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PO-900 radar detector

Pre-received information about the location of the enemy is one of the main factors affecting the successful implementation of the task. The similar rule works at all levels, including in cases with special forces. In our country, new special tools have been created, designed to find and detect the enemy in buildings without direct visibility. According to the latest press reports, power structures are now engaged in the development of PO-900 type locators.

The latest reports on the prospects of the original domestic development were published on November 14 by the Izvestia edition. The RO-900 locator was developed by the Logis Geotech group of companies, which develops various instrumentation for engineering surveys in the field of construction, mineral exploration, etc. Based on their experience in creating detection tools, the company's specialists have developed a special device designed for use by special forces of the armed forces or other security agencies.

PO-900 radar detector
General view of the stenovizor RO-900

About the current plans and prospects of the RO-900 project, Izvestia told the head of the Department of Engineering Intelligence of the development organization Igor Vedeneev. According to him, by now the device has passed all the tests and confirmed the declared characteristics. Now started mass production of new technology, which is supplied by one of the domestic special services. Next year it is expected to begin the execution of the order for the supply of Rosguard equipment. Also, various structures from the Ministry of the Interior showed their interest in the locator. The Ministry of Emergency Situations is considering the use of RO-900 in rescue operations to search for victims remaining under the rubble.

Locator RO-900 is a compact device designed for conducting reconnaissance and search for the enemy. Using some well-known principles already applied in other technology, the device must perform the detection of manpower in or near buildings. Declared the ability to search for both moving and stationary people, which uses different principles of work. It is possible to detect targets behind barriers of brick, concrete or reinforced concrete. Also determined by the distance to the object and the trajectory of its movement.

A promising device is designed to search for the enemy outside the walls, which led to the appearance of the original name. This device is referred to as the manufacturer of stenovizorom. Such an unusual name fully reflects the functions and purpose of the device. In addition, the terms locator and radar detector apply to this design. The latter, in particular, became the basis for the official designation of the development.

Product use

The locator stenovizor PO-900 is a compact device of low weight, having the most convenient ergonomics. There is a housing with dimensions of 240х90х175 mm. All major equipment is placed inside a rectangular casing with rounded corners. The bottom of the case is given under the placement of the antenna device, the opposite surface is designed to install the display, controls and grip. The latter is hinged, which allows you to change its position relative to the body, simplifying the operation of the locator in some conditions. Under the handle is a plate with basic information about the operation of the equipment. In the working position, the RO-900 product weighs about 950 g. For carrying the stenovizor, a bag of appropriate sizes is offered. A complete set of equipment is transported in a special case.

Mobility and operation of the locator are provided with a set of batteries with the required characteristics. In the battery compartment placed inside the handle, batteries of the type DL123A or CR123A can be installed. In the first case, the device can operate continuously for at least 4 hours. Elements of the second type give a duration of up to 2 hours.

The control of the stenomisor is carried out using three buttons placed directly above the handle. The central red button is used to turn on the device. The detection distance is set using the right button. The left is responsible for selecting the mode of operation. Pressing the buttons brings up the corresponding menus, after which the operator can select the desired item and set the desired mode of operation. Despite the minimum possible number of controls, the locator user can fully control the device.

All information during operation and settings in graphical and textual form is displayed on a color LCD screen. The latter is placed in the upper part of the body, above the control buttons. When setting up the screen displays the text menu required to select the desired modes of operation. In working condition, the screen is designed to display graphical information showing the situation in the sector under study.

Locator structure

The functional scheme of the radar detector is quite simple. The product includes a transmitter and receiver with its own antennas. The receiver and transmitter are connected to the control unit, which, in turn, is connected to the processing and display unit. The latter are responsible for receiving operator commands and converting information from the control unit into a graphical view with subsequent display on the screen.

At the heart of the RO-900 project is a georadar location method. This method is based on the reflection of electromagnetic radiation from surfaces on which electrical properties change. Objects are detected by examining the space and identifying media with different dielectric constants. The greater the difference of this parameter, the more contrast are the borders of the media. When using such operating principles, the locator must remain stationary to detect moving targets or move during the search for stationary objects.

Passing through radio-transparent media, electromagnetic waves from the emitter should be reflected from moving objects and return to the locator receiver. Object displacements are displayed on the wallizer's screen in the form of a parabolic pattern showing the minimum and maximum distance from the locator.

An interesting feature of the RO-900 project is the method used to generate and process radio signals. For the so-called subsurface radar requires the use of short pulsed signals, the formation of which occurs by exciting a broadband antenna by means of a voltage drop with a leading edge of short duration. Pulse radiation lasts hundreds of picoseconds, which is why the method of stroboscopic conversion is used to process the reflected signal.

