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A changing world examines politicians who feel comfortable in the passing time

The touching farewell in Berlin of outgoing United States President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who met for her fourth term, caused strange feelings. During the years of his reign, Barack Hussein Obama created many problems for Germany. The range of actions of his administration was very wide: from wiretapping the Bundeskanzlerin phone itself to the pursuit of German business like the Volkswagen automobile concern or the Deutsche Bank financial conglomerate, charged by the US Department of Justice with billions of dollars in fines. And after such dirty tricks, a touching and quite sincere farewell to him happened to the main German ally.

Doubtful stakes of globalization

It is unlikely that only the hospitality of the hostess of the farewell meeting led Angela Merkel to such a separation from Obama. It seems that the excitement of Chancellor Merkel, which the television picture could not hide, was largely due to the brewing changes in the world. She was comfortable enough in the past. Under the wing of the US administration, Merkel opened a chance to strengthen the regional capabilities of Germany. The Chancellor took advantage of it to the full.

Did the forces accumulated by the Germans have enough to retain unconditional leadership on the continent in the new conditions and further define European policy? The answer to this important question for Germany today is not obvious. Therefore, farewell to Obama was at the same time farewell to the past. New challenges still carry with them only uncertainty, and with it - sadness, sadness and nostalgia about the outgoing. Let it be personified into such a flawed figure that the current United States President Barack Hussein Obama has become for the modern world.

The eight-year Obama reign passed under the sign of the globalization of world economy and politics. Very soon, it became clear to sane people: globalization is an attempt to make everyone play by American rules in the American interest, more precisely, in the economic and political interests of transnational business, the core of which was formed in America.
Transnational corporations and their supportive policies have become the main beneficiaries of globalization.

It is not easy. The world is resisting. Political analyst Sergei Sudakov estimated that in order to spread democracy and protect the interests of transnational business, "during 8 the years of Obama's rule, 6 trillions of dollars were spent on war around the world." However, the success of such a policy is very modest. She stalled even in relation to the closest allies. An example of this is the failed Transatlantic Trade Partnership.

Americans have been promoting this alliance since the 90s of the last century. Barack Obama set out to complete many years of work and establish such trade relations with Europe, where American rules of the game would be common to both continents. Did not happen.

Europeans were concerned about the liberal approaches of Americans to the economy, sometimes strikingly different from the rules in force in the Old World. For example, in the European Union, only the product whose safety for consumers is confirmed can take a place on the market. In the United States, however, any product can go around the market, the danger of which has not been officially proven.

It is not by chance that genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which are widely used in the agricultural production of the United States, have become the main bone of contention in preparing the documents of the Transatlantic Trade Alliance. There were other examples of diametrically opposed approaches to trade rules in Europe and America.

And these differences only get worse over time. For example, during the recently concluded US presidential election campaign, a simultaneous vote on the legalization of soft drugs took place. According to its results, 19 states allowed the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Residents of three states (California, Massachusetts and Nevada) voted for the full legalization of this drug. A new product has appeared on the American market. The trade partnership will promote it in the Old World.

It is clear that such a situation, when the world is given only submission to the interests and rules of the United States, few people are satisfied. Responsible politicians are in favor of more equal relations with the Americans. This topic is being actively discussed. During the week during the debates in France, where the center's policy on the primaries fought for the right to run for the presidency of 2017 in the spring of the year, former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon criticized the US policy of globalization.

“Not Mr. Trump wreaked havoc in the Middle East, staging an invasion of Iraq. Not Mr. Trump wished to place a missile defense system on the borders of Russia. Not Mr. Trump made it so that American judges interfere in the life of European enterprises, Fillon was outraged. “With the election of Donald Trump, it’s time to say“ Stop! ”And convince the Europeans to establish a more balanced relationship with the United States.”

Trump's victory gave strength to euro skeptics

Today, the elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, has become for the world an alternative to the globalization policy, which now compels us to seek protection from it on the national field. For the first time, this was vividly and convincingly demonstrated by Brexit - the UK referendum on leaving the European Union. His results were unexpected for many.

