IL-96. The history of high treason. Continuation

Having previously raised the topic of domestic airliners and everything connected with them, I decided to continue it: I don’t really keep quiet. Actually, as for me, it's not the journalists who should investigate all this, but the FSB. Because it is still about treason.

IL-96 and Vaso. Almost tragedy with a good ending

30 March 2014, the Aeroflot airline IL-96-300 with the tail number RA-96008, flying from Tashkent, made the last landing at Sheremetyevo airport. More in the Russian sky, these planes did not rise. We are talking about Russian air carriers, in the detachment "Russia" "Eli" still fly.

The decommissioning of IL-96 was talked a lot and with fervor. Aeroflot officials have long and thoroughly explained that the reason for the withdrawal of the IL-96-300 aircraft from the company's fleet was their “economic inefficiency”. However, the term “economic inefficiency” requires a thorough analysis in parts.

You can talk and compare Il-96 and Boeing 747, who are less noisy and more economical, but I will not do that. I will ask only one question:

For whom is IL-96 less efficient in terms of money?

As a response, I refer to the interview with the Aeroflot instructor pilot Vladimir Salnikov that was published and remained almost unnoticed in 2010. In those days, Salnikov was still the crew commander of the IL-96 and had a personal raid over the 20 000 hours.

Salnikov said that the Airbus company in the contract for the sale of aircraft directly indicates: the intermediary receives 10 percent of the transaction amount.

It would be logical to ask, how do the captain of the aircraft know such details? You can question it.

However, the company "Boeing", did not hesitate, said at the same time that in the 2009 year, 72 spent a million dollars to bribe officials in the CIS. And if, for example, “Aeroflot” instead of Il-96 acquires several “Boeings” for a billion dollars, 100 millions of them immediately go to the pockets of the right people.

This can already be called “efficient economy”. For whom, of course.

Having written off six IL-96-300, Aeroflot immediately considered the conditions and procedure for the leasing of six new Boeing 777-300ER.

Vitaly Savelyev, CEO of Aeroflot, said: “We have the youngest park in Europe - 5,5-5,7 of the year, and the write-off will reduce its average age to four years. No matter what anyone says, new airplanes are always more attractive to a passenger. ”

Here is a man who can safely and bravely be called a traitor. Moreover, the Boeing actually sold for a good amount in US dollars.

Roughly take, 6 years - is the term for the aircraft?

You do not need to be an expert to understand what is not. "Carcasses" flew at the age of 20. That is, "Elah", at least, could have worked in our sky for 15 more years, if not more.

So “Aeroflot” got rid of “economically inefficient” work with the domestic aviation industry and with an accelerated, but absolutely unnecessary update of the park, launched the “earning” mechanism for its commanding staff.

It is logical, by the way, because neither Ilyushin, nor Tupolev 10% will save Saveliev in his pocket.

Saveliev - traitor and traitor

Evidence, "proofs" and so on? For proof, just look at the field of any Russian airport.

But Saveliev is not alone. For such frank impudence, he simply had to have a patron of high heights. And there is such a patron, and not one.

In the previous material I called Viktor Khristenko a traitor, and I repeat now.

Khristenko - traitor and traitor

Here, in this warm and not poor company, we will add also Alexander Livshits.

“Unfortunately, there has recently been an extremely dangerous trend of thoughtless lobbying of the interests of the domestic aircraft industry by the government structures. Please support the issue of the inadmissibility of the mass launch of the Tu-204 aircraft on Russian air routes and the continuation of the leasing of advanced models of Western aircraft ”.

Letter from the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation on Economics A. Livshits to the Government of the Russian Federation NA-1-1268Л from April 3 1995.

The result of the “work” of Livshits was an order of the Russian Prime Minister Chernomyrdin VS N1489P from October 7 1996 of the year.

“To make a decision on full exemption for a period of five years from customs duties, levies and taxes on Boeing-750 aircraft, Douglas-DS 10 aircraft imported into the territory of the Russian Federation and operated on domestic and international airlines.”

As a result, not only the manufacturing plants of the VASO type aircraft, but also the manufacturers of aircraft engines that became useless: Perm Motors and Rybinsk Motors were actually destroyed.

A representative of Pratt & Whitney was openly hired as a shareholder in Perm Motors, whose CEO said: “In 10-15 years, Russian aircraft will become obsolete. We want to be replaced by American ones with Pratt & Whitney engines. "

The facts:

Type certificate № 68-204 for Tu-204 aircraft with PS-90А engines was obtained on December 29 1994 of the year. 23 February 1996-th Tu-204 No. 64011 “Vnukovo Airlines” made the first flight with passengers on the route Moscow - Mineralnye Vody.

