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Jihad mobiles become formidable weapons in the hands of Iraqi militants

The army of Iraq is having serious problems with the attack on the so-called capital of Islamists in this country, the city of Mosul. Western media write about the tremendous success and that the battle has already entered a crucial stage. Here are the Arab journalists completely different data.


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  1. 34 region
    34 region 17 November 2016 11: 23
    Chariots with beams were replaced by machine-gun carts of the Civil War, they were replaced by armed pickups. We have a lot of articles here about ATVs in battle. It does not seem to apply. In a dispute of speed with armor, speed leads. Well, probably optimization. Putting a gun on a truck is cheaper than pushing it into armor.
    APASUS 17 November 2016 17: 56
    It is interesting to read about the tremendous success of the coalition forces led by the United States during the capture of Mosul. Moreover, the units taking the city do not even have a joint plan of action, due to internal contradictions that can easily go into combat between members of the coalition itself.
    This is somewhat reminiscent of the reports of Saudi Arabia and the coalition in Yemen.