3-4 years of military service, but not a single one of my comrades, on the orders from above, let me go there (however, this was also characteristic of the SA, although not on such a depressing scale as I I can judge by my father’s colleagues), and after my retraining, experience of service in the Caucasus, etc. I just had nowhere to return, neither my department nor my professors' mentors. My classmates have almost the same, especially when you consider that you still need to feed your family, and the salary of an adjunct or KTN teacher with the rank of lieutenant colonel is lower than that of a captain in the military unit. Yes, to hell with him, we had such ideological non-mercantile bright heads on the course, but no, instead of science, please pay for 7 constructions a day (at the faculty, on the parade ground of the academy), 6 notebooks with plans-synopses of non-existent events, 8 daily allowances orders for the faculty, and most importantly (to hell with her, with the soldiering, it happened before, when the post of general or colonel-head of the faculty and academy was not a military scientist, usually of a professorial level, but a wild-growing colonel with general military education - and here I, colleagues, apologize to you, because you all know that even "Lenpeh is the coolest!" (c), and "different officers are needed!" (c), but steering a regiment is one thing, and bespectacled egg-heads is another) - the inability to engage in scientific work, namely: limiting the working hours of the secret library instead of daily hours from early morning until late evening earlier, up to 9 hours a week for three her days; a ban on listening to a course of lectures in related civil universities (especially mathematics and other purely applied); a ban on writing joint research with researchers from related civilian universities, refusal of consulting and teaching services of former heads of departments and associate professors who were retired and now civilians in order to save money (laughter, a civilian teacher, a former lieutenant colonel and KTN, a maximum of "shone" 10 thousand rubles per month for his work as an incoming lecturer for 10 hours a week. what is there to save? ) etc. Recently I learned that KTNs and the heads of several of the remaining departments were not only not excellent students in the past, but not even all middle peasants (but for one reason or another they remained course officers after graduation). But the worst thing is, they did not become a single day in the army and did not work live on equipment, technology, without commanding personnel of varying degrees of rationality and sanity, not living the life rhythm of a military collective for real. Not a day carrying combat duty, participating in exercises, etc.
  34. den-protector
    den-protector 24 November 2016 13: 38
    My school (JVVFU) also reduced Serdyuchka first to the faculty, and then completely cut it. Now this is the faculty of the Military Academy of MTO them. A.V. Khruleva. Previously, they entered the school from all over the Union, but now go to the Academy, most of the cadets are maskwitches and all sorts of bad money.
  35. xBoris
    xBoris 24 November 2016 13: 57
    Ege .. exam .. - my son took the Unified State Exam this year .. I saw his assignments ... - in general, first try to solve this Unified State Exam for a score of more than 70, .. So decide - then we will discuss how much he is bad and what .. what options can be thought of better than it can be replaced. I do not take the variants of "detours" .. The USE really divided the students and the selection committee, excluded the human factor. Has got rid of "vertebrae" and "arrogance" to "fixers" and "arrangers" .. Yes, we did not manage to enter the university on the budget, despite the medal and high USE .. It's just that all the places were occupied by the Olympiads .. However, already the first the pre-session showed that the rating of my studio is in the area of ​​the first 20% of students, which is very, very good, although there is room to strive for.
    So the school gives knowledge. It would be the students’s desire to absorb them, the teachers to acquire this knowledge, and the parents desire and strength to educate their pups so that they would know not only their rights, but also their place at the desk and at the blackboard, understand who the teacher is and what respect for elders.
    For me personally, much more concern is modern social networks ..
    When ICQ started - almost all employees in the office had it .. I then could not understand - how can you work if you are constantly distracted ..?
    In general, returning to the topic of falling levels everywhere and in everything - I dare to suggest that one of the reasons is the constant "crowd feeling" ... which is organized by social networks and the constant presence in them.
    My student is sitting, doing homework, and his phone grunts every 10..30 seconds .. Someone is posting something .. jokes, pins ... Well, what ..? WHAT can study be here .. ???? Even to concentrate, in my concept, is not possible, not to understand and realize some phenomenon and its essence. And it lasts until 1..3 nights ...
    My fellow stopped reading books at 12-13 years old ... when he got his first smartphone. I am afraid that now, this replacement of communication with a book, with communication on the network - is happening much and much earlier ... and this, in my opinion, is the biggest disaster. What can be learned in communication with peers - .. ?? That's right, the biggest and harmless thing is what and how to wear, eat and drink ... But to get a new idea, comprehend it, dream up, or imagine ... - this takes time. And on the net - it’s just NOT there. Have time to unsubscribe, but put pictures ..
    My conclusion is not the Unified State Exam ... but social networks - this is the main current problem. How to tear our children out of these networks ?? How to return them TIME to books .. ?? This is a problem without which development in any field is very problematic.
    1. free
      free 24 November 2016 15: 16
      and EGE and social networks, but most of all those people who understand everything but do nothing intentionally, so for a long time comrade Mauser has been worried about them, we need to start with them!
    2. bk316
      bk316 24 November 2016 18: 53
      Here's a decision - then we'll discuss how bad it is and why ..