Type certificate for IL-96-300 aircraft with PS-90A engines was issued on December 29 of 1992. Passenger traffic on the IL-96-300 Aeroflot launched 14 on July 1993 on the route Moscow - New York. The PS-90A engine was certified in accordance with ICAO noise regulations and with an emission margin of 3 on April 1992.

11 August 1992 at the first exhibition of aircraft in Zhukovsky, general director of the CUMA (Central Directorate for International Air Services, now Aeroflot) Vladimir Potapov, aircraft designer Heinrich Novozhilov and general director of the Voronezh Aircraft Building Association Albert Mikhailov signed the decision “On the purchase of IL-96M aircraft, which were signed by IL-96MM, Al-Mikhailnogorsk, and Alter Mikhailov 2337М / Т with PW-20 engines and a complex of Collins navigation equipment ”. Aeroflot ordered XNUMX machines.

According to the state development program adopted in the same 1992 aviation Until 2000, it was planned to build equipment for domestic air carriers of 145 IL-96-300 and 530 Tu-204 of various modifications.

I draw the attention of readers to the fact that these figures almost coincide with the current number of Russian fleet of main aircraft. With one exception, after a decade and a half, 100% of aircraft in the category of long-haul carriers accounted for Boeings and Airbuses.

Livshits - traitor and traitor

Still worth remembering the Tu-204 disaster in Vnukovo in 2012. The pilots then, as if on purpose, did everything that in no case can be done. The IAC conducted the investigation for a year and completed it without explaining the reasons for their behavior, entangling everything worse than the West in the case of the Malaysian Boeing. Many intelligent people openly talked about the fact that this disaster was a diversion, the purpose of which was to prevent the production of the ship.

Naturally, every accident with a domestic aircraft was the reason for the ban on production in favor of the "Boeing", which drew no less.

But how could Medvedev's “government” prove the opposite?

Yes, our aviation market has been very successful with claims about the superiority of "advanced models of Western aircraft".

First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov (interview 2007 of the year):

“To say that the only IL-96 wide-body aircraft produced in Russia can successfully compete with the Airbus and Boeing aircraft, I cannot. But we are not abandoning the production of wide-bodied aircraft. "

Even as they could refuse!

10 August 2009, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, traitor and traitor Viktor Khristenko decided to remove the "unpromising" IL-96-300 from production.

Meanwhile, the real picture is somewhat different from what we have been successfully taught over the years.

The Air Transport Review magazine (No. 47, 2003) contains data from the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation on Il-96-300, Il-96T and Il-96-400T, which correspond to Il-96М, which Aeroflot refused. Drawing in the coordinates of the "load-range" graphs for modifications IL-96 and real numbers for Western widebody (calculated by the same methods as ours) gives a completely unexpected picture.

It turns out that the IL-96М / T, which did not arrange Aeroflot, could do the same job (transport the corresponding number of passengers / cargo to the same range) as the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A340-600.

Having mastered the 50 types of military and civilian vehicles, putting on the wing of the first IL-86 and IL-96 test pilot, Hero of Russia Anatoly Knyshov recalled:

“When I flew to the States on the IL-90 in the 96's, and I still had fuel for three hours of flight in the tanks, the Americans were terribly surprised. One of the representatives of their aviation authorities then said bluntly: for some positions, this type of aircraft is unattainable for us. ”

In other words, IL-96-300 was not inferior to Boeing, and surpassed it in some indicators.

And today, even without flying, IL-96-300 is a worthy competitor for "Boeing" and "Airbus." With the same performance, the Boeing-777-300ER takes off by 30 percent, and the European A340-600 - by 40 percent heavier than the IL-96-300. The airlines and, ultimately, the passengers pay for these extra tons of weight of the western liners. That is, we.

And, having flown, the western liners do not get better. The capacity of the fuel tanks "Boeing-777-300ER" is 20 percent more than IL-96-300, respectively, being heavier, it burns more at the same distance. Who pays? Right, passenger. If Boeing 777-300ER is worse in fuel efficiency than IL-96-300, what about the less economical A340-600?

According to all design rules, the four-engine Il-96 have an advantage of several hours of flight over two-engine competitors on long-haul routes. For example, on the route New York - Hong Kong (R222) in a twin-engine airliner, the passenger suffers extra 2,5 hours.

Again, explanations from Anatoly Knyshov:

“IL-86 and IL-96 were originally created as twin-engined. But then, according to ICAO standards, in order to fly across the ocean to another continent, four power plants were required. When we made such machines, the USA rewrote the ICAO standards for their twin-engine Boeings.

Partners, one word ...

The technical level of the IL-96 is so high that neither the Boeing 787 nor the Airbus A2013 soared into the 350 year do not reach it. It is enough to compare the parameters of the "load-range", and there will be no doubt.

