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Remote-controlled Al-Robot combat vehicle (Iraq)

Remotely controlled land combat vehicles of various classes are of great interest to many armies. One of the main advantages of such equipment is the ability to fully solve the tasks with minimal or no risk for the operator. As a result, information about the creation of a new project of such equipment appears regularly. At the same time, the development of land combat "drone-guns" is engaged both in recognized arms market leaders and in new countries. For example, one of the most interesting recent projects was created by Iraqi enthusiasts. The resulting device was called Al-Robot.

For several years, Iraq has been forced to fight the terrorists who seized part of the country’s territory. Not only the armed forces and other power structures, but also volunteers take an active part in this struggle. In some cases, the participation of volunteers is to maintain the existing equipment or create a new one. This year, the forces of enthusiasts have developed their own project of a combat robot with remote control. The proposed combat vehicle is capable of performing various reconnaissance and fire missions, for which it has a set of optical electronic equipment and weapons.

Remote-controlled Al-Robot combat vehicle (Iraq)
Al-Robot machine at the August exhibition

The project of the original armored vehicle received a very simple name - Al-Robot (also found writing Alrobot). According to Iraqi media, the land combat robot was created by two enthusiastic brothers. For obvious reasons, the names of the designers were not called. The situation in Iraq is such that the creators of the new military equipment is better to remain anonymous and not put at risk themselves or relatives. The project was created no later than the summer of this year. Already in August, at one of the Iraqi exhibitions, the first demonstration of an experienced robot took place. Soon the car was handed over to the armed forces.

The main task of the Al-Robot project, as follows from the published data, was the creation of a remote-controlled armored vehicle carrying barreled and jet weapons, as well as equipped with optical instruments. It was assumed that the self-propelled chassis will allow the robot, receiving operator commands, to move along the specified route. The task of the original combat module of a not too complicated structure in this case is to ensure observation of the terrain and search for targets and their subsequent destruction.

A characteristic feature of the development of Iraqi engineers is the widest possible use of existing components and assemblies. The Middle Eastern state has a limited industrial potential, which to a certain extent makes it difficult to completely release new products in large quantities. At the same time, there is the possibility of using finished parts, borrowed, including from existing equipment. Thus, from the point of view of the overall architecture, the Al-Robot machine is a complex consisting of units of different equipment and other finished products assembled in the required configuration. From scratch, the brothers-designers and their colleagues had to do only armored corps, some devices of the combat module and several other details.

Demonstration of the rotation of the combat module, you can see the mechanisms for moving the cartridge box

According to some information, the Al-Robot car was built on the basis of a ready-made serial ATV. Also some sources talk about the possible application of a golf card. Anyway, the Iraqi military robot uses a serial biaxial lightweight chassis, the type of which, however, was not indicated in open sources. The units of the chassis are mounted on a common frame, on top of which, when assembling the combat vehicle, an armored body was installed. The chassis has medium-diameter wheels with developed lugs. A lever suspension with elastic elements in the form of vertically arranged springs is used.

Especially for a promising combat vehicle was created the original armored corps. The authors of the project took into account all known ideas and solutions in the field of booking, which led to the appearance of a structure with some characteristic features. Thus, in the design of the housing Al-Robot are actively used. rational angles. In addition, the appearance of the hull is determined by the need to protect all vital units. At the same time, some parts of the chassis remain outside the protected volume. There is reason to believe that the project provides for the use of a bulletproof booking, but the real level of protection of the proposed corps was not announced - it is obvious that such information should not reach the enemy.

The body of the armored vehicle has a frontal part of a reduced height, forming a kind of hood. Instead of a solid bottom frontal sheet used blinds, covering the radiator. On the sides of the radiator are the elements of the grille with headlights. Behind to the grille is mounted inclined frontal sheet that protects the internal units of the machine. In its central part there is a hatch for access inside the case and maintenance of equipment. To the sides of this sheet are attached small triangular sheets, placed with a slope outward. From above, the frontal projection is protected by another inclined rectangular sheet, in the center of which there is a small window for one of the cameras. On the sides of the rectangular sheet are additional zygomatic details.

The right side of the module, the visible drives are visible weapons

Boards of the robot consist of several parts. Their lower parts are mounted with a collapse outward, on top of them are attached narrow strips, inclined inward. The upper side parts, in turn, are proposed to be installed with a large inclination towards each other. In front of both sides, two hatches are provided, opening upwards and sideways. A horizontal rectangular roof is installed on the upper edges of the sides. Shells feed received a wedge-shaped profile. In its composition there are inclined upper and lower sheets of great height, as well as a reduced central one. The unit formed by them is connected to the sides with a set of triangular parts. The narrow forage sheet has windows for the installation of lighting equipment.

The layout of the internal volumes of the body was not specified, however, some features of the appearance of the machine allow us to make assumptions about this. The frontal part of the body, obviously, is given under the engine cooling system: there is a radiator or channel for supplying atmospheric air to the air-cooled motor. The central compartment of the corps must contain the control equipment and part of the weapon guidance systems, primarily the drive for turning the combat module in the horizontal plane. Also part of the central compartment and the feed, apparently, contain the power plant.