Justifying their analytical failure, British politicians explained the voting results by the fact that the population expressed dissatisfaction with the massive influx of migrants. A more significant problem remained in the shadows - the daily dictates of European officials who imposed farmers, fishermen, small business with quotas, restrictions and prohibitions. The British felt that they were losing their sovereignty to people whom no one in their office chose, to whom society did not delegate such broad powers.

This European “globalization” gave rise to a whole layer of euro-skeptics, the first victory of which was Brexit. First, because a small parade of sovereignties swept across the continent. Euroskeptics won the elections of the Bulgarian and Moldovan presidents, supported the right-wing populist parties and their leaders in Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The leader of the “National Front” of France, Marin le Pen, so appreciated the current state of Europe: by voting for Brexit, the British launched “the first volley in the battle with the European elites”. To some, the statement of Le Pen may seem to be a biting figure of speech. However, the French expect that the leader of the “Popular Front”, opposing immigration and EU membership, may well go to the second round of presidential elections.

Italians, who oppose themselves to the local establishment, are able to achieve even greater success. On December 4 in Italy appointed a referendum on constitutional reform. It was initiated by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. He called for the redistribution of powers of the Senate and regional governments in favor of the highest executive power and threatened to resign in the event of his defeat.

The main opponent of Renzi is the “Five Star Movement”, which united the Italian Euro-skeptics. Recent polls show: this movement today has a chance to send the prime minister to resign. Renzi can actually lose the referendum, albeit with a slight lag behind the euro-skeptics.

In another part of Europe - the Netherlands - parliamentary elections are scheduled for March. Gert Wilders, the populist Freedom Party, is active here. Its main slogan, “I will return the Netherlands to the Dutch”, was to the liking of local voters. At least, according to the opinion poll conducted in November by the organization De Hond, the Wilders Party can count on as many seats in parliament as the right-wing Liberal People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy of the current Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

The opposition of the European elite, obsessed with the globalization of economic and political governance of the continent, is gaining strength in all countries of the European Union without exception. Experts lift its activity directly connected with the victory in the American presidential election of Donald Trump.

Trump’s bid for prioritizing national goals over the global interests of transnational business and the elite serving him is supported in Europe. Here, too, not everyone is ready to spend taxpayers' money on projects that are cut off from the pressing problems of the population. Many plans put forward by supranational officials and alliances they have created have been called into question.

Globalists are desperately resisting. Therefore, for example, US President Barack Obama went to Europe to at least protect his political legacy here. “Without a strong transatlantic alliance, our children will have a worse world,” Obama urged the Germans in Berlin. “No matter who the American president is, whoever becomes the German chancellor, the citizens who elect them must remember this.”

Obama's appearance in Germany was explained by the American newspaper The New York Times. After the unexpected election of Donald Trump as US president, she called Chancellor Angela Merkel "the last stronghold of the liberal West." Given the authority of Merkel in Europe, the best candidate for the role of a follower of his policy Obama was hard to find.

The meeting in Berlin gave the impression that Angela Merkel is ready to continue the political line of the outgoing American president, or at least minimize the damage to globalism from new trends and new people. However, this will not be easy.

Barack Obama’s farewell trip to Europe showed that the policies of the continent are more fragmented today than ever before. Therefore, Obama did not even risk a farewell meeting with the leaders of the European Union countries, he limited himself to his close allies. It is unlikely that in these circumstances, Merkel will be able to meet the expectations of the American newspaper and the outgoing US President. The world is looking at its national goals, objectives, interests. So Donald Trump who chose this course is not alone ...

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  1. Finches
    Finches 21 November 2016 06: 46
    Not even the substance of the article - if the Germans choose Merkel for the 4th term, they will lose the remnants of my respect! It is clear that they are neither hot nor cold from this, but one cannot be frankly so passive and I would say miserable ... Then do not be offended that they are already being raped in the literal sense of the word right on their own streets!
    1. ImPerts
      ImPerts 21 November 2016 07: 06
      Surveys show that Merkel has a good chance of re-election.
      What is it? Pumping in the style of the election of the 45 President of the United States, when there was no doubt about Killary’s victory in all polls?
      Or tough German n0rn0 with elements of masochism?
      1. Teberii
        Teberii 21 November 2016 08: 38
        What Merkel, look around, all at once they began to turn on the back. Merkel is trying to keep the brand against this background.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 21 November 2016 09: 56
      Sarkozy flew through the primaries and leaves politics. Deutsch - the electorate has already put an end to Merkel. Steinmeier screwed up with Trump's election. In May, they will play the May Azi in elections in Austria, in which the Liberals are practically not shining. Italy and the Netherlands have muddied referendums on exit from the EU. So we will see.
    3. alpamys
      alpamys 21 November 2016 10: 23
      Quote: Finches
      Not even the substance of the article - if the Germans choose Merkel for the 4th term, they will lose the remnants of my respect! It is clear that they are neither hot nor cold from this, but one cannot be frankly so passive and I would say miserable ... Then do not be offended that they are already being raped in the literal sense of the word right on their own streets!