Against this background, the intention to develop a new long-haul airliner with China, seemingly as a competitor for A350, looks strange. The stated goal is commissioning from 2023. Planned multi-billion dollar "investment countries in a joint venture, comparable, as reported in our press, with the cost of projects" Boeing-787 "and" Airbus-350 ".

The question naturally arises: why and to whom it is beneficial?

Why invent something, if you can massively build "Elah", which with the new engines of the PD-14 series will become more economical than fifteen percent and will fly proportionally further?

Oh, yes, how can it, but “investment development” ... That is, the possibility of stealing several hundred million dollars with impunity.

But, besides IL-96, there is also Tu-204. About "Carcasses" is generally a separate conversation, in no way inferior to "Ilyushin". But the essence is the same.

Today in Russia only Putin is a patriot of the domestic aviation industry.

Now in the presidential aircraft fleet 20: 8 IL-96-300, 10 Tu-214 and 2 Tu-204-300.

“The president flew, flies and will fly only on aircraft of domestic production,” said Alexander Kolpakov, the manager of the head of state, two years ago.

That is, the president of Russia fully trusts Russian airliners.

And the Russians "Aeroflot" and the rest of the carriers stubbornly denied the right to fly on domestic airliners. Cheaper, faster and safer.

That's right, for this the bribes from the "Boeing" and "Airbus" in your pocket will not fall.

If you call a spade a spade, then it is treason. And with this, really, something needs to be done.

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  1. +14
    15 November 2016 15: 20
    We know this, then what?
    1. +9
      15 November 2016 17: 54
      Skomorokhov-What do you want? What would we go to smash Khristenko-Livshits and a couple of thousand smaller figures, and at the same time the government and the Investigative Committee (here he is the enemy, does not take action)? Well, let's go, our "Gapon 2.0". With what Come on, fair you are ours, with the clave, or the bomb?
      1. +20
        15 November 2016 19: 27
        As a result, not only factories producing aircraft of the VASO type were actually destroyed, but also manufacturers of aircraft engines that became useless to anyone: Perm Motors and Rybinsk Motors

        Yes, they are alive, Roman Batkovich, we are alive in Rybinsk and we are standing firmly on our feet, Perm, too, as far as I know, are also confident in the future, well, remember those times, but you can’t do without a mat.
        1. +9
          15 November 2016 20: 10
          Quote: vovanpain
          Yes, they are alive, Roman Batkovich, we are alive in Rybinsk and we stand firmly on our feet, Perm too,

          Really? And how long?! And how many years have they been in f ... do not remind me ?! How much time to improve and modernize, increase production, to conduct full-scale R&D is irretrievably lost ?! "No worse - wait and catch up" ..
          1. The comment was deleted.
            1. +12
              16 November 2016 08: 39
              Those. do you think that everything is in order with the civil aircraft industry? You, without facts, call people "all-propalopolymers". But just for this, reasonably, I call you "approvals". Seen enough of these in the Soviet Union. Lord! Well, when ALL the local generals understand that there is no development without criticism! At least the generals ... No.

              And I also have a claim to the author. Novel hi forgot to mention another associate of Putin, German Gref am . It was with the help of Sberbank ten or twelve years ago, being the chief economist, calmly stated that it would not give money for civil aviation, that it would be easier for it to buy Boeings and Airways.
        2. a
          16 November 2016 11: 43
          Alive then alive, but how many aircraft engines did Perm make this year? Do you know? 9 pcs! Here are the volumes then! Before the restructuring, hundreds did! And a plus around the world where our engines flew, served! And now it is not known what and how. Well, they made a new engine with great difficulty in 20 years, because they couldn’t start it in production, and then when it was necessary to start it, they themselves couldn’t do it, the terms were too short, and the engineering staff - figs! And they gave a lot of things to prepare production for outsourcing! NO OWN ENGINEERS!
      2. +19
        15 November 2016 22: 17
        But I want them all to be hanged, so that it would be disgraceful for others otherwise the Livshits and Christians will continue to multiply like cockroaches.
        You really will regret that there is no Stalin.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. +3
        16 November 2016 11: 31
        What do you want? What would we go to smash Khristenko-Livshits and a couple of thousand smaller figures