      we failed to enter the university on the budget,

      That's when your child will have a score of 285 (like mine) out of 300, and then we'll discuss. bully
      By the way, then he will go to the budget, almost everywhere.

      My fellow stopped reading books in the years 12-13 ..,

      And mine is not.

      Security question: What kind of sport does your son practice (really)
  36. Evil Elf
    Evil Elf 24 November 2016 14: 08
    Exactly. I am a radio amateur with 29 years of experience. He graduated from the school in 1990. Author of 9 articles in radio magazines. I have experience in the development of electronic devices. It's mine. It's so easy for me with electronics. But at 43, I don’t know how to drive a car. Sincere desire to work on the military-industrial complex, but no one gives such an opportunity, and now age
  37. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn 24 November 2016 14: 56
    Yes Trishkin is a caftan, after the reforms and reorganizations the hair stands on end. Moreover, Roman caught both wings of problems, the "production" of consumers by the Ministry of Defense, and the defeat of the educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense by loyal Serdyukovites. There is no end in sight to the work with the fruits of the "reforms" which has begun in some way, and indeed, the question is, who is ahead, cadres will be finally lost or the Defense Ministry will be able to clear the rubble. One thing must be said, it is vitally important for the EW troops to have their own educational institution, on the basis of which specialists in these specific specialties would be trained and there would be direct interaction with science and industry, which is impossible to achieve when the recruitment of cadets and their training are guided from general considerations. With general secondary education, with the arrival of Vasilyeva, at least some hopes appeared.
  38. free
    free 24 November 2016 15: 12
    you need to start from the 37th for bureaucrats of all levels!
  39. keeper03
    keeper03 24 November 2016 15: 39
    Russian education - an anthropological dimension
  40. egsp
    egsp 24 November 2016 15: 58
    Since the 90s, a lot of "dead souls" have gone to schools. All thieves, this mom - that dad added. They do not want to study and serve. It turns out that the state's money and take someone else's place "down the drain." Then they come to the troops and on the very first day a letter of dismissal. Nauseous. You have to do something about this.
    Can check on a polygraph with a direct question on the forehead: "Do you want to study and be an officer?"
    1. Bloodsucker
      Bloodsucker 24 November 2016 16: 00
      Quote: egsp
      Can check on a polygraph with a direct question on the forehead: "Do you want to study and be an officer?"

      The abbreviated school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Vladikavkaz is closed precisely because 90% of the graduation is idle, right after receiving a diploma they were dumped into lawyers ...
  41. goncharov.62
    goncharov.62 24 November 2016 16: 45
    The "old" Soviet education system must be returned to a new level. Then the Yury Gagarins will appear, and not the Nemtsovs (not to be remembered by nightfall)!
  42. Nait
    Nait 24 November 2016 17: 06
    Quote: KudrevKN
    the laval Admiralty with 200 years of history was liquidated by Sobchak and Putin, ...

    In my opinion it is easier to say which of the military schools these "patriots" headed by the main guarantor did not destroy.
    Where do not stick everything "protuberated" ....
    There were 220 military schools in the USSR, 17 in Russia and not every year (!!!).
    In my opinion, only in St. Petersburg there were 20 (or 22) schools.
    What is it like? The territory has not greatly decreased ....
    Perhaps information on Russia is outdated (for now), but the order is approximately the same.
    All united and everywhere "optimist".

    When they praise Russian air defense, I just don’t understand how much it is (compared to the Soviet one) and who,
    damn, there serves as officers?
    If the optimist came even to the oldest (in the air defense system) PVURE (Pushkinskoe), where there was a powerful
    teaching staff material base (especially in computer technology).
  43. Amper
    Amper 24 November 2016 17: 23
    .... So strange, to be honest. All our life they thought that we would fight with the US Department of Defense. And the Russian Ministry of Education almost won us ....