      in the media, one thing about high ratings, only the lazy one doesn’t kick her, rallies are held around the country about which they are silent, runners are brought in at night by airplanes so as not to annoy anyone, because the ratings are so much lower than the baseboard.
      here is a fresh comment from the russian site of Germany
      Yesterday on ntv they showed her chatter and at the same time they gave phones for and against Merkelyukha. 69 against! 31 percent for! And not the way the press sucks us in! Who are they holding us for ???

      but the girl cuts on Merkelin in Berlin .. in German it’s true

  2. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 21 November 2016 06: 51
    Of course the farewell was gentle wassat because in the Kama Sutra there aren’t as many poses as America is in Germany laughing During this time and imbued with "feelings" for each other. As a victim and rapist for a long time torturing the victim winked That’s why Frau marks the old woman for the next term - after all, when they use you fellow wassat
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 21 November 2016 06: 59
      Germans from a great nation, turned into a miserable ...
      1. Rurikovich
        Rurikovich 21 November 2016 07: 03
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        Germans from a great nation, turned into a miserable ...

        These are the problems of the Germans. wink There is always a choice - you will be great or miserable, but it all depends on you request
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 November 2016 06: 56
    The strangeness lies in the fact that Obama is going to Europe in order to enlist the continuation of the Europeans on the course he proposed, and primarily in confrontation with Russia. But from whom does he enlist support? It is very doubtful that Oland and even Merkel will win the elections. Therefore, this is the last breath of the master ... which must be protected by Europe. Europe needs to think about how to protect itself. And the photo is significant - "love" has passed, the tomatoes wilted.
  4. EvgNik
    EvgNik 21 November 2016 07: 05
    Admired by the photo. What idyll, what expression, what tender feelings! Something from the 20+ series
  5. poacher
    poacher 21 November 2016 07: 27
    But will he drop in to Ukraine? Even to think it’s not proper to say goodbye to them, someone will crawl out with a hemorrhage, someone’s lips will crack.
  6. Knowing
    Knowing 21 November 2016 07: 56
    Eh, sadness, sadness, BUT, the President of Russia made an invitation to a semi-ruberoid to visit our country, so why not repeat one day for the sake of Frau and the "universal jester" in the person of Oland ... Let yourself be "favored" on the islands of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, remember , nostalgic ... Will be about.
  7. masiya
    masiya 21 November 2016 11: 48
    Three times to make such a choice to the Germans is a lot, will they really think about the fourth in the same place ...
  8. akudr48
    akudr48 21 November 2016 12: 56
    What is surprising is some satanic attraction of elderly women to climb higher in the hierarchy of power elites, right to the top. All the way.

    Not only Merkelikh, but also Clintonikha, pensioners of all age characteristics, are eager to fight like men, like "this is our last and decisive battle."

    There are two questions here, they are the answers.
    First, there are simply no men, they all fled to gay clubs, and grandmothers have to do purely male affairs, you won’t leave the country ...

    The second - these and similar activists, in fact, not only not grandmothers, but in general, not women, since the degree of involvement in the struggle for the throne and its retention requires unconditional victims in the form of family, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren ... That is, completely different creatures lurk under the skirts and bras, even worse than men ...
  9. trantor
    trantor 21 November 2016 17: 21
    Homo sapiens ... an undeserved compliment.
  10. masiya
    masiya 21 November 2016 18: 36
    And the manner of folding fingers leads to certain associations ... especially here it is: