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In the military-industrial complex reported on readiness for mass production of virtual reality simulators for the Russian Armed Forces

"United Instrument-Making Corporation" is ready to begin production of a set of training tools (KUTS), allowing to simulate the actual conditions of a battle to work out fire interaction, reports press office company.

“The training complex includes an augmented reality helmet, a set of body position sensors and a weapon simulator. In the course of training, KUTS forms full-fledged crews of virtual command and staff, command and line combat vehicles, as well as infantry personnel jobs, ”the release says.

It is noted that "the position in space of soldiers and equipment, as well as orientation weapons visualized in a three-dimensional model of the terrain, which is reflected on the screens of workstations (AWP) and in glasses of virtual reality. ”

According to the press service, "the complex allows you to choose the space for training using open map services, as well as independently simulate the terrain and conditions for the use of combat equipment and units."

The system also takes into account the possibility of loss of communication due to the particular terrain, obstacles and other factors.

The complex allows you to engage in training at the same time up to 400 people.

The development of KUTS is conducted by the enterprise “Constellation” - “Ryazan Radio Factory” (included in the defense industrial complex).
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  1. Buffet
    Buffet 17 November 2016 16: 35
    Go to Batlu on the net laughing
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 17 November 2016 16: 39
      Judging by the number of people participating in the training at the same time, it will be a gorgeous complex, we have never had such before.
    2. Alex_Rarog
      Alex_Rarog 17 November 2016 18: 31
      There it was more modest 18 to 18))) and here you can 200-200
    3. ALLxANDr
      ALLxANDr 17 November 2016 20: 15
      Our decided to step on the American rake? What prevents them from using their experience and working through their mistakes at the same time? Obviously, in the form in which it is - this is not acceptable! I do not urge to abandon virtual reality - there is a lot that can be worked out .. But what prevents us from using, for example, additional reality? That is the question! Additional reality makes it possible to run on real sand or for example crawl in a real trench. It really makes it possible to shoot from real weapons, and as they say, smell the gunpowder .. But only the opponents will be virtual. Virtual opponents, on a real training ground - that's what we just need!
      1. avg-mgn
        avg-mgn 17 November 2016 22: 55
        Harness the trigger, how much you need to mind, and learn to competently reap on it, and at the same time stay alive - simulators will help.
        Already wrote, I repeat. I had to intern at 90 at the police academy in the states. In the electronic dash, we were offered video files with real situations. TASK - to assess the situation, make the only right decision and use (if necessary) weapons to defeat. Moreover, depending on whether the offender was killed, immobilized, wounded, but can use weapons, events fluttered in different branches. Next came the analysis - an assessment of the legal level of the decision made, an assessment of the legality and extent of the harm done and the consequences if you did not complete or did not finish the job.
        So at first, our best operas soaked everyone and everything, until they were bumped into a hell of a bunch of mistakes. And it doesn’t matter that the pistol did not give recoil during the shot and the powder did not smell. The guys then sincerely said that they began to look differently at the use of weapons.
        1. ALLxANDr
          ALLxANDr 18 November 2016 07: 22
          Wait a minute, I certainly don’t criticize .. but isn’t it in America now about the scandals that the police use weapons where necessary and where not ?! And about the showdown - this is still the right direction) But the Americans didn’t see anything ..
    4. gladcu2
      gladcu2 18 November 2016 02: 01
      The Czechs made such a complex by order of the United States, in 2001. It was called Arma1.

      Then they sold a simplified client version for the Internet user. It cost 50 bucks. And the full version for the American Army went beyond 800 bucks.

      I must say that ArmA 1 was not impressed. Most likely the civilian and for the development of tactical skills and the full army version should be unsuccessful.

      For comparison, at that time, I liked the scenario of the tactical game "Project Reality" more. Made for free in their free time by professional programmers based on the BF1 engine. Unfortunately the engine is outdated, and later on "Black Send Studio" development work stopped.

      A very interesting tactical first-person shooter game.

      Well, according to the article, judging by the photos. Something laughed at me. negative
  2. Dezinto
    Dezinto 17 November 2016 16: 51
    Pff .... passed all parts of COD at all levels of difficulty, will they take me to the test?

  3. igorka357
    igorka357 17 November 2016 16: 52
    Absolute nonsense and delirium until the soldier feels the dust with blood on his teeth, until he is deafened by explosions of explosive packets, until he hears the tank slamming nearby, and hammering ... he will have even the slightest idea about the database !! ! And the firing is also virtual, but the use of RPGs, MANPADS? A soldier will train on such a simulator, and then he will get under machine gun fire and tell the commander ... damn it, but on the simulator everything was wrong, and the commander will tell him ... dude, I’m shocked myself !!! Only field conditions and exercises can give practical experience, all these virtual realities are bullshit !!! The reconnaissance company of our regiment was constantly capturing us along the way to the shooting range, and there were shootings twice a week ..))) and naughty reptiles idle right at the head, here this is the teaching ...))) !!!
    1. Sir1966
      Sir1966 17 November 2016 18: 54
      Once at the Federal Penitentiary School they captured the ZKP (incidentally, another squad guarded our platoon). With laughter and jokes they captured ... And then, when it came to light that the lads were in the guard on guard with live ammunition, they smoked nervously for a long time. No virtual reality will make you truly afraid. A soldier who is not afraid is a dead soldier. At the same exercises, an airborne reconnaissance platoon stumbled upon a disguised KShMku with guards from the department of some soldiers. Incomprehensible soldiers tied up the landing. Platoon. Office! This is how to prepare the fighters. And all these counter-strikes can only be used as a guide to tactics. It's my opinion.
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov 17 November 2016 19: 52
      Well, damn it, and our teachers, as I do not know who, tortured us with bats. Almost at every lesson the tasks had to be solved.
      And it was necessary in the field for the explosives to explode around the place ... and without all these numbers. The main thing is, as loudly and heroically as possible "against the enemies of our capitalist Motherland" .....

      By the way, virtual MANPADS simulators appeared back in the USSR 8)))))))))
    3. KaPToC
      KaPToC 17 November 2016 23: 59
      Quote: igorka357
      Absolute nonsense and delirium until the soldier feels the dust with blood on his teeth, until he is deafened by explosions of explosive packets, until he hears the tank slamming nearby, and hammering ... he will have even the slightest idea about the database !! !

      Such simulators do not replace the training ground, but complement it.
    4. gladcu2
      gladcu2 18 November 2016 02: 07
      player 357

      I'll tell you, you're right. Standing with a gun in a virtual reality helmet is idiocy. But the development of interaction skills and tactical thinking on simulators with the right scenario is necessary. Since it helps to cover a wider range of nuances in a shorter period of time.

      Well, saving resources is also needed.
  4. bankirchik34
    bankirchik34 17 November 2016 16: 52
    would have made it wireless, as well as a fighter strangling himself))
  5. Izotovp
    Izotovp 17 November 2016 17: 08
    That is, it will be possible to simulate it completely in the virtual machine before the operation in the field !!!
    1. Viking
      Viking 17 November 2016 17: 14
      Yeah, only according to plan, as a rule, the situation develops only until the first shots.
  6. 31R-US
    31R-US 17 November 2016 17: 32
    I thought at least the guys in the army would take a break from the computer addiction, so there is no need to push them there either. Paintball is much more interesting and productive than honing with glasses.
    1. just exp
      just exp 17 November 2016 19: 45
      what? so that our boys would be in an unfamiliar situation? because they will have to fire at a distance of hundreds of meters, and they, after paintball, are accustomed to a distance of a couple of tens of meters maximum.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 18 November 2016 02: 11

      With paintball and airsoft there is a serious problem. There, the firing range is up to 100 m. Therefore, a dangerous skill of a sense of security is developed when the enemy found you but is beyond the range of destruction.
  7. satelit24
    satelit24 17 November 2016 17: 41
    I’m watching the program, as in pen-dosi, the soldiers are also training in the virtual!, And Nashen’s voice-overs that they say it's all bullshit! What, they say, while he’s on his belly, yes, in the mountains, you won’t understand the service in the swamps! And now I look that we, in this matter, are ahead of the rest! Or again grandmother nowhere to go ?!
  8. multipulti
    multipulti 17 November 2016 17: 59
    there are all alive, but in a real war ??? Blood, guts, shit, and how is it on the simulator ?????
    1. I read the news
      I read the news 17 November 2016 18: 53
      Blood, guts, shit is not a soldier’s core business.
      Its main task: the performance of a combat mission (if possible avoiding blood, guts, shit)
    2. just exp
      just exp 17 November 2016 19: 49
      and on ordinary teachings how to stage "gut blood is shit"?
      or are they forced to shrink, cut their veins and rip open their bellies?
  9. rotor
    rotor 17 November 2016 18: 33
    With virtual reality you can train

    And you can do fitness
    1. just exp
      just exp 17 November 2016 19: 51
      A virtual machine is cool, but it is worth noting that this should be just an addition to normal training, because the simulator will not convey everything that ordinary exercises will give.
      Americans, for example, have long been training soldiers in simulators, and their level has fallen, because the soldiers did not get in the simulator, for example, those feelings when flying a helicopter and landing from it, which they get in real exercises. and to put it mildly in a real situation they fall to the fifth point from surprise.
  10. Blue fox
    Blue fox 18 November 2016 10: 20
    Working out a tactical situation using a virtual simulator is much easier. Colleagues will not let you lie - remember the layouts of the terrain made of sand, different for each area (steppe, wooded swampy, desert, city, etc.)? So, such a good layout of the terrain for "playing" with a company - a battalion is 1/3 of a training class (maybe less, maybe more, we have three models of a decent scale with sides in about 5 by 15 kilometers occupied the entire audience). But this is a top view, and here you can simulate the situation for a view from the ground - this is from a "bird's eye view", it seems to you that the flank is visible through the grove, and when you are "on the ground" you are surprised to find that the grove is not just not visible through and through, so yet it is not shot through by means of fire located by you in "God mode". So the number of situations can be simulated more and more nuances to work out, and the audience, in fact, only one is needed :)) And gunpowder, sand, etc., this is in the field, yes.