    I guess I’m not far from the truth if I say that it is far-sighted and effective, and already victorious, destructive system, conceived and implemented by the enemy of Russia No. 1 - USA. Adherents of her everywhere and everywhere. You think this is a disaster in your industry, but it is everywhere. Everything is destroyed and perverted, lost to the end. There is nothing to teach, nothing, and no one needs to. Market economy Cheap bought, sold expensive! This is the main thing in this life. Whatever moor is carried about patriotism from all screens in all forums. Sitting in the trenches with AK you won’t get much - time of high technologies and speeds, patriotism will not help here ....
    I am a power engineer. If the task is set for Red-haired efficient manager to get the maximum profit from the sale of electricity? Do you think he will begin to modernize old power equipment, organize the testing of equipment, its adjustment, training staff to effectively work with him, will the staff be interested in a bonus for reducing specific fuel consumption?
    Not! He will sell everything as scrap metal, he will drive people out, buy an electric grid and buy energy from the Chinese, and sell it to you at three expensive. Because he is a monopolist and you have nowhere to take her darling (he will agree on a single price with his red brothers).
    Today he finally killed the circus on TV, where VVP raised "academicians". The RAS is rotten, like the FSB (pokatushki on Waggins).
    This is the same RAS !!!!! Academics! They bent the same, put in a pose ... and said, either give Xiva, or tomorrow you will not be here. Perhaps it’s true that tomorrow will never come when.
    It touches the babble of my fellow citizens, one must believe in the best! Here comes the real Master and everything will be fine, everything will change. Of course, everything will change! Such a territory, such wealth! Someone will definitely come and change everything! What language will he speak !?
    1. Comrade Glebov
      Comrade Glebov 24 November 2016 22: 55
      Eh, buddy, your words would be in the right ears. It's time to scream the guard. Have you heard that "theology" is recognized as a science? It just drove me (a religious scholar) into a stupor. White magic academy will open tomorrow, damn it. If tomorrow, as you wisely pointed out, comes.
  44. Varaga
    Varaga 24 November 2016 17: 34
    One woman, a professor, said: "Cancel the exam. Until you cancel, the rockets will fall." Dot.
    1. bk316
      bk316 24 November 2016 18: 55
      Cancel already. Do you think the rockets will stop falling?
  45. abcon
    abcon 24 November 2016 19: 23
    I’m not inventing, stating. In the Far East, due to seismic activity, the Japanese islands will unite with the mainland. By 2053, the Far East will be Japanese, Chinese and American, and Baikal Chinese.
  46. Jack-b
    Jack-b 24 November 2016 19: 56
    They used to say that everything is bad and we will all die. Now it’s not kosher to say that. Now another trend is in fashion: everything is still good, but soon everything will be bad and we will all die.

    Here Roman blames that everything that has been created for today was created by the "old guard" which will soon be gone. Is it the very same guard that refused to move from Moscow to Voronezh? There used to be such a profession to defend the Motherland regardless of geography, even in Kamchatka, even in Manchuria, even in Kazakhstan. And now to move to Voronezh? These are probably the same "best cadres" as those that all the time "flow away" from the country to abroad. All of them are the best, everything is leaking away and leaking away for like two decades, but in Russia science still cannot die without them. So I don't think that everything is so bad in Voronezh. But with vodka, you can perfectly tell that we will all die. And you can dance or fight. This is how the mood will be. Apparently the mood was bad.
    1. nov_tech.vrn
      nov_tech.vrn 24 November 2016 23: 37
      no need to juggle, back in Soviet times, the transfer of the school from Moscow to the Kaliningrad region, and then to Oryol, significantly distorted the level of teaching, plus you need to keep in mind the money issue
    2. servant.
      servant. 25 November 2016 06: 30
      It may not be bad in Voronezh, but the fact is lagging by the fact - the teaching staff did not go to Voronezh! Education also affected the quality, science will not die, but at least it lags behind on the Soviet backlog ...
  47. Natalia777
    Natalia777 24 November 2016 20: 01
    This is to be expected. Examination - this is for parrots. Brains are not provided. Vrpode, the new Minister of Education decided to abolish the exam.
  48. SHAH
    SHAH 24 November 2016 20: 04
    Everyone knows that the exam is harm to say the least, the results are already in institutions and life, they have raised a generation of underserved children, and
    Fursenko is sitting next to Putin. They don’t take any measures, the Unified State Examination lives and prepares consumers on the stream.
    Why do we need the authorities that encourage everything bad in the country, they are just enemies of Russia.
  49. Glory1974
    Glory1974 24 November 2016 21: 15
    And there were attempts to destroy this Academy. Under Serdyukov there were. It was decided under his "sensitive" leadership to relocate the Military Communications Academy to Novocherkassk. Then to Krasnodar. Then again to Novocherkassk.