Especially for the Al-Robot armored vehicle, a new remotely controlled combat module was created. Like other elements of the robot, the combat module uses finished products, and also has several new parts. Thus, the armament and optical devices of the module are serial products of the corresponding models. Other parts were made by the authors of the project themselves using the available materials that could be obtained in the existing environment.

View of the stern of the combat module

Directly on the chase of the roof is placed the support device, made in the form of a cylinder of small height. A polygonal platform is attached to such a support asymmetrical, which serves as the basis of the combat module. It has two vertical parts of complex shape that perform the functions of the supports of swinging weapon systems. Vertical supports received beveled frontal faces, behind which are the axles of the swinging machine-gun installation. Raised up the rear of the supports are designed for installation of launchers of jet armament. Behind the supports are connected with parts that perform the functions of the bottom and the aft wall.

On the right side of the combat module, outside relative to the supports, there are several covers. In a large, placed above the rest, is the electric motor, which is responsible for the vertical guidance of the weapon. Through an uncomplicated mechanism, the engine is connected to the rocking machine-gun installation, ensuring its vertical guidance. Behind the engine cover on the module support there are two tubular parts, inside which is located the drive shaft. The task of the latter is to transfer engine torque to the means of targeting a jet weapon. Due to the correct structure of the mechanisms, a single electric motor is capable of simultaneously pointing all the available weapons.

The main weapon of the Al-Robot machine is the NSV 12,7-mm machine gun. The body of the machine gun is mounted on a special cradle. The latter has pins for articulated mounting on the supports of the combat module. The movement of the cradle from the machine guns in the vertical plane is carried out by appropriate mechanisms. The machine gun is fed with a tape placed in a metal box. The latter is located to the left of the machine gun on a swinging base. A special thrust is associated with the barrel of the machine gun, the task of which is to change the position of the cartridge box synchronously with the guidance of the machine gun. This eliminates firing delays due to improper tape feed.

Machine gun and video camera pointing up

The use of a Soviet-made large-caliber machine gun gives the combat robot quite high firing characteristics. Using 12,7X108 mm cartridges, the NSV machine gun is capable of showing a firing rate of up to 800 rounds per minute. With an initial bullet speed of about 845 m / s, the effective range of ground targets can reach 1,8-2 km. The body weight of the machine gun is 25 kg, yet at least 10 kg falls on the box with the ribbon and 50 cartridges. As the tests show, the mechanisms of the robot withstand a large weight of the weapon and its return. When shooting single machine almost does not swing.

To defeat fortifications or some enemy equipment it is proposed to use jet weapons in the form of grenade launchers of the available types. For the transportation and use of such systems, Al-Robot has a special launcher. On the back of the combat module there are hinged fasteners for two beams with tubular shells. Some types of rocket-propelled grenade launchers or grenades that have the required dimensions can be placed inside the casings. The shot is controlled remotely. To avoid damage, muzzle launchers of the launchers are covered with hinged covers.

The Al-Robot fighting vehicle must operate at some distance from the operator, which has led to the need to use special equipment of one type or another. For driving and exploring the terrain, as well as to control the weapon, the operator is encouraged to use a set of video cameras placed on different parts of the robot. Follow the road is proposed with the camera installed in the frontal part of the body. She is protected by armor and takes pictures through a small window in the armor sheet.

Al-Robot and trailer for its transportation

Other opto-electronic devices are placed on the combat module. One of the cameras is located on the right arm of the armament, next to the vertical pickup drive. It is fixed permanently and allows you to monitor the forward hemisphere of the module. It is proposed to target the weapon using the second camera, located to the left of the machine gun and having the ability to move with it. Two additional cameras are installed on the beams of the rocket launcher and can swing with them.

Inside the armored corps there are remote control systems that control the work of various components and assemblies, as well as a radio station that provides two-way communication. During operation, the robot sends a signal from the video cameras and some other data to the console, and the operator sends him control commands.

A portable operator console is used to control the Al-Robot complex. The case contains a relatively large LCD monitor, a set of controls, command processing equipment and a radio communication system. It is reported that during the combat operation, the armored vehicle may be removed from the operator a distance of 1 km. This ensures the transfer of all necessary data and commands in both directions.

Loading machine gun ammunition

In order to save the resource of the technology, the authors of the project propose to transfer it to the places of combat use with the help of special vehicles. Literally from scrap materials a trailer was assembled with a platform and a folding ramp, suitable for towing by various cars, including cars. With the help of such a trailer, the robot can be delivered to the battle area, after which it goes down to the ground and then moves independently, receiving operator commands.

Al-Robot was first introduced in mid-August of this year. Then the Iraqi press published some information about the project, but there was no information about the possible use of technology in the battles. Only in early November, it became known about the application of the original development in the interests of the armed forces. At present, the Iraqi army, together with the loyalist armed formations and with the support of foreign armed forces, are trying to dislodge the terrorists from the city of Mosul. As reported, in the first days of this month, during the battles of Mosul, the first combat use of the Al-Robot machine took place. The robot was used for fire support of the advancing troops and the destruction of enemy positions.