        Oops ... you, 210okv, between the lines except that you read these calls? Thunder can and must, but you can’t get through. And, if suddenly you passed by, the accomplice of all these characters has already been removed and is cooperating with the investigation. So it may not be necessary to smash. It’s only a pity that now they don’t put on a stake. But one could give these well-fed boars to ISIS. For barbecue or for butchering.
  2. +4
    15 November 2016 15: 21
    VASO. Betrayal. Not reading identified the author.
    1. +2
      15 November 2016 21: 03
      don't believe romance ask others
      1. +2
        15 November 2016 23: 52
        What to ask about? What for? That Ilya, the country was destroyed, which made these Ilya ....., having lost their head crying through the hair ...
        And as for faith, I will quote (almost a message from laughing ) mark2:
        mark2 ↑
        Yesterday, 17: 42
        Do not believe and please. This is a matter of faith laughing
  3. +3
    15 November 2016 15: 24
    There is an article on this topic already from 2010 "Analysis of pilots"
  4. +17
    15 November 2016 15: 55
    Let's hope that the IL-96 will be modernized and put into production, and Tushki could also, while there the MS-21 will go into production, until it receives the certificates ... I would still like to be positive, according to our aircraft industry. This is not oil but gas to drive over a hill.
    The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation considers it necessary to ensure, as a matter of priority, state financing of projects for the Il-114, Il-96, MS-21 aircraft and their engines, Prime reports citing a letter from the Ministry of Finance.
    1. +10
      15 November 2016 17: 57
      My opinion is that we need a legislative initiative lobbying the domestic aviation industry and requiring air carriers to operate domestic aircraft as a priority.
      1. aba
        16 November 2016 08: 28
        I agree to all 100! if the western lobby in our government and ministries is legalized, then what kind of competition can we talk about ?!
        There are no words! Cultural, print ....
  5. +9
    15 November 2016 16: 35
    It’s sad for this reality. We have a fight here and things are still there.
    1. +5
      15 November 2016 20: 09
      In the meantime, the feudal lords and their vassals will rule the country, everything will be kept on ??% rollback. And the country will roll back farther and farther from a bright future that once was so close, really close, but we did not understand then.
      1. +3
        15 November 2016 21: 47
        Quote: NordUral
        In the meantime, the feudal lords and their vassals will rule the country, everything will be kept on ??% rollback. And the country will roll back farther and farther from a bright future that once was so close, really close, but we did not understand then.

        It’s necessary malyo-malyo shoot puff-puff und hang a little.

        And we have snow, slush. Visiting lads asphalt LIES. Lepota!
  6. +6
    15 November 2016 16: 56
    If these guys (traitors) are tied up, then Ulyukaev will not be so bored of sitting in a pre-trial detention center, a cheerful little company is scheduled.
    1. +12
      15 November 2016 17: 59
      He will not go to jail, unfortunately ... and most likely will be released. The last resort is house arrest. "Vasilyeva 2.0" Poems will be written ..
      1. +1
        16 November 2016 01: 35
        Quote: 210ox
        He will not go to jail, unfortunately ... and most likely will be released. The last resort is house arrest. "Vasilyeva 2.0" Poems will be written ..
        Already writes. Quote from Wikipedia: "Writes poetry [18] [19] [20]. First published in 1978 in the journal Student Meridian [21]. Published collections of poems" Fire and Reflection "(M., 2002)," Alien Coast "(2012 ), "Avitaminosis" (2013) "
    2. +17
      15 November 2016 20: 56
      Quote: uskrabut
      If these guys (traitors) are tied up, then Ulyukaev will not be so bored of sitting in a pre-trial detention center, a cheerful little company is scheduled.

      Yes, there is a colleague: fellow He would have to fit the Minister of Finance, the stools by the Minister of Defense and Chubais to pour the chifir and wash the bucket, VOOO company wassat fellow
  7. +7
    15 November 2016 17: 16
    Already wrote about such aircraft as IL-106 and TU-330 ... the question is, where are they? IL-76, which one of these aircraft was to be replaced, is still running.
    1. +1
      15 November 2016 17: 26
      Never once came across new domestic small-trunk light-motor motors to replace the old AN-2. It is interesting whether such aircraft are being designed.
      1. +2
        15 November 2016 18: 01
        There is a modernized AN in Novosibirsk, it seems .. In Smolensk they can make Yak18t
  8. +7
    15 November 2016 17: 52
    Roman, this is a complete copy of a recent article with names inserted, do you think Ulyukaev's "effect" will work? Yes, I'll laugh first. Our entire people have long ceased to be surprised, but the President, it turns out, can still be surprised.
    1. +1
      16 November 2016 02: 47
      He concluded from the article :-) for 70 years of Soviet power, we brought up a new society, a Soviet person. This person bows to everything Western, starting with the ideology / teachings of the Slavophobes Marx and Engels / and ending with airplanes.
      1. 0
        17 November 2016 08: 06
        May capitalism and democracy not Western ideology? advice to you, do not confuse with a finger.
      2. +1
        17 November 2016 20: 43
        you sir distort .... the Soviet man is a step forward after Christianity ..... read I. Efremova .... Russian community (in Western communism) = our everything .....
        And as an aviator I’ll say - the entities ..... they destroyed the Russian aviation as they could ... but we did not win, we saved a lot .... there is something to start from ... IL-96 is also our support .... and frames ... there are few of them left, but they are .... just call .....
    2. aba
      16 November 2016 08: 30
      and the President, it turns out, can still be surprised.

