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The company "Armokom" introduced a new protective kit for helicopter pilots

At the Interpolitex-2016 exhibition last month, Arkomok presented the newest helicopter pilot kit, which took into account the rich experience of recent decades, including Syrian campaign, reports Messenger of Mordovia.

The company "Armokom" introduced a new protective kit for helicopter pilots

“Due to modularity, the protection level of a bullet-proof vest made of an organceramic material can be increased from splinterproof first class to fifth, bulletproof. Its mass varies from 2,6 to 9,6 kg, ”writes the agency with reference to the company's representatives.

The body armor cover and the jumpsuit are made of fire-resistant material that “provides thirty-second protection against open flame, which gives the pilot a chance to get out of the burning machine.” Knees and elbows are protected from mechanical damage with special inserts. The weight of the suit - 1,5 kg.

The ZSH-10 helmet weighing 1,9 kg “is highly capable of stopping debris flying at speeds up to 300 m / s,” the article notes.

The kit also includes a special vest that ensures survival after leaving the helicopter.

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  1. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 11 November 2016 12: 54
    I hope our helicopter pilots appreciate the innovation
    1. Terrible_L.
      Terrible_L. 11 November 2016 13: 00
      If the MO buys - they will appreciate
      1. Alex_Rarog
        Alex_Rarog 11 November 2016 13: 06
        I think they’ll not buy it in the 99th year in the yard) so everything that is in the army gets pretty quickly! Remember the pessimism about the Warrior! and right now we have bought more than 150 thousand sets!
      2. NEXUS
        NEXUS 11 November 2016 13: 30
        Quote: Scary_L.
        If the MO buys - they will appreciate

        They will buy it and most likely, the first batch will go straight to Syria. Helicopter pilots often work at low altitudes, so to speak at the forefront, so such a set of oh, as they need in Syria.
    2. pvv113
      pvv113 11 November 2016 13: 05
      That's it, first you need to listen to the opinions of helicopter pilots, and only then introduce them into the troops hi
      1. Giant thought
        Giant thought 11 November 2016 13: 11
        Helicopter pilots even after a visual inspection of this protective kit issued a positive conclusion, let's hope that in a combat situation the kit will show its best qualities.
        1. dauria
          dauria 11 November 2016 14: 51
          Helicopter pilots even after a visual inspection of this protective kit issued a positive conclusion

          They dressed the ZSH, put the armor on the blister and hung it on the door (this was the case with the old one). If it does not interfere with jumping out "if something happens" - it will pull. Only now the option with 9 and a half kilos will not take root, I think.
  2. V.ic
    V.ic 11 November 2016 12: 59
    Well, because in the Great Patriotic War they flew in boots, breeches and a gymnast.
    1. uskrabut
      uskrabut 11 November 2016 14: 50
      breeches are breeches which? also a silk scarf so as not to rub your neck.
      1. V.ic
        V.ic 11 November 2016 18: 21
        Quote: uskrabut
        breeches are breeches

        Don't confuse an Englishman with a Frenchman! In addition, riding breeches are much shorter. laughing
        1. almost demobil
          almost demobil 12 November 2016 05: 48
          Not wider, but wider. It's time to learn how to speak correctly. laughing
  3. FID
    FID 11 November 2016 13: 05
    Someone try to calculate the total weight of the ammunition ... I get 15 to 20 kg (considering the armor, the special vest ... and this does not include the helmet and personal weapons).
    1. Alexander War
      Alexander War 11 November 2016 13: 17
      Okay, though I don’t know about the 5th grade bulletproof vest, I think it’s not very convenient and the weight is too much, and I recalled
    2. uskrabut
      uskrabut 11 November 2016 14: 52
      9,6 armor +1,5 jumpsuit + 1,9 helmet = 13 kg
      Well, and more special. a couple kilo vest
  4. Buffet
    Buffet 11 November 2016 13: 37
    And on the right is a set for the crew of armored vehicles.
  5. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 11 November 2016 14: 51
    Quote: Nedopijack
    It will be convenient for pilots with such a collar - head-to-head twist?

    So let them evaluate and express their comments to the manufacturer. Well what they think about improving crew protection. And deficiencies can be eliminated! soldier
  6. Locomotive
    Locomotive 11 November 2016 17: 09
    Helmet ZSh-10 weighing 1,9 kg "is highly likely to stop fragments flying at a speed of up to 300 m / s"

    Damn, and someone is coming up with that? laughing
    No one wondered what would happen to the pilot’s neck vertebrae if a splinter hit his helmet at a speed exceeding 1000 km / h ... even if the helmet was not broken?
    1. V.ic
      V.ic 11 November 2016 18: 36
      Quote: Steam Train
      at a speed of over 1000 km / h.

      You don't need to be too smart, but not be smart in moderation (read the revelations of St. Paul). The Ka-52 / Mi-28 armored cabin will partially extinguish the speed of the striking element and not the fact that the trajectory of the fragment will be orthogonal to the surface of the helmet. An important fact is that when landing, at least on autorotation and leaving the emergency board under the fire of the next "Turkomans", the pilot will have a real chance not to be fatally hit by enemy light weapons.
  7. Warrior-80
    Warrior-80 11 November 2016 19: 20
    The mannequin couldn’t find a man’s, the mannequin’s face is clearly with feminine features, it doesn’t look organically or women gathered for the turntables to plant
  8. Muzzle
    Muzzle 12 November 2016 00: 57
    It would be better to equip MI-24 and 35 with catapults with the firing of the blades up, or better part of the cockpit, or have come up with a way to easily leave the damaged equipment without landing the helicopter in a corkscrew. Or they came up with another way how to avoid injuries when a helicopter falls on its side,. And so what's the use of this beautiful costume on the corpses of pilots.