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Atomic heavy aircraft carrying cruiser project 1143.7 "Ulyanovsk". Infographics

"Ulyanovsk" (order С-107) is an unfinished atomic heavy aircraft carrying cruiser (ATAVKR) of the 1143.7 project. Due to the difficult economic situation that developed after the collapse of the USSR, the construction of the ship was stopped. Disassembled on the stocks in 1992 year.

1 November 1991 of the year ATAVKR "Ulyanovsk" was expelled from the Navy, funding for the project ceased. For some time, the plant carried out assembly and assembly at its own expense, but at the beginning of 1992, after the collapse of the USSR, Russia and Ukraine finally abandoned the ship's further construction.


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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 24 November 2016 08: 02
    The victim of perestroika and the further collapse of the USSR, like so much more.
    1. GSH-18
      GSH-18 24 November 2016 09: 20
      Ehhhh! Perestroika would come 3-4 years later! ... We would now have a real Aircraft Carrier!
      1. Monarchist
        Monarchist 24 November 2016 16: 07
        What to remember now. As soon as I remember the "Belovezhskaya Troika", you will regret that they drank "Zubrovka" (a friend brought it: very high quality), and not a solvent, like drunks under a fence.
  2. ekebastus
    ekebastus 24 November 2016 08: 19
  3. The comment was deleted.
    1. GSH-18
      GSH-18 24 November 2016 10: 24
      By October 29, 1992 of the year, the “zero” slipway was free - the 107 order ceased to exist.

      So the Russian Aircraft Carrier was sunk ... without firing a shot. Conclusion?
      1. LÄRZ
        LÄRZ 24 November 2016 10: 33
        Quote: GSH-18
        So the Russian Aircraft Carrier was sunk ... without firing a shot. Conclusion?

        Yes, there are many of these conclusions. I would divide them into two categories: 1. Why did it all happen? 2. How to prevent this from happening again?
  4. Engineer
    Engineer 24 November 2016 10: 01
    This is an answer for amateurs to argue - why do we need an aircraft carrier, they say this is a weapon of aggression, intimidation of banana republics, etc., because the Union did not build aircraft carriers with its defense doctrine. Built! Kuznetsov was already lowered, the Varangian was being completed, and on the approach was already a full-fledged nuclear, with catapults, with AWACS aircraft. And such nuclear was planned FOUR!!! I wonder who this Union was planning such aggression against ?!
    1. LÄRZ
      LÄRZ 24 November 2016 10: 37
      Quote: Engineer
      And there were FOUR planned such atomic !!!

      So we have FOUR fleets!
      Quote: Engineer
      I wonder who this Union was planning such aggression against ?!

      Ordinary self-defense measures within the framework of reasonable sufficiency. No more.
    2. THE_SEAL
      THE_SEAL 25 November 2016 11: 02
      An aircraft carrier is a very expensive pleasure. What's the point?
  5. NEXUS
    NEXUS 24 November 2016 10: 37
    An aircraft carrier would be good ... 70 aircraft wing, AWACS, PLO ... but there were problems with the catapult ... Moreover, if sclerosis doesn’t fail me, they planned to build the next aircraft carrier after Ulyanovsk with an aircraft wing of 90 aircraft.
  6. masiya
    masiya 24 November 2016 10: 37
    One more nail in the coffins of Gorbachev and Elbon ..... worthy successors gave Judah:
  7. proud
    proud 24 November 2016 21: 29
    Article about nothing, if only yes!
    THE_SEAL 25 November 2016 11: 01
    . nagging again. Anyhow yes. More than 20 million Russians below the poverty line. Here's what to decide.
    And here they are crying for aircraft carriers.
    1. Wened
      Wened 28 November 2016 14: 32
      You argue that there are no homeless and poor people in the USA, but there are only 10 attack aircraft carriers in their Navy.
      Moreover, "20 million Russians are below the poverty line" only in the fantasies of our "oppositionists" and in the seats of the US State Department. Now it's not the 90s, life has changed dramatically. It's time to notice this already.
      1. Wened
        Wened 28 November 2016 16: 00
        ... in the DREAMS of the US State Department.
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Protos
      Protos 29 November 2016 16: 22
      Read the lists of these 20 pliz, otherwise in the Crimea, when moving to "below the poverty line" of Russia, the number of cars and rented houses has tripled !!! :))
  9. Raf01
    Raf01 30 November 2016 13: 21
    During the bookmarking years of this aircraft carrier, the USSR was at the peak of its military power. The USSR collapsed, including because of a hypertrophied defense industry. In Saratov, more than half of the enterprises worked for the defense industry, which, alas, is not profitable. Foreign contracts were drawn up in debt, and everyone understood that no one would give these debts. The Soviet military-industrial complex caused huge losses. When everything began to fall apart, these enterprises could not fit into market conditions. I have a TITANIUM bayonet shovel manufactured by the Saratov Aviation Plant. She is more than 20 years old - like new. Before these shovels, Yaks were produced there. There is no factory for a long time. I look at this shovel and I feel sad. Because of the inept management of the Politburo, the economy of the great country was ruined. It is not necessary to blame Gorbachev for everything, except for there were a lot of people there, perestroika also began not from a good life. And on the ship - a compact AWACS aircraft was not and is not, there is no normal catapult now. In order for it to become a full-fledged combat unit, it was necessary to invest more than a dozen billion dollars. (Only an air wing of 2-3 billion). Russia has no such money now.