    Don't blame Serdyukov. This was the project of the chief of the signal troops and others like him. But Serdyukov arrived, figured out that the move would be more expensive than the sale of all the buildings, and canceled the relocation. After that the chief of the communications troops and the "company" were dismissed.
    1. Nait
      Nait 25 November 2016 06: 36
      Here, explain why during and after the Second World War there was money for the maintenance of the air defense missile defense system,
      there was an understanding that such a school is necessary ....
      And in 200 * ny there was no understanding, no money, and took
      for the "optimist of the ancient air defense school?"
      It’s just as an example, they don’t get the same questions everywhere, the same Admiralty with 200 years of history led here.
      By the way, everything happened under the strict guidance of the team of the main guarantor and "patriot".
  50. astronom1973n
    astronom1973n 25 November 2016 06: 42
    And we also began to confuse charity and pity with the need to prepare a worthy replacement for cadets. Yes, in the cadet corps (at least in our country), the basis of recruitment is children from problem families (incomplete and disadvantaged). Instead of recruiting those who are worthy and capable by all criteria, they take those who are good and should not be taken to a special school. As a result, at the output we have -... wasted time and cadet corps resemble special boarding schools. Look at the cadet-hung with medals like Leonid Brezhnev in the last years of his life. But there’s no sense. The guys who study there really are few of them .... Other institutions should deal with the problem of disadvantaged cadets, and cadet corps should be involved in the training of future cadets, based on real corps, and not according to the "knowledge competition" (this is when you know someone from the leadership). And the educators should be worthy there, and not a bunch of pot-bellied, unsettled reserve officers, who, by and large, are up to ...
    1. cannabis
      cannabis 25 November 2016 08: 27
      Quote: astronom1973n
      charity and pity with the need to prepare a worthy shift

      For a child who has lost a father or both parents, a military career is almost the only way to take a worthy place on the social ladder. In addition, military labor itself is dirty and monotonous and hinders the development of creative personalities. In military service, you can become a hero, but never a great scientist, writer and marshal. Every business needs its own tool. Lermontov and Tolstoy never became generals in the army, but became marshals in the spiritual life of the people. One cannot expect great discoveries in science from a graduate of a military school. Practice shows us the clear mission of the officers - these are uncles mallets from a fairy tale about a magic snuffbox. One of the hundreds is a general, three from a platoon of colonels, a couple of captains, and the rest the major is a lieutenant colonel. Their destiny is to warm armor up to 45 years old with their backside or huddle in the ship’s double cabin. The generation gap that was mentioned was deliberately organized so that the officers of the Russian army had a completely different mentality, the mentality required by capitalism, and not socialism. And yet, yes, much has been achieved - in appearance and in the nature of the activity, even in the manner of holding on, modern officers are completely different people.
      1. astronom1973n
        astronom1973n 25 November 2016 08: 41
        Quote: cunning
        For a child who has lost a father or both parents, a military career is almost the only way to take a worthy place on the social ladder.

        Yes, of course, if a child meets the selection criteria in order to become an officer. If not, then all the chatter and waste of time. Genes can not be erased from life, no matter how rude it sounds. Aspen will not give birth to oranges. For the rest, there are not cadet schools, but other educational institutions.
      2. astronom1973n
        astronom1973n 25 November 2016 08: 44
        Quote: cunning
        The generation gap that was mentioned was deliberately organized so that the officers of the Russian army had a completely different mentality, the mentality required by capitalism, and not socialism. And yet, yes, much has been achieved - in appearance and in the nature of the activity, even in the manner of holding on, modern officers are completely different people.

        Did you serve yourself? What did modern officers not please you with? The fact that they survived during the time of lack of money and constant wars? They are now the backbone of the army. And about the officers of the SA, you can also say a lot, and not always pleasant.
        1. cannabis
          cannabis 25 November 2016 08: 57
          These are all beautiful words! The backbone of the army is the people. Officers are consumables in wartime and media in peacetime. Our stranger was always saved by the people's militia, and not by a cadre army with ironed boots and handsome generals.