      I think that it’s not in fact ... Although in public, of course, it can be very surprised.
  9. 0
    15 November 2016 18: 31
    20 aircraft, and hefty aircraft .........
  10. +4
    15 November 2016 18: 38
    It is necessary to write and speak. Water wears away the stone, it is hard and not grateful work.
    HERE today there were reports of new revelations. Already after Ulyukaev. So those characters used to attract attention.
    1. +2
      15 November 2016 20: 11
      Add - and go to the polls, and vote correctly.
      1. 0
        17 November 2016 08: 10
        I’ll add - going to the polls is like a mouse should choose who will eat it: cat Vaska, cat Murzik, cat Barsik.
        and then they will blame you - it was your choice.
  11. +7
    15 November 2016 19: 26
    Yes, it was immediately clear that "effective" managers from Aeroflot were on kickbacks. Well, how can they already purchased planes be less cost effective than unbought? Somehow, you can understand the interests of a private company in the gradual withdrawal of outdated aircraft (and there’s still a state interest in supporting their own production), but immediately write off the planes for which money has already been paid in order to again spend even more money on the purchase of similar ones - this is a theater absurdity for suckers.
    1. +2
      17 November 2016 08: 12
      I remind any private office has EFFECTIVE managers. who make decisions depending on PERSONAL benefit.
  12. +7
    15 November 2016 19: 51
    Today in Russia only Putin is a patriot of the domestic aviation industry.

    Well, one "Effective Minister" today was held for Faberge, apparently next in line and some more
    I would like Mr. Manturov to report on how, together with Mr. Pogasyan and Slyusar (later), they destroyed the domestic aviation industry. Read the publications in the "Arguments of the Week". Each number literally screams: "kill and destroy!" Open letters from design engineers, test pilots and about ILs and about MS-21 and about the famous "super jet" consisting of 80% of imported components (M. Pogasyan's favorite brainchild), and about the one who approved the plan for the development of the domestic aircraft industry without delving into its essence. The other day literally passed information about the tests of the MS-21. For another five to eight years in the mentioned newspaper it was argued that the documentation and equipment and production facilities were already ready to be launched into series. And there are orders, including from the countries of near and far abroad, for our equipment.
    Putin, of course, is a patriot and his position obliges him to be, but when there is not a team of like-minded people around, but “sympathizers and associates, effective managers in their minds” ... Maybe it's time to take a closer look at the team with a “chekist eye”?
    1. +5
      15 November 2016 20: 13
      Yes, the country needs a "night of knives". And you don't need to cut anyone, just send them out of the country.
      1. +4
        15 November 2016 21: 03
        ... with the complete confiscation of property and the prohibition of returning to the N-th generation.
        1. aba
          16 November 2016 08: 34
          For them it will be a well-deserved vacation ... Better somewhere closer to the Arctic Circle ... feel
          1. +2
            17 November 2016 08: 16
            and not just "writing poetry" but hard work to work off the harm done to the state
  13. +14
    15 November 2016 22: 22
    It's funny to read about Putin's "patriotism" ... As if he lives on the moon and is not RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING (!) That happens in the country! Since HE ALLOWS such theft, then HE ALSO PARTICIPATES in this! And other options are EXCLUDED!
    1. +1
      15 November 2016 22: 40
      Quote: Former battalion commander
      It's funny to read about Putin's "patriotism"

      - funny - laugh ... well, or don’t read, or what ...

      Quote: Former battalion commander
      And other options are EXCLUDED!

      - not this way No.
      - other options just do not interfere in your lean brain. So rather.
      - and in the head you eat, to a campaign ...

      And in general: what matters does a resident of glorious Belarus care about Russian, um, affairs? You have Lukashenka there, discuss him ... those laughing
      1. 0
        15 November 2016 23: 55
        Duma Belarusians are close to us in spirit, but NO !!! hi
        1. 0
          15 November 2016 23: 57
          Quote: kolobok63
          Duma Belarusians are close to us in spirit, but NO !!! hi

          - I have a suspicion that he is the same Belarus as I am - a ballerina
          - and I can draw a flag myself ... yes, practically, any request
      2. +5
        16 November 2016 07: 25
        Quote: Cat Man Null
        Quote: Former battalion commander
        It's funny to read about Putin's "patriotism"

        - funny - laugh ... well, or don’t read, or what ...

        Quote: Former battalion commander
        And other options are EXCLUDED!

