Panfilov. Legend and true?

A film about the feat of a platoon of fighters tanks General Panfilov’s 316th Infantry Division on November 16, 1941 at the Dubosekovo junction near Moscow. Then three dozen fighters restrained the advance of the German tank battalion and did not let the Germans pass to the road to Moscow - Volokolamsk highway. They became known as 28 Panfilov heroes.

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    1. +8
      17 November 2016 11: 06
      28 Panfilov’s is like a generalized feat of the defenders of Moscow who didn’t let the Germans go, how much heroism was described by no one.
      1. +8
        17 November 2016 11: 38
        I absolutely agree with you. There is no difference how many there were 28 and 56, or even 125. The fact remains: the parts collected from the pine forest stopped the enemy almost in the suburbs of the capital and created the conditions for a successful counterattack.
        PS: And for the clever "historians" I will say one thing, let them try to stop at least one "C" or "four" with a bottle of Molotov cocktail or a bunch of hand grenades, and this after shelling and under constant fire from the advancing Fritzes. But then let them argue whether it was a feat or not! Only I think these disputants will not crawl under the tanks ... "convictions" probably will not allow! Su ... and piz .... yay!
        1. 0
          17 November 2016 15: 21
          I absolutely agree with you. There is no difference how many there were 28 and 56 or even 125.

          and indifference always comes out of this:
          what's the difference, 20 or 100 they are all heroes.
          What do you need, what do you walk, still lie in the trenches? so what?
          We put a monument on the field there, what are you not happy with?
          ah, the plates do not match? so what, what difference does it make, they are all heroes, the monument is what you need

          Typical conversation between a search engine and society
      2. +1
        17 November 2016 11: 41
        Never, no where in history have they been called the heroes of all, heroism is always personal. One person, a small group - so revealing.
        1. 0
          17 November 2016 12: 15
          Quote: Homo
          Never, no where in history have they been called the heroes of all, heroism is always personal. One person, a small group - so revealing.

          Hero Cities: Moscow, Kiev, ....
          The highest degree of distinction - the title "Hero City" is assigned to cities of the Soviet Union, whose workers showed mass heroism and courage in defending the Motherland in the Great Patriotic War 1941 — 1945.
          1. 0
            17 November 2016 14: 47
            Quote: BLOND
            Hero Cities: Moscow, Kiev, ....

            No need to confuse concepts. You can of course discuss the linguistic nuances, but not worth it. The title "Hero City" and the HERO (in the broadest sense of the word) are not quite the same thing. Just like the Hero City is not the same as the Hero of the Soviet Union. According to your logic, all residents of the Hero City should have the same benefits and privileges as the Hero of the Soviet Union, but no, they do not, because this is different! hi
      3. +1
        17 November 2016 12: 10
        And not only in Moscow, how many such feats were accomplished during World War II.
    2. +1
      17 November 2016 14: 17
      it could really be, because 11 sappers of the same division, the next day using mines and grenades destroyed 10 tanks, covering the withdrawal of the division and infantry 200 Fritz
    3. 0
      17 November 2016 14: 49
      such films are not at 0000 hours. and in watchable time
      1. 0
        17 November 2016 16: 34
        Do not forget who controls the television.
    4. +1
      17 November 2016 15: 54
      The hysteria associated with the release of the film is very reminiscent of what I heard enough to complete brutality in the nineties. Say, and Gastello is not a hero, his plane just uncontrollably fell "successfully", and Matrosov did not close the embrasure, but simply "slipped", and the Kosmodemyanskaya pier was simply inadvertently handling fire. It pisses me off that these "historians" cannot be shut down. Freedom of speech so that it ... And for me, let them chat freely in sunny Magadan or, even better, near the mouth of the Kolyma! Polar bears will be happy to hear their vision of history!
      1. +1
        17 November 2016 16: 05
        And the filmmakers are just great. I followed his filming from the very beginning. Like many of us, he also sent the guys money for filming. I haven't seen the whole film yet, but I've already watched many excerpts. In my opinion, they just worked great, no worse than the "Brest Fortress". I think the film will be taken apart into quotes this year.
    5. 0
      17 November 2016 16: 48
      but you can’t put up a monument to the entire division .. they, too, almost all fell down defending their homeland .. and then 28 .. and the rest smoked aside .. all .. all Panfilov’s heroes of the motherland !!!
    6. 0
      17 November 2016 22: 14
      A lot of stretch and juggling

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