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This year, the "Northern Shipyard" will not have time to launch the ship "Ivan Khurs"

The launch of the communication vessel “Ivan Khurs” (project 18280) will take place in 2017 g, the exact date of the event is being specified, the portal reports Flotprom.

Earlier, the shipyard stated that the launching of a reconnaissance ship will take place at the end of this year.

“According to the results of the operation of the head vessel,“ Yuri Ivanov ”, a number of the crew's wishes were taken into account: the habitability and ergonomics were improved. But no major changes were made to the project ", - clarified the representative of the company Olga Danilevskaya.

According to her, the ship "Ivan Khurs" is planned to be transferred to the Pacific the fleet.

“Ivan Hurs has the ability to monitor the US missile defense system. This is a very important point, because the Americans are not abandoning their intentions to strengthen their presence in the Asia-Pacific region, despite the opposition of China. The situation becomes more complicated, the opposition of these two countries will intensify. In this situation, Russia has its own interests, and we must comply with them, ”said Ivan Konovalov, head of the military policy sector of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

The lead ship of the 18280 project was transferred to the Northern Fleet last July.

Resource Help: “The communications vessel (medium reconnaissance ship) was designed to provide communications and fleet management, as well as for reconnaissance and electronic warfare. The ship's designer was the Iceberg Central Design Bureau.
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FlotProm, Ilya Kurganov
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  1. newcomer
    newcomer 21 November 2016 13: 53
    what can I say, one can only regret. the exact date of delivery at 17m is unknown. we need such ships, very much more.
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 21 November 2016 14: 44
      Something prevented the shipbuilders from launching the "Ivan Khurs" according to the plan, information about the delay was not published anywhere in the press, apparently, all the same, improvements and the fulfillment of wishes influenced the launch time.
      1. newcomer
        newcomer 21 November 2016 14: 59
        let's hope that this drags out for a short while.
        1. lelikas
          lelikas 21 November 2016 15: 29
          According to "news from the fields" everything is fine with him, but there are some financial problems.
          1. newcomer
            newcomer 21 November 2016 15: 51
            oh, these finances. it's time to disperse fin.liber. government block, oh time. then, maybe, there will be some sense in finances.
  2. svp67
    svp67 21 November 2016 13: 55
    Yes, and do not forget about "peaceful trawlers" ... Drop, drop by drop, but the fleet is replenished ... And we cannot but rejoice at this.
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 21 November 2016 14: 10
      Quote: svp67
      Yes, and don't forget about "peaceful trawlers" ..

      Everyone knows what they were called;)))
  3. NEXUS
    NEXUS 21 November 2016 14: 18
    They will modify it to make it more convenient for the crew, and hand it over to the fleet ... I don’t see anything terrible here. In such matters, you should not hurry much, but it is not advisable to delay.
  4. Hariton laptev
    Hariton laptev 21 November 2016 14: 24
    Quote: lelikas
    Quote: svp67
    Yes, and don't forget about "peaceful trawlers" ..

    Everyone knows what they were called;)))

    Okeanchiki hard workers are not interchangeable
  5. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 21 November 2016 14: 29
    The deadline for the delivery of the latest serial reconnaissance ship to track the American Ivan Hurs missile defense will be postponed for a year. In addition, the Navy has so far decided to limit itself to two ships of this project.
    The first serial ship of project 18280 Ivan Hurs, which the press dubbed a reconnaissance ship to track the US missile defense system, will not be surrendered to the Navy in 2016, as agreed in the contract. The Gazeta.Ru representative of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) announced the postponement of the terms for a year.
    The communications vessel of project 18280, designed by the St. Petersburg Central Design Bureau Iceberg and being built at the Severnaya Verf, is designed to provide communications, fleet management, and radio reconnaissance. The ship "Ivan Khurs" got its name in honor of the Soviet naval leader, vice admiral, chief of intelligence of the Navy of the USSR. The laying of the vessel took place in November 2013. The ship is 95 meters long, 16 meters wide, has a cruising range of 8000 miles, a displacement of 4000 tons, and a crew of about 120 people. The lead ship of this project, "Yuri Ivanov," became part of the Navy in 2015.
    In October 2015, Severnaya Verf reported that it was keeping within the construction schedule, launching was planned for the second quarter of 2016, and in December 2016 it would hand over the ship to the fleet. A month ago, in June, the main engines (two 5DRA diesel-gear units) with a capacity of 5500 hp, manufactured at the Kolomna plant, were installed on Ivan Khurs. The power plant involves the development of speed up to 20 knots. “Today, the hull and superstructure are fully formed on the order, outfitting, electrical work, priming and insulation of the premises are underway, the painting of the hull begins. The launch of the communications ship is scheduled for autumn 2016, ”the shipyard said then.
    The OSK "Gazeta.Ru" specified that the vessel will be launched in October this year. Moreover, according to the representative of the corporation, the deadline for the delivery of the Navy ship is shifted to next year.
    “In accordance with the updated schedule for the completion of construction, the Ivan Khurs communications ship will be transferred to the Russian Ministry of Defense in November 2017.
    Tests of the vessel will begin according to the classical scheme in 2017. Mooring trials will be carried out first. With the opening of navigation, the ship will go to factory sea trials at sea. In the future, a program of state tests will be developed. After eliminating the comments identified during the inspection, final decoration and revision, the ship will be prepared for transfer. The date of raising the naval flag on the ship will be determined by the customer, ”USC told
    At the same time, the source of “Gazeta.Ru” in the Ministry of Defense said that “according to the contract, the surrender of“ Ivan Khurs is provided for in the IV quarter of 2016 ”, while it was not officially transferred,
    but it is obvious that shipbuilders will not have time to turn it in at this point, so they initiated a "shift to the right."
    “The communication vessels of project 18280 are distinguished primarily by their radio-technical weapons. It includes over-the-horizon radar stations, which allow controlling the surface and air conditions ”
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 21 November 2016 15: 37
      Severnaya Verf, in my opinion, can’t deliver a single ship on time - there are continuous transfers for each. I don’t see anything positive in this news - the project has already been worked out, what else is there that lasts for at least six months, alterations - the crew asked for a couple of additional latches ?!
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 21 November 2016 15: 55
        Maybe reconnaissance equipment was decided to be improved, more cunning to deliver and the delivery of equipment was delayed.
        And maybe the truth is "SF" mows, you definitely won't know because of the secrecy measures.
  6. Hariton laptev
    Hariton laptev 21 November 2016 14: 29
    And no big deal the main thing is that ships are being built
    1. Sagittarius
      Sagittarius 21 November 2016 15: 17
      It would be nice if, in the remaining time, the completion afloat reduced the time lag.
  7. INF
    INF 21 November 2016 15: 29
    Minor wishes should not disrupt the date of delivery, all those who are guilty of bending, especially mowing punish severely. In my company, everyone would work for such a free, such are the fines. As an option, everything was taken into account, but in connection with the changes made, the change was postponed, but this is already a question, was it postponed or not?