        - not this way No.
        - other options just do not interfere in your lean brain. So rather.
        - and in the head you eat, to a campaign ...

        And in general: what matters does a resident of glorious Belarus care about Russian, um, affairs? You have Lukashenka there, discuss him ... those laughing

        Cat is your set of resounding phrases?
        Or do you carry any nonsense from the "big" mind?
      3. aba
        16 November 2016 08: 38
        - funny - laugh ... well, or don’t read, or what ...

        I believe this, if it turns out to be true that Serdyukov did not know what was going on in his subordinate organization.
        1. 0
          16 November 2016 08: 45
          Quote: aba
          - funny - laugh ... well, or don’t read, or what ...

          I believe this, if it turns out to be true that Serdyukov did not know what was going on in his subordinate organization

          - Yes, do not believe ... You, in fact, who?

          Quote: V. Mayakovsky

          Unit! -
          Who needs it ?!
          Unit voice
          thinner squeak.
          Who will hear her? -
          Is the wife!
          And then
          if not in the market,
          but close ...
          1. aba
            16 November 2016 08: 53
            Who are you, actually?

            The receiver is called "turnout". And it is clear that the essence of the issue will disappear behind the skirmish. But I will deprive you of this pleasure. wink
            1. 0
              16 November 2016 09: 51
              Quote: aba
              The receiver is called "translation of arrows

              - no "arrows"

              Quote: aba
              But I will rob you of this pleasure

              - no "pleasure"

              Serdyukov and everything connected with him have already been erased on the VO ... to the holes. If you have not read this (or read, but did not get it) - here, for example ... catch:

              Quote: IGS
              Quote: potroshenko
              And is there such a law according to which if Maleh was stolen, but brought more benefits, then they do not plant?
              Or is it not the laws that rule, but the feudal system?
              No, there is no such law, but there is a GDP indulgence (whether it’s bad, good, but we live in such realities), issued to Serdyukov before his appointment. The gross domestic product knew it would be eaten ... Serdyukov lived up to the supreme expectations, dispersed the old army system, dispersed and destroyed, because he did not understand that this was impossible ... and made way for Shoigu. And why did he put unprincipled women next to him? To meet your sex needs? Do not tell, the reason is different.
              You can be indignant, but it was Serdyukov who laid the foundations of the army that we have now. The state of the Doserdyuk army and its relations with the military-industrial complex threatened the integrity and very existence of our state, reforms would not have saved it, it was necessary to break the system, which he did successfully and knew how, and now there is an opportunity to build a new one. Therefore, I wrote about this about 2 years ago, no one will touch him

              - My personal opinion completely coincides with the opinion of the comrade IGS Yes
              1. +3
                17 November 2016 08: 26
                an attempt to reanimate Serdyukov in order to put his mushrooms in a bread position only proves that Putin knows everything.
                let’s say on your fingers the purchase of Mistral, Italian armored vehicles can be explained only by the opportunity to put in your pocket often money from the order.
                and certainly these orders were to the detriment of the industry of the Russian Federation,
                Serdyukovs are not needed to replace and write off military personnel. since during the 90s, tons of folders have already been collected for each.
                it was enough to say - either quit yourself or let the folders go.
    2. +7
      16 November 2016 07: 22
      Quote: Former Combat
      It's funny to read about Putin's "patriotism" ... As if he lives on the moon and is not RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING (!) That happens in the country! Since HE ALLOWS such theft, then HE ALSO PARTICIPATES in this! And other options are EXCLUDED!

      I completely agree with every word !!!!
      1. +1
        16 November 2016 08: 43
        Quote: Pulya
        I completely agree with every word !!!!

        - and there is no reason to ... scream ... I'm talking about (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
        - Is Putin responsible for everything? And you yourself are not responsible for anything? Comfortable negative
        - And Putin, yes, he is for everything ... and for the fact that your urine stinks in the elevator, Putin is also responsible for that, yeah laughing
        1. +1
          17 November 2016 08: 50
          everything that happens in public places and almost everything that happens in your home depends on the state.
          Believe me, it’s easy to organize so that you only fuck a sandwich under the watchman’s eye.
          the West differs in that there is complete control and strict organization of punishments ranging from public to state.
          it is also easy to create a society with certain views on one's own and social life.
          but then it will be impossible for the state to say that you yourself are to blame that garbage from the garbage can not be taken out. or that garbage from a garbage can runs an enterprise or ministry.
          and so this is your personal fault that Ulyukaev took a bribe, and Serdyukov stole for women ......
      2. 0
        16 November 2016 21: 15
        Well, here's another one. Do you work as a janitor?