According to published reports, representatives of the Iraqi army speak well of the initiative development of domestic engineers. The emergence of such equipment allows the military to more effectively solve tasks with less risk to personnel. How long and successful will be the service of the first combat robot of a new model - time will tell. Perhaps, based on the results of troop operation, a decision will be made to start mass production. The presence of a certain number of remotely controlled combat vehicles can significantly affect the course of the battles.

Robot and operator remote control

Al-Robot recently went into battle and demonstrates its capabilities in practice. Reportedly, the troops attacking Mosul achieved some results, and in their successes there is some contribution from the new remotely controlled combat vehicle. In the foreseeable future, the operation of the robot should continue. It should be expected that during the full use of the troops this technique will show both advantages and disadvantages. Let's try to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project of Iraqi enthusiasts.

Perhaps the main positive feature of the combat robot of a new model is the fact of its existence. Even with these or other restrictions, this technique provides significant advantages to government forces. The participation of such a machine in a battle can significantly reduce the risks for the soldiers, since the robot can take on the most difficult and risky work. The operator, in turn, remains outside the danger zone.

Plus should be considered the selected set of weapons. Under the conditions of the current conflict, a large-caliber machine gun is a very effective weapon capable of striking both manpower and some enemy equipment. In combination with the mobile platform, the machine gun can further enhance its combat potential. In such a context, Al-Robot can be an effective means of suppressing enemy fire points. Using armor protection, the robot is able to approach the enemy at the required distance, then open aimed fire or fire at suppression, facilitating further work of the personnel.

Machine gun shooting

In the fight against fortifications or unprotected equipment, the capabilities of the robot are improved due to the presence of two jet grenades. The penetration of ammunition with a detonating warhead leads to the destruction of light fortifications or causes them significant damage. Also, rocket-propelled grenades can be an effective means of dealing with equipment and manpower in open spaces or in the city. To combat armored vehicles can be used grenade launchers with the appropriate ammunition.

Also, as an undoubted advantage, it is necessary to note the relative simplicity of production. The only existing Al-Robot sample was created by enthusiasts under severe restrictions and was assembled literally from scrap materials. Thus, in the design of the robot, there are no elements that are inaccessible to the Iraqi industry, which in theory allows you to quickly deploy a full-fledged mass production of equipment. The emergence of new armored vehicles will be a serious blow to the terrorists.

However, the project was not without its drawbacks. So, you can make claims to the design of the armored corps. In its front and rear parts, near the wheels, there are large open areas that are not covered by reservations. There is a certain risk of getting bullets or fragments with the defeat of various components and assemblies. Similar claims can be made regarding the combat module, which is distinguished by the open placement of the machine gun and insufficient protection of the cameras.

Al-Robot dj time fighting near Mosul

From some points of view, a bulletproof reservation, which, judging by the available information, can only protect the machine from rifle weapons, can be considered a disadvantage. The use of large-caliber machine guns by the enemy can lead to fatal consequences. However, such issues should still be resolved when planning operations, during which opportunities and threats should be taken into account.

The developers declared the possibility of combat work at a distance of 1 km from the operator’s console. In the light of the main features of the conflict in the Middle East, such characteristics can be considered sufficient. At the same time, foreign samples of similar equipment differ in large distances of removal from the operator.

To date, Iraqi enthusiasts have completed the development and manufacture of the first copy of the remote-controlled Al-Robot combat vehicle. In addition, all necessary tests were carried out, after which the robot entered the disposal of the army. A few weeks ago, the car was first used in the battles of Mosul. How long and productive the career of this type of equipment will be is too early to say. However, it can already be argued that the massive use of such combat vehicles will be able to noticeably bring victory over the terrorists who seized large areas of the Middle Eastern countries.

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    Nothing particularly outstanding.
    However, the principle itself is important - remotely controlled robotic systems can even Iraq. A country that has not only not overcome the consequences of the three wars, but is also waging a war now.
    1. Simfy
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      I am afraid that the control is assembled from domestic Chinese components and does not comply with army standards for noise immunity, wear, running hours, etc.
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    I wonder what kind of engine?

    Judging by the exhaust at the start, like a diesel. If there is no effective system for blowing the engine and cooling radiators, the engine will overheat quickly in their climate.
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    The idea is damp. Of course, I did not dig under the hood, but I noticed several significant flaws on the go.
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    Yes, and the wheel drive in the region where sand is predominantly, and if applied in an urban environment where any debris from fragments of buildings and concrete can be piled on. Why four wheels and not six at least one wheel will tear off or rip off a rubber tire with a blast or light up and the whole machine is immobilized. Somehow in my opinion a little rash.
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      Quote: RASKAT
      In the last photo, the face of the car is all as it seems to me in diesel fuel,

      This is most likely grease drips from the heat (or hydraulics in general). The combat module has no neck for pouring diesel fuel (see video). The design is really crude, because the elements of the moving parts of the combat module have to be abundantly lubricated. On Arab resources it is said that the remote control "takes" up to three km. ... They are simply afraid to let them out of the line of sight.
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      Quote: RASKAT
      Why four wheels and not six at least one wheel will tear off or rip off a rubber tire with a blast, or light up and the whole machine is immobilized.


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