The results of tracking the premises

An important feature of the RO-900 locator-stenovizor is the ability to detect enemy personnel both in its movement and in breathing. In both cases, the principle of geolocation is used with the capture of reflected signals. The high resolution of the locator allows you to notice the movement of objects with small amplitude, such as the movement of the chest. Thanks to these functions, the operator of the radar can explore the situation in an inaccessible room and form an approximate "map" showing the location of the enemy or the routes of his movement. To improve the practical capabilities of the device automatically uses both methods of detection, which allows to identify all existing opponents.

The search for the enemy behind the wall using the RO-900 product looks as follows. Having prepared the device for operation, the operator must select the required mode and then press it against the wall through which it is planned to conduct observation. In this case, both detection algorithms are used simultaneously, both in motion and in respiration. Information on moving targets is displayed continuously as new data becomes available. Information about the detected breathing object is updated every 20 seconds. The moving object is marked on the screen with red marks, motionless - blue. In addition to the black-and-white picture with target marks, the range scale is displayed on which you can more accurately estimate the distance to the target. An object identified as a person is additionally marked with a silhouette on a ranging scale.

To increase the effectiveness of radar detector, it is necessary to follow some simple rules. Thus, the persons accompanying the operator, in order to avoid false positives, should not move. In addition, the apparatus itself must remain stationary. Obtaining more accurate information about the situation in the study room is made by several "studies" with the movement of the RO-900 along the wall.

The picture on the monitor in the complete absence of goals in the room

An interesting feature of the device is the ability to install a so-called. blind zone. Before starting, the operator can determine the width of the space next to the locator, within which no objects will be detected. With the help of a blind zone that can be configured in 0,5 m steps, it is possible to eliminate false alarms associated with movements of people near the operator.

In addition to the main mode, the purpose of which is to detect people, the RO-900 device has an auxiliary one. The “GPR” mode, called through the appropriate menu item, allows you to study the existing obstacles and detect medium inhomogeneities. This version of the apparatus allows you to explore the situation and determine the parameters of the barrier. For example, it is possible to detect reinforcement elements in a reinforced concrete structure. At the same time, the GPR mode does not allow searching for people or animals.

The characteristics of the range and accuracy of detection depend on the type of obstacle located in front of the stenomisor. So, when working through a brick wall 40 cm thick, RO-900 can detect a moving person at distances of at least 11 m. Working through a similar obstacle 30 cm thickness makes it possible to find a person by breathing up to 5 m. Depending on various factors, product characteristics in different conditions may vary within certain limits.

Image of a reinforced concrete structure when operating in the "GPR" mode. Red marks indicate metal fittings.

During operation, the PO-900 stenovizor saves the collected information in a file with the .gpr extension, which can be used both by the device itself and by other electronic means. Using the USB connector on the left side of the case, the device can be connected to existing computers or laptops. At the same time, it is possible to copy and transfer files from the radar memory to a computer, and vice versa. For processing the collected data transferred to a computer, it is proposed to use the program GeoScan32.

The PO-900 locator is supplied to the customer along with a set of additional equipment necessary for solving various tasks. All elements of the set are placed in a protected case with foam cradles. The cells of the latter contain the wall sensor, a case for transporting it, a supply of batteries with a small case for carrying them, a battery charger, a monitor napkin, a flash drive and a USB cable. The proposed case protects the device and other elements of the kit from external influences.

According to the latest reports, new type locators have already been supplied by one of the Russian special services, and soon a new batch of such equipment should be sent to Rosgvardi units. Even without specifying the specific recipients of the new material part, it is possible to predict future ways of using it. The RO-900 locator is designed to detect enemy personnel beyond various types of obstacles, which can be very useful from the point of view of preparation for assaults and other similar operations. The possibilities of stenovizor allow you to study the situation in buildings, as well as determine the situation in other objects. In particular, it is possible to detect and survey masked enemy positions in underground structures, etc.

RO-900 delivery set

Prospects for locators in terms of the use of force structures have already been defined and tested in practice. Thus, the previous model of similar purpose equipment RO-400 was previously adopted by the Federal Security Service. In addition, this technique is already being supplied to some foreign customers. Being a further development of existing projects, RO-900 should be of great interest to domestic and foreign intelligence services.

It is reported that the Ministry of Emergency Situations has already shown interest in the development of the Logis Geotech group of companies. In the context of its typical tasks, a locator-stenovizor may be useful as a means of examining blockages and searching for victims. The ability to survey the situation to a depth of at least 11 m in combination with the detection of people in breathing should be useful in eliminating the effects of various disasters. The main field of application of new equipment, obviously, should be the analysis of various blockages.

Currently, the group of companies "Logis Geotech" produces four models of radar detectors or so-called. stenovizorov designed to monitor the situation in inaccessible areas or the study of complex environments. In this new device RO-900 is the most compact representative of its line, although it does not lose another technique in the characteristics. According to recent reports, not so long ago the most compact locator recently went into the series and is delivered to domestic customers. This will increase the capabilities of special units, as well as provide an additional impetus to the further development of detection tools of its class.

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