        Anyone who has held a managerial position knows that the assertion of admitting and participating in theft is an attempt to sew the 5th leg to the dog. But yes, no one takes responsibility.
    3. +3
      16 November 2016 21: 09
      Former battalion commander - are you sure that your ensign did not carry anything from the capters? ))))
      I guarantee 100% - dragged, stole, etc.
      Well, according to your logic - yes you are a thief !!! lol
  14. +1
    15 November 2016 23: 57
    An amazing case! In the discussion of the issue, no one has ever remembered Ukraine. Really a rarity.
    1. 0
      17 November 2016 08: 52
      Well, did you remember? so not all is lost.
  15. +1
    16 November 2016 07: 55
    I think that work on new airplanes continued and there are developments for anyone .... Now they are probably sawing the assembly documentation and drawings of parts and elements, and if the go-ahead is assembled quickly enough .... But the question is, will there be a go-ahead ...
    1. +1
      16 November 2016 11: 55
      The decision on the "partner" (? Billion dollars to select for the production of aircraft) is approved by Greff and .. Kostin. They will twist this money, and the "partners" will be offended, they will organize crying "about the Russian mafia" and "criminal money." "Turn off Swift"
      All this is just a matter of courage of power.
      How is it that both Stalin and Brezhnev cannot be remembered
    2. 0
      17 November 2016 08: 55
      do you even read what they write ?. For a long time already there are planes better than Boeing and Airbuses. but they are not put into production. since the launch of these aircraft will destroy the Boeing and Airbus.
  16. exo
    16 November 2016 10: 36
    Why in the Analytics section? Unprofessional, emotional article. Essentially stupid. I don’t want to post similar discussions here from specialized forums. I will repeat: IL-96, this is an airplane of the late 80's. There is no future as a passenger aircraft. As a military platform, perhaps it will survive. In principle, the four-engine scheme itself died on passenger liners. 747-800, they are ordered only in the cargo version. A-340, production is completed. A-380 is very large and exclusive. But, orders there are few of them. Pilots who praise Russian (and An-148, we’ll include in this list) planes, when switching to normal foreign cars, change their minds. Technical personnel, by the way, too. Repeatedly spoke with pilots who switched from IL-86 to Boeing 767. Paying tribute to Ilu, they recognize that this is the Stone Age.
    I will add that the Russian aviation industry has lost the market largely due to its own stupidity. Although, and not without the help of Western lobbyists.
    1. 0
      16 November 2016 15: 23
      The task would be set - it would be decided ... No one to set: it’s easier to row in the pockets in the spirit of predatory business ...
    2. +1
      17 November 2016 09: 04
      no need to compare Soviet b / w televisions with tft. technology is different.
      but there are technologies in which we were far ahead. namely in aircraft manufacturing.
      so the IL and TU aircraft themselves are advanced even today. all you need to put a new filling.
      the same with engines.
      if you are confused by the number of engines, then let me remind you that in the "ruslans", in a moment, su, there are as many of them. and if they started to put it because the engines were not more powerful, now they put it because it is so more reliable.
    3. 0
      17 November 2016 21: 01
      Western aircraft are simply more comfortable for pilots.
      What prevents to make the same IL-96.
      And then I doubt that the President of Russia would have flown in the "Stone Age". Something is wrong here. Among the denigrators, there are opinions of other pilots.
  17. 2ez
    16 November 2016 10: 59
    Firstly, let's wait until the end of the investigation! The measure of guilt determines the court! You can’t immediately hang all the dogs on Ulyukaev. I do not justify it in any way, since such a person was closed, it means they checked it 100 times, and the President was in the know. But, nevertheless, the presumption of innocence has not been canceled.
    As for where to sit. Is it so important? under house arrest or in prison? LET THE QUESTION IN WHAT THE MINISTER HAS BEEN CLOSED! So, something upstairs has moved, and moved towards the country! You cannot steal, and there are no untouchables! And let all the officials know that they are servants of the PEOPLE, and, in the end, the people will ask them for everything!
    1. +3
      17 November 2016 09: 06
      when a million officials are arrested 5 per year and put 1 per year. then the rest are sure that they will carry.
  18. 0
    16 November 2016 11: 50
    “To make a decision on full exemption for a period of five years from customs duties, levies and taxes on Boeing-750 aircraft, Douglas-DS 10 aircraft imported into the territory of the Russian Federation and operated on domestic and international airlines.”
    In my opinion, this is a bargain for admitting our metallurgy to the US market, Lifshits also lobbied for it.
    1. +3
      17 November 2016 09: 09
      Well, a cool exchange. we give them resources and they destroy technology for us. belay
  19. +2
    16 November 2016 15: 21
    The government of Russia is captured by a foreign diaspora with a well-known historical mentality; they treat Russia as a colony: they rob it in a black way ...
  20. +7
    16 November 2016 20: 46
    All of these traitors: Khristenko, Chubais, Lifshits, Yasins, Manturovs, Khodorkovsky, Kokhov, Kudrins, etc.
    their nationality of the 5th graph and pathological hatred of Russia are united, judging by their destructive activity in the country and universal theft.
  21. 3vs
    17 November 2016 09: 11
    I think everyone here reading and writing about this is already aware.
    What can I say if our government is actually establishing itself behind a large puddle!
  22. 0
    17 November 2016 11: 35
    Discounts for "sky" for their planes. Western - discounts on "land".
  23. 0
    17 November 2016 12: 48
    Damn, how it burst. Either Ulyukaev took a bribe, then searches in Rusnano, then the bodies of Tuleyev's deputies who were stealing were swept away. And now here in gr. aviation is a complete betrayal. But they only started to rise from their knees.
  24. +1
    17 November 2016 13: 36
    1) the article does not address the issue of service. Boeing / Airbus services in almost every capital and in all major cities, plus the availability of spare parts. But what about Ilov ITU? or even SSJ?
    2) why shouldn’t the state and storage of IL-96 of the same Aeroflot be purchased and converted into tankers for the aerospace forces?
  25. 0
    17 November 2016 13: 40
    [yegor rustic] but there are technologies in which we were far ahead. namely in aircraft manufacturing.
    one problem is the word BE. and if military aircraft works, then civilian is no longer
  26. +1
    17 November 2016 14: 30
    Khristenko. (Unchrist) ... his. Yet.and.for.N.K.
    .set. must ...
  27. 0
    17 November 2016 17: 17
    author - some kind of provocateur!
    1. +2
      17 November 2016 17: 25
      Quote: Anniversary
      author - some kind of provocateur!

      And you began to be a defender of Chubais? I wonder why so, together sawed the aircraft industry?
  28. 0
    18 November 2016 22: 09
    Until the command "FAS" is given (not to be confused with the federal mono-service), the Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee will not move. These offices do not show the initiative until they get it under the anus.
  29. 0
    19 November 2016 13: 43
    The author has a strange logic, the airlines abandoned the plane, and the officials are to blame. I know 2 airlines that continue to suffer (for reasons beyond their control) with this aircraft - the Rossiya and Kuban flight squadron. And if they had an alternative, they would have given up on them too. I propose to the author a topic for further work - why taxi companies do not buy Volga and why Gas 53 was discontinued. After all, it was possible to oblige the merchants to buy these very cars - let them suffer, but the production works.
    1. 0
      20 November 2016 12: 52
      The question was that officials strictly coordinate the work on modernizing the aircraft (leaving the state to talk about the hand of the market).
      Force the plants and KB to bring the plane. and drool drool.
      everyone is pleased to have their cottage and understandably. that he is inferior to advertising samples.
      They build according to their taste and money. And then they "bring"
      They threw IL as if they weren’t needed, it’s not the management of the country, but cut the dough (Make another plane create, but not sit on the train ... e)
    2. 0
      3 December 2016 21: 23
      Raf01, here are two AN-148s from Aeroflot go to Samara, they will not be expected there, besides, in Russia they are operated by "Angara", in the "hangar" there is an excellent flight time of about 400 hours a month, there are few failures, under much more difficult operating conditions , and Aeroflot was constantly complaining about them, and the raid never reached 300, guess what prevented Aeroflot from achieving the same performance, except for eggs, of course?
      For 96 the same aeroflot reviews. Let them go to busy lines, in the summer in the Crimea, for example, there will be a raid and passenger traffic, and when fully loaded, they are quite competitive, but they drove them somewhere to the crucibles, and even half-empty, of course, such a shed with 4 engines will bring losses ..
  30. +1
    19 November 2016 18: 30
    Shout out, you won't get through, you won't get through ... "Today in Russia only Putin is a patriot of the domestic aviation industry." My slippers are laughing ...
  31. 0
    21 November 2016 15: 08
    The author is certainly "hapony", but the cry is correct. I remembered a beautiful cover film from Hollywood - "Aviator" with the role of D. Caprio. I liked two "meanings". The first was when he was asked "at the committee" for 1 million received from the state for the development of new technology and was almost nailed: there was no plane - money too. So he replied that the state gave 100 million to Boeing and others besides him !!! and no one has yet produced anything in the series (for reference, this is 600, in order to understand the value of money) The second point is his "frostbite" in the implementation of his and others' favorite ideas. "NO MONEY? Sell shares, take mine, he, to the accountant" Apparently the truth is with "Khristenko" where in the middle - and partly in the minds and actions of those whom the author so capaciously protects! Air transportation is a market and here profit is God, but patriotism and the strategy of "one's own" future is the task of the state. There are different forms besides the infusion of dough, the same duties, preferences, and of